New Website and Domain

To make a long story short, we have another server and domain, as test, at hostinger, there are some doubts in regard to many options, mainly free speech and other issues. DMCA and so forth.
But we bought it anyway,  for two years at least, let´s hope it all works out as on a provider like hostinger they can ban us anytime for any fake reason.


We keep this server for another year, maybe we extent it for some years after that as it is robust. Just to be on the safe side.

But it , here at orangewebsite, has not much diskspace (3 GB ) and that starts to nag and the speed is quite slow.  It is slow compared to hostinger. Also you can host many subdomains and other domains on the server and you have 100 GB fast storage. Especially when you have a bigger site with bells and whistles it starts to count. Honestly.

Also bought the old domain name,, back. We had it in the past.
Again, we cannot promise things in these uncertain nwo tyrannical times, we have to see what holds or not, etc.

So we keep two servers running, this one and the one at