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Dr. Philip Callahan shares his life experience, technologies, and interesting undocumented accounts with good friend Joe Blankinship in this wonderfully transcribed into print expose.

Taped in 2004 and transcribed into a book in 2010, this book envelops the expanse of Phil’s writings. . about eighteen books in all. . powerfully transmitted in candid conversation.

Joe and Marilyn Blankinship visit with Philip and Winnie Callahan at their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004. A few initial minutes of introduction are not
captured on video. As if you just entered the room you’re instantly engaged with the conversation taking place. The content and dynamics of their time together is captured in this
perfect example of both men’s recollections of their lives and research. The transcription from video tape to print is an attempt to preserve the charm of their candid conversational style and is presented intact as much as possible. Where there is editing of words and phrases it is only done for the purpose of clarity or to make sense.

The decision was made to not interfere with the fluidity of the “read” with indications as to where these modifications occur. Phil Callahan has published eighteen books; many of them touched upon and shared in this visit.

The transcription from video to print was completed late July of
2010 at the request of Joe Blankinship whose aim is to carry Dr. Philip Callahan’s
legacy generations forthcoming.



PDF TRANSCRIPT – Phil Callahan-An Interview With Joe Blankinship





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