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    As we are all under lockdown and jadija jadija

    and because I aint got anything better to do…
    and because in the past I once or twice tried to sort of put a story together but did not really work out the way I wanted to
    So…it is time

    It is time for my plasterite story, the selenite way, call it what you want
    Gosh, hope it wont be too long winded giggle


    When I woke up, no, wrong, never truly was fast asleep…anyway knew the system and all its eh ” virtues” long before I came across the geo engineering aspect of it, so , when I found out about that, by myself by the way , yes , shocking I admit, sorry no con artists involved, no fake controlled opposition and all that hoopla, no no, EK Did it all by himself.
    Lord have mercy.

    Every year , in summer, while I was doing my obligatory babe attracting sun tan sessions, I noticed, the sky is changing, gradually, not all at once, gradually as they kept , slowly, increasing their geo engineering efforts, call it what you want, chemtrailing, jadija, bla bla
    the shit that goes on over your head
    I was wondering about that, again , in those days I did not even have heard the word chemtrail
    I just noticed every year since say 2010 the sky got more and more chemcrud in it, this fuzzy crap, so much so that it more and more started to block out the sun, say goodbye to the babe attracting tan EK, indeed….. big drama

    So I got curious
    I also noticed, again, by myself, on my photos of the flowers, I make a lot of garden pictures , that since 2010 more and more of those silly lines started to appear on them, odd, never paid too much attention to it, as it was still a mild effort above, some days blue sky than foggy etc untill about 2012 when I think I had five days in summer with blue sky the rest was chemcrud
    So I started connecting the dots
    those aha moments
    or shall we say oh my moments
    and in a microsecond you figure the whole agenda out A to Z
    hold on I may have those pics around


    So….there was a program going on in the sky, obviously, sort of suspected that for a while but could not put the pieces together
    well than I did put it together and asked myself , now what ?

    Thus started looking for any form of solution, is there anything that can be done against that cabal crap ?

    Some sort of technique, method, device, you name it…anything ?
    Than you start coming across the ” orgonite” well, that was a big no no for me, that metal resin hoopla, I mean , so artificial, so hmmm nah…
    still, out of desperation I thought, well I may give it a try but turned out it was quite expensive and sort of did not get off the ground at all
    the only thing I bought than were some crystals…
    I still, internally, was not convinced , I felt there must be something better than that stuff
    Someone must have found out something ? Right ?
    Took me quite an effort to search for alternatives that felt more natural, more powerful, and at a certain moment, perhaps a few months later, came across ” energiekegel” this selenite thing, gypsum with stones, crystals, etc
    also at almost the same time
    I found  a post on curezone
    It was from our dowser, from the old forum, Steve
    he talked about folk having great success with plaster, sand and salt and there was a link to the forum
    so I went there and studied it for a while but ….sort of stayed there for a month or so
    than went to the German guy and we got acquainted and did a lot of talking about this method, the natural way
    and long story short got me a little energiekegel and yes it worked
    big time
    there were a few differences between the method he used and the method we used, we used the techniques of Josh and his mob
    a much more pure approach, leaving out the semi precious gemstones for the most part or at all and just use plaster of Paris, sand and salt.
    Perhaps a few crystals but that was it.
    I made a few pieces myself , tiny things that were not so good and I wondered why
    The German said you must use intention or it wont do too much
    for me that was the hardest part to get over
    this mental veil you have to break through, this border
    once you do that you are in on the game
    a mini shaman is born
    so I went at it again
    building very strong pieces, real winners
    much stronger than energiekegel, it is always best to make it yourself
    if you get it from someone else it will work but milder and differently

    So made good stuff, actually made four or five medium cones


    yes ho ho ho…blast from the past, amazing, so strong, and within the first days the helicopters came and never really left, they are still here , after seven years, yes , again dont try this at home;…

    Just water, plaster of Paris, good mixed sand, Himalaya salt, yes that is the best salt by far, big time, some crystals and that is sort of all  I used , yes some additives, seaweed, hmm…what else, yes that zeolite , used that quite a lot , few spoons in each. I go about a quarter with the sand, 25 % , that is quite high, it does pay off
    I also dont go too cheap on the salt, at least a hand of salt in each , four , five table spoons  , honestly…I am that bold and beautiful indeed…

    Crystals are not essential but they do sort of spice it up further, if you want to
    I often make them without, it is not needed anymore, although for real big ( four feet high cones) items I still put some in
    ketchup on your french fries
    not essential but tastes better you might say, brushes the whole thing up, but if you dont have or can get rock crystals , no worry just use the other things and it will be marvelous same way.
    crystals focus , broadcast, radiate the life force energy even further and in a diff way
    without crystals you get one huge even energy canopy, a shield or ray of light , halo, you might say, with crystals it is more like a sun burst effect
    equal in a sense but different at the same time.
    It takes a while to get the intention right , or to put it in another way , to really understand what you are dealing with here , that may take some time.
    You have to have this weird nutcase altruistic angle that I have, to do just good not for just yourself but …in a broader scope.
    You have to get in touch with the source
    Call it what you want
    The spirit, the Light, Creator, you name it, the great Eagle, it is all the same
    You have to connect
    or, as Callahan would put it, you have to start to listen to the silent music of Nature
    Oh and while we are at it , this whole method or path is a better word , a path to awareness, as that is what the selenite will do, for some, perhaps not all haha, it all has nothing to do with what they call the ” new age” , none whatsoever.
    Really nothing at all.
    Just to get that straight, darlings.
    Shaman Josh always warned us about that.
    And with good reason.
    Actually selenite is an enemy of new age satanism and all sorts of deceit.
    And, like in the days of the prophets, truth still does not go down too well as some may have noticed.
    New age is a religion and like all religions setup by the Evil one
    Otherwise it would be banned , outlawed and so forth.
    Quite simple really.

    No, this path , this awareness path, stands on its own feet, it is a portal, for those who feel this silly need to understand life, nature itself.
    That is what it is.
    A tunnel through the veil. You reap what you sow.
    If you have a good heart, intent etc there is nothing to fear.
    Sure you must respect the forces you deal with
    you must respect nature
    I better post this now before something happens and I have to start all over again oh my…