Orangewebsite Review

 Orange Website


Based out of Iceland and established in 2009, Orange Website is one of the most outspoken offshore anonymous web hosting companies in existence.

The company has an anti-NSA policy. Meaning it has mentioned clearly that despite the NSA’s demand to peep into every packet of data on the Internet, the company doesn’t comply to it and won’t share any data.

The same policy applies to any other third-party as well, your data is never shared with anyone unless there’s a court-order from the courts of Iceland.

The registration too is extremely anonymous, the only required detail is an E-mail ID. They also take care of the payment’s anonymity which can be made in Bitcoins. Although the company also accepts more traditional modes of payments such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, Cash and even some Altcoins.

It also ignores DMCA complaints letting you upload any and all kinds of content as long as there’s no court-order against it. The AUP states that anything which is illegal under the Icelandic laws isn’t allowed. Although hey that does get us freedom of speech, opinion, expression, some political controversies and a lot more.

Although some content such as Child Porn, Terrorism, Scam, Fraud etc. are outright banned (fortunately).

As for speed, here’s a basic speed-test we did for a site hosted on Orange Website on 07th May 2019:

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From other locations too it got us an average of 2.5 seconds of load-time which isn’t impressive yet acceptable. The company also provides for DDoS protection for attacks upto 250Gbps at an additional cost starting at EUR 29.90/month/IP address.

You can get shared servers which start at EUR 3.40/month, VPS plans which start at EUR 29.90/month or Dedicated Servers starting at EUR 199.00/month.

Bottomline, it totally is one of the most anonymous, pocket-friendly and feature-rich offshore hosting companies out there.