New Thoughts

New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:14 am

Here are new thoughts concerning the way we think and built our devices of beauty/joy/laughter/selflessness/peace…etc:
It is our feelings to desire the undoing of many nefarious things around us, and as we are making this device or this one we are limiting our selves to an area of affect; two miles, four miles, twenty miles…
A good way to stretch our thinking is to try to build something that will affect all the way around the world, when we do that, and challenge our intellect to come up with a way, we are changing gear, this make us look at things that we never thought of before.
It is as if we practice throwing a stone at twenty feet; we will never know our true capacity until we practice to throw that stone two hundred feet, we likely never will throw that rock two hundred feet, but we sure will, in the process, go much further then twenty.
Make sense?

Re: New thoughts

Postby sacred on Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:56 pm

josh wrote:It is our feelings to desire the undoing of many nefarious things around us, and as we are making this device or this one we are limiting our selves to an area of affect; two miles, four miles, twenty miles…

do you mean due to the size of the orgonite being made, its benefits are ‘limited’ (or we believe they are) to a ‘short’ distance …. ?

josh wrote:A good way to stretch our thinking is to try to build something that will affect all the way around the world …

in size or intent?

josh wrote:It is as if we practice throwing a stone at twenty feet; we will never know our true capacity until we practice to throw that stone two hundred feet, we likely never will throw that rock two hundred feet, but we sure will, in the process, go much further then twenty.

I like to imagine the orgonite pieces connecting with other orgonite around the globe, which kinda makes a mandala grid of orgonite energy …

is that what you mean? or are you putting out a suggestion to make humungous (very huge) pieces?

josh wrote:Make sense?

:? I might be listening with an accent … :)

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:15 am

Ok Josh …OUT WITH IT………me think you hatching BIG plan……….. How big?
You’ve played the cards a winner so far..broadcasting, plaster and my favourite,
the life pillow. ……….And now ?…………….ready to play….just love experimenting !
Or are you talking about a specific intent.
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:51 pm

OK, yes there is more, I really really desire for all of us to use our gray much in a audacious/expensive/never done before ways.
I always challenge my self to see “whats next” how can I make this work stronger, further…. 

So let us look at everything we all have done so far:
We have created A new kind of Orgonite; (Plasterite),
It broadcast thousands of miles, the large cone from Stephen, myself, Tony, Anna, Steve and the rest of the crew are broadcasting all the way pass the moon :D
Also with these we are pegging the Bovis scale, and it vibrates in all dimensions
We as well know that we can make the Plasterite very simply, very powerful without the use of crystals, sand works well
We can do this most cheaply: a fraction of the cost of resin, and the kids really, realy do love it (yesterday, a 2 year old, in the dark went on some shelves at a friend’ s house and got out of the room the arms filled with little plasterites hearts, lots of them LOL)
Then we have wrapped those cones with extension cords and broadcasted the Plasterite energy all over the grid
Some of us even wrapped the Pillows with it, polarizing all the grid to spin in the right direction
Here is another thing we have found, as Catherine paint the Plasterite, many colors or single colors, the energies appears to go way way up, I am nor sure why but I think it is the resonance of the colors in the inner structure of the plaster
And yet it seems that the nefarious energies are still there and very active
So more Plasterite and more painting and more……

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Postby Lightning on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:46 pm


That feels so right, thank you for pursuing and posting and teaching so many :) !

It would be great to succeed in pulling the rug out from under all this apocalyptic [email protected], and walk harmoniously into a new era of harmony and harmlessness..




Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:07 pm

Yes would love to pull that rug myself.
Amount the things to sparkle some interest in new things is radionics, there are much possibilities there, see if you can find a practitioner; he or she will give you much valid infozzz :o :o :o

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:56 am

G,day all…some time ago, I discovered I could help person in hospital on other side of Australia, using techniques of
Sukyo Mahikari,. Projecting hi no ki energy…friend made remarkable recovery , surprising doctors and family. 

Later when involved in Bio-dynamic agriculture, I read about a radionics device for broadcasting the bio-dynamic
preparations to the soil… was developed by Hugh Loval , who escaped to Australia…I nearly made one with my Phd mate
but it didn’t eventuate . The radioncs device is called a Cosmic Pipe.

I contacted Josh to quiz him on a plasterite radionics device..He suggested flat shapes that could be stacked up to 9 high.
With appropriate script/thought, between each layer, to be broadcasted radionically.
Josh, if you could expand idea, please ?

So I found some pot plant trays, 12 inches round by almost 2 inches high. Made 9 over two days…Used sand , salt, a big
handfull of shells in each, some nag champa and of course Pillowed water. Each piece had 3 small quartz points in equilateral triangle mid distance in circle. 1.5 x 20 kilo bags. Had drying outside for 3 days…looks like I,m going into paver business Ha
Rain storm forced inside so I stacked…Whoosh…energy big time..looked like the pieces needed to have something in between them…apart from script which still isn’t happening…My mate came round and sat there glowing…ha ha ..he reckoned it may
work better with airspace between each layer , which instantly struck a chord…so will have to find some small blocks.
As is..just drying pieces stacked , I can feel whole side of my body glowing, about 1 to 2 m away.
Will continue to play…Josh..why 9 ? can use more ? Thought about topping with cone………………..Yo

monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:43 am

After 9 you get into the diminishing return: no more with more :? ,
But here is what you can do; (at least I have done that with the writing) take the unit of nine pieces and counted as one, then you make 8 more units……paving hey!!!

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:01 pm

This will give you 81 pieces, now you will really think you are in the paving business :lol: :lol: :lol: , actually you will be in the flying business, it may be hard to keep your self on the ground with these
Simplicity; high tech magic
You can try also with 9 leaves of any tree, and then layer 9 more..etc..ask the tree first
We are going somewhere :o
Let us not forget, the higher your ethics, the more powerful your pieces

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:24 am

Yeah. it’s do able, with effort and time…factory mode, but I reckon I’d hit the ceiling by the 6th lot ,, ha ha
Might do a couple more lots to experiment….eventually.
Also, I,m assuming that despite the energy output, plaster is still diamagnetic….like limestone, Anyone know?
So I’m wondering how a paramagnetic disk alternating would help and what to make it from…I mean
I have the highly paramagnetic rock chips available….maybe thin disk set in resin, concrete , plaster?
All the ancient cultures from standing stone, pyramids , temples , towers and cathedrals etc use this
energy generated by use of paramagnetic and diamagnetic stone…. but for specifics and how to I
have no clue.
Just speculating…anyone got any thoughts ?
monsoon gecko



Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:13 am

You can always make a thin slurry with your paramagnetic earth and a bit of plaster to keep it together, 1/2″ thick disk to go in between the larger Plasterite. 

Now let us look at “the past”, I may be entirely wrong on this, then again…
All of those “great” culture may have stayed around for a long time, but they were still under the slave/master relationship and they eventually failed; the use of the higher technology was for privilege few, in truth it might have help with the crops, but it was mostly for the use of the Illuminati of the day.
So what they did at the time did not not bring a lasting peace or an enlighten behavior, therefore our medicine must be different, we may use some of their technologies, but our is and will be different because our intent is different
So what is it that we are doing with all of this new ideas; we are attempting to change to frequency so that ALL of humanity finds it self in a new paradigm of healthy ethic, absolute honesty, in service to others, rather then total service to self as it has been for countless eons.
This is the why of the big and energetic devices; the further the field affect the more people are hopefully coming under the new and improved :lol: :lol: way of being. …………………I may be dreaming standing up…………somebody slap me please so I wake up.

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:26 am

Well I went ahead and made 10 thin 1/2 inch plates loaded with paramagnetic rock chips…one broke in half…After drying, I stacked them to see.
They seemed quite energetic by themselves, but when placed alternating, inbetween the 2 inch plates, the whole unit was noticabley stronger.
So all up, 9 x 2inch x 12inches across and then alternating 9 x1/2inch thick plates loaded with paramagnetic rock
Have not yet sourced spacers to trial an air gap between layers but eventually will test that.
Also the script is makeshift and needs to improve
Noticed after coming home from school and sitting to relax, how strongly it radiates only a couple metres away.
This has happened every time I go out…..seems stronger than the giant cones as I have not acclimatised to the energy as I have done
with the other devices…still noticabley feel it each time I walk into room…getting into 2nd week of trial.
Left a flagon of water on it overnight . It was really charged and tasted crisp and sweet……similar to pillowed water.
Layered multiple pieces really multiply energy .
Funny, I noticed one group of students at school pooling their freshly made pieces and stacking together on their desk. Didn’t ring a bell at the time
but interesting on afterthought. Others just carry them around like pets……..It’s all entertaining…ha ha !
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby Lightning on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:49 pm

Hi Monsoon Gecko :-)

Please hear me out and try this if you want to.

:arrow: Confession- I am extremely energy-sensitive and visionary, etc, etc, etc.

This is my vision:
8 layers of discs, alternating para and diamagnetic.
Above the 8 layers an airspace.
1 more disc above the airspace, with a point on one flat face, positioned to point straight upward.
Position shells in the airspace with the small ends facing outward in multiple directions (May not need the shells to work, but they will act as a venturi if present, may get you more range).

It is a tower of Light. :idea:

That’s it. I will build this some day, and will post here when I do.


Linda :geek:


Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:37 am

Thanks Linda….I’ll give it a try ….have heaps of spiral pointy shells.
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:43 am

Radionics device progress
Yo…gifters, here’s a few photos to illustrate trial so far,,,info in previous posts….
Guess it’s a waste of time dowsing ? Ha ha … s%20Trial/

Comments welcome

monsoon gecko
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Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:22 pm

Wow Stephen, do you have to put lead shoes to be near the whole thing, nice work
What did use to separate each plate
Good medicine

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:12 am

Yo. …Josh. Starting from bottom up,,Plasterite 2 inch plate with paramagnetic plate directly on top, then plastic sleeve with script……still need to work on that…then next layer, 2 inch plate , the Pm plate then sleeve , continuing up to the top. Spacers under the top plate is 3 mini Tb’s with shells lined up, then top plate positioned with final cone positioned in the middle.
I used the plastic sleeves because the plaster was not completely dry, so will probabaly dump them some time. Plastic doesn,t feel right. I havenot a clue as to how well it works or in fact what I’m doing as a radionics device. But can tell you it has much stronger energy field than a large cone broadcaster…I got used to them pretty quickly…couple days. This layered device continually pumps.
I haven’t even try airspace between all layers yet and as for shells in upper space, can’t really tell if it improves or not.,just continually surrounded by energy all the time….hard to pick the details….maybe stronger.. not sure….thanks Linda
..after all ,each plasterite 2inch plate has a big handfull of shells and the 3 quartz points too. Like running blind full speed, but not hitting anything….exhillarating ! 

I have to laugh seeing Dennis on WM with his new kirlian toy stating plasterite has no life force….that’s certainly not my experience……only trouble is he,s sucked all those people in.

Welcome any input, advice or ideas….. Thanks,

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monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:22 am

Hey Stephen, this is a good report, do you feel that the cone up top is focusing the energy, or if there is still a wide field? 

Suffice to say I am gonna be at it in few days, for now I have to finish a bunch for schools,

Well it is to bad about Dennis, as I look at other Orgonite forums, I can see that anyone who want sell Orgonite can do it, but not on WM, it look to me more like a store front for his products, no mater it is stil a big information center for people curious about the Orgonite
We have ample proof of the working of the Plasterite, he can say what he like about the Earth being flat; we know better :lol: :lol: :lol:
Also beware of what you say, it may get yourself banned from WM :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh also; did you cast your Paramagnetic Earth in resin? , the one that I have is in rather large flat chunks, I have made many coasters with it, about 1 inch thick in resin, so for the layer devise I will use the same idea, but I think your PM is much stronger than the one I have,…..I am certain it will still work.
From what we can see and feel the Plasterite becomes even more active when it is painted, the bright colors are activating something :o :o
Catherine has just finished (last night at 2 AM) painting a large traffic cone titled “PEACE”, will take pictures and post soon.

Have you received your parcel yet or is it detained by the post office, I send it 2 weeks ago, it look like the Gestapo is here full on :cry: :cry:


Re: New thoughts

Postby Lightning on Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:10 pm

Wow Stephen! 

I am so impressed! Beautiful, strong work…

The point at the top is to send a vertical beam up (would be cool if there was a shell mounted into the top of the point with its small end pointing straight up), that structure pumps energy, and the shells in the top space act as venturis to all sides, so you have yourself a screaming eagle there 8-) .

If you want to remove that vertical beam function, just take the piece off the top layer and leave it flat. Leaving the point in place (if you decide to do that), it would be interesting to see if the structure will function well as a cloudbuster.


Hey maybe we can get the other Steve to calibrate it? Steve, would you please?

Oh thank you Monsoon, for putting that together :) :) :) :)

Many Blessings,

Linda :D


Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:40 am

Thanks Linda.. will hunt up larger spiral shell to try…then you mentioned cloudbuster. I thought…mmmm ..a hexagon of shells. standing vertically….think I might have to make a couple more thin plates with shells embedded vertically and try each.
Josh, parcel arrived today and yes, was delayed and openned by customs, but not a problem, unlike last time eh ?
Thankyou so much… a beautiful Life Pillow…putting to good use aready….wonder if I can grow hair on top of my head ? ha ha
Paramagnetic Rock in orgonite ? Only put a few chips in pieces recently , when I remember. Just like a little bit of tourmaline,
kyanite or lapis which are my favourite additives. Can’t pick any diff. So you think load it into a thin plate or use in matrix of Tb etc, or both. It certainly made the plants root systems grow bigger and healthier in school seedling trials in earlier times,
So , good addition to Tb’s ETC ? and how much ?
monsoon gecko

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