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    Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:39 pm

    This is becoming a mutual admiration society Sunflower, luckily I’m a quieter type, keeping my opinions to myself mostly. But for the record, very proud of you and all you do, and you must be doing something right judging by the number of view you get, or maybe people just want to see what the young whippersnapper is going to astonish us with next lol.

    Seriously though, your writing is always with feeling and surprising.
    It’s excellent to have the archive marerial secure (we trust) and for sure it does not come and go, come and go with great regularity as seems to happen with your posts on FB

    It’s very interesting reading the reports from Tony aka Spirit Walker, we are honoured to have someone with his qualities on here and on Facebook.

    I think woe betide anyone who tries to put you on a leash Sunflower, you might then change into a Rottweiler