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      And sometimes, a little miracle happens, it happens, a newcomer, from Brazil, makes a cone, it is dowsed, by me, and goes to about half a million bovis.
      So it can be done.

      It can be done



      is it more than 1000 ( bovis units ), answer yes
      is it more than 10.000 answer yes
      is it more than 100.000 answer yes
      is it more than 500.000 answer yes
      is it more than a million answer no
      is it more than 600.000 answer no
      in the end I come up with something between 500.000 and 520.000 bovis
      that is not bad !!!
      not bad at all
      damned good
      dont know how you did it but keep doing what you are doing
      Has a big punch.
      Used a pendulum this time, usually I use rods.

      So much going on here, a veritable whirlwind, a very pleasant one with warm breezes.   I’ve enjoyed watching the previews of the blogs, quite a breakthrough to hear your voice SF.  I’m very chuffed to be given credit for being the Yin to your Yang Sunflower.  We have stuck together through thick and thin for more than 7 years now,  both with the same goals but operating quite differently. 


       Me with my many workshops, all very enjoyable and doubtless very satisfying for the participants.   I’ve had to endure some small criticisms about my modus operandi but I still persist, and glad to see a slight chink of agreement with what I do.  Of course, variety is the spice of life but I truly would love to join with Sunflower sometime doing a workshop, it would surely be a pleasant experience and enlightening experience for everyone .

      This has been a good year for me, not sure if the next workshop is number 5 or number six.  Strangely it is the third one in Co. Waterford this year, I don’t know why the people there are so enthusiastic.   It will be this coming Saturday and supposedly 10 participants including 2 teenagers.  I’m determined to be more businesslike, there’s no point doing this at a loss or even just breaking even, though I am certainly not doing it for financial gain.   So, my plan is to weigh out bags of 6 kilos plaster, one bag each, and if they use that up they can pay for any more. 


      It sounds a bit harsh but 6 kgs comes to about €10 and if they pay €30 for the course they are doing quite well.   I’m going to be stricter about them cleaning up as they go along, not leaving me to wash up everything the next day.   I hope this goes down ok.

      The newcomer from Argentina is indeed doing well,  asking relevant questions and producing a very pleasant first cone.  I believe his main focus will be on gifting, as he is worried about large masts in the neighbourhood.  He intends burying his pieces having coated them with varnish first, so no half measures for him.


        Argentina is it ? Well Brazil, Argentina, it is rather close …hahaha… thanks for the good report, yes there is no financial gain, that is how it is and I like it that way , one of the many attractive parts of using the Selenite Healing method, it is cheap !! That is , especially nowadays, a big win. Bags of Plaster of Paris aka Gypsum, still do not cost much, 15 bucks or so for 25 Kilo ( 50 lbs) so yes , big win and 25 kilo is a lot !!!
        Meaning it makes you independent.
        And we all know if there is one thing the Control Grid cannot stand it is that , being independent, doing your own thing, they hate it.
        And it is another dimension in regard to the old metal resin hoopla, it is just a different ballgame altogether, but most orgonite groupies cannot stand to hear that but it is true. There is no match really. There is only one at the top and it ain´t the metal resin mantra.
        It is more than a chink of agreement CEO Jenn, you know that.
        I am blatantly admitting you do good work hehehe 😀

        Indeed you should not go into costs for sure, a small compensation for the materials used would be normal.

        When it comes to gifting you don`t have to put them that close to objects that are detrimental to our health or well being, it is not  just those towers there are many more targets….I noticed you can put them at hundred yards and they still grab or  hijack the tower.
        Sylphs start dancing and so forth, meaning the energy of the tower in  neutralized or harmonized, call it what you want, works from considerable distances, say a hundred yards or so would be a good place to start or closer.
        That is at least my personal experience with a few masts, although that is years back.

        Was surprised by it too as I discovered a mast, rather close to me, on top of an apartment building and thought how the hell….but put it say eighty meters away behind something, actually put a few objects in the area and it worked.
        I think the fuss about varnish, painting, protection of the plaster is overblown, tested it for year and years and they hold quite well, even unpainted if not put in a place that is too wet for too long. They hold for ages. They must be allowed to dry out occasionally but if so they keep fit and spinning for a long long time.

        I do not know why that is exactly, I only know IT IS
        that is all I need to know, it holds much longer , plasterite not plaster of Paris alone, than one might think.
        would be a gamble to guess why it is but it really stays good for a long time. Of course for water gifting, rivers, canals or things of that nature we still use the dorky plastic bottles they do just fine.

        Yes the cleaning up , another drama story, maybe you should or could arrange it beforehand, before you let your chickies off the leash.
        Who is gonna do what later on, cleaning up, as cleaning up is easier when material in buckets etc is still wet, that is my experience, that is how I always do it,  make tools of light and straight away use the garden hose to clean it all out, buckets, whisks, you name it, very easy, takes a minute.
        Once it has all hardened than it becomes….a different story….

        I also work outside , I never do it inside as that can become a drama, once a 50 pound cone falls over and you have 20  liters of plaster in your living room you are healed for life hahaha…

        ask me how I know….

        that is not gonna happen again !!! EVER











        Healing & Balance



          And heard via Jenn that Olli passed away, that was sad news.

          Did see him a couple of times at those workshops Jenn did.
          You can feel that is good energy.




          A real character.




          Oliver (Ollie) Sludds was a man with a passion for life, people and family

          The late Oliver Sludds.

          The late Oliver Sludds.


          THERE was great sadness felt around the county recently with the passing of Oliver Sludds, Lacken, Ballymurn.

          More commonly referred to as Ollie, he was originally from Enniscorthy, and was renowned as a man of immense creativity both artistically and practically.

          A man dedicated to using his gifts, talents and skills, Ollie was the type of person everyone loved being around.

          He had an infectious personality and his amiable, down to earth, friendly nature meant he endeared himself to everyone he came into contact with and even strangers were made instantly feel at ease when in his company.

          Growing up in a household full of music, when he was aged 8, Ollie’s father and mother, Kearns and Philomena, taught their children how to play the melodeon, accordion and mouth organ.

          In later years Ollie taught himself to play drums ,guitar, banjo and also practiced singing while his early teenage years often saw him perform at house parties.

          With his beloved wife, Julie, he performed all over Ireland with their band, Nighthawks, in which he was singer and drummer, Julie played guitar and sang, and Ollie’s younger brother, Chris, provided lead guitar and vocals.

          Nighthawks were an immensely popular band and contributed greatly to the contemporary Irish country music scene.

          The band was known all around the country for their unique and tasteful live performances, and such was the high regard in which they were held they were often asked to open for  leading, high profile country artists.

          After 63 years of playing music Oliver and Julie, who became a music duo for many years, finally decided to retire, however, they never stopped playing music at home and still enjoyed it informally as a very important part of their lives.

          While his music prowess was something for which he was renowned Ollie was equally well known for being a man who was gifted when it came to working with his hands.

          Regarded by many as ‘a genius’ he had the ability to turn his hand to anything including highly skilled areas such as engineering, welding, steel fabrication, mechanics, carpentry, and plumbing.

          He was also very good as a car salesman and in addition to building houses and sheds he also constructed horse-drawn carriages and built tractors from scratch. Ollie didn’t stop there, however, as he also invented, designed and built various different attachments for his self-built, mini tractors to enable him carry out various jobs around his home.

          Such was his talent with his hands that for many people around the county Ollie was the ‘go to man’ when something needed to be repaired or created, for a particular job.

          Sometimes people just called to get insight and advice from his knowledge on how to approach a specific repair job or task.

          Whatever the problem or challenge, Ollie Sludds invariably had the answer. His inherent artistically creative side didn’t just manifest itself in is music either as he was also excellent at drawing and sketching. He was also no stranger to the sewing machine, having picked up some tips from his seamstress mother. He was also a genius when it came to numbers.

          While his creative talent was something for which people held him in very high regard it was for who he was as a person that earned him the most respect from everyone who knew him.

          Many people all around the county and beyond held him close to their hearts and valued his friendship enormously. Ollie was a man who had a very gentle soul and inherent kindness. He was someone who would help others in any way he could and would never expect anything in return. He got immense joy and satisfaction out of just being able to help people whenever he could.

          He also dedicated a lot of his time helping people with energy healings and many people found being around him was very beneficial as being in his presence was beautiful and relaxing.

          Ollie had a great sense of humour and his positive, ‘can do’ approach to life was infectious, having a very positive effect on those around him. Loyal and trustworthy, he was a man who always remained true to his word and when you made a friend of Ollie Sludds you made a friend for life.

          While he had many interests in life, including being knowledgeable on a very wide range of topics, family came first and foremost above anything else. He lived for his family and Oliver was an amazing husband,  father, brother, grandad, great-grandad, a best friend and a father figure to so many people, who will always keep his spirit and gift of music alive.

          Ollie’s influence as a father figure extended well beyond his family and he was a great influence for many people, especially his children, with his dedication, patience, honesty, guidance and strong positive mind set.

          His positive outlook always meant he adopted the approach that nothing was a problem but more a challenge for which a solution could be found. He always saw through or around any issue and rarely saw things as being a problem.

          One family member recalled a memorable incident that perhaps summed up many of the personality traits of Ollie for which he was renowned, especially with regard to his love of old cars and all things mechanical.

          “This one time, he needed a new van to get him to and from gigs and he got wind of where there was an old Morris Minor van for sale and so he went and bought it with the intentions of using it for the band,” she said.

          “He got the van home, pushed it into the shed, to see how much work it needed to make it road worthy,” she added.

          Once Ollie got the van into the shed he sat into it but the floor gave way, as it was completely rusted out, and when he grabbed onto the driver’s door to pull himself up out of the chassis, the door pulled off the hinges and he ended up face down on top of the door, on the ground. However, not to be defeated and after ten months of measuring, cutting and welding – and after squeezing an engine and gearbox from a Datsun 140J into the van – the Nighthawks country music Morris Minor van was born, complete with home-done custom gold paint spray job.

          That van became iconic for the band and anyone involved with the Wexford and national music scene invariably thought of the van as soon as the name Nighthawks was mentioned.

          It was amazing to witness the transformation of what was a blue bucket of rust, into the golden rocket that served him and Julie for a great number of years.

          The transformation of the vehicle was also indicative of a man who was capable of always turning something negative into positive and whose enthusiasm for life left an indelible mark on all those around him.

          He will be greatly missed and cherished in the hearts of all who knew him.

          Ollie’s requiem mass took place in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Glenbrien, on Wednesday, October 5, with burial afterwards in Glenbrien Cemetery.

          He is survived by his beloved wife, Julie, children, Shirley, Yvonne, Ray, Stephen, Sabrina, Mandy, Bobby, Kenny and Donna, siblings, Maureen, Sadie, Trush, Chris, Pat and Jim.

          He was predeceased by his late brother, Artie. He is also sadly missed by his children’s partners, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives and very large circle of friends.




            Two synchronous posts, on peoples’ passing, some long ago, and the more recent one of Ollie Sludds’ death.  I don’t have much sympathy for people who say, the pain continues forever, it heals to a large extent if allowed to. Of course we remember the people with love, and hopefully very fond memories. So I say, time does heal, if allowed.

            I had a lovely busy day doing a Workshop in Marcella’s great place in Gorey yesterday.  There were 7 adults and  2 children, 5 of them being part of Marcella’s family.   It seems that only really lovely ‘compatible’ people come to this workshop.

            The drive down was not much fun, through heavy rain. Luckily it sort of stopped when I arrived, allowing them to erect the marquee, which due to wind arising later, did not survive the experience;

            Everyone worked in perfect harmony which was greatly helped by a delicious lunch.  It was lovely to see Ollie’s widow Julie coming along for a day out among friends, though it must have been difficult for her.

            The sky cleared briefly about 4 p.m. enabling us to see some nice sylphy clouds, then a nasty chemtrail being wiped out as it passed overhead.

            It seems everyone had a lovely time and I could well be asked back again, which would be my pleasure;

























                  Lighter colors can be applied, later on, if need be.


                    Congratulations on some stunning artwork on these cones, the multicoloured ones and the one with little ‘blobs’ of paint, they look superb and it would be lovely to see them in the other Plasterite area, ‘pour encourager les autres’.

                    Happy Halloween to all.





                      hahahah LMAO, good one chief….outstanding !!

                      a smile on my face, not something we see too often nowadays , yet, I do feel better than I did in many years.
                      Despite all that is going on, the endless cabal scams etc.

                      Happy halloween to you too.
                      May have to finish the cones, soon, maybe, or just let them be, I am often like that. Think they look quite stunning enough.
                      Not too many helicopters, that is maybe somewhat odd as usually they come to me like flies to honey but…we will never know, will we ?
                      No we will never know, they work covertly you see.
                      They will never admit to it, to anything really even if it is all right in the face, esp nowadays.
                      I am not sure if we can encourage the others, we are here for the few you know that, the few.
                      Those with the ” rite stuff”

                      Not a misspelling there.
                      Yet, my personal healer, only have one nowadays, will not go into details, but he uses the selenite too, actually he uses it as the Yin Yang aspect for his practice. Selenite at the front door and other stones, the earthing heavy stones at the back of the premises. So you get the opening of the spirit and the closing you see. The balance or ” paramagnetism” or whatever other of the 500 synonyms one chooses to take. Equilibrium. Pull you up and pull you down at the same time. Calm and energized at the same time.

                      Divinity placed you at the top of the river flow of the tools of Light.
                      Very close to the top, very close to me.

                      And you still hang out with me after all those years eh..or as the americans would say ” put up with me for all that time”

                      hmmmm..astonishing feat in itself. Both ways hahahaha…both ways.
                      But, for a CEO , you did earn your stars,  doing great things for which I am grateful. Not necessarily always agrees with your stand points but I believe in freedom so I let it be. Every bird must sing their own song, very important, to sing your own song.

                      We have to keep the words of dr Mattias Desmet in our ears, that dissidence in itself is a worthwhile effort or strive, the fact alone is important as once the dissidents are no more or do not speak out that is when the beast gets unleashed. Not saying it wont happen if we do speak out or keep doing that sort of keeps that equilibrium going you see. Keeps a certain balance in place. Might sound farfetched but there is some truth to it on a deeper level.



                      dr Mattias signing

                      you have to say it is a good soul Jenn

                      one way or another , there are not too many of those.




                      I have gotten the book of ” I Ching” the Chinese book, think it deals with all sorts of things, also divination and other things in that realm.
                      Have not read it yet, may go through it tomorrow.

                      Did find the book of Christopher Bird , the whole book, but could only lend it for an hour online, made print screens as that is technically all you can do and it did work, the quality might not be superb but it it readable and that is in the end what counts, you have that information, I know you and me we already bought that book, but as we all suffer dearly from this enforced masonic cabal poverty program it is good to offer all we have for free to the world.
                      Also it keeps the snipers off our back , because as long as you do not make money with something there is not too much they can do.
                      Once you start asking money you enter commerce and that is a whole different ballgame altogether.
                      It really is, make no mistake, you are at a different level and the hunt is open.
                      So we are relatively safe as it is.

                      Technically it is freedom of speech what we do. Not commerce or ” claiming this or that for sales , products, etc.

                      As the techniques are so easy to follow , even for newcomers, there is no point in selling such items. They are also very safe and cheap to make, there is really no point in selling a plasterite piece to say the USA , just the shipping costs are a killer. We do not want that, people suffer more than enough already , it s best to give it all for free. Altruism Jenn, will save you and me some time later once we go through Purgatory.


                      So the angels will let us pass by rapidly, it is like a gold credit card you see. Sesame open, Alladin´s lamp, you name it..
                      Doors that remain closed to many ….may open….may….open, deo volente
                      If you give a lot you will receive a lot.
                      Makes sense.



                      found some snippets in the archive












                      Well yeah femininity enough , plenty but it is time to either ship the girls over to France or you know…ah well..we will see..
                      The moon goddess is pretty well kept in male hands too you know…honestly.
                      Got the receipt here, officer hahaha…




                      Jenny´s endtime preps

                      all seems to be in good order enough to keep a small army afloat.

                      thumbs up



                      Always a good idea to keep those on hand, booze and smokes, to bribe the guards once we are in that Siberian camp for eh…retraining…

                      cheers Jenn




                      A very heartwarming post, well it certainly has warmed mine.  I’m glad I spotted it just as heading to bed, only 24 hours late, presumably, after it   was written.   Very pleasant to see those old photos and a few recent ones; thank you.  I had an ‘Aha’ moment – yes the blue sunglasses still hanging around here do belong to the small boy 😉

                      I doubt if that thought in Dr. Desmet’s book is the most important one, but for me it has great resonance, as that has been my gut feeling through the recent years of standing out in public to show the Powers that should not Be that they do not have every single person in their thrall.  Just a tiny drop of resistance in the ocean of the dumbed down.

                      I’m very glad that we have metaphorically stood together through thick and thin, in spite of occasional friendly disagreements about how to proceed.   All suggestions listened to, some followed, more – quietly shelved 😕

                      I must read the I Ching sometime, am I right in thinking that it has something to do with throwing dice to come to decisions? Maybe as good a way as any, if it then allows one’s gut instinct to feel whether it is correct or not.

                      Talking about the ‘top of the river flow of tools of light’ reminds me that our hostess of the workshop on Saturday was feeling on top of the world.  She said several times that all the energy was making her feel as if she was floating, and about to levitate. ‘Can’t you feel it Jenny?’  Sadly I couldn’t.    That would have been something to behold!


                        Also the , your , xmas present is coming up, I also found another way , a much cheaper way , of sending packets abroad. Have to check that out.
                        But it is only profitable if you send more than say 3 kilo or so and as your present is about that weight, it does not matter too much so I will just use the regular , over expensive !!! post office instead. The prices are ridiculous, always were really. It is the other service has only two classes, zero to 2 kilo and 2 kilo to 10 kilo.

                        So if I send three kilo or ten  , price is the same, about 30 bucks.

                        Anyway, another over expensive xmas present, hope you are more careful with this one , it is the last one I have.

                        Blonds are indeed the most expensive to uphold / to look after, that is true.

                        Will not go into details as those are top secret classified and the enemy is always listening in but let us pray this one holds a bit longer, although the previous one did hold for some years.
                        I remember you used it for this prayer thingy you did, the open mind conference, Liam held it, also Banjo was present. We always called him banjo.
                        Forgot his real name but you know who I am talking about.
                        Who fell from that pony years ago
                        Quit a stunt

                        Unfortunately no longer with us, in a much better place now.
                        Than we have Aine and some others, like Ian, and Alan.
                        So yes, maybe this , maybe next week it will be posted, will take about six days or so.
                        In these desperate times we have to keep the light burning.
                        and that s ok , I like a challenge.



                        Before I forget , I add often a bit more salt as it will give more crystal forming, crystallization , later on, that process also changes the colors of the Tool of Light from the inside out. Will not be immediately, usually takes a month or so and only under certain conditions.
                        For me it works very well in the garden house, I do not know exactly why it does prefer that. I assume it has to do the rain cannot get to it.



















                        does not have to be too fancy all the time, keep it simple also works just as well







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