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G,day all…some time ago, I discovered I could help person in hospital on other side of Australia, using techniques of Sukyo Mahikari,. Projecting hi no ki energy…friend made remarkable recovery , surprising doctors and family.

Later when involved in Bio-dynamic agriculture, I read about a radionics device for broadcasting the bio-dynamic preparations to the soil… was developed by Hugh Loval , who escaped to Australia…I nearly made one with my Phd mate but it didn’t eventuate . The radioncs device is called a Cosmic Pipe.

I contacted Josh to quiz him on a plasterite radionics device..He suggested flat shapes that could be stacked up to 9 high.
With appropriate script/thought, between each layer, to be broadcasted radionically.

Josh, if you could expand idea, please ?

So I found some pot plant trays, 12 inches round by almost 2 inches high. Made 9 over two days…Used sand , salt, a big handfull of shells in each, some nag champa and of course Pillowed water. Each piece had 3 small quartz points in equilateral triangle mid distance in circle. 1.5 x 20 kilo bags. Had drying outside for 3 days…looks like I,m going into paver business Ha

Rain storm forced inside so I stacked…Whoosh…energy big time..looked like the pieces needed to have something in between them…apart from script which still isn’t happening…My mate came round and sat there glowing…ha ha ..he reckoned it may work better with airspace between each layer , which instantly struck a chord…so will have to find some small blocks.

As is..just drying pieces stacked , I can feel whole side of my body glowing, about 1 to 2 m away.

Will continue to play…Josh..why 9 ? can use more ? Thought about topping with cone………………..Yo