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    Murielle and I had an interesting and messy morning making Plasterite bowls.
    I think they should be called crystal cleansing bowls, leave your crystals in them to be …..
    yes…. cleansed.   The technique involves blowing up balloons, mixing plaster, pouring into a bottle then the balloon
    is attached to the bottle and plasterite transferred into the balloon which is then perched over a semi-spherical shape,
    in this case a pottery bowl.
    Quite nice organic shapes ensue, nice strong, heavy bowls.

    She’s excellent at do it yourself.  I’m sure I could if I tried but choose
    to ignore the smoke misting up the kitchen from a ‘broken’ extractor fan.
    She hops up on a chair, unscrews part of the fan, changes the fuse, back together and bingo,
    a working fan – simple.  Well done M.

    I cooked a tasty soup to use up the bags of Brussels Sprouts left behind by relatives going back to Japan,
    Roasted garlic, chopped onion, bit of carrot sauteed in butter and olive oil.

    Add in sprouts, salt, pepper, stock, ‘hot pepper sauce’ had none so used a bit of chilli, parsley,
    bit of nutmeg, bit of tamarind paste
    (not in recipe but it showed up),Cook for 20 minutes then blitz with magimix, add in cream and serve.

    It was very nice, must remember it.
    She couldn’t even identify the main ingredient which would probably be a blessing for some sprouts haters .



    As regards the time for affirmations J, why not try it an hour later, say 8:00 pm irish time, you could trial it see if anyone has difficulties, but I think it should be fine.





    Greg, yes I’ll try that and see how it goes. 




    Oh, just to confuse things, i see clocks go back one hour this sunday !, maybe best to alter start times the week after J…… 



    Yes we’re easily confused Greg, point taken [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]