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      Chapter One: Introduction: Make Haste Slowly! 1


      Part I: Great Britain

      Sowing The Wind

      The Dangerous Fabians

      A Chosen Instrument
      Sedition Between Two Wars
      Dirge For An Empire
      Trial By Ordeal

      Tomorrow, The World?
      Part II: The United States

      The F’abian Turtle Discovers America
      Putting The Silk Hat On Socialism
      The Professor Goes To Washington
      The Perfect Friendship
      Left Hands Across The Sea
      The More It Changes . . .
      . . . The More It Stays The Same
      By Any Other Narne
      Fabian Face Cards In The New Deal
      Secret Weaponry
      Power And Influence
      More Power And Influence
      The Commanding Heights
      The Moving Finger Writes


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