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    Workshop No. 2 of 2021, in spite of stipulations as to who should be allowed in one’s house or garden, all very precise as to unvacs v vacs, all ignored of course.   The number here surely far exceeded what our psychotic ‘lords and masters’ think we should do, without a twitch of an evil smile, though probably having a great laugh internally.   Anyhow, the day didn’t look very promising with a threat of rain which actually happened, as well as being only 9 degrees, so we decided to push back the furniture in the conservatory and work on a table there. I don’t know how we managed, but manage we did – with (sharp intake of breath) 6 adults and 7 children. I was only expecting 4 or 5 kids so the thought of 7 was a bit daunting but they were little sweeties, very polite and well-behaved.  No tantrums or food fussing.

    It was pleasant having almost all the scones demolished for elevenses, as also the lasagne and garlic bread at late lunchtime.  It was all very much appreciated.

    The pouring went well, with the mothers helping the kinds, then the kids went to paint some of their pieces outside as the weather took up and ended up quite sunny.   Only one big cone got poured and very few of the curled papermat cones.   I’m getting reports back that everyone had a wonderful time and felt exhausted when they arrived home.

    I nearly forgot, previously when making arrangements, I suggested they could bring snail shells with them if they had them, preferably empty and/or dead.  I was quite surprised an hour or so after the one big cone was unmoulded, to see a slug which had somehow been in the cone, got into the mixture but managed to break out to freedom.  Obviously I released him.