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      I had a busy day, better not go into details about a certain horticultural proect reaching its culmination; after a consultation with an expert a few days ago I got my head fairly clear about how I should proceed.  I also learned a new phase ‘Croptober’-  I’m running a bit late; but not very.

      I’m glad I waited until I was relaxed and trying not to spill my potatoes into this laptop.  I mean, I’m glad I waited to read and enjoy your latest essay, I think that’s a good word for it.  It is hearkening back to years ago when you were in your Plasterite heyday Sunflower, the other protagonists commented so often then on your lyrical way of writing. Not that you ever had writer’s block – but your words seem to be back  flowing effortlessly now.   A (maybe) throwaway comment about possibly enjoying a chat with Tony G has been starred in this CEO’s  notebook.  There could be another option apart from the soft option of using me as your sounding board.   I won’t mention a name here for now.

      Apart from the text, I have to say your artwork is superb, so you are blossoming in many directions.   Well done,  I hope one of those cones is intended for someone that should have been gifted sooner.   But which one is the tops, I can’t tell from here.

      I think the plan is for Tony and Sean to link up over the weekend, and do some recording which may need to be split into two secti’ons due to the large amount of material for discussion Tony has.  And if Sean insists on getting to speak a bit more this time, goodness knows how  long it will take.

      Yes that suggestion from Mattias D is going to be my mantra.    I’ve often spoken about ‘a drop in the ocean’ those drops must have some quantum effect, I hope so.   For example, I’ve been showing up on a regular basis at what is usually a very small demonstration outside a jail to support the teacher Enoch Burke.  To put it briefly, he’s a prisoner of conscience.  The four of us there today were chatting, one of whom is a newcomer.  He echoed our words of just a few making an effort; it does not go un-noticed although it certainly feels like it at times.  As long as this case is not reported in the media (which now it is not), the authorities are not a bit bothered how long he stays there to ‘cool his heels’



      If your , mine, our work was not important they would not be so bothered by it.

      Sean insists on speaking , oh really, jee, does he really, hope he will behave himself and not drag the whole thing down, it is best to let Tony speak for the most part. Honestly.
      I will , just for the record, never go on radio.
      I may do, perhaps, an interview with you but that is as far as it goes which is for my norms more than far enough.
      Have not received any bribes yet… ( a chocolate cake might just turn me in the right direction…hint hint )

      I am not a cheerleader Jenn for the mob, in the end the mob always turns on ya, always. I am not the guru, some may think I know a lot, perhaps I do know a lot, like shaman Tony, or Healer Eric  in similar fields, but that is not the point, the whole endeavor here is to make all students teachers , that is the objective , to become your own champion and leader. That is what it is all about really.

      I carry individualism very high on my battle banner, my crest.
      as that is what it boils down to eventually, what are you gonna do with it ?
      not the group or someone else or a bunch of tree huggers, no no, what are you gonna do with it ?
      How will you enter the path of Light.
      That is the question.
      Like the article I just put up about Prof. Albrecht.
      Same thing , or Callahan or Bird, etc, individuals.
      Doing the right thing.

      But if one really goes for it one can become a nice little kitchen healer.
      One has to put in a bit of effort though.
      It is not gonna happen by itself.
      Takes a bit of work but can be done.
      Who is gonna make blue sky and the rest of it ?
      Do the right thing that is good enough, if a few catch on and carry the torch forward so be it , thou work has been done.
      Yes your present is on its way to Ireland, send yesterday.
      You are becoming rather expensive to maintain , dear CEO, blonds are the most expensive, there is some truth to that.
      Well enjoy it as Santa is out of business hahaha…reindeers have been cancelled, not carbon friendly.
      All going through the roof eh ? Nice cabal plan.
      Another dark winter ahead.
      Didn’t we have enough abuse over the last past years ?
      This is never gonna stop that is for sure.
      So we keep the battle going, by lack of options really.
      Why I choose the energy work ? Because it really hurts them that is why.

      Words flow effortlessly , hmm I have changed a lot in the last period, since the jazz began. In many ways, in good ways really.
      I have changed a lot.
      It does reflect in my poetry here hahaha…
      amazing eh ?
      Doing those hiking things is my way of anger management.

      But I have changed as I let it all go
      I am not taking it in anymore you see
      I released it
      Let it out

      I do not pay much attention to my artwork, could be much better if I wanted to , easily, but I do not like to spend too much time and effort in such directions. It is not needed. It is all not about painting cozy fluffy things. As some go into too much effort or trouble , like Murielle with those eggs, yes I got one of those here, they are superb, but in my view too much work for eye candy. I know , many folk like eye candy.
      Well I don’t give it a high priority.
      The bling bling part , hmmm

      The purity of the selenite, shaman Josh often discussed that topic, it is important.
      It is so pure , so perfect, it does not really need anything.
      I know his wife loved to paint those models but
      that s ok, that s fine.
      But I know he just as well loved to keep them pure
      There is an honesty in the plasterite.
      That is breathtaking
      Josh talked about that too.
      It is there.

      Hope your harvesting project goes splendid, get jolly well on with it.
      Making your own , shall we say, healing oil…for medicinal purposes only for goodness sake
      and, in your case , that is even true as you don’t even smoke that jazz
      good mint sir , three bags full sir
      Luckily not all of your mates have your hmm…reluctance .or inhibition…in consuming that mint product
      it always seem to diminish fast , I heard, could be rumors but…..
      Bet your whole place must have a …distinct smell now…let s hope you sleep well
      Might make you dizzy perhaps…the odors..

      Good work J



          Also, if there are any newcomers, which I doubt, as most folk are so fecking stupid and dumbed down today, IF you gonna be a kitchen shaman, and IF you make good stuff, etc etc…if you will be succesful, etc
          you will get attention of the dark side, that cannot be avoided. That is something the wannabees have to keep in mind, this stuff is not for everyone, actually, it is for the few, the elite you might say.
          It is not for the masses, they are gone anyway. This is for the few who can break through, very few can break through, unfortunately, the programming nowadays is too strong for the masses to escape. It is scientific programming, the people who can escape I can count on the fingers of one hand. Honestly. Very very few get away.

          So, yes, if you are successful you will get the attention of the dark side, you will have the helicopter and god knows what. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can go back to  CIA track book, that is where most live nowadays anyway and youtube. So the more helicopters you get the better your work is, it is that simple.


          So be warned, little ones,  if you do good work, it will not be unnoticed. There is not much the all seeing eyes missing, I can promise you that. They are aware, they never sleep.
          Most never get the helicopters as most make shit.
          But if you do make good work you will get them, in most places, not all places. Depends on the country you are in.
          If you are in a Nato country you will get them, but I know even if you live abroad, in weird places like the balkan or so , etc, you may still get them.

          Just a word to the wise.


          Of course it will be more than just the helicopter, etc, it is a choice, either be sheeple or be something else. AS simple as that.

          It all does matter, it all has a value , even if it may not always seem to be so. Like lady J s barking etc, etc, it is important.
          Once the barking stops the trucks come and we are off on the train. Has always been so in history, you know it has. Once the silence comes, the trucks come.
          Keep that in mind, therefor , yes doing or being the dissident yes it does matter.
          They would not bring on those god knows how many rotors I have had.
          If it all did not matter, so it does matter.
          Most stuff you have to figure it out by yourself, I can only guide you, but you have to make the breakthrough, you see.
          It is your soul that makes the tool of Light.



            Also putting up stuff on Odysee platform as we all know the days of youtube are long gone.
            Actually most is already gone on youtube , as we all know. Censorship is going bananas nowadays. Since the fake flu broke out, etc etc

            yeah it is a flu

            you can get sick of it but you can get sick of the flu too

            what a scam eh







            Think Hugh refused to show his papers or something, something to do with this plandemic scam one way or another.

            They just cant have it when a slave rebels , obviously.


            Jenn made it, good work J.







              saw someone in a purple jacket and a purple beanie, is that you Jenn??




                you know the masters of this world and we all know who that is, the one with the horns, do not like the irish peasantry very much haha.;.








                      at 30:46 we see Jenny shine hahhaha








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