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    when you are out there , in the fields, in the world, gifting and changing reality you come into contact with all sorts of experiences
    also with very good ones
    you really start to get your head around things, how it all works, how it fits together, how grateful you are to be allowed to use this power
    a great power in the right hands, like a violin, some can actually play fine tunes on it most just awful cat screams…

    also I learned you do not need much material per se, a few small items it good enough, it better be
    like a dozen of small hearts is good enough sometimes
    it has to be
    there is so much more to this, you could fill whole books with it …..and still…would not understand a single word hahahah

    but it is better to listen to the silent music and know
    it will come to you
    by itself if you are ready for it if you have the right stuff
    the right presence or connection
    there is so much more to this

    only scratching the surface here
    So it must be.

    There is no other way.
    How else could it work ?
    Also the range, combat range if you like , of those tools of Light is quite amazing
    for many miles it goes on
    sylphs on the horizon easily esp in untreated damaged poisoned areas
    which is most areas nowadays
    we do not live in the 1970 s anymore
    times , things, reality has changed substantially

    maybe that explains its effect in part
    so a little bit of healing goes a long way
    you see nature revive
    and all in nature as well.

    as said before this is an altruistic path, not so easy to do it seems
    or not so popular for most , how many do you know who do it at a significant scale ?
    better not answer that one 🙂

    vous ne deviendrez pas riche, célèbre, aucune porte maçonnique ne s’ouvrira pour vous, aucune enveloppe avec du contenu n’est à prévoir, même les lettres parfumées ne doivent pas être vues de loin.
    Nope none of that.
    you will be silly nilly doing good and all those that do good or the right thing are silly nillies in the eyes of the sleepers but we know better.
    the outcast, the black sheep, the nonconformist, the rebel, the dissident, you name it , the troublemaker.
    but you always were that , if you were on the right path
    One road is broad and many walk that way. The other road is narrow and few find the gate to it. These two roads don’t lead to the same place

    Broadcasters yes; perhaps a few sentences on that topic.

    Took me a while to start making them actually, why you ask ? Well because the tools of light already made were potent enough to take down the evil, that is why, but as the evil keeps increasing, radiation, geo engineering and the whole kid and kaboodle, thought maybe after a year or so might make one, to see what it does. Hmm it is very powerful, no match for it, in the right hands perhaps, I dont know, can only give you my experience which are SURELY not equal to the average new age wannabe fakebook zombie, that stands to reason.
    Without a doubt.
    So, very impressive , something that will go over the horizon
    and who knows
    but I did found out, again, by myself as  find out most stuff by myself, I do not really copy cat or take others opinions , as opinions are like assholes we all got one
    but when making broadcasters found out that just using the cable around it and connecting it to the grid, without activation , so not connected to something else, like lamp or fridge or whatever, they have a noticeable power increase, just by grounding them.
    You could even just use one wire, the ground wire and remove the others, or just connect it with a wire into the earth itself, it will work.
    So I did not need to turn them on to get a current flowing through it as it was already functional to a good degree without electricity through it
    but if you do it will even increase the output
    when I started using broadcasters not just one, but a few at first, the helicopters became more nasty.
    hovering , crawling over your house or quite close to it
    appalling behavior really
    than I turned them off and on and off and on etc
    till we reached an agreement in a sense
    so the still come by when I left them off for a while
    even after seven years , yes
    I know….
    no I dont need your thumbs up
    I dont

    so yes broadcasters are a big thing
    you will get used to the helicopter harrasment
    at least I did
    does not bother me
    at all
    differs from country to country
    Germany is terrible
    like other countries
    Nato countries

    is there more to say ? oh plenty
    but maybe for another day