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    Oh my goodness, popping in expecting to see something different, having momentarily forgotten Sunflower saying you’d change things around a bit. I love those ‘photobuckets’ is that a word?   Do I even have permission to add my pathetic little effort? I’ll go for it anyhow 😋.


    Jenny Mortell

    It was great to get a start off to Workshops for Spring 2021 when 5 great women came to my house yesterday.
    The conversation beforehand was stimulating, at one stage I was wondering should we forget all about pouring Plasterite and keeping the chat going  .

    Once we got into our stride it was ‘all go’ and they created 3 lovely cones and lots of small pieces, in all at least one and a half bags of plaster were used up, equalling to about 65 kilos of Plasterite going all over the country – to Meath, Offaly and different locations in Dublin.

    I hope some of you ladies will attach a photo of what you made as I focussed on doing videos and only took a few photos.

    We were very lucky with the weather as it rained quite a bit the previous night.

    I very much appreciated the tidying up that was done afterwards, both inside and outside.

    Ahem…. my valiant attempt to attach photos was NOT a success 🙄