Plaster Orgonite Questions

Plaster Orgonite Questions…
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Plaster Orgonite Questions…

by Lightning » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:21 pm


Has anyone found a paint or coating which renders Plasterite impervious to outdoor elements? Has anyone coated Plasterite with Orgonite?? Has anyone mixed Plaster into their Orgonite? I need a source for seashells (small for embedment) and seashore sand. Can anyone point me
toward a good one?
Thanks . Namaste, Linda

Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
by josh » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:11 am

Hello Linda There are on the market some products that will make your Plasterite water resistant, but only for a little while, eventually the moisture is going to get in and screw things up, in order to gift the Plasterite in nature or in water this is what I do: I have a small vacuum machine to preserve food such as beans, flour.etc… so I take a piece of Plasterite and put it in the vacuum, and when I am finished I put in another bag and vacuum that as well, so it is in two vacuumed bags, totally water proof!!
My lady has been painting various things on the devices and I am quite certain it will keep the pieces nice as long as they are in the house, you can paint them with Shellac that will protect them, but not 100% for outside.
I do not know of anyone coating the plaster with Orgonite, that would be a good idea if you keep your metal as an oxide size particles, and your crystals crushed very fine, so to be able to paint with it.
As far as mixing plaster with Orgonite, we are all doing it because plaster is Selenite, and we
all put Selenite in the Orgonite
For your sea shells here is the place I am getting them:
Good luck josh
When you go to the site, go down the page a little until you see the Nassa Persica, they are
just right for the devices and your wallet as well ($9 for a gallon)

Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
by Lightning » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:26 am

Thank you very much Josh ,
I went and looked at the link you posted for shells-They have exactly what I want. Perfect. Now to the drawing board…
Have a great day everybody .



Question/s …

Postby sacred on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:13 pm

I’ve made my first couple of batches of orgonite … yay! been busy fixing rough spots, sanding, etc, and will post a pic as soon as I can borrow a camera … 

a friend has a good supply of fossils that he doesn’t know what to do with 8-) … mainly shell fossils, but sea creatures as well ….

was wondering if they’d be OK in orgonite (I’m using resin, not plasterite) …

and shells in resin? any problems with that? I’ve made some orgonite and put it into a shell (already gifted), and it had a lovely feel … :)

am also wondering if there’s a quicker way to get the shine back after doing some sanding in patches (& edges), other than sanding up to a high grit …

and I know I’ve had tons of other questions, but they come and go ….

oh, another one being re metal shavings … have been given a bucket of shavings that are a bit dusty and have bits of dirt from the factory floor in with them … I’ve tried to wash it, but separating one from the other is just not happening easily …. :(

maybe a better question would be whether I can easily get clean shavings, so I don’t have to go through the cleaning process at all! :)

Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:37 pm

OK Sacred, here is few words for your questions,
In the first days of Orgonite, probably 2000 or 2001, Don Croft (the Orgonite guru) said to get any shavings that you can, dirty or not will not make a difference, he was saying to remove the old cigarette butts from the shaving, but you really did not have to do that if you did not want to, so worry not about the dirt, it may even add something to the mix. You will make good looking Orgonite if you decide to have a business and sell it, otherwise you do not need to have it all prettied up
If you need to make your Orgonite look good, first, it does not need to be a good looking piece to gift in nature, actually the worst it look the better, only if you will have that piece shown in your home or giving it to someone.
So if your Orgonite is rough looking, do as Stephen said “double dip”!!!, make a small batch of resin with nothing in it, and put your piece in it and remove it, or brush it on, it should give you a fine finish
As far as shells, put as many as you can in the Orgonite, it creates a good spin
Good luck my dear (check your PM)

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:50 pm

thanks, Josh … 

I’m making some ‘pretties’ for some women customers and friends that are attracted to the pretty crystals, etc …. when I get to the bottom of the tin of resin, I’ll make the work-horses then, as it’s a bit cloudier down the bottom of the tin …..

thanks for the info re the dirt in the metal …. I had thought it couldn’t really hurt, being an ‘organic’ substance itself …… haven’t found any cigarette butts (yet) ;)

my first 2 batches were a bit patchy, and needed to be redipped …. a steep learning curve about resin setting times, and needing to get the resin through the metal shavings …. so now I’ve got a whole pile of sanding to do to get the overspill off ….. I quite like sanding things, though! haven’t got any fingerprints at the moment, but they’ll grow back! :D

with the orgonite I’ve got from Stephen in the past, those that have been gifted his pieces have made requests for similar ones from me …. nothing like a bit of pressure for a newbie, eh? :roll:

I am enjoying myself, though! :) I’m being creative and helping people … a great combination! :D


Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:26 pm

Linda, if you like a little more time to work, use the epoxy instead of the polyester resin, depending on the kind of epoxy you can have one to 4 hours to work with the mixture, also there is no smell, the polyester resin is rather toxic and better done outside, you can do the epoxy inside: no smell. the epoxies come in different mix, you can have one where you mix half and half, some are one to four ratio, many to choose from, I like the half and half, unless it is very warm weather, it will give me couple hours to change the pattern of the crystals if need be…… but the big deal for me is NO SMELL ;)
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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:12 pm

Josh, I will ask around for the epoxy you mentioned as I feel that the snippets of seizure activity I’ve been dealing with of late are partially due to the fumes of the resin …. I don’t have a place outside to work, so have been working in the laundry, with as much ventilation as possible .. and I don’t yet have a proper mask for fumes, so have been using a disposable dust mask, which really only takes the edge off the intensity of the smell of the resin, but doesn’t really filter it .. 

as you can see, I didn’t want to wait any longer to start making orgonite! :)

I will make some phone calls to the suppliers of the fiberglass resin and see if they can steer me in a direction where I can find the slow drying epoxy … :)


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Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:33 pm

Linda my dear please do not over look the Plasterite, it has a larger range than the Orgonite, much higher vibrations, cost extremely little and is so simple to make, all it take is plaster and beach sand (beach sand is highly charged), it would save you many dollars, no smell, no stickeeeezzzz, no metals, only crystal if you want to broadcast a particular character, otherwise plaster and sand is all you need . 

Now if you want to get real fancy, you can do as Sandandsun is doing, and put everything in the plaster that is in your kitchen, I understand she was trying to put hubby in the plaster but he ran away too quickly :lol:

At this time I only make Orgonite if I need to make the small pieces that goes on the back of the cell phone, I still have 10 gallons of epoxy and I not sure when I am going to use them, I know I have to make coasters for my lady, but that will be it for me and the Orgonite, I feel that we have found a stronger medium to work with
Well then here you go, stay away from the polyester, you can always give it to someone you do not like,……send it to the illuminaties :twisted: :twisted:
The dust mask you using is doing very little good, it is made for particulates not gaseous fumes, the fumes go clear through it :o

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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:12 pm

the plasterite has a beautiful feel to it … very gentle, nurturing … 

is there a way to make it more durable so it is less likely to chip around the edges?

Stephen sent me a piece of plasterite that you just want to stroke, like a pet! after reading that he’d added Nag Champa oil to a plasterite mix, I thought :!: and rubbed my hand over the piece I have with some amber paste I had left on my hand …. it still smells divine!

I had thought of plasteriting instead of orgoniting, but I wanted to make some pretty pieces where the crystals could be seen ….

I can’t paint like Lady Catherine … and haven’t thought of a way to decorate it, and also protect it …. yet ;) maybe if I rounded the ‘corner’ edges, like the base, it would be less likely to chip … :?: if it was coated with anything, would that change its broadcasting range?

I didn’t realise that plasterite didn’t require metal shavings, and wasn’t 100% sure about whether it still needed quartz … so thanks for that clarification! :)

I knew I had lots of questions! :D

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Re: Question/s …

Postby Lightning on Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:30 am

Josh and Linda, 

Thanks for having this conversation on the forum. :)

I have had many of the same questions Linda, including thinking for awhile that I needed a certain percentage of metal in the Plasterite (Now I know that I don’t), and the question of crystal or no crystal, also.

Thanks again, please keep talking ;) ,


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Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:31 am

A bit more :P The pieces that you have seen from Catherine are quite lovely but for the pieces that are going to the school they are not like that, for example I make for her lots of little hearts , basically the size of a TB, small stars, small pyramids, many other things that she will paint with only one or two colors.
One some of them she will glue a crystal on the top, but here is the big thing; it feel stronger after it has being painted
One of the larger cone she used a sponge to put the color on it it is very good looking
To have to smaller pieces it is so easy to do, you can use the same muffin pans you use for cooking, the same as the TBs, and you wash them and keep on cooking with them, the plaster is not grievous like the resin :cry: .
I am going to post some pictures of those pieces we have been giving to schools and other folks, you will see the simplicity and the size as well with the different colors, so hold on Catherine will help me with this most technical endeavor
Try one piece just with sand and plaster, there is such a purity about it
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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:51 pm

what kind of paint does Catherine use, Josh? does it make the plasterite more durable? 

can plasterite be drilled for pendants?

I have to agree re the purity of the plasterite … it has a much finer vibration .. feels very spiritual whereas the orgonite seems to be more of a physical worker, if you know what I mean … even some of the earlier ones that I made (which didn’t have enough metal shavings) still felt they related to the physical dimension, but were/are uplifting and lightening, which also has its place in the world … :)

I’ll post pics, too, when I borrow a camera .. and I’ll ask that person to help me get some plaster and sand … not driving has its drawbacks … but I have learned to have a lot of patience! :)

I learned something yesterday (simple as it may sound) that plasterite and orgonite are different …. I used to understand plasterite as being part of the orgonite, or one of the ‘materials’, but not a different version of the same thing, so to speak … so thanks for that!

Josh, another question re what one puts into the mix, whether it be plasterite or orgonite … if the combination of elements transmutes negative energy to positive (simply put), wouldn’t adding things like castor oil, eg, promote its beneficial qualities? not that getting rid of sh*t isn’t beneficial … :lol: I was thinking of pipestone … wouldn’t it radiate all the good things?

I have also wondered about making personal medicine pieces …. antler, feathers, etc … but part of me doesn’t like to ‘suffocate’ a living being, even though it isn’t alive in the physical sense anymore … :| this is a new idea/thought that came to me the other day ….

I used to have a nickname … the Options Lady … now you know why … :D

think of all the questions I’ve already asked Stephen! :lol:

and thank you, in advance, for all the guidance you’ve given … and are yet to share … one and all ….


Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:23 am

Anything that you can think of that be can a help for the highest ethics, gentleness, honesty, fair dealing, joy, all wonderful positive attributes that can be broadcasted with a stone, with a crystal (asking it to do that), or writing on paper (intents), you can put in the Plasterite, but know that you will be broadcasting sometime very far, and you must be certain that what you put in the Plasterite as well as the Orgonite, is exactly what you want 

Here is another most powerful thing you can do, this was given to me by my friend Tony, a very enlighten being; wrap your Plasterite with a long electric cord, plug it, then put both hands on the wire coiled and pray, intent with as much feeling as you can……….

About the “living” being, well yes the Plasterite is a living being, very feminine in nature, it is not a lump of inanimate mater, you can go in and speak with her and ask what she like, she knows exactly what she want and will guide you if you ask…..a beautiful being.

All of us must see the level where we are working, and it is there that the changes are the most effective

Something that I have been doing with success: rather than using the crystals per say, I take all the crystals that I think can broadcast the appropriate characters, and I put them all in “pillowed ” water, I live them in the sun all the time and when I make the Plasterite , I take 1/4 cup of that water and put it in the plaster water, this gives me an homeopathic kind of mixture stronger than the stones that I could put in it (just take a 1/2 gallon water jar, put your stones in it, and live them in the sun, they would likely be ready to use after one single afternoon in the sun, but I live them out all the time.
The pipe stone is truly from the blood of our ancestors from a long time ago, it is a long story, yes it is sacred, but I would not put it in to be broadcasted ,

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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:04 pm

I hear what you’re saying, Josh … and thank you … 

intent, prayer and all that good stuff is what it’s really made of …. and I pump them with good vibes when I’ve finished pouring …. it’s all that’s needed, other than the basic materials … now that I know what plasterite needs, and what orgonite needs .. :D

I have always preferred to keep things simple, and have a golden rule … when in doubt, don’t … well, that’s one of them … :)

a few days ago I looked at the stone I have, and it wasn’t ‘talking’ to me, so I haven’t used it .. and it sounds like you wouldn’t include it in your pillowed water … you’re making a gem essence there, by the way .. but you probably knew that .. :)

I am looking forward to the plasterite, and will do as Tony suggested … I hadn’t really understood the reason for cord-wrapping before, but now I do …

I can be a bit slow sometimes, but I get there eventually! :D

Re: Question/s …

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:46 am

Great techniques Josh. I,m going to ‘pick’ a few stones to charge up water.
Should have done it ages ago. Water loves taking on energy…. 

Biggest crime using water towers as M/wave transmiters, gift them. !

Sacred… the coil or extension cord wrapped around the plasterite is
to broadcast pos energy to electricity grid, It’s plugged in to something that runs 24/7.
That idea of Tony is brilliant…for implanting intention and grattitude for its use.
Very interesting using the coil.

I like the idea of stirring / vortexing the water while pillow the sides .
Same with making beer..ha ha

Also, a good tip for plasterite…after its hardened, but still soft, take a nail file
or similar and run around the edge of mould a few times.
This will give the base a slight brevelled edge which will stop pieces chipping off.
Wish I;d done that with the first large cones I made…..even small pieces,
just neatens it up.

Thanks Josh…what productive play and fun we have ,…..

monsoon gecko

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:16 pm

I’ve made a teacup size that cracked across the bottom … I thought maybe the quartz in the middle was too big … :?: 

I’ve got a batch setting now, and have re-dipped the cracked one (hope it stays together), but another new one has cracked across the bottom, and the quartz in that wouldn’t have been a problem …

I waxed the mould well ….. they’re sitting in the sun …. could that be heating the resin up too quickly?

Re: Question/s …

Postby monsoon gecko on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:52 am

So, you could see the crack while still in the mould ie on the top as it hardened ?
This is common when the resin hardens too quickly…too hot, If so, just use a fraction
less hardener. Temperature, hot day, cold day can make diff to amount of hardener too.
Less hot , more cold ,,,Keep a mental record ..or written ,, Ive had heaps of cracks, fractures.
Not a problem…Orgonite still works ok, but can be repaired if desired.
Its all trial and error… just repeat what works
And have fun
monsoon gecko

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:13 pm

monsoon gecko wrote:So, you could see the crack while still in the mould ie on the top as it hardened ?

yes … the one that I re-dipped didn’t re-crack :D
but another new one did …. :(
I waxed the mould really well, but it was a plastic martini glass that was thick and had a white plastic lining that seemed to love to stick to the resin! :cry: now it’s stuck in the mould … I’ve chipped the edges of the mould off, and still can’t get the orgonite out, so have decided to file the edges down and use it as a garden piece …. kinda a pity ’cause I put some you beaut crystals in there and was really looking forward to seeing what it came out like ….

monsoon gecko wrote:Temperature, hot day, cold day can make diff to amount of hardener too.

I normally don’t put them out in the sun, but did, and had used less hardener … maybe I was a tad impatient about it setting? :? and it got pretty hot here yesterday …
the thought crossed my mind that it could be heating up too much …. will find a shadier place today … ;)

monsoon gecko wrote:Keep a mental record ..or written

yes, Teach! :roll: :D

I used glass moulds for the first time yesterday … the orgonite came out so easily! :) I also used paramagnetic rocks in one in particular, and the energy from it is awesome! yes, it’s a very pretty pink and black colour when in the resin …

I’m having lots of fun …

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