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      cute book from CEO Jenn, but it somehow, as usual, missing the point, it will not mention, the strange lines in the sky and the haarp…gosh…shocker… giggle…but a cute read nonetheless.

































































































































































            Think, finally, it is all sort of there now. Left out a few obsolete things, ten thousand sunflowers, million cones and tons of helicopters, jadija, but think we have it all in place now for the future. It should hold a while now. Fingers crossed…


              Jenny .

              There is hardly a plant growing that doesn’t have a beneficial use. The study of this is known as Phytotherapy. When I was in the US a few years ago I enjoyed reading a book translated from German on this subject. I looked for it on Amazon, no surprise the cost was well over €100. That household is now dissolved, the husband passed away, his wife my good friend Nancie is in a care facility and has no interest in life, so sad.

              Anyhow, this may be a good place to put ‘recipes/uses for common plants and herbs. I’ll start with a very common and simple one ‘Cleavers’ we all know it, a pleasant plant because it’s easy to weed out but a bit annoying when it clings to one’s clothes or hair. I just collected a good-sized handful of it, chopped it up and put it into a bowl of water. Apparently it will be ready for use tomorrow.






              Follow up on the above report:  As you can see from the above photos, I made a LOT of that cleavers tincture, 2 litres to be precise.  So really I should only have made a very small amount because looking at 2 litres of horrible looking green liquid is very off putting.  I’m never good with green liquids, like spirulina or chlorella, so, at least half of it went down the sink.



              Anway, Jenn and I agreed to go slow now, so just so you know.
              It means less posting, cant say when or how, but it will be less.
              Again, not an entertainment studio.


              Be good now.



                And now, that the Great Work is completed, we can, I can relax a bit, still thinking of the gardening topic, think I am gonna put that in too.
                That is the good side of having your own server, hosting. Free speech , I like that, I know you do too , that is why there are no donations, could put that button up again, you never know, maybe one soul around, keep tempting faith….

                It is all more tidy now. It is better this way.
                Have to make , perhaps, new videos, maybe slightly more delicate. As there are so many delicate souls out there you see. Can´t go too wild, the poor things, they would not understand, poor darlings.
                They just wouldn´t, trust me on that one.

                We will be good for some years, as I paid for three years hosting, in advance. Bit of a gamble there but it paid off.
                But will do less postings from now on, I dearly hope so.
                But you see it has to be perfect and I am convinced we are close to that now.
                Very close, as close as can be.
                Was that blushing, no but I am working on that also.
                One day I get it right.

                With all the warnings about food shortages and a bit of gentle nudging from Sunflower, a few months ago I decided to try my hand at growing a few vegetables.

                Some years ago I was very enthusiastic, but living on my own it’s not so appealing, so this is a sort of experiment.  It involved a LOT of work to get the area ready for planting, as there was a huge heap of wood and brambles that need to be shredded as I don’t want to be throwing out my ‘greenery’.


                However, the shredder needs to be fixed, hopefully soon.   Anyhow, I got the area tidied up and fertilised/manured, put some politeness on some existing raspberry canes, loganberry canes and a grapevine.  Tidied up my compost heaps.

                I got several huge bags if grass clipping from my neighbor , so my compost bins and heaps are heating up a lot’


                The photos are showing things at a very early stage, after all it’s only the beginning of May and our season doesn’t start very early.

                It can be dangerous planting potatoes in April as a late frost can do serious damage if the leaves are above ground.  So far so good,   I also have planted out some mangetout peas, courgettes, only yesterday Swiss Chard and little lettuce plants.


                There’s also some onions coming on.  Oh and a couple of rhubarb plants, I forgot to take a photo of those.






                I also decided to start experimenting with baking my own bread.

                I recently sent off to the US for a special sourdough starter, called the Kensington starter. It seems very good, if treated correctly.


                The first two loaves I made I was thrilled with, the last one recently I was in a hurry and it was not so perfect, but still edible.   I have been finding it difficult to find ‘strong’ bread flour in the local shops ?first sign of shortages? but when I went online I found I could order it in bulk, at not too high a price i.e. €32 for a 16 kilo bag.


                I’m expecting it to be delivered on Friday.  That strong flour is also good for choux pastry so I can experiment with eclairs, how exciting!



                Eclair, fancy words for a right wing conspiracy theorist irish flag waving anti social hoopla hahaha


                Well, to be honest, I made my own bread, is that karma or what, or is it called synchronisity..hmm …weird eh…hard to get your head around sometimes…could bore more with the helicopter parades, strange plane, in the dark coming over doing strange things, but…won´t do that…bet you have heard that a zillion times, but it is ,unfortunately, for me at least, a reality.
                Yes made my own bread, tastes amazing , a real winner. You are doing great too, especially with your sourdough bread, have tried that once, was ok, but too much hoopla…with starter etc…
                I just use a bread making machine, mix the flour with an amount of water , toss it in the bread maker and push a button, how simple can it be, can barely mange duhhh…but saves time
                takes a minute to do and after two hours that thing gives a peep and voila, there you have it, a new bread.
                Not really a bread person myself but this one is good.
                Your gardening, well yes, astonishing as usual, bow wow, but I am doing things too, in my much more limited space, my garden is not as uberclass sized as yours, just a peasant you see.
                Scraping the barrel, join the herd.
                We are all peasants eh
                Even if we had five million we would still be peasants.
                Anyway, enough peptalk…

                Weather here is gorgeous
                Real summer weather now
                blue sky, fluffy clouds, think I made it
                hold your applause….


                I moved my broadcasters, dusted them, as they stood there for years, spider webs, the only ” problem” with this life force energy , some use the old school name which we refuse to use, starts with an O and ends with and ” ite ” that is taboo
                Can´t have that, that is old school, passe, obsolete, like we are, we are all obsolete according to our inbred psycho androgyne betters. They are so much better than us eh …pffffffff…gimme a break.
                Before I slide into another long rant like I once did have to brace myself here, trying to be normal, you know, like those TV people, those zombies around us.
                As I once said, the hardest thing, from now on, actually since 9-11 , is to hold on to your sanity as things , deliberately, are made insane.
                The inverted world. Everything is upside down.
                what I was trying to say, yes I can be a bit long winded, but that is good , you see, I like to explain things well, you know, make a point , so we all understand the point.
                If I am too straight often folk miss the essence of it, so I have to dance around the bush a bit more so we can all follow the thread here.
                The only issue with that energy is it makes things grow very fast so that is why I had to remove those broadcasters , things go bananas in my garden you see, exploding with love and light, too much of a good thing, so that is why, to keep pruning etc to a minimum.

                Things just grow too big, to put it simple.

                So I moved them about ten meters further away, will it help ? No idea.
                We will see.


                You have been paying attention I see, yes austerity, the big plan, they have to bring us to our peasant knees you see, that is essential, so …they help us …carbon tax, price all through the roof, bla bla bla old news
                and sure enough, best to keep stock, keep things at hand, make sure you got a good supply, etc, won´t dwell about it too much, we have done that in the past, but that is a must be
                make sure you got plenty of basic essentials, food stuffs, drinks, in your case wine and gin tonic , inflation, all by design, bla bla boring …but it is what it is
                We have to face it, no choice there
                So that is one of the things we obsolete mud dwellers can do, at least prepare, prepping yes
                That is simply pure logic, one does not have to be a whiz kid for that
                But most never see reality , we cannot help them but I have plenty and therefor am abled to help others, if need be
                Those dumb TV people, as that might come in handy , you never know
                a bit of trading etc
                so I have extra for that
                of course you keep rotation your supplies
                If need be could live for six months or longer
                without shopping to GMO monsanto supermarket
                we have not choice , again this choice thing keeps popping up aint that weird
                pesky …
                and yes they are working on laws here
                to make the jabs mandatory, starts with this than that, you know stepping stone ,such amazingly boring topics, makes one want to puke isnt , living in zombie land
                but we have to keep our hopes up
                trying to keep our sanity together or what s left of it
                Important !!!

                It is all we have left
                our sanity
                to say two and two….etc
                soon be verboten
                jadija…bla bla …CNN RTE bla bla…yawn yawn…
                I knew when it started they never let it go
                this scam
                the plandemic it is the stick they need , together with the other agendas to hammer us into la la land

                make sure you have plenty
                it also softens inflation
                you save therefor

                I had to deal with a lot of anger, still in anger management so to say
                I knew they would pull this crap on us
                us is the five per cent of the population that have, a few, functional brain cells left…
                there never were many
                always been so
                four per cent
                it has always been this way Jenn

                that is why I never believed in demos , protesting,  not saying it is bad but
                I rather do things that have an effect
                that actually do change things, the momentum, the balance
                and they do , they surely do

                what can I say , it is as it is.

                So , doing those things, gardening, cooking, hiking, whatever, keeps the sanity and is necessary to be cared for.
                If one would not watch TV one would not know there is a ” pandemic” going on
                It is all bogus, half truth, fakery cabal shite
                so little things, like that goof that wrote that about the plandemic on a bench in the forest yes that , those things, keep you sane
                yes anger I had , have  still, a lot a lot lot lot of that
                to live in an insane world, made to be so , by the system
                not easy to avoid
                but I keep going and will never give up or give in, even though choices are sometimes hard to make and usually there are threats involved
                You know the game, preaching to the choir…






                by far the strongest broadcasters on planet earth, whoops there you go , said it , bam
                my humbleness gets ahead of me, terrible when that happens, awful, blushing….











                and all made with that camera you send, as my broke during a gifting trip, I stumbled and well game over for camera, thanks again J , appreciated.
                You use that cell phone thingy , well good enough, happy to know
                Quite an astonishing camera




                Solar case you wondered…















                grapes, have several of those












                The cat, the last survivor, had many cats, this is the last one standing, or sort of standing….like we ….took her to the vet, once or twice, had some issues but were fixed
                my vet sometimes uses acupuncture, kid ya not
                it is true
                you never heard that before eh
                I dont think so

                but time flies when you are having fun, bit late now so need my herbal chamomile tea, is that how it is called in English ?
                Helps also with sleep
                I know you prefer the wine 🙂
                It sometimes seems to do so

                Anyway I hop on now.








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