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Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 12:03 am
I thought it would be a good thing to start a new thread with the plaster, it may grow out the welcome post. Anyone desiring to look at the beginning of the plaster may go to the welcome thread. Today, I ran some experiments with what I call the Orgonite plus (some of you have pendants made of it) versus a same shape pendant made with plaster, crushed crystals and a pinch of copper powder, (for real may be half of 1/8 of a teaspoon), I wanted same size and shape to make an honest comparison. The people doing the testing were 6 women, all of them healers, energy workers, massage therapists two homeopathic doctors. They did not get to look at the devices, these were put in each hand and the question to them was: “what do you feel from one versus the other as far as life energy”. I did this without having the ladies communicating between each other, so they did not hear any of the comments that was made. All of them felt the resin Orgonite within a few seconds as an electrical energy, some said strong energy. After a few more seconds, there was a raising of the eye brows and a new awareness coming to consciousness: they started feeling the plaster: ” higher vibrations, in tune with the 4 upper chakras, open like a sun and vibrate in all directions” The resin Orgonite was more in tune with the 3 lower chakras, a much more grounding sensation. The power coming out of both were strong , initially the resin made itself known first, but in a very short time they had difficulty choosing one or the other (two chose the plaster though) and the final choice was based on individual need of grounding or desiring more energy or a connection with the subtle energy of the pendant. All of those beautiful ladies were gathered for an Native American Ceremony. So here we are, two different compounds, two different energies, one strong upfront, the other needing to be ” discovered” and both extremely valid as energetic,life energy devices. If you haven’ t gone on the link I gave you to learn more about the plaster devices, please do so, make your own, it is very simple and we can share more about it on this forum. Josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 12:27 am
Here is the link: … =Translate
This is the original site : Between what we have been told in our home, and this latest experiment, my lady and I feel (and she has been pushing for the plaster ) that this “plasterite” might be the next generation of devices more in tune with the new higher energies. The cost is minimal, and it can be a whole safe and fun family project. And ,with dowsing, we have discovered that there is no need to crush the crystals, that tumbled stones are plenty good, but they should be as small as possible ( as for making jewelry. Have fun Josh
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 5:26 pm
Also since we can affect the grid and obtain a better looking sky by wrapping a electric cord around the device, we no longer have to put them outside, we can do it from the comfort of our living room, having a cup of hot chocolate Josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi » Sun May 30, 2010 6:23 pm
There has been a question raised about the “plasterite” being a collector instead of a transmuter of DOR. Just a few days ago, I read that “after they recieved a tip”, someone smashed a plaster piece they had bought a while ago because he said it was a scam or something like that. I don’t know where he got the “tip”. Do you have any info that could shed light on this subject? The plaster would be way cool, cheap and easy to make but it seems that it is getting a bad rap. Does it indeed transmute or just a DOR collector? Nepi

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 7:35 pm
Nepi I have had plaster Orgonite in my home as well as other families that I have made pieces for, if there was any collecting of DOR from those pieces I would have been told since I see those folks all the time and they are quite sensitive energy wise. Another factor in the shooting down of the plaster is also the amount of business a whole lot of people would be loosing, the plaster means “self reliance” , it means all of us can do it, the children can have fun with it an create new combination, powerful combination that we have not thought of and the kids are not allowed to have because they are too young to play with a dangerous substance such as the resin and the sharp metal shavings. There no mystery about the plaster it is simple to make and to obtain. Make a broadcaster with plaster and “bless” the grid and see how it feel, see how much blue sky you are able to have Good luck

Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi » Sun May 30, 2010 8:32 pm
Thanks Josh, Ok, then, how do you make it so that I can try it for myself? Do I just the plaster from the craft store? Should there be metal in it, and if so, how much? How many crystals? THanks! nepi
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 8:59 pm
Nepi get the regular plaster of Paris from Lows or Home Depot, get the stones from a bead store, it is good if they are small like the kind you would use on a bracelet , make the plaster with a little more water than the called for proportion (2 plaster and 1 water) put 1/3 of the plaster in the mold, put in some stones, another third, a bit more stones, and the rest with all the stones left. Use in it a little oxides that you have, chromium oxides, copper powder, or copper sulfate, the copper powder After a week of the plaster drying, you can paint it with some shellac at that point your device will be turning a wonderful shade of light green. More to come Josh
Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi » Sun May 30, 2010 9:14 pm
Thank you for those instructions. I’ve been pondering it still and wondering if plaster is gypsum and selenite is gypsum, and sheet rock is gypsum, then how is the plaster orgonite any more effective than say a piece of drywall/sheet rock or a chunk of selenite? Please don’t ban me from the forum , I’m just trying to understand how it works. nepi
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun May 30, 2010 11:52 pm
I am reading from the plaster bag: calcium sulfate hemihydrate : calcium carbonate :crystalline silica Thats it Josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon May 31, 2010 3:09 am
As far as how it work, it is still a mystery to me, if you go on site of this German man: maybe you can make sense of the language, it may have to do with the power of the full color spectrum on the molecular level, so this is what I know: I saw it, I liked it, I did it….and it worked. Now for sure it does not work in the same way as the resin Orgonite, I feel strongly this is the next level up, and because of the testimonies of those ladies yesterday, I know I am correct. The simplicity of those devices makes it most attractive………………..not good to put in water though , for that we must stick to the resin. Yes I think it must be like sheet rock, unless it is a different composition for dry wall, I remember someone saying that plaster was selenite? Josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Atma » Mon May 31, 2010 3:18 am
This has interested me since I saw it posted on warriormatrix. I will give it a go soon to test it out myself. So does the plaster create pressure when cured on the crystals?? Guess HTML does’nt work here… how do we post pics Josh? Is it possible??


Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon May 31, 2010 4:37 am
Yes it is possible, being a brand new site we are still polishing everything, I am going to see the web person on Tuesday and hopefully that picture problem should be resolve. As far as the pressure on the crystals, this piezoelectric effect is getting too much press, and I feel that it is way over rated, the way Orgonite work is this; It work just like a condenser: 2 pieces of metals with insulation in between, apply a charge, electrons get stuck/stored in between the metal within the insulator, in the condenser the metal is continuous and can be wired to receive and discharge, in the Orgonite the metal are totally self powered, receiving their charges from any EMFs in the surrendering area and sending back this EMF transformed into QI or life energy. The metals in the condensers are a long strip, in the Orgonite they are small independent particles The insulator in the condensers are a long strip of insulating material, in the Orgonite it is the resin that is acting as insulation The crystals focus and amplify In the plaster, the jury is still out, with the little that I know I do not see how it work, but I must submit to the overwhelming results: it work!! As with other devises, I have found that we can produce this life energy without the metal and without the resin. Good luck with your experiments Josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Gifter » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:49 pm
Hi Josh Wanted to try the plaster ,went to the hardware store ,4 lbs for $6.99 gosh that was high priced. Tried Wally World ,8 lbs for $5.88 now that was more like it. Anyway was excited to get something made. Read the mixing ratio’s, come up with this is simple 1 water 2 plaster. Came up with the amount I needed and started mixing up a batch. To make a long story short ,when I came up with the pancake type thickness I was ready to pour, went to pour and it was already thickened up where it wouldn’t pour so I added a little water to thin it out , and more water,and more water and still had to spoon it out into the mold , moved it around in the mold even adding more water to get it thin enough to add what I wanted into the matrix.
I made 3 different pours and my results were the same. Is their some secret on how to mix this stuff up without it going nuts on me??? I poured this Sunday afternoon and its still mushy ,looks like in a couple more days it might be ready to take out of the molds, if it hardens at all?? Need some pointers on how to mix this plaster stuff ?? For whatever its worth, I asked a very gifted person about the use of the plaster, answer was Great . The Gemstones,coils,crystals or whatever you put into the mix is what makes it work. That is why just plain wall board isn’t a generator of energy by itself. And yes plaster is just selenite .
OK Gifter, what I have found with the plaster is that you must be fast, and I always add a little more water then what is called for, if the mix require one quart of water I will add one cup extra. Mix it quickly, put it in the mold, halfway put some stones, pour the rest and add the rest of the stones. Do not wait, as soon as it is mix: pour it; I have had plenty of false start myself AS a rule it seems to harden within 10 to 20 minutes, and there is also a bit of heat generated, but not that much. I get my plaster from one of the two Home Depot or Lows, and I am paying $27 for 25 lb, I am certain that if I go to a construction supplier I will find it in 50lb bags for not much at all. josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Gifter » Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:15 pm
Thanks Josh Will be much faster than before. So 8 lbs for $5.88 is a cheap price ( 24 lbs would be $17.64)( 32 lbs be $23.52). So will what I made already,will it harden or is it all hopeless?? Thanks Again Gifter

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:47 pm
No not hopeless, if you have put your stones in it, you can take your failed plaster and put it in a bucket of water, it will dissolve and you can salvage your stones, Yes you found a good price, I will look around for larger quantities, and see, but so fare you did good at wally mart josh

Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi » Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:23 pm
What is the difference between plaster of Paris and interior finish plaster?
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:18 pm
I think one may be finer than the other but I shall enquirer…………….I called the White House…. they had no idea j

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:39 pm
Another one:
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:14 am
Yo Josh….what a buzz. ! A new technique that works…in fact PUMPS. ! Got plastered and made 3 Hhg’s yesterday. One in s/steel pyramid, large glass martini and cylinder plastic takeaway away container. It was quite a wet mix…crystals sank to bottom…even thought it wouldn’t harden…..poured off half cm of water that accumulated on top of moulds during hardening. Sprayed silicon release in the pyramid and martini…all came out smoothly.Poured into another glass and a ceramic bowl with no release agent and they came out perfectly too. The important thing here is , I can use all of my normal moulds safely…glass, silicone and s/steel ! Even the giant glass vase for a plaster Broadcaster.!
I must share with you my energy sensitivity…Right fom the very first Tb;s , I could feel the orgone field. My best desciption is like a spiritual pressure to my forehead…third eye ? I have made many devices since and each new one takes some getting used too. eg. Cb’s ,standard and induction type..114 and underground cloud buster UCB , peacemaker PM. The last 3, I discovered on Etheric Research Forum. I couldn’t go near the 114 for a couple of days….even brought first helicopter. ! Next was the Broadcaster and now Plaster Orgonite…I can’t believe the energy given off by these plaster Hhg’s….very powerful orgone field…and I can make them anywhere ,anytime


Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:44 am
continued.. I used quite a few crystals and minerals…most from previous ebay purchases., mainly strung chip beads. The list includes : lapis lazuli. sodalite, tourmaline, kyanite, ruby chips, mica flakes, tiger eye, amethyst, rose quartz .garnet, sugalite, hematite, forrest agate, and turquoise. Also , included was a chunky 1 inch + smokey lemurian quartz point. I have spent half a day hammering the rest of my stones.< of course I’ve Kept a few. >. This is for two reasons. 1. Apparently. smaller pieces and powdered work better . so now largest broken pieces 5mm. 2. I’ll be making Hhg’s with school students this week in my favourite teacup size glass moulds..actually old punchbowl set ! I want to preserve my resources. I know what kids are like…they’ll want to use more than is necessary. so this way they are limited to a pinch or two of each sample…..unbelieveable…I’m actually looking forward to going to work..Ha ha ha . Well the spiritual pressure is still there today, though not as intense…guess I’m getting used to this strong new orgone field ! ! Thankyou Josh for sharing this new technique……OUTSTANDING !


Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:48 am
Oh , forgot to use copper powder…must remember to take to school….even stronger ? Ha..should be interesting !
Thank you Monsoon, this is a wonderful report, it will be interesting to see what the children will do, let us hope many people pick up on the idea of making cheap, easy and powerful Orgonite


Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi » Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:34 pm
Oh god, this is awesome, MG! Thanks for the write up. Regarding your sensitivity, have you ever made or been around sugar orgonite? What does it feel like comparatively? Also, Josh, I know might defeat a couple purposes of the plaster method, but what about coating the outside of the plaster CB with resin or epoxy to weatherproof it? Nepi
Forgot; depending on the size of your plaster pieces the drying time will vary , some of the larger one : cone 8 inches in bottom 3 inches at the top and 18 inches tall will take a week to dry before shellac, an HHG may take a day or two depending how hot the environement. this may be the only draw back with the plaster, you can demold them rather quickly (much quicker than resin), but it will stay moist for a while, but the results in the quality of the energies is worth the wait
Thanks for info Josh, Picked up some orange shellac flakes and mineral turpentine < I think..left at school >..has instructions,,,will find out tomorrow. Today was great. Students responsive. They are quite energy sensitive having played with quartz, tourmaline and shiva stones etc….can operate pendulum and divine water…I gifted them pocket orgonites last Christmas. So we’re going to make plaster orgonite today……eyes lit up . ha .ground rules set , each student collected 3 pieces each of 19 samples in takeaway containers , plus a small hermiker quartz. The Hhg moulds are teacup size ,old solid glass…a couple of old punchbowl sets.
The extras from previous list were : shungite, adventurine, quartz chips , red coral and I remembered the copper powder..each batch of plaster had t/spoon . So after a demo, students made and mainly poured their own in groups of 4. Had to help couple of times…..They came out very smooth and students reported feeling energy while holding. Painting tomorrow…Should be interesting.. might try some diff, moulds. SDon’t think will be dry enough to shellac,..we’ll see.
So.. arrive at school next day..staff seem happy as usual, but noted higher energy…the students were zooming around playing happily together….not your normal layed back, slow start morning ! Class work surprised me as All students participated with enthusiasm. The day flew past and they went home smiling and chatting…. WOW..impressive. This was a real eye opener…..the school is already well gifted with Tb’s in classrooms, office and buried in gardens…..but today there was a much higher energy factor that stood out. The PlasterOrgonite was still damp a day later,,we played with them for a while…most confirmed feeling energy while held.. couple didn’t.. I demonstrated oxide painting…tricky and fiddley. No room for error as oxide soaked in straight away and smudged on touch….the shellac flakes refused to dissolve. metho, not turps..! So we made more plaster orgonite.! ! ha ha In fact, I really wanted to trial my silicone moulds…trays of flat top pyramids, hearts and stars.Tb size. Students loved collecting the samples again and proficiantly made and poured the plaster with the small amount of copper powder. They came out beautifully….smooth as..with a hint of coloured minerals showing through. So school holidays coming up.. won’t see them till next term. I wonder if their homes will glow as much as the school did ? Next trial…a large Plaster Broadcaster… bucket of water.! Enjoy.
Hey MG, this is good, how do you manage teaching about Orgonite in a school, I thought for sure this would never be allowed, this is wonderful indeed, those kids will never forget. I wanted to share something here for experiment: On a long extension cord, put and wrap a device at the beginning of the electric cord and 10 or 15 feet further do the same,
So you will have on the same cord TWO devices 10 to 15 feet ( 3 1/2 to 4 meters) apart, I have been doing that and I think it is more effective in broadcasting. Plaster or resin no mater male plug_________X__________________________________X__________female side ——————– device———–10/15 feet—————–device This is the one-two punch


Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:38 pm
MG I think you need as much ‘crystal powder’ for the plaster, I know That is what I do and it seems to work well. Here a few more pictures Here is ‘cake’ Here is a large cone HHG
Here is the table center piece, two cake model
More coming soon j

by Spirit Walker »
Aho Brother Josh!! Thank you for guiding me to this new matrix for the creation of energy toys! After viewing the German website, I instantly fell in love with the energy they were producing. Today after running around with kids, I finally checked sources for plaster, found my Home Depot had a 20lb bag for 16 bucks, so bought that a some shellac to finish with when dried. I think I messed up on the first one, the glass I used appeared to be cylindrical, but now I’m thinking the lip slightly curves in, so will see soon! LOL Worse case I brake this glass to get it out. I did spray and smear Pam on inside of glass prior to pouring in mix. I made more mix than needed, so scrambled and filled a large coffee mug and finally a paper cup, 4oz I think. That last I took one of my oldest muffins and filled bottom of cup first, slide muffin in and pressed down until it surged up and over it, then filled more till ran out. I got creative on the mix itself. The plaster got mixed with some red pepper and lots of cinnamon, with a dash of garlic. Also one cap full of crushed/powder mixed crystals. Water came from charged water reservoir I have accumulated from various forms of natural water charging, and one mixed with plaster, I discovered I put too much water in… OOPS. Was way to watery. Threw in pinch of magnesium oil and stirred, added more fresh plaster and stirred, after pouring into mold and adding variety of small gems, garnet, green adventurine, and peridot, with quartz crystal (4) surrounding a cut bamboo length in middle. Added more plaster to cover top of bamboo, then added more of the above gems, then covered them with more plaster. I put in front of my room air cleaner that has a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp on top, and produces it’s own ion mix to clean the air, so as they sat in front of that, the last ingredient was a few drops to each of Nag Champa oil. Yum! They appear to all be dry, will wait till tomorrow to see about removing one. Room smells great. One in glass appears to have a mocha color to it, very nice. I got a lot more plaster and water out the wha zoo, so my father’s day gift will be making some with kids tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to pull out the brass heart and use that! Maybe the big dolphin for myself… Aho! Tony
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:34 pm
Thank you Tony This is quite a mix a look like a recipe for something to eat, it reminded me that in the early days of Orgonite Don Croft would put hot pepper in his Orgonite, so as a good follower I did as well, he may still do it for all I know. Yesterday I also poured three devices, one of them is a safety street cone (big red thing) and this took one 25 lb bags, and also two very beautiful large and tall glass vases, both of them were filled with cracks within minutes of filling with the Plaster, I do not know why, may be very cheap glass, anyway both also took one 25 lb bags, I de molded the rubber cone late last night, and I will do the glass in the next hour I shall take pictures and post

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:33 am
Here are some new pictures of yesterday’s pouring of cones and some other older ” creations” The large cones are 27″ tall


Re: Plaster orgonite
by orgone donor » Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:51 pm
All the plaster pics look really great. Am going to try some plaster orgone when my crystals arrive. (also the plaster appeals more to my budget !!) Question: will painting the plaster piece have an effect on the energy? I was thinking they would look really cool painted with sparkly rainbow coloured paints, but if the energy is optimal without paint, I will leave them be. Also, do you still put in main quartz like with resin orgonite, with the positive terminated end pointing upwards? One more: I don’t have any copper powder yet, would it be okay to mix in some fine bronze shavings in the plaster mix instead? . PS. My first ever resin orgonite TBs are curing right now. the journey has begun.
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:28 pm
Good one Orgone Donor….that’s excellent news, just keep making more….you’ll be surprised at how quickly they get used up gifting…friends , places , towers, swarf suppiers, lecturers….ha, ha ..etc. Questions,,,not sure.. I like an upright quartz in the middle, but at school, kids just throw in a little hermiker…still seems to work ok. Apparently , works without metal powder too…will leave those up to Josh to answer.
Let the gifting begin….enjoy !
monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite Ice Test
by josh » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:45 pm
Here are the photographic results of the Ice Test with Plasterite after 12 hours in the freezer last night as well as pictures of frozen water in control jar without Plasterite The ice cone formation is obvious….as well as the tip rising on top…..with the Plasterite covered jar

Ordinary ” landscape” of frozen water in the control jar after 12 hours in the freezer…..

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:13 pm
The plasterite that I make will not stay as shown my lady has already decided to paint them and have landscape pictures on them so yes paint them how ever you want, but no metallic paint. AS far as the metal when I use some in it is a small amount such as a pinch of copper powder for a gallon volume, but lately I have not put any to see what would happen. There is something of worth that was told me by Spirit Walker, if we can verify this it would show why Plasterite is working; what he said was that we probably have a gazillion microscopic air bubbles in the Plasterite, and that would translate into an infinite amount of resonant cavities That is big, we shall see, I will have to break a piece and look with a microscope, I think I have one that I can hook up to my computer, given to me by a long ago friend As soon as we have painted pieces I shall post them

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker » Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:12 pm
I’ve now got about 10 pieces made from the plaster, and OH MY GOD, I love them!!!!! I was handling my 1st attempt last night to check on the shellac job I did on it the night before (needs more, sucked it right into the plaster, can’t even tell there is shellac on it!), and just holding it and feeling it’s energy, I burst out giggling! LOL A very high, joyous energy is coming out of that little puppy!!! By palming (meaning using my palm as a sensor to measure the energy output), I could define a field extending almost 12 feet from it, and this piece was made in a small glass tumbler, so it is not big. The more I became sensitized to the energy, the more uplifted I felt from being inundated with it!! Still lots of playing to do this weekend with making more, the pieces my kids made came out fantastic as well, especially the large dolphin mold that my daughter used!!! She has some paint to decorate it as well, and is planning on many more pieces now. The blessing for me in this is that my daughter has been challenged with serious emotional issues over the last few years, and seeing her respond to the energy these creations produce is very heart warming and encouraging to me as her father. I truly believe that LOVE can manifest in a myriad of ways, and that working with these diverse elements to create/attract/broadcast Life Force Energy is a sacred and joyous undertaking. AHO!! Tony
Spirit Walker
This Plasterite cone got the ” treatment” from my lady

Wow! That piece should be in an art gallery. Nice Work! Steve

That piece is 18″ tall and sings very nicely, next come the 27″ will shall see what she will do with it, Steve this is so easy make some and see how it feel, guaranty you will like it…..and the way it broadcast josh
Hello Maria T Here come the rescue ., we have been experimenting with different ingredients for the Plasterite in going further into simplifying the mixture, so here we are with a new formula that according to some very sensitive people is outstanding: mix your plaster with some beach sand, the proportions are in volume 4 liters of plaster for 350ml of sand. If your sand comes from a beautiful Cape Town beach nothing else to do If you have to buy your sand which would probably be washed then you will have to add some unrefined sea salt to dissolve in the water you will use for the plaster. You might want to have 4lb of salt for 25 lb of plaster . You may add any crystals you want according to what you want to achieve with your piece for this particular event. Any shape will do (does not have to be a pyramid, actually better if not – old energy -). We are using all sorts of conical molds/glasses, vases, cooking molds, cake molds. We have posted all sorts of different shape and form for you to look at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30
And this is what we have found to work the best for releasing the devices from the molds: wax your molds with just any car wax, then spray with silicon or any professional release agent (made with parafin), we have used a product call Pam (canola oil…not good) and does not result in the smooth surface, do not be fooled by this so ordinary plaster stuff it really works regardless what any pajama people are saying j

by nepenthe »
Hi Josh thanks for starting this great topic. I’m getting ready to go shopping for the ingredients of my first attempt at making orgonite, (never made the resin, so this is a real first) and going down your list – apart from the large crystal, how much crushed crystal does one need, or can it be eliminated? And is copper powder required – how much in proportion to the mold? Don’t know any machine shops near me where I can get these, can you buy them at a hardware shop or craft shop – (if I don’t want to go online, getting impatient). If I can’t get powder, can I use something else? And what are oxides, sorry, these are strictly orgonite for dummies questions.

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:35 pm
Hello Sacred You can charge your devices as they are hardening to sit whatever intentions you like, or frequencies, or sounds, but as you work with the Orgonite you find a degree of consciousness in it that quite unusual: it will respond to your intents, for example if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lot of Orgonite and you do not have enough with you, may be just one piece, you can ask the Orgonite to link it self with of the other Orgonites creations in the world and you will have just that , you see they are all connected in a real way, as well you can ask your Orgonite to turn it self off and it will do that, so you have with the Orgonite a device that is very conscious on many levels j
by Spirit Walker »
Thanks Josh!! I’m fighting tooth and nail with my biggest affliction…. to meddle. I’m cutting back on what I think or want to do, and am just coming closer to simpler things. Last bowl was maybe 1/4 comprised of sand/sea salt mix. I know this may sound utterly and completely mad or crazy, but I think I get something and would share…. I bought some black sand at the same time I bought the “normal” beach sand, and have made a couple of the initial
ones with it (what my daughter painted) but since then, have not used black. What I was going to share is this: Plasterite LOVES White. Plasterite IS WHITE. More than color, it is PURITY. I can not explain it better. It doesn’t want ugly “dark” things in it… LOL When I was mixing the latest, it felt like it LOVED the sand/sea salt mixed, I mean LOVED… could almost feel it. I added some small gemstones and such, didn’t get that same goosy feeling. Not that it’s “wrong”, I just felt like “She” wanted a certain frequency that usually manifested in something “light” colored. Now the ocean blue small gems…. ahhhhhhhh. LOL Sorry, but I had to share. There are no fumes to make me crazed, so must be something else… Getting ready for another batch shortly, I’m really rethinking and going to “listen”. OK, so I don’t know everything… yet! LOL
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:14 am
Lady Catherine and young Antoinette…. excellent and inspiring….just love them. Steve..thankyou for your Bovis readings…just as inspiring.. Pulled my super cone out yesterday…bit rough in places, but will be able to incorperate these as attributes when painted….Used a bit over 20 kg…whole bag and a bit.. It’s heavy…I can pick up a 20kg bag easily…but this cone weighs a ton…wouldn’t want to carry it too far..Ha Ha…..It sits drying within arms length of my computer…talk about strong orgone field !! I can feel myself glowing…Ha .. then just for an extra occassional treat, I’ll rest my hand on the apex.. The tingle is instant but the energy goes straight to my forehead….if you know what I mean..! It seems to be getting stronger as it dries….Synergy of twelve stones plus the big lemurians , etc seems to have been a good call….. Just need to work out how to post photos from photobucket account now.
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker » Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:41 pm
Thanks Monsoon!!! My daughter has suffered from depression and some other serious emotional issues, so her embracing these creations the way that she has is both very heart warming and encouraging. I can feel their energy without even trying now, and just as you mention, it seems to get stronger as the piece dries out, at least to my senses. These seem to be broadcasting on a very high frequency/vibration…. To be honest, the more of them I can get her to paint and keep in her room, the better!!!! LOL Her emotional well being really seems to have improved since I started making these, there is a joy about having them around that is uncanny. She was a little embarrassed I took the pics and put them up, after she had seen what Catherine made, but I kept telling her that there is no wrong, there is no bad, when you open your heart to allowing the beauty to flow outwards into a design. I love the sound of your latest, please see if you can post a pic when you get a chance, I would love to “feel” it too!!!!!
Thank you so much Steve!!! It really helps to get a unbiased reading on what we are making. Your readings helped me to confirm my inner tickle. What I have learned is I just can’t always change things to make the inner Tony happy with his wild delight in “improving” upon things… So putting sand in does make it stronger, but there is a limit to how much sand should be added into the mix ratio it feels like. The blessing in all of this is seeing those Bovis readings, and accepting that my paradigm has shifted again, in allowing even more unknown ways to work with energy to manifest in something so wonderfully easy and fun to make.

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:56 am
I just finish pouring Plasterite, after having done a good bit of it for a few months, this is where I am for my proportions 4 gallons of dry plaster 5 cups of sand 3 gallons of water One cup of sea salt mixed with the water Always add the plaster to the water. It will be much easy to do half of the recipe because that quantity gave me a full 5 gallon bucket, and it was VERY HEAVY, how ever this is what you need to pour a large traffic cone As everything is mixing (I use a drill and a paint thingy that goes on the drill) I put in about one quart (one liter) of very small sea shell 3/16″ to 1/4″ long, I feel that it help moving the energies in a perfect Phi. When I first started adding salt, I thought it had to be a great deal more, but it look like one cup (250ml +_) is enough The plaster, as you mix it, will look very liquid, dont be fooled, it will start hardening quickly even in your mix bucket, so get everything prepare in advance before you start mixing A soon as you pour your plaster in your mold you must be ready to add what ever you want to add, crystals, various stones, herbs etc… Now dont get any gray hair if you find your self with some plaster left over in your mixing bucket, it will get hard, then in your next batch, you simply add it to the mix, no waste Happy stirring Josh
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:34 am
Beautiful again , Catherine.. Love the overlapping “fish scale” Pattern , especially the warm colour scheme and mix
of shiney colours….they really GLOW…as does the energy….personally not too keen on yellow filtering down into sky…forgive critique…….beautiful regardless..! ! ! Just finished pouring another giant cone this morning . No “ite” stones this time but lemurians, lots crystal mix, sand , copper powder, pillowed water and a heap of conical shells…thanks Josh, used them all. Have realized there are plenty of small Telescopian shells here,long thin white spiral points. Used to do lots of beachcombing when kids were young..looking forward to do some more ! Paramagnetic properties. About 15 years ago when teaching full time, started school garden, using spiritual and organic techniques. This included Bio-dynamics. Sonic Bloom, Paramagnetic rock dust additions, etc, in a layered no dig garden structure….Very popular..newspaper crews and Tv coverage , etc.. Bummer, when I left full time, garden fell into disuse. Bought a Phill Callahan soil meter for measuring paramagnetivity…Found a very hard rock called Syonite.. I think?…very high paramgnetic reading .That is used for roadbase up here. Bought a couple of meters of crushed and powder for gardening. At school did expt. using increasing amounts in pots , the highest amount about 2/3 of pot. Grew raddish seeds. Result… the high amount pots had huge root systems compared to lowest and none. …Oh ! Should have thrown handfull in cone.., next time……Have used in orgonite a few times but could not pick any difference. Ancients knew about these energy qualities and used paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in their temples etc.
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:15 pm
Yo all, Last couple of days, I’ve made another giant cone , and 2 broadcaster size cones plus a few Hhg’s.. I must say large glass moulds give smooth marble finish…nice. This time I used seasalt in the mix….first time,,,,,also small cone type shells..thanks Josh. First thing I notice with ALL these pieces is they are COLD…I know if you add salt to ice the temperature will plumet . So what’s going on here ? Even in the sun, its cold. The large cone with the “ite stones” sits at room temperature… no salt….still not painted…. doh This plaster orgonite is becoming more mysterious. I’m still using large lemurian quartz in the middle, plus a few others. Also handfull of gemstones as seen in previous posts…. beneficial ? necessary ? Well I’m enjoying this plasterite… they feel stronger…almost like they are vibrating internally. and cold ! The operating broadcaster, one without salt..really zings when touching the top…it too feels
like it,s vibrating internally. There appears to be a bigger picture but can’t pick it…….any thoughts ? Got half a bucketof shells to run..unbelievable Josh, many just the same as you others.
monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:55 am
Stephen you are right on all count, this Plasterite is a mystery in itself, it appears to get stronger as it dries and ages, now I know that my dowsing skills are not on par with Steve, but this is what I am getting: The Plasterite vibrate on all levels of the Bovis scale, meaning, the physical, the etheric, the astral, the mental, the causative, the spiritual and pure spiritual The Orgonite vibrate on the physical, the etheric and the mental and not the other levels This could be the reason why some people will feel Plasterite and some will not: it just depend where one resonates When used as a broadcaster the Plasterite cover 65 time more territory as the Orgonite, so we dont need as many, the Orgonite was doing a good job broadcasting, but it looks like the Plasterite is doing a bit better. Steve you are welcome to check my results, no problem, I may be wayyyyyy off I was also very surprised at the COLD, even sitting in the full sun, but as it dry it will go away Catherine and I have found that those large cones must be at a safe distance if we want to get some sleep otherwise here we are at 4 in the morning eyes like port holes looking at each other Especially more so since they have been colored I also just finish another large traffic cone…….boy are they heavy but the price is right!!!, one 25pound bag of plaster, some sand, a bit of salt, some stones and crystals, add water: this is it, If it was resin $$$$$$$$$ All the small pieces that did not turned out so good wound up as a filler in the bigger devices, when I pound on the plaster bucket to clean it, I save all the small bits to go into the next batch I love to put small shells in the devices, they seems to buzzzzzzzzzz It may be that the Plasterite vibrating at different levels will allow it to go further into the grid?????? I think the bigger picture is that Pasterite is the dorky kid on the block that turned out to be a genius And I have never seen clouds as beautiful, fill with life and definite purpose: chem trails do not live very long with them

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Steve »
I could be waaayy off as well as no dowsing is perfect but I am getting pretty close to the same on that reading Josh. As always the proof will be in the pudding! Everyones results do sound very encouraging so far. As Josh has said before Selenite is the primary ingredient in Plaster so this info is pertinent in what we see/feel with Plasterite: “Selenite is a type of gypsum crystal that is often either transparent or a shimmering opaque. This versatile and often underrated crystal has properties that make it truly unique for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. Selenite is the only crystal that is able to clear and recharge other crystals. If a piece of selenite is placed in contact with another crystal, such as a quartz crystal, it will cleanse away any negative energies within that crystal. Another unique thing about selenite is its ability to constantly cleanse and recharge itself. The only other crystal with the known ability to do this is apophyllite. As with crystals such as quartz, fluorite and calcite, selenite is especially beneficial for activating the seventh or crown chakra. Selenite is also good for stimulating and opening the third eye chakra. With its unique ability to filter out confusing or ego-based messages in the mind, selenite is an excellent crystal to work with while meditating. Place one nearby while you meditate or hold a piece in your hand to help keep your mind clear, lucid and calm. Selenite can also help you get in touch with your higher self and expand the awareness of your mind and spirit. For this reason it can be good to use during prayer, communicating with the wisdom of angels and astral projection. Because of its ability to calm and clear the mind, it can be good to keep selenite with your during times of emotional stress. Other spiritual and metaphysical properties associated with selenite include: Psychic awareness and development Channeling Awareness of past lives Improved concentration Aura cleansing Access to one’s personal power Selenite is often known as the light bringer, due to its linear crystal structure it behaves like a natural fibre optic. If any light is shone through the material it is transmitted down the full length of the crystal. This is a physical manifestation of its metaphysical properties. The crystal structure is very linear and is easily cleaved into natural wands . Selenite could be considered as the sword of awareness cutting through assumptions and promoting re-connection between the conscious self and the inner mystic. Selenite allows direction of energy into the body and energy system to remove blockages which result in disease Selenite and Apophyllite are the only two minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals. Selenite is further unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals. Place any crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Selenite Wand. You can set a number of different stones in a row. The Selenite will both clean any energies present and recharge your other crystals and
stones. You can greatly increase any other crystal or stone energy by pointing your Selenite Wand at the other stone. Reprogramming is done this way. Just visualize how you want the energy of your Quartz crystal or other stone to perform. Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings can all be more easily contacted using a Selenite Wand. Access your subconscious as well. These wands are very potent. Selenite provides a bridge to other worlds. Selenite is often used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. Using the same rubbing technique as for Past Lives, ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling. When using your Selenite Wand in any of these ways or to amplify healing, make certain you use your inner powers to wipe clean the energy that has been placed into the Selenite. Superior for psychic development and intuitive processes. A growing number of readers are finding Selenite more useful and manageable than Quartz Crystal. Quartz has that uncompromising habit of amplifying everything, positive or negative. As a bridge to altered states of consciousness, Selenite is an excellent tool for visualization, meditation and working with the subconscious. Selenite Goes to the source of physical disorders and provides insights into probable causes. Outstanding as a journeying tool for Shamans. Its unique ability to connect and balance the Spiritual and Physical bodies enables Selenite to do similar work between two persons. Working with the subtle bodies Selenite pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the chakras makes Selenite a universal healing implement. Selenite is not like any other healing stone or wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Selenite works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura. As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral. Because of this ability to flow light into all situations coupled with its physical structure it is an ideal wand making material. The energy flow is an ideal carrier of the energies of other crystals added to the wands.” So the above may explain some of what we experience with Plasterite.

Blessings Steve
Yo…… gifters. Been riding the wave for 4 days….Lucky I understand the Principle of Cleansing , thanks to my 20 years in Sukyo Mahikari… The giant plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps , that I mentioned was strong , has actually promoted physical cleansing….runny nose , sneezing, phlegm , cough , ocassional mild fever…. not a problem when offering gratitude. Better out than in , right ? Better to wear something simple than receive complications
later…..without pharma poison. … 1368-1.jpg So here’s photo of standard plaster broadcaster…16 wraps…and the giant 40 wrap. … C01373.jpg And here in operation, Believe me, a few times I,ve been tempted to shut it down, but too curious despite constant strong orgone field…starting to think this one too strong to get used to, after 4 days of red nose and spluttering. But is making sense after discovering that this plasterite is working multi levels right up to spiritual according to the Bovis scale. I’d like to know more about this…..for the moment , it stays operational….just love experimenting….sort of..ha ha. Cleansing is subsiding, but intense orgone field remains….Next photo, 20 wrap cone operational..a bit milder..ha … C01367.jpg Steve, would appreciate Bovis reading on last 2 photos to see what I’m getting myself into… Thanks.. Anyone else’s thoughts ?

Forgot to mention the daily sylphs and blue skies have been magic , despite the burn off season. Chemplanes tried for 2 days but trails were absorbed and incorporated by sylphs. The news reported a spike in crime on those days…..interesting….mostly youth and drunks running amock. Still waiting to deliver 4 plaster broadcasters , town run soon….Yo
monsoon gecko
I’m getting about 374,000 on the first pic and 333,000 on the 2nd one. Steve
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:57 am
G’day all….well the giant plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps of extension cord finally toned down That is , it took about a week to get used to this huge orgone field…of course it’s still pumping but I can tune in and out at will. was a 25 metre cord. Had 4 days teaching last week…..that’s 4 different classes making plasterite Tb’s and Hhg’s.. Student’s really love it. The 5 year old anklebiters were cool …they won’t forget me in a hurry.. after pouring we “played ” with glass prisms, magnifying glasses and diffraction lenses…rainbows galore ! A few budding scientists ? In other classes I noticed even the feral kids toned down for the day Bonus !
Town run yesterday…So yesterday and today, delivered and set up 3 plaster broadcasters in town. This morning greeted by sylphs spreading right across Darwin….magnificent..said hello and sent praise. Then off to beach for a bit of shell collecting. After about 3/4 of an hour a pile of young aboriginal kids , curious, came down to check me out and find out why I was collecting shells..Mum came down too. I told them I was going to make energy generators with them and gave mum a pendant orgonite that I keep in my pocket. They started collecting for me I left the bucket and went back up to the car, bringing back 10 little pocket orgonites to gift. Each kid got one and were excited…I left feeling good with a bucketfull of shells ! … C01375.jpg Divine arrangements seem to be the norm these days ……remember grattitude….. on a winner !
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:33 am
G’day all… well the large plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps of the 25m extension cord has finally toned down… That is ,it took about a week to acclimatise to the huge energy field. Of course it’s still there but I can tune in and out now at will. Ha ha ..I don’t have to shut it down..! Persistance despite physical cleansings Had 4 days teaching last week….that’s 4 classes making plasterite Tb’s and Hhg’s The 5 year old anklebiters really had fun day….they wont forget me in a hurry…after pouring, we “played” with magnifying glasses, glass prisms and defraction lenses…rainbows galore ! Even in the other classes, the “ferals” toned down for the day. Blessings and bonus ! ! Weekend town run ..delivered and set up 3 plaster broadcasters at friends’ places … C01375.jpg Greeted by sylphs covering whole of Darwin this morning…greeted and praised them, then off to beach for a bit of shell collecting….after about half hour, a pile of little aboriginal kids came down to check me out and ask why I was collecting shells , along with one of the mums. I told her i was using them in energy generators and pulled out an orgonite pendant that I carry in my pocket. Gifted her it. Kids started collecting shells too, so I left bucket , went to car and returned with 10 little pocket orgonites…they all got one and were excited …I left beach feeling happy with a full bucket of shells Divine arrangements seem to become norm these days…..offering grattitude , a great technique. !
Re: Plaster orgonite
by SandAndSun » Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:02 am
Thank you for the wonderful post. It took me a while, but here we go, my first batch of plasterite… Finally, my last part for a plasterite was purchased today (18 inches) traffic cone and a plaster of paris – 12 lb. Sand came from a local beach, as well as some stones and seashells. Filtered Water was charged with shungit for 5 days. Some stones were crashed (sprinkled with some Rescue Remedy, thanks for the solution ) others were whole. Here is a list of the ingredients: himalayan Salt, cinnamon, chilly pepper, cardamon, honey; few coral, garnet, cat’s eye, carnelian and ametrine beads; 2 larger tibetan lemurian quartz crystals, and 7 small lemurian crystals; sodalite, shungit stones, the rest are powdered/crashed: peridot, green mica, lapis, garnet, malachite, azurite, tiger eye, turquoise, rose quarts, pyrite yellow sulphur, verdite, amazonite, howlite, green fluorite, clear calcite and amethyst. I also added some selenite crystal points and some blue color to the mix. Final creations are drying up, feels hot to the touch, will see how long it will take to harden…
Other ingredients
Crushed stones
Re: Plaster orgonite
by SandAndSun »
monsoon gecko, spirit walker, Thank you! bluish color came from the blue urethane resin dye, which I bought earlier for coloring resin pieces… I guess, that it wasn’t the right substance, as it did not dissolve completely, instead it primarily stayed on top of the mixture, but had pretty swirls to it. I would try to use some natural dyes next time… Interestingly there was some sort of reaction, which resulted in patches of warm turquoise colors, which I absolutely love… I think that might’ve resulted from the mixture of tee tree and eucalyptus oils, which I added, as well. It seems some ingredients caused a reaction, as the pieces, specially the big guy was very warm to the touch for more then half a day… I also added some of the minerals – chromium and zinc picolinates… Both of them have a strong cinnamon/tee tree oil smell now, as some of the herbs are exposed on the surface, patches of burgyndy red. I planned to paint them with swirls, but I am not too sure now … The crystal point at the apex came as a pleasant surprise, as it wasn’t intended. I covered the top cone opening with the tape (probably left it loose) and the crystal sunk to the bottom of the cone and out through the opening, but still was probably supported by tape, as the plasterite did not leaked through it. I will probably cut the top opening a little wider next time, for the crystal to show even more
I also think I added too much salt, as my proportions were: 12 lb of plaster 3 liters of water 2 lb of Himalayan salt 1000 ml of sand in any case it sparkles a lot from the salt crystals, especially when exposed to sun thank you, everyone for this wonderful recipe and countless inspirations, and I hope it will contribute to the piece, prosperity and harmony Anna
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:44 pm
Stephen, you are correct about the granite, the one I have here is also a granite, but the proportion of quart, mica and feldspar are different, the one here is at least 3 time more mica, it comes out in big sheets at a place Catherine and I have found in the wilderness, I have gathered some other stones from that area and I will see if they are acting the same way….. Linda my dear, one of the thing that stopped me from the blender is, on one side I am trying to create some really good special water, but then I am subjecting it to the 60 cycles frequency, I know the electricity is not going through the water but the field is, so my mica rock does just fine Fall is here, the leaves are falling and it was time to light the wood stove, the dog has taken her favorite place to sleep, on the front of the stove , sometime she get so hot I wonder if she is trying to roast herself, a wonderful beast, never bark, anyone stranger or not is always welcome, I will tell the story about how she came to me….may be in the new thought thread since it is a little strange Tocsa Josh
Oh boy, I just looked at the Kirlian pictures posted on David Icke’s forum by Dennie (Sensei), he surely making a strong case on his continuing battle against Plasterite, so now I am wondering; what are all of us feeling with Plasterite? surely no one has put a spell on us to make believe it is real if it is not. The answer came later on that forum when a gentleman pointed out that the Kirlian photography was reading metal and moisture, so now we know. Not that any one of us care about this since all of us who have done Plasterite know for sure of the affects and the energies coming from it, and by golly I will not be banned for saying that , as Stephen says “it pump”. Josh
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Lightning » Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:38 am
Dear Josh, Kirlian imaging only picks up and shows certain frequencies. An example is, it won’t pick up and show audio frequencies, etc. Kirlian can detect only a certain (relatively narrow) bandwidth. So don’t worry about it. Now, just for my own info I’d like to see pix of water crystals frozen after or during exposure to Plasterite; Images like Dr. Wasaru Emoto does. Here’s a link to the basic info: I think that would produce some interesting data. The difference is: I don’t NEED to see it any other way. I have learned through long experience to trust my own perceptions, and I see the results of it in action in the things around me. Time will show us a way to image the effects of Plasterite, if we need it at all. Namaste, Linda

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:27 am
Our forum is filled with such wonderful people, we are creating much beauty and positive generating pieces and we know they work as intended, we know and feel their reach, we also know how people react when they receive the Plasterite, especially the kids We are doing good, we are not against Orgonite because we still do some sometime, but for me my main focus is the PLasterite, I really enjoy making it, simplifying the process, pouring large devices…… more…..hummmm, I know I wont sleep the next couple of nights Last week a gentleman and his lady came to the house, the first thing the lady say: wow! wow! it is buzzing here wow! how do you sleep here?, she was just going around the place feeling everything, she is energy sensitive and had never experience anything like this All is well, we used twelve bag of plaster in the last 3 weeks, I just ordered 12 more bags, I found a place that sells it to me for $13 per 25 lb bag, that’s the best I have found so far Midnight and a half, going to bed, good night Josh
Question in making Plasterite: Does it make a difference when you pillow your materials first? Or what would be the stronger/powerful/higher bovis reading; the pillowed-1st-all-materials-before-making plasterite vs the pillowed-after-the-plasterite-is-done
You can pillow the device after you cast, it will polarize the whole thing into spinning the right way, The way I make the Plasterite now is like this: First I have a 1/2 gallon jar where I have a small piece of gold in it (a few gold leaves is all you need, you can get that at art supplies) in water Second I have another 1/2 gallon jar with many small crystals in it, probably couple dozen different one, in water as well sit those jars in the sun for a whole day, mine set in the sun all day every day, except when it freezes outside. Then in a 5 or six gallon container you mix: 4 to five ounces of gold water 4 to five ounces of crystal water -25 pound of plaster – one quart of beach sand – 2 1/2 gallon of water To mix it I use a drill with a tool to stir paint, it is very quick, cast your plaster, it will harden within a 1/2 hour, but dont remove from the mold for a few hours. As it drys I pillow the whole thing, also after getting it out. Does this help ? If you need more let us know, Stephen and Gifter have poured large amount of Plasterite, and they also may have insights to share with you. Josh
Hello Renjit First, Plasterite and Orgonite are two very different animals, they do not work on the same principal; Orgonite function more as capacitor than as a piezo electric from the compression of the crystal by the resin, I think that this compression story is just that: a story trying to think of a way the Orgonite is working and not knowing. The Orgonite is a static condenser (works by itself), the metal accumulate a charge from existing environmental EMF, get saturated, brings all the energy to zero point and broadcast it back as Chi, and do it again and again, but only to a point, many of us have seen where the Orgonite was not working at all where EMF were very strong, such as an “smart meter” or living too close to a cell phone tower. Don Croft explained some 10 years ago that the towers were only working at 15% capacity,
that may be true and that may be why the Orgonite is working around the towers, but if and when they turn those towers to 100%, I dont think the Orgonite will be doing too much. The Plasterite works on a much higher frequency, likely involving all true colors of the spectrum, it necessitate no metal only plaster and crystals or quartz sand, it produces energy that not all people can feel, but it nevertheless will clean up the sky and do much more, beside being inexpensive, it is easy to work with, but I am not pushing anyone to do Plasterite, just know that most of the Orgonite groupies will not look kindly if you do You can see from the posts on this forum the many success stories that the people are having with Plasterite, make some and see for yourself what results you are getting

The Plasterite has such a fine frequency, that I would not want to mix the two, both are valid, but not in the same soup

Hope this help a little Josh
Hello Renjit Yes the mix for the Plasterite is correct, of late I have been mixing only quartz sand in the mix and it seems to work as well, as well as Orgonite the quartz sand has been one of my ingredient in it: the energies are good. It has been one of my effort to trust Nature to give me what is needed to accomplish the goal of purification of energies in the environment, so all is becoming more and more simplified, for over a year now, I have been working with the hats of acorns, I found them to be natural amplifiers, I have made some devices with Orgonite, Plasterite, Pillows with as much acorn hats that I could put in, and found the broadcasting much improved, I am certain there are much surrounding each of us that could be used for the work we are doing.
Re: Plaster orgonite
After getting a mold pyramid 8 inch size and a traffic cone of 40 inch height, with other materials except for the quarts crystals which was ordered by Oct 11, 2011. It seems the delivery of crystals are delayed. I lost my patience as well. My plan is to make plasterite, 1 pyramid for my living room and one cone- for broadcasting. If beach sand and sea shells can replace crystals without much reduction in the POR conversion, I can start right now. kindly advise.
Thanks Renjit

Re: Plaster orgonite
Thank you very much Josh for your prompt advise. Plasterite pyramid 8 inch size made with 5 no: locally purchased quartz crystals. Cracks already visible on the bottom dry surface. Plasterite cone of 30 inch height, made with sea shells as substitute for quartz crystals. Energy can be sensed in the room. Even though the total height of the traffic cone is 38 inches, I filled only up to 30 inches fearing that orgonite may not come out of the mold. Now if the POR output remains same with orgonite inside the traffic cone permanently, I can fill the traffic cone to 38 inch height and leave orgonite inside the mold as it is. This will be a protection to the orgonite inside while broadcasting also. And for the next, traffic cones can be purchased again. Considering the saving between plasterite and orgonite resin, purchase of traffic cone is not an issue. Kindly advise. I would like to post both the pictures to get bovis reading. Thanks Renjit

Re: Plaster orgonite
by renjit8650 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:00 pm
Dear Josh, Before purchasing the cable for broadcasting , I request you to clarify the following in order to select the cable for coiling around the cone. I have 2 options, connect the coil to a) fridge or b) computer. As you know, computer requires very less power and therefore 1.5 mm2 cable is okay and fridge requires 4 mm2 cable. Here if the energy increases with increase of amps as in the case of fridge, I will connect it to the fridge or else I will settle with computer power cable, which is very much easy for me. Kindly advise. Thanks Renjit

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh » Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:38 am
The wraps that are around Plasterite in my house are around every possible electric using appliances that I could find, Fridge, lights, Lots of lights, telephone line, internet cable, power cable to the aquarium, main power source into the house, hot water heater, washing machine, dryer, everything you can think of putting Plasterite: I did it So now you have made one Plasterite, but soon since you have seen how easy it is, you will have it all over your place, you will notice how the :broadcasting will change your environment Good luck Josh

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