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Postby monsoon gecko on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:40 am

Thanks Linda.. will hunt up larger spiral shell to try…then you mentioned cloudbuster. I thought…mmmm ..a hexagon of shells. standing vertically….think I might have to make a couple more thin plates with shells embedded vertically and try each.

Josh, parcel arrived today and yes, was delayed and opened by customs, but not a problem, unlike last time eh ?

Thank you so much… a beautiful Life Pillow…putting to good use aready….wonder if I can grow hair on top of my head ? ha ha

Paramagnetic Rock in orgonite ? Only put a few chips in pieces recently , when I remember. Just like a little bit of tourmaline, kyanite or lapis which are my favourite additives. Can’t pick any diff. So you think load it into a thin plate or use in matrix of Tb etc, or both. It certainly made the plants root systems grow bigger and healthier in school seedling trials in earlier times,
So , good addition to Tb’s ETC ? and how much ?