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      Used to talk a lot about this particular topic, one of my favorites, really, never brought me much fans, but never had much fans , so that is ok than.
      As you see, most folk, cannot handle truth, they really cannot handle it, believe you me, been there done that. They really cannot handle it.
      It also has to do with groups, and I keep saying, most groups, especially those who are promoted, or the leaders, if they are promoted through media, any media, does not matter what media, any media, it is usually a bad sign. Nine out of ten times a bad sign. But you see , the children, those troofers are not much better than sheeple, maybe we should call them sheeple 3.0 or something. The biggest problem is they do not do research , independent research, you must do independent research , that is the only way, but that takes times, energy, etc so most will not do that. They just will not do that. You have to live with that, you really have to, that is such a truthful statement.
      They just listen to their gurus, their given leaders, all leaders , heroes, that are given to you are given to you. Yet, most folk, nope, they fall for it every time again and again.
      They seem to never grow up.
      They really don´t.



      Everything, not everything , only the important stuff, is controlled, big time.
      All big troofer channels are definitely controlled, obvious.
      Somehow sheeple 3.0 cannot get their little heads around that topic, truly stunning, as it is so obvious, even more so than in the past.

      One way or another most you hear of ” out there” are not who you think they are.
      That should be obvious nowadays, again, most will not see it, again a sort of hypnosis.
      Mattias talked about that topic too, that often ” conspiracy theory” become a type of psychosis by itself.
      Which is true.
      People go overboard with it as we say, why, well I already explained that part , they do not do their own research !!

      You must do your OWN research, there is no quick fix for this.

      So , thus, the control grid, they do run both sides, they always did, now even more so , as there is more censorship than it used to be.
      It is really time to get that clear and through your head that there is no troof movement. Not a real one anyway, followers, yes they are real and misguided, most of them
      you have to be misguided if you are a follower, who can you follow, honestly. Gimme one name and make me laugh.

      make me laugh.

      Gimme just one name and make me laugh.

      Some are worse than others , I know, they are not all goofs like Alex Jones, hmmm…they do give you a lot of facts, they all do, rat poison, 99 per cent truth
      it is the one percent that kills ya, keep you running in circles etc etc
      So I do , am , convinced, with facts, that most out there, especially those who are presented to you, are not who they pretend to be.
      I am allergic to big names, I am allergic to big heroes, like with this plandemic shite, it started and whoopsy, in a flash, all those heroes are rolled out, out of the blue , out of nowhere, like clockwork, boom boom boom
      out of the woodwork they say in English
      voila, there they are, your heroes, just as every country has its own dr Death on tv , we all have them, so the alt media is suddenly stocked up with those ” rebels” who ” fight the narrative” etc etc etc
      Quite boring stuff as it is so blatant and yet, most fall for it, yes they do.

      Why is that, why you , most of you anyway, need a hero ? There are no heroes in this game, if there is any hero at all , it is you.
      You have to be your own champion, darlings. Honestly, there are no heroes , maybe should repeat it ten times before it sets in but…most are so slow nowadays.
      You have to be your own champion, have to repeat myself.
      Because I Know, in five seconds you go back to your social media and follow the troofers etc
      All those experts, you see the sheep follow the experts that is the technocracy crap, listen to the experts.
      And what do the troofers do , they listen to the experts , stunning.
      Most folk will not think for themselves, than they say the media is controlled we only believe alt media, well, sorry pumpkins, but the alt media is just as controlled.
      Not all of it, just the important parts, say hm…. 93 per cent or so.

      Now, again, I say, not that you should not listen to some sources, you can always listen but you have to be vigilant that they will not give you all.
      They play games.
      They certainly do not work for your best interest.
      Again, example, plandemic crap ” breaks out” even though we know it is a massive psyop that is all it is. Very blatant psyop.
      Not much guesswork involved.
      It is blatant , breathtaking.
      Like the climate change crap, so in your face now.

      So , the scam is unrolled, all goes into gear, the agenda rolls forward and out of nowhere , the heroes are dropped by parachute into the arena…
      We all know their names and anyone with five braincells know they are fake as hell. That is the way it is.
      I am sorry to hurt your barbie dreams but that is how it is and most people cannot handle that reality.


      Troofers repost, scream, yell, cry , oh he said, oh she said oh this oh that.
      and immediately tons of given material is posted , shared, etc
      of your given leaders, the authorized ones of course. Every country has them, yep, that is how the game is run.
      It is all bogus.
      Anyway as you have guessed I am not too popular, in ANY scene, sheeple hate me, troofers hate me, reptilians hate me 🙂 , Flat earthers hate me, New agers hate me…everyone hates me, as I only think for myself you see. I am my own leader.
      I do not follow any scumbag out there as they are all scumbags.
      All of them.

      Technically there are many more subtypes
      like sheeple 4.0
      the ” its all those damned jews” you may have heard that one, a few million times…
      Those are the sheeple 4.0 , they are at another level of deception. Created for them to fall into.
      Again, another quote of me, EK aka Sunflower, that will not bring me any fans but so be it.
      Could talk hours about that topic alone, really, how it really fits in, etc etc, but you could not handle that
      as most have the attention span of a fecking fruitfly nowadays.
      So I pass that topic for now, but ( whispering ) it s not the ” jew” whatever that means anyway, it is all so stupid and childish.
      Yet most bark it around like seagulls.
      Bit pathetic.

      No, reality is more complicated , it involves so many realities,  it really does, yet , it is not so hard to understand.
      Funny paradox.
      We could hang all jews , or elite, or royalty, or bilderbergers or politicians and than what, would that really solve anything ?
      Of course not.
      One second later you got a new elite rising up from the peasantry, that is the real root cause of the problem.
      It is a shadow in us. The elite know how to master that shadow, that energy you could say, that is how it is , but….but …but…we dont want to hear that , do we ?

      When America was founded there were about a thousand different christian sects, or cults if you wish.
      And if no external or common enemy would be found , they would all be at each others throat. THAT is reality.
      But we dont like to hear such matters
      Give us the authorized version EK, hop hop
      come on
      it s all those Templars, no no, those Jesuits, no no , this that the other, oh freemasons oh yes, sure they all play a role in the game, that is obvious.
      Very obvious.
      They do play their part in this stage play called reality.
      I could easily fill whole books with this stuff, in detail, but the truth of the matter is, it is in yourself.
      Truth is inside you
      But if you keep looking outside you for sure never gonna find it. That is a fact.

      The child and the bathwater


      We see that so often nowadays, this throwing out the baby with the bathwater stuff, someone says one thing we dont like and whoops , down they go.
      You have to be careful with that stuff.
      You should have an open mind and you should take precautions, sure, but be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.
      In other words, not to go into a state of psychosis, fanatism , or eh the new word…” mass formation” as that is what it is, like a religion, a new brainwash.
      Do not do that.
      Take what you need and skip or dump the rest.
      Do not burn witches or books.
      I mainly write this topic now to make my views loud and clear so you know where I stand, that is the objective of it.
      For example I may have posted a clip from the ” Corbett report” , great, fine, does not mean I am a fan of it or think they are necessarily genuine.
      Far from
      They are all one way or another part of the scam, that is how it is.


      Most folk cannot handle that.
      They must believe, they must have their hero, their princess, their whatever.
      A leader

      Is an organic leader possible, yes it is possible, but once someone gets promoted you know you have been had.  Ever single time, you have been had.
      It is all very simple really but most people are hardwired to follow leaders

      it is the programming you see

      do you really think it makes any difference if you watch CNN, bbc, or alex jones, or david icke or whatever big name out there , do you really think that ?

      it is like a circus nowadays, there used to be a time where there was more diversion in a sense in the alternative voices realm. Those days are over.

      Anyway do no be disappointed you have fallen, a few times perhaps, for the clowns, we all have, no exceptions, we all did at one time or another. Keep that in mind.
      You bumped your nose, we all did, so it is time to move on , you must do your own reasoning, your own thinking and do not follow those given leaders.
      As all they do, the clowns, is take away your time, energy, money, focus , etc etc….that is the name of the game.

      Truth can only come through the individual.

      In bits and pieces, here and there, that s how it works, and yes perhaps in some , not yet banned completely, books, here and there.
      There are not too many of those books around but I try to find a few that show a glimpse, occasionally. Not an easy task as many have ended up in the memory hole already.
      Big time.
      Libraries have long been cleared out. You wont find much there, promise.
      Real books where they tend to really into how the system works, no, you wont find many of those.

      Divide and conquer it all works very well.

      Also keep in mind, nothing is really black and white, as sometimes you have to use the power of the enemy to gain success or give you propulsion, like judo.
      Yes, even if it means going on to Alex CIA Jones, as than the whole world knows who you are 🙂
      I don’t think Alex is gonna invite us but , that is another story for another day.

      So it can work both ways, hermaphrodite you could say.
      Even if you don’t like or see through those clowns, you can still use their massive multi million dollar platforms.
      Something to keep in mind.

      Yes one could make a list of ” shills” but you could also do it the other way around, like saying, who is NOT a shill
      would be a rather….. short list ……I guess….something to think about.

      And there is a lot of money and who knows what going on in the troof movement, in the ” woke ” community etc etc
      so not everybody has to be on some intelligence payroll, you see, they could just do their thing following the leaders, talk what others talk about, avoid certain topics, bla bla bla…playing the game as they say……who knows what….but they are certainly , like your police, militarily, or any bureaucracy or state, not working for you , they are for sure not public servants.
      remember, for once and for all, you live in an upside down world, an inverted world. So much is , literally, inverted, that causes a massive gap, or chasm, and most folk cannot cross that chasm. Most cannot jump over the abyss.


      That is why this plandemic crap works so well, the bigger the lie the better someone once said , that is true. Has to be a huge lie, as you would never do that
      etc etc
      so it must be true

      more true than true

      if you want to ” change the world” you have to change yourself but most are not gonna do that eh ?



      we may come back to this topic later on






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