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Postby monsoon gecko on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:12 am

Yo. …Josh. Starting from bottom up,,Plasterite 2 inch plate with paramagnetic plate directly on top, then plastic sleeve with script……still need to work on that…then next layer, 2 inch plate , the Pm plate then sleeve , continuing up to the top. Spacers under the top plate is 3 mini Tb’s with shells lined up, then top plate positioned with final cone positioned in the middle.

I used the plastic sleeves because the plaster was not completely dry, so will probabaly dump them some time. Plastic doesn,t feel right. I havenot a clue as to how well it works or in fact what I’m doing as a radionics device. But can tell you it has much stronger energy field than a large cone broadcaster…I got used to them pretty quickly…couple days. This layered device continually pumps.

I haven’t even try airspace between all layers yet and as for shells in upper space, can’t really tell if it improves or not.,just continually surrounded by energy all the time….hard to pick the details….maybe stronger.. not sure….thanks Linda

..after all ,each plasterite 2inch plate has a big handfull of shells and the 3 quartz points too. Like running blind full speed, but not hitting anything….exhillarating !

I have to laugh seeing Dennis on WM with his new kirlian toy stating plasterite has no life force….that’s certainly not my experience……only trouble is he,s sucked all those people in.

Welcome any input, advice or ideas….. Thanks,


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