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  • Mel and Judy

Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2000

Many of you have wrote us asking about the  Polarity Pillow..that Mel and I have used many years..

Back in the 1960’s were introduced to the Doctor that had more or less invented this magnificent Gem.

And later it became a part of our families healing device toward many things that happened to our body. Not only to our body but in the substance of things we used daily in our own lives.

When I though another Friend, heard of all the things she used this pillow for, to prevent illness I was determined that I had to get one.

AT that time we thought $99.00/to $100.00 was over our budget..but we were in need of it to use on a Nephew that had been going under many operations for his heart, and Doctors were at the end of their rope as to what to do, and my sister was at here in trying to find a cure, or a doctor that could help her son live. He had already been living at the Children’s Hospital in Columbus for nearly 13 years of his life, and she was at the end of her rope. This is when my friend, told me about the  Polarity Pillow. I then read testimonies from other people that had used them since Doctor Ethel Starbard, had first discovered its’ value. And along with other colleagues in the science field begin to do years of research.

     I remember I phone Dr. Ethel Starbard on numerous times and she also later kept by phone and letters in touch with me. She knew of my concerns to stay healthy and to reach out to help someone else that was suffering with diseases and everything else that comes along in ones life.

     We lived on a 100 acre farm, and I was at this time not only raising our children then of five..but we took in other children that had gone astray that no home of decent environment to live in. So there were many times of these 18, children ( some adults ) were always getting hurt or coming down with something that was hard to cure.And without means to doctor them properly, out hands were tied and we needed all the outside help we could get.

Doctor Ethel, took upon herself to send to me 4-pillow’s at no cost to me whatsoever..but she wanted me to keep mum, as then to many others would take advantage of her services. ( How I loved that lady ), she was the answer to my many long prayers. She kindly phoned to make sure that I used them properly from the beginning.

She explained that the substance was Sea-plant, and just as important as herbs we were already using in culinary. She was thrilled to know I had at an early age learned the value of preventive medicines. So that now the Polarity Pillow would not be something I had to doubt..but could immediately go right into using.

 I hesitated not..and that very night we with 25 of us in one household, started to make used of these Pillows. We begin by going over the entire house from one corner to the other..Inside and then outside. We polarized the barn, and walked those 100 aches. And the next day begin all over just in case we had forgotten one corner of land, or any nook of the house. For a few nights I had to fight it out of someone’s hand, so that I could play with it awhile.

 Few days later..our crops were growing very vividly in color and in the smell of sweetest clover. That year we had grain galore and were eating fruits and vegetables like there was no tomorrow..and not one of us were getting sick from foods that over the years before we had been allergic to. Children stopped sneezing, and the entire household was living in peace of good health. Then one day the Pillows were put to good use, when one of the twelve year olds, was out playing and she stepped on a rake.

The tong went up and through her foot. I ran for the Polarity pillow’s, and with help of another adult and a boy we managed to put the child on the picnic table and applied the Pillow all around her. Within a few minutes ( maybe five or so ), her foot stopped bleeding, whereas before we had a sheet full of blood, and it was guessing out, no matter how much pressure we applied.( one girl was studying to be a nurse so we knew she had knowledge what had to be done ), but when she seen what the Pillow was doing she was amazed.

By now the foot had been thumping so badly that this child was screaming above her lungs..that hurt and being scared.

By the time we got her to the doctor’s office about 7 miles away.

She was able to hobble into the office.

I’ll never forget the look on the staff’s face when they seen these tiny boxes, and asked us what those were around her foot for.

When I explained they only looked at me as if to say

” Yeah we know,one of your preventive devices again Huh?”

but when the doctor seen it..and that we had done something right.He was pleased we used them.

He said ” whatever you done by putting them on this girls food, it worked. And there is no swelling

” But she sure had a hole clear through the foot,from bottom to the top.

After he doctored her up best he was able..and sent her home with orders to stay off the foot a week. He also told me to go ahead and use this gadget.

Which we did.

But the second day she was able to walk a little on her toes, than by end of week she was able to put more pressure on it.

and when it healed she didn’t even get a very big scar.

Later one of the boys was putting hay in the barn when he got a piece of wood in his hand.

Prior to pulling it out, he yelled ” Hurry up go get me the Pillow.” and someone ran to the house and got me and the Polarity.

I cringed as he laid it on as the other boy near pulled it out with tweezers.

He put on a bandage, and kept the polarity on a few minutes, and went right back to work.

I measured this stick that had gone into his heal of the was a good inch or more, and very thick.

That night I offered to let him soak it, but he said ” NO, but can I take the Pillow to bed and keep it on till morning.”

Mel and I have used these same pillows for years.

We keep on at the stove, in case one of us gets burned while cooking, and we keep on in under our bed pillow, incase we get an ache or joint hurts during the night.

It is very good for stomach aches, headaches, and you name it aches.

Mel used it for his recent shoulder replacement.

And Doctors and nurses are amazed at the  fast healing.

In therapy they are amazed at the progress of over 25%-movement in the entire arm.

Yesterday..I again had the joy of using the one at the stove.

I had just started to do dishes in the dish-washer when I had to re-open the door to put in a cup I forgotten.

The steam was coming out full blast and it blocked my view, just as I went to shut the door,

my thumb got stuck between the latch and the rubber gasket. ” WOW! ” talk about a pain.

I shook my thumb as nature would have me do, and I did a few jig’s of dance, over to where we keep the pillow.

I then did a few more jig’s, and went for the slush bag.

.I figured I’d use both at the same time, as the thumb was thumping and the thumb swelling. I was so sure I had broken it.

Mel wasn’t home so there was no way I could have gotten to a doctor..except to phone 911..

Instead I went in and sat on the sofa, and found the ice-was causing it to hurt more..I massaged the entire hand, and replied the pillow.

Then as I laid my head back to try to keep my mind occupied to something else..I prayed..within 15 minutes, the thumb was not near as painful.

.Then during the evening when it would start up again I’d reach for the Polarity pillow.

But bedtime the pain was gone. But to take precaution measures I grabbed the one under the pillow.

And when I woke up this morning, no pain and I could touch my thumb-nail with no excess pain to speak of.

However no doubt the nail will need cut off as it grows out.

There is a black and blue mark, which I know is natural..but at least I had the sense to grab the pillow to help assist me at the time.

     Odd how we never really appreciate something so precious until the moment we realize how important it really is.

 Now your asking how did this Pillow come into existence in the first place..

Well Dr.Ethel, told me this, that in 1956, when she was rebuilding her body from an illness, and there wasn’t much more doctors could do for her at that time, she was between two hard rocks in her life, and knew God would have to find her an answer to her ill.

She had mixed up 25 pounds of elements for her garden ( she was going to go organic all the way in treating her self with wholesome foods,

and stay away from all the store bought junk.

A neighbor lady knew that because of her illness she hadn’t put out a garden as she had intended..

so she brought to her all the fruits she could rake up..and Ethel said it was far more than she could use at the time,

so she sat some on her porch that wouldn’t all go into the refrigerator.

Since it was summer with over 110 degrees F, and humidity was high she feared the fruits wouldn’t last but a couple days..

.but a few days later when she remembered to investigate the food on the porch

she was taken back in a daze..there were absolutely no spoilage,

and there were no gnats or flies..and the fruits she found were very delicious in flavor..

and those that had rotted, so she thought, were not really they were just as if she had dried them herself in the food hydration.

She said they were actually very tasteful. This is when she begin to think there was something to this organic substance..or something she could quite put her finger on at the she notified this other gentleman that  in a scientific way..they figured out the reason, this was working with the magnetic field in a positive, and not negative way. ( Now I’m not a science in Chemistry, so please don’t ask me to explained this ) But the Rays had something of radiation to do with this process..In her garden she discovered by using the organic mixture of sea-plant/etc, that there were no bugs, that usually harm plants, but there were only the good bugs, like Ladybugs, and some wasp and praying mantises, myriads of honey bees, but absolutely no scavengers.

     Then in further research with other doctors she found five ( 5 ) other elements that she could use along with the special Sea Vegetation which seemed to enhance its’ with as an attractor. ( Now I have no idea what for sure she had put in the Pillow..but whatever it is we here in The Meyers’ home have proved to ourselves it has worked for many things since we had these Pillows given to us as a gift..and what a marvelous gift this has been..and they will continue to be used the rest of our life. ( two we loaned to family and friends ) and usually we have to dig in the file to see whom borrowed them last. They have been to places all over the world and back..And we ourselves don’t go anywhere far with out them. We have even been visiting and because of freak accidents, have to go home and get them..or phone someone that can quickly get them to us. We’ve used them for so many things I’d be the rest of the evening writing about them. But if anyone has questions and I can answer them I will. Otherwise I can’t say to much more.

 Below is a Web I happen a few minutes ago to pull up. this amazed me, for I had no idea that they are still making this Sprinlife Polarity Plus Pillow.

 admin note : No the pillow is now out of production.

The company does not longer exist.

Now if anyone of you reading this, or have been using this Pillow, and know of the whereabouts of Ethel, or if she or a kin are living, please let me know..and by all means send your testimonies directly to me.

 Thanks for letting me tell this story, and do with it as you please..but keep in mind I’m not a doctor..and I only tell you what we have found to work for us, and many other people that has crossed our paths in these many years..God is so good.I thank him for giving to us things that can be used..and for all the people that have through prayers come up with something that will help others.

 Sincerely, One of Your Best Friends, Judy and Mel

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by monsoon gecko on Mon May 31, 2010 2:37 am
yO …g’DAY Gifters. I have been trialing this sensational device for almost a month now.Most impressive. My earlier post has been incorporated in Josh’s new website: Yesterday, met up with Phd mate and showed him the pillow. He immediately reported he could feel energy running up his arm to a drainage point around the front area of his shoulder. He stated that he thought it could be working on accupuncture points, as he has a blockage in that area, We then pillowed some tap water and had seperate glass as control. He WAS surprised at the pillowed water having such a high charge compared to the control. Well this afternoon, I dropped of the pillow to him for a weeks trial <he was excited > BECAUSE,,,,….my two large life pillows and 4 small ones arrived today…with some bonuses ! ! Thankyou Josh, really looking forward to sharing and running these ones through their paces. Yippeeeeeeee ! ! !
monsoon gecko

by josh on Mon May 31, 2010 4:16 am
Thank you Monsoon Gecko I appreciate the good report, I must go and keep fire for a Native American ceremony today, so I must get going, but this evening I will answer and give the full history of the Pillow, why its name and where it came from. Until this evening Josh

by josh on Mon May 31, 2010 6:49 pm
Where does the Pillow come from: It started 30 years ago, when my health went south because of welding in restricted spaces, breathing the fumes, I engaged the services of a nutritionist, her name was Nicole; she had me under a heavy regimen of vitamins and minerals and introduced me to a device called a polarizer that could reverse the spin, from left to right in any food or drink substances. The polarizer was a box the size of a cigarette pack, may be a 1/2″ wider made of stainless steel, and at the time cost $100, rather high for the time. I would have it with me where ever I went, I had tried it on coffee and other drinks, and noticed defined changes in the taste of food as well, and hearing the many stories about the device convinced me that I would not go wrong in keeping it with me all the time. All that time wondering what this box was about, and the lady who made it did not volunteered much info on it It came in many sizes, the size that I had (cigarette pack) was called the pillow, most of the others were just called polarizers small or large. The lady who invented the devise was called Ethel, this is all I know of her, except that 10 years ago no more of her products was available, her phone disconnected, and no way to get any more news. So that is when I made the decisions to reinvent a Pillow, I had not much to work on all I knew for sure is that one of the ingredient was sea weed, and the rest crystals, so the trial and error started about 9 to 10 years ago I also decided to name my devise the Pillow in honor of this wonderful lady. I also found that the least amount of changes, in the amount of crystals, the type, and the other ingredients of rare earth, create a wide range of different results. I have made Pillows that cats love to be with and love to sleep on it, and changing proportions but a little, the same cat will not tolerate having it near. But all of them have the same capacity of reversing the spin. About a year ago, I was being told time and again to start a website (by what was thought at the time to be a good friend), this same friend chose the name of the site ‘joshusmaximus’ and made the site as well. Well, as we know, this did not turned out so good So now I made my own site as well as a forum, where we can share audacious ideas without the threat of being banned. The Pillow is real, it works, all that have tried it know that it works, I do not know if the formula that I use is the same as Ethel, but it look like it is doing the same reversing of the spin. Here you have it Josh

by nepipemi on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:01 pm
When I first received the Life Pillow (LP), I had only just learned to sense the energy from crystals and orgonite through my hands as a palpable sensation. I could not tune into the LP as easily at first but after about a month, I began sensing it very strong. It has a strong pleasant tingly sensation. Waving my hand back and forth over it is a similar sensation as if I would quickly through an evergreen shrub. As a comparison, orgonite feels like a strong push-pull magnetic or slightly electric sensation. My father was over and I showed him the LP for the first time. We were drinking tea and he added stevia extract to his cup so I offered to treat the tea in his cup with the LP. As I waved it over the cup in his hand, he said “Wow, I felt something, a tingle!” so we did it again to see if he could feel it again and sure enough, he felt the sensation again. I use the pillow to treat my food and drink, my aluminum kitchenware, and even my amalgam fillings. I know that it must be doing something because I can feel its’ energy though my hands 4 inches away.

by Spirit Walker on Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:23 am
I love my Life Pillow…. Truly, I do. I’ve been wearing it around my neck since I received it, I sleep with it either on or under my pillow, I take it off and use it to “bless” everything I eat or drink. The energy I sense coming from it is very intense and strong, when palming it, I can literally hit a cushion about 2 inches away from it that repels my hand!!! I found using it like a wand over food and drink to be a very powerful and empowering experience. Just holding it above a glass of water, and slowly moving it back and forth, I can feel the energy “interact” and change the water. Truly astounding and amazing. Silly me, wondering what a Life Mattress might be like to have, just to sleep upon every night. Not sure I would wake looking like Robert Redford, but I bet in my dreams I would be, and making some indecent proposals to boot!!!! AHO! Tony
Spirit Walker

by sacred on Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:55 pm
I received my life pillow yesterday, and haven’t been without it since! Thank you, Josh! It went straight to my chest and had to stay there for quite some time … how did it know I’ve been going through some grief? (that’s not a serious question, btw, as we know that energy just knows! ) I carried it in my left pocket to help with left hip problems, and next thing you know … what hip problems? I’ve slept like a babe with it under my pillow … and felt much more ‘alive’ in the morning … Friends have commented on the calmness and peace it holds … I blessed a phone call I had to make that was difficult to approach, and not an easy situation to deal with over the phone, and all went remarkably smoothly given the complexity of the situation, the person involved, the number of issues, and the time we had to discuss all of that … end result, message heard and understood in a very short time, with all aspects understood and I believe the situation that got out of balance is now returning to a state of balance … I haven’t had a chance yet to call my friend in Texas and get her feedback for you, Josh, but will post same just as soon as I do! just wanted to say a big “thank you!” life is unfolding beautifully … as it always does … I’m very grateful … sacred

by monsoon gecko on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:12 pm
Really like the new soft touch pillow, ..very maluable and luxurious feeling. But best of all it will take on form .Will sit on part of your body and mould to that shape..Lady friend has sore knee joint enjoyed using much so that she’s got it for a while now …doh …just when I was beginning to explore…interesting to see if improvement. I continue to enjoy gourmet food and energised water using pillow daily. Hard not to take for granted. What a blessing !
monsoon gecko

by sacred on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:34 pm
I’ve been taking my life pillow to meditation and healing groups, and it seems to know where it’s needed … it does have a consciousness through the maker’s intent, I believe! there’s a beautiful Maori healer at the healing groups and when she was working on a woman’s body last week, I felt the urge to offer her the pillow to put on the woman’s chest … she held the pillow and her face lit up … she said it had beautiful energy, and placed it on the woman’s body …. it brings great comfort and peace to those going through healing, grief, muscular and nerve discomfort … and again, it seems to tell me where it needs to go … my connection with it grows day by day … when I was blessing my food last night, it stayed over the brussel sprouts for a while, went around the plate, then back to that particular vegie … my first thought was that it had been sprayed with pesticides and the pillow was clearing that … it’s a gentle healer, Josh, and again I thank you! sacred

by josh on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:46 pm
Thank you Sacred, Many folks have also found the positive attribute to the Pillow, enjoy my dear, do not forget to get it in contact with any of your amalgam in your teeth (if you have amalgam) because it will neutralize the mercury Josh

by sacred on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:59 pm
thank you for the mention of amalgam, Josh … will most definitely do that! will it make me as good looking as you? sacred

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by josh on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:31 pm
Well madame, I think all hopes of me being good looking have vanished long ago, I tried to make up for the lack of comeliness by being smart; but that did not work so well either having an IQ of 12 (this is the IQ of road pizza, or a frozen oyster), so now I’ll make an attempt in being pleasant, but I am certain that many would have an issue with that also. Oh well life goes on until……………………. Josh

by sacred on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:54 am
dear Josh … through the eyes of an orgonite wearer and pillow person, you’re simply stunning!

by monsoon gecko on Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:25 am
Stunning all right ! Dropped in to see the lady who ordered 3 pillows and got four…she,s still excited..carries everywhere and sleeps with it..Her husband is the same ..checks his pillow to see its under his pillow for sleep. ha ha…She gifted one to a fellow whose had heaps of surgery, parts removed, on going stuff etc and suffered for ages, he has a new lease on life, reporting lot more energy and feeling great….carrying the pillow constantly…..well most of time. …Wow ..i’m continually enjoying these amazing pillows. Recently I ordered 6 pillows. …for family….AQIS ..quaranteened them, suspecting they may harbour agricultural predator or some such. long story with many emails one stage they were going to be treated…gamma radiation…Josh seemed to think it would be cool as pillows function was EM protection…probably stuff the machine…but that would take 6 to 8 weeks…I couldn.t wait that long , so gave permission to unstitch and check filling. Josh had already told me that all they’ll find is powder sand, and seaweed., which I had already informed them on first phone call and explained it is an energy device. Both ladies over 2 days that I spoke to were totally pleasant and helpfull. So next day get email saying we found powder inside…Doh ! What,s in it , for our record..? So , thanks again Josh , we gave a partial list of ingredients, with which they were happy….will only have to wait till next week…..better still, Aussies can still purchase Life Pillows.! Best money you’ll ever spend !!! Today, sent those lovely ladies a pretty TB , 6 pocket happy pills and info sheet.. wonder if they’ll reply.? Thanks Josh, we rode that wave well.!
monsoon gecko

by Spirit Walker on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:32 pm
Spin me around, round and round….. I had an Epiphany last night while playing with my life pillows. I grabbed my pendulum and decided to test the spin of both pillows (right spin) and then decided to test just about everything within arms reach in my bedroom. I grabbed remote controls, lighters, cigarattes, ash tray, some carved up Cherry Tree wood I had been playing with, even a piece of plasterite. Everything except my plasterite had a left spin to it…. that is, until I took my life pillow, put it on each item for a few seconds, then rechecked the spin of each piece, and bada bing, all of it now spun up right spin. So being the enterprising young man that I am, I said, “why not check out everything electronic in my room?” So I did, all left spin. Pillowed each component and retested, got right spin on them. I hit my walls, the floor, the ceiling, my bed rails, mattress, bed pillows, night lite, alarm clock, and the more things I changed the spin on, the bigger the “change” I felt taking place in my room…. my ears popped!! After I finished late last night, I wondered if I would be able to sleep… LOL I did, and slept great!! I share this because of how WONDERFUL it felt to have things in my environment now giving out POSITIVE energy instead of NEGATIVE!!!!! I’ve started to pillow everything in my work office today, ears popped again!!!!! Next is the truck, then back home to pillow everything…. kids, cats, you name it!!!! LOL Tony
Spirit Walker

by Spirit Walker on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:32 pm
Spin me around, round and round….. I had an Epiphany last night while playing with my life pillows. I grabbed my pendulum and decided to test the spin of both pillows (right spin) and then decided to test just about everything within arms reach in my bedroom. I grabbed remote controls, lighters, cigarattes, ash tray, some carved up Cherry Tree wood I had been playing with, even a piece of plasterite. Everything except my plasterite had a left spin to it…. that is, until I took my life pillow, put it on each item for a few seconds, then rechecked the spin of each piece, and bada bing, all of it now spun up right spin. So being the enterprising young man that I am, I said, “why not check out everything electronic in my room?” So I did, all left spin. Pillowed each component and retested, got right spin on them. I hit my walls, the floor, the ceiling, my bed rails, mattress, bed pillows, night lite, alarm clock, and the more things I changed the spin on, the bigger the “change” I felt taking place in my room…. my ears popped!! After I finished late last night, I wondered if I would be able to sleep… LOL I did, and slept great!! I share this because of how WONDERFUL it felt to have things in my environment now giving out POSITIVE energy instead of NEGATIVE!!!!! I’ve started to pillow everything in my work office today, ears popped again!!!!! Next is the truck, then back home to pillow everything…. kids, cats, you name it!!!! LOL Tony
Spirit Walker

by josh on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:59 pm
This is good, I just tried something that seems to work: I took two Pillows and I put them on an extension cord 10 feet apart, result: as the energy of any socket was turning to the left, after 10 minutes they are all turning to the right……..and spreading …to…the….whole…grid So now not only we are saturating the grid with the Plasterite, but the Pillows are doing a great job on the top of that……Damn we are good Please guys and girls; one 15 feet extension cord, two pillows and you are in business, it gives the whole grid a positive spin…….a very uncomfortable place to be for anyone not vibrating this way Josh

by Steve on Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:10 am
I finally gave in to temptation. Hooked up the beautiful plasterite piece that Catherine painted to the grid and also placed my two life pillows within the wrap as well. Why keep all the good energy to myself, right? Will report back any changes. Peace Steve

by josh on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:25 pm
That’s the way to go Steve, wonderful idea, you may want to dowse and see the direction of spin of the energy coming out of the light sockets, I have a strong feeling it is now turning clockwise Josh

by Steve on Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:11 am
Yes Josh it’s spinning clockwise! S

by josh on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:56 am
It look like it is an element of the energy that we had not yet payed attention to: the direction of the spin , What I have found is that any Orgonite that I have made is spinning to the left, but after being pillowed for a few seconds to a minute, it will go to the right, so this will certainly increase the effectiveness of the Orgonite, at the same time as we Pillow all around us it is making our environment much more pleasant in many ways. Pillow everything that is aluminum, it will instantly change it to a life giving material, rather than being a toxic one. Pillow all your appliances, floor, walls, food, drinks……..endless possibilities Also as you put the Pillows on a electric cord, it is not necessary to have an appliance at he end of the cord, it will do the polarization without anything running Josh

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A place to share ideas and comments on how to create a better world, through Orgonite and other tools of light.

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30 posts • Page 3 of 3 • 1, 2, 3
by monsoon gecko on Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:13 am
I,m back..5 days without phone or internet…what a line was pulled thru today.ok Pillows finally arrived from customs (aqis) after sitting on mailing shelf for well over a week. Can you believe that. ? Lucky I see if they were in the post !….So no danger to Australian agriculture. Wrapped small pocket pillows at base and top of Giant cone…25m cord…but couldn’t pick the diff. Everything seems positive around here these days. Will leave in place. Does it matter how cord is wrapped..clockwise or anti-clockwise ? I naturally wind from base up, clockwise direction but mate said anticlockwise = opening , left clockwise = closing, right……I understand his thinking, from his point of view, He reported the gifted plaster broadcaster working ok, it was wrapped clockwise. Does it matter ? Thanks Oh , did get reply from AQIS ladies, thanking for surprise gifts, but as a gov dept, can’t accept gifts. Next time a letter will suffice. They kept them …good one. !
monsoon gecko

by sacred on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:13 pm
josh wrote: Also as you put the Pillows on a electric cord, it is not necessary to have an appliance at he end of the cord, it will do the polarization without anything running
Josh, the pillows are amazing! I did as suggested with the power cord and appliances, and where I would normally still feel the energy field of the electricity and keep a healthy distance, all these appliances are now ‘neutralised’ … and dare I say, feel harmonious to be around! forgot to mention some time ago, too that I did the pillow over the mercury in my mouth and felt a tingling almost immediately …. you are such a clever little duck! Linda sacred

by Lightning on Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:39 pm
Thank you Josh, for keeping your eyes open and posting your good and detailed observations. Have a Great Day, wherever you are
Namaste, Linda

by monsoon gecko on Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:36 am
Just completed week at another local school. I gave release time to many classes, taking place of teacher off on annual multi-school musical extravaganza…The Beat. Classes either made plasterite or played sport… indoor hockey with plastic sticks and puck. With plasterite , we pillowed the water, plus quite a few drink bottles, With hockey , after picking teams and revising rules / safety . etc. I mentioned the pillow as energy device. for food water and pain. Gave quick description of contents, then told of other students using at other school after playground accidents. Needless to say , the pillow was used a few times,…passed around and held by others..,,little kids,, they wack the [email protected] out of each other! Shins , arms .hands, etc …only couple of head highs…always a worry…! and in all cases , pillow worked !…Not one off to the office crying this time ! Witnessed red welt across wrist disappear ! Students are such good guineapigs !….ha ha
monsoon gecko

by monsoon gecko on Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:00 am
Ha ha , guinea pig myself…..wasp sting, pain dramatically reduced in about 90 seconds.! Real quick, compared to 5 or 10 minutes of grinning and bearing it ! Always take my Life Pillow to share when heading out. along with pocket orgonite…oh, and little magnets in shoes..ha. From first hand observation, the pillow seems to reverse pain and associated swelling to an injury if used/applied straight away…from seconds to just a few minutes.. Pillow..such a blessing Must have something to do with spin reversing on electron level ….shock…..polarity ? Every school and workplace should have one….no, several….ha ha
monsoon gecko

by sacred on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:29 pm
I posted on OrgonizeAustralia about using the pillow for a tick bite … helped, and I hope to think of it sooner next time …. I am very excited/pleased about an incident yesterday …. I’d been a bit seizure-prone the end of last week … could feel one around Thurs & Fri (I get warnings, feel out of balance) … it came on Sat arvo, so I did my usual (ran to the bedroom, Rescue Remedy, etc) then thought of Josh’s pillow, which was under my pillow so I grabbed it ….. the energy subsided almost instantly! the seizure stopped!! because I do get auras (warnings), I get time to do things that I know help, and can often abort the seizure, but it usually takes a bit longer and it happens differently ….. it eases off slowly …. not within 3 seconds … I am stoked! the pillow was instantly grounding … felt almost like it created a grounding anchor to deep within the earth …. (the final trigger had been the high-pitched sound of the computer … electricity isn’t my best friend, energetically ) …..
Josh, you’re brilliant! & I am very grateful … had I had the seizure, I would’ve lost a day recovering from it, but that didn’t happen!!!!!! sacred

by josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:35 pm
Hello Sacred Thank for this wonderful story, it may help other folks with the same condition, wow!, I dont believe we will never know the extent of the abilities of this device. I am so please it help you, as you go with your day put it on anything and everything, it will re-polarize all around you, and you will find new ways to use it as you just did. If The invention of the Pillow was only for that one instance it would have been worth while Thank you my dear you did wonderfully Josh

by sacred on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:37 pm
amazing stuff, Josh ….. amazing results …. I pillowed the power points and electrical appliances as you’d suggested some time ago, and noticed I didn’t feel the electrical ‘aura’ that almost repels me from getting too close to them … it definitely neutralised that prickly feeling of electricity that I sense … I’ve been recommending orgonite (& your pillows) to people who have been contacting me for flower remedies … instead of flower remedies! seems I’m addicted … sacred

by josh on Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:32 pm
Another piece of good news: My neighbor is a radio operator in one of the Green Peace ships he just came back with a nasty infection under a bridge in his mouth, back and forth to the dentist, lost of pain and antibiotics and waiting, He just called me to say that, as he was undoing his baggages, he found his Pillow that I had made for him before he went on the ship, so since nothing else was working he put the Pillow on his face, he said that in a few minutes the pain was gone This is indeed good news Josh

by Spirit Walker on Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:22 pm
I’m not surprised by some of these revelations myself… I continue to use my pillow for/on everything and anything. I cut my finger pretty good the other night, instantly pressed it against pillow, almost no bleeding or pain, healed in 3 days completely. Burned my finger on a candle flame, pillow stopped pain almost instantly, no swelling or discoloration, gone. I sleep with one on my forehead, usually meditating with it before I conk out, I can instantly go to “zen” mode and just be still and silent, incredible clarity. I touch it to everything I consume, every item I own or come near. I’ve got various friends coming over in another week for a house warming party and plan to pillow everyone that comes through my door… just because! From a couple of the sensitives, I expect some fun to unfold! Going to promote the heck out of them Josh and steer some orders your way! I got to remember to pillow the cats, might just rock their world… lol Tony
Spirit Walker


Re: welcome by josh on Sat May 29, 2010 3:42 am

Hello Stephen and welcome I do not want to push the plaster exclusively, because I work with the resin as well, but if the people find this to be working,; what a gift to our nose, and our pocket book, but there are pieces you cannot make with the plaster, like pendants for example.
This is the site where I learn about plaster Orgonite: … =Translate
I have had many energy sensitives who tested our plaster Orgonite and were impressed with the
energy coming out of it, actually the cost involved in making a small one would be minimal, and if it is not producing as expected you can always put it in a bucket of water, dissolve the plaster and save your crystals.
If it works for you, I am certain all of your students would love having their hands in it I have a lady near me that is very sensitive, she says that it does not have the electric feeling of the resin and that it is very smooth like a living energy. Give it a shot, see what give, I am certain you will be pleased with the results, I have been making plaster Orgonite for about 8 month now and the results are very good, I spoke about it on WM sometime ago but stop posting about it because I did not want to impact Sensei’s business by having
everybody make cheap and effective Orgonite, but now I am no longer restrited

Re: welcome by nepipemi on Sat May 29, 2010 3:46 am
Hi all!!! Woo hoo, new orgonite forum This is great!!!!!! I love the smileys, lots of choices.
Monsoon Gecko, I am glad you asked because I had the same question and it was answered some time ago to my satisfaction but I realize I am still such a noob that I do not have a firm enough grasp on the info to repeat it. This is a great subject to get out in the open especially since someone just posted a negative followup about a previous experiment with plaster on the other forum.
<bows deeply to Josh> Thank YOU so much, for setting up this forum. My wishes are that it will see plenty of positive use and a long, healthy, happy life.
I will write more soon enough but I have to recharge the batteries…so many things to talk about. Time for bed.

Re: welcome by Atma on Sun May 30, 2010 7:25 pm Hey Hey thanks for starting the forum Josh! Sorry for the raw deal you got on Warriormatrix! Are you going to create some forum topic sections? Maybe a Gifting one? I am gearing up for a gifting run along the Florida Gulf Coast and would love to share my experiences and pics. How do we post pics??? That Img tab didn’t do anything! Atma

Re: welcome by nepipemi on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:30 am Atma,
Hi, I saw your post, and in case josh didn’t message you, i wanted to tell you that it is possible to post pictures now. If not, you might have to go to the User Control Panel at the top left and check your settings. Would love to see the pics of your gifting run!

Re: welcome by josh on Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:13 am
Hello beautiful people I would like to tell everyone on this forum, that there will never be any of your PM (personal messages) read by anyone but yourself, unlike some other forum, I do not think it is ethical and honest, otherwise what is the use of having PERSONAL messages…….Duh!!
Josh anpetu washte mani

Re: welcome by ceegee on Thu May 27, 2010 7:59 pm

Hi Josh, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to hold space for the orgonite makers and their wonderful ideas

Re: welcome by josh on Thu May 27, 2010 9:33 pm

You are welcome, It is time to post about the different ways to make Orgonite, so as soon as we have a few people on board we shall start.

Re: welcome by bluegum on Thu May 27, 2010 10:55 pm

Hey Josh, good work getting this going so soon.
May this forum become a hotbed of inventive and powerful orgone designs, testing and gifting ideas. I don’t make orgone myself but have been a field tester for new designs, particularly those made by Stephen (Monsoon Gecko).
The only problem with a closed mind…
…is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

Re: welcome by Gifter on Fri May 28, 2010 7:08 am

Morning Josh Love your pillows!! Thanks for the invite, I am not much for forums, but always have a open mind to learn and try new and better things to cleanse the earth.

Re: welcome by josh on Fri May 28, 2010 8:08 am

Hello Gifter, hello Bluegum Why dont we start by making Orgonite a whole lot easier than what we have been doing : no metal, and no resin , this is an idea that come from a gent from Germany, he is making Orgonite with only plaster and stones, some crystals and lots of other stones: garnet, peridot, amazonite……..what ever stones feels good to you, in his mix he had about a dozen different stones. I have made plenty of plaster Orgonite ( anyone have a name for it ? may be plasterite?) the feel is very good from the report of sensitive peoples. It is easy to make, take a mold and put a bit of fat in it for release, mix your plaster (I put in a wee bit more water so to be very liquid) pour in your mold and add your stones……….thats it!!!, now I have found that by putting in it a tablespoon of powdered copper per gallon of plaster will increase the energy coming out of it, but by it self it will do fine.
Plaster is most inexpensive No smell
No sticky mess
The only thing is that you will not be able to do is put it outside, unless it is under cover, I always put
a few coats of shellac on mines and it stay in good shape.
I also found that by crushing the crystals I get a better dispersion of the stones and better output.
Last edited by josh on Fri May 28, 2010 11:41 am, edited 1 time in total.

Re: welcome by Gifter on Fri May 28, 2010 10:47 am

Josh my Friend
This sounds wonderful, because one of the things keeping me from making more than I already have is the cost of resin. Question? Can a guy still use metal in the mix? Why I ask is during the winter I can’t pour so I cut up with tin snips, copper ,stainless and aluminum. Have 6-5 gallon pails for my summer pours. I would guess if A guy wanted to put it in water or in the elements outside you could put it into a
plastic sack or as you stated coat it with something. How would you go about making a CB with the plaster? I am sure I’ll have more questions later,got to run. Gifter

Re: welcome by josh on Fri May 28, 2010 12:56 pm

As far as a CB (Cloud Booster) is concerned I have found a most wonderful way to create a blue sky
(on the same principle of the original Broacaster).
Make a plaster piece, it can be as big as you like, put some shellac on it, for ease of cleaning, leave it
inside your house, and wrap an electric cord around it, (get a inexpensive cord 20 feet long) wrap it (
dowsed 7 times) and plug a small light into it, night light, salt lamp or a string of Christmas light or
anything constant.
Repeat this procedure as many time as you can in your home,the more you do, the more Orgone is
going into the power grid.
Oh I forgot, If you want to put a little metal in your plaster you can put in couple tablespoon of
copper sulfate, it is really fine and add good color, or any metal oxides to add variety of colors and
happiness to the pieces and to your home
This can be a fun thing to do with the children since plaster is harmless, let them use any type and
shape of molds they wish (soap molds, cookie molds, any natural vessel ).
Let’ s make ” Plasterite” a part of our environment and have it diffuse a powerful yet gentle type of
Orgone energy throughout the grid and throughout our homes.
Pictures wil be posted soon…

Re: welcome by josh on Fri May 28, 2010 9:55 pm

By the way, I have made many CBs, even one with a 35 gallons base an 8 inches tube over 10 feet long, but never has the sky stayed so blue for so long as when I started doing the broadcaster, this is valid in every country where it was done Josh

Re: welcome by monsoon gecko on Fri May 28, 2010 10:08 pm

Yo Josh….plaster and stones ?
This doesn’t sound right….isn’t it just a DOR collector?
How does the conversion of DOR to POR work ?
Is a quartz point used and if so, does the plaster have
a shrinkage to create the piezo electric affect ?
Look forward to more info and pictures.
Thanks and best regards.
monsoon gecko

Let us dream …real big
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Let us dream …real big
by josh » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:20 pm

All of us have done much with our gifting on all possible fronts with all kind of modalities,
and yet our reality is still within the dream of what we do not care for, so let us see if there is a way to turn this around. As we look at the state of affair on our world, we can sum it up with couple of words: it
The parasites are still, so it appear, have the upper hands.
Well then!!!, why can we not change our reality, our dream of what we would like it to be.
From what I can figure and hear so much about is that we create our own life, our own reality.
I think there is more to this.
As we look upon our today, outside reality, it leaves a whole lot to be desire, so it may be well
to live in a different world, a world where all is to our liking.
How do we do that: as we desire an existence of peace, gentleness and freedom, it is just that: a desire, I think we can do a little more to have it become real.
As we see, imagine, live, dream, taste a life of beauty, and as we are experiencing this “new” state, we are creating an etheric existence, and as the focus on that dream happen more and more often, it become more and more real.
So what we are doing is not only attracting a new life for our self, but it is a two prong effort, first this new life is attracted to us because of our focus, but also we are attracted to it because it is a great deal more pleasant, it is indeed like a magnet.
Let us see where we go with this, I am certain we can refine it and come up with wonderful ideas, there is lots to comment and share

Re: Let us dream …real big
by Edostar » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:20 am

Thanks for those inspiring thoughts, Josh.
There are those who would respond by asking: ‘what can possibly be achieved by dreams?’
On the surface; they may have a point (albeit a rather uninspired one).
A dream only becomes a reality when we begin to live the dream, regardless of the ‘accepted’
view of the world and its [negative] influences.
The ‘parasites’ only have the upper hand if we allow them to.
They rely almost entirely on their deception being regarded as reality (and an ever-growing
proportion of the population is not so easily taken in).
There are many influences that work in the favour of the Parasites.
Chemical influences (flouride, Chemtrails etc).
Electromagnetic influences (ungifted cell networks etc).
Media influences (pop music, movies, nespapers, magazines, TV etc).
All these influences seek to poison our minds and bodies and render us defenseless against the
continuing onslaught of the media deception.
As you mention; many of us have done much to counter the electromagnetic and chemical
influences in out respective areas so we come to your point concerning what else might be
done to realize our dream of a wholesome existence for all.
We can live our dream.
Behave as though we do not believe the lies and deception.
Act as though we are above the Parasites influence.
Speak the truth whenever we converse with others.
Live our lives in line with our own view of the world.
Laugh at the pathetic efforts of the Parasites to influence us.
Pity them for what they have become.
Our example will open minds to the reality and dispense with the deception.
We have gifted our orgonite; now let’s gift the truth that we each understand so well to those
less fortunate.

Re: Let us dream …real big
by josh » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:37 pm

A wonderful post, thank you Dan The biggest effort to be made is to not believe the dream/life that the parasites are pushing down our throat. To free our self from this insistent nightmare we must turn our back on all of their imposed fear, laugh at them and start living/dreaming the life /reality we prefer. It may be that as we “fight back” against the chem trails and their deceptions, we may be playing into there hands simply because we are in the game with them, well it may be best to no longer want to play ball with them; let them play……all by them self One of our stumbling block is their insistence to look and pay attention to their demented way of life, the enormity of the events are requiring our attention, it must be a concentrated effort on our part to focus solely on our real/dream world and let the illusion fade in the sewage it came from. This beauty is waiting for us, to turn away from the puppet show Josh

Re: Let us dream …real big
by josh » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:53 pm

We have a saying in French : le combat cessa faute de combatants. meaning, the battle
stopped because there was no one to fight.
Here a short video that tells much. … ead=194004

Re: Let us dream …real big
by SandAndSun » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:45 pm

josh, edostar, thank you for the beautiful words. I believe we are going through the wonderful times, and the earth has made a wonderful decision to ascend to the 5D. if the ascension process has started in 2003, and all cells in our bodies change in 7 years, then we are a completely different beings today and are now fully
equipped to continue the journey I think we are all feeling/experiencing the changes in the earth and the cosmos, and that is
helping us to wake up, and see that the dream that was always part of us -is coming forth i can see a wonderful, peaceful, loving, balanced place, where there is no fear, hatred, domination and greed… I think the changes has started already, and there is no way back now!!!
Peace, Love & Light, Anna

Personal protection
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Personal protection
by josh » Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:03 pm

Some years ago I made two Orgonite pendants for two different doctors that worked in the X Ray unit in radiology, their report after a while was that they were no longer as tired, their overall energy was good and their outlook on life also became somewhat brighter. This was 8 or so years ago, the Orgonite that I made then was not was it is today, today with the iron oxide/nano material and the fine sand/crystals, we are making a much superior
product. What it look like is that the Orgonite is able to transform the X Ray, will it do the same for the radiations for the Haarp created nuclear problem?, I would nor be surprise if it did, either way, we do not want to part form our pendants, anyone with more info on the subject is welcome to share J

Re: Personal protection
by Gifter » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:21 pm

A friend stopped over yesterday , he just about became airborne when he seen and felt my
energy garden.
He brought his Geiger counter , he had readings not good, about 50 ft from my energy garden
it was very windy, He then checked close to orgonite, plasterite, and a sack of glass beads.
The counter returned to O ( zero) for all them . He was amazed.These readings were taken at
the same spot 50 ft away from my E garden.
I blessed him with several plasterite cones and stars, 8 Texas muffens,a 1 gal size gridbuster
and several sacks of glass beads.
I would suggest we all have some good stuff in every room in our homes.

Re: Personal protection
by josh » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:58 pm

Thank you Gifter, it look like what we are doing is working, made a mistake this morning: I went to Etheric warrior to see if there was comment about radiations, I did not see any but saw all the comments posted about the Plasterite, wow, those folks need to make some and feel the affect. J

Re: Personal protection
by josh » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:52 pm

Of interest, yesterday we were doing some muscle testing about radiation versus Orgonite pendants, when asking about the pendant reducing radiations it was always a no, then after a while I changed the question to : is the Orgonite neutralizing the affect of radiations in the body ? we got a big yes. So ware your orgon generator, golly we may be the only one left on the planet when the show
is over Josh

Re: Personal protection
by josh » Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:58 pm

More deception from our leaders, welcome to the new and improved world wide gas chamber.
I am hearing from all kind of friends who live in various parts of Europe that the contents from the Chemtrails what they used to spray on us has changed recently.
Some of my friends who have a Geiger counter are measuring INCREDIBLE high radiation quickly after those chemtrail plains flew over. This has never happened before that they measured radiation coming from the chemtrail jets a few minutes after they passed !!
I have friends in FRANCE, UK, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND. And they all measure this shit !!!
This means that the establishment is misusing the situation from Japan and started to bombard the whole world with PLUTONIUM and such…. NOT BROUGHT BY THE WIND, BUT BY PLANES !!!!!
Look at California (see link below), I mean I just cannot believe that the Wind took this super high concentration of Radiation to this place. Also what I heard in the Netherlands, the radiation in the air is going sky high a few minutes after those chemtrail planes just did their spraying thing. So high that is almost comparable to measurements close to the area of Fukushima !!
California: … its-13014/
People who I see walking on the streets in my neighborhood are coughing like crazy over here (area in FRANCE) Yesterday I helped an old woman to get up, she just dropped on the street, she forgot to take her rollator she told me. While she just had in her hand for god sake, it was laying next to her !!! But she did not realize it……
Cheers !! … y=nav|head

Re: Personal protection
by Edostar » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:39 pm

Hi Josh.
Thanks for posting this.
Ghastly as it may seem; it is perfectly in character and quite typical of the criminal network
who assume that they are clandestinely in control of the World.
I have no reason to doubt that what you say is true.
For an idea of how the free radioactive particulates are flowing around the globe; this site
gives real-time satellite images at different altitudes: … H=0&LOOP=1

Re: Personal protection
by josh » Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:30 pm

OK folks we have something to work on;
The power industry has installed lots and lots of “smart meters”, those meters broadcast the reading of the electric meter to the receiver where ever they may be, the broadcast of EMF from those meters is very strong and creating much havoc in the health of many people that are sensitive to those frequencies.
A young lady contacted me for help since she was badly affected by a near by meter, so I sent her some nano pendants, some Pillows, and other Orgonite pieces.
The result was totally negative, no result what so ever, nothing worked until she was able to warp the meter in aluminum foil (couple of time), that did it.
So I have been at a lost since then in trying to find something that could work, at the same time trying to validate the effectiveness of Orgonite, this is not the first time it happened, I am
not saying that the Orgonite is not doing something, but certainly not nearly enough I could try broadcasting 15 hz with a large crystal, but still not sure Anyone with a bright idea???????
Please no aluminum hats Josh

Re: Personal protection
by monsoon gecko » Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:19 am

Smart Meters……….have heard how smart meters here in Australia are ripping people off in $$$ and health. Remember reading how someone slipped a doughnut shaped orgonite over the round meter and achieved good results Thought this may have been the article on WM, but not the one, although good info.
Maybe alluminium foil works better than we know …ha ha Some more info on Smart Meters
A few hours later…..I found this, mmm..more info from the crowhouse … sed/#video
Haven’t come across one yet…you would think orgonite would work a treat. Cheers
monsoon gecko

Dreams and Plasterite

Dreams and Plasterite
by SandAndSun » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:30 pm

personally, I pay a lot of attentions to my dreams. there were some long periods of time, sometimes months when I didn’t have any recollections of my dreams, nor did I consciously worked through them. as strangely as it might sound, but I really develop an understanding (whatever it might be at that particular moment) of this reality through the dreams. I think I can even call them unconscious experiences, as they supply me with a good deal of understanding of whatever my mind is occupied with. What I noticed in a couple of days, is that the night I made a plasterite while it was curing in the mold, I practically didn’t sleep, or at least that’s how it felt, I was constantly dreaming, and I still remember at least 4 (!!!!) different dreams that I had that night , they were so vivid and colorful. Next night while the plasterite was still during up I had a lot less dreams maybe 1 or 2, and they were semi vivid, I only remember around 30% of what I saw. For the last 2 nights I haven’t had a recollections of any dream, I still continue to feel the strong positive energy coming from the pieces, but the dreams are not there or I just do not remember them. So I had these questions in the back of my mind: how quickly do we get attuned with the higher energy ( I understand that we are all coming from different perspectives in life and it is probably very individual… but I thought I would ask anyway) and could it be possible that the pieces in the liquid/semi-liquid form before they are totally cured generate a different type of energy, or could the energy be much stronger?

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by josh » Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:50 am

Anna I will give a try at it: last week a dear friend of mine came here to make Plasterite, he left to go home with several large pieces; a few large cakes and a cone 27″ high, that night he did not sleep very well, not much at all actually, the next night was not as bad, and the third much better, those pieces were not in the same room, if you look at some of the reports from Monsoon you see that it is always takes couple of days for biology to acclimate it self, the same with me and my lady, even in the next room; impossible to sleep, I had the same experience after I made a large nano device, after a while the body get use to it then it is OK And yes the dreams are different, more alive. What some of the people here have tested is the the Plasterite get stronger as it drys, very possibly because as the water vacates the drying plaster it leaves behind a gezillion of air spaces acting as resonant cavities and amplifying exponentially all the energies present within the Plasterite
So there Josh

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by SandAndSun » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:37 pm

then few days sounds like a norm. I really enjoyed these vivid dreams and wasn’t sure why they stopped so soon. it was an amazing experience none the less. i did noticed a clear sky above my house few times, i will post pictures next time.

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by Lightning » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:48 pm Hello Anna, May I ask what was in the Plasterite that you made? Was it shells and plaster, crystals shells and plaster, metal and plaster, etc? I thought of a couple of things that you may like to try; Herkimer Diamonds are great
dreamstones, perhaps you could include them in your Plasterite and intend them to stay
activated to keep the vivid dreams going.
Let’s see, what else.. Moonstone or Pearl for female energy (Receptive), Frankincense (3rd
eye), hmmm…
Still gathering materials, waiting on the last order YAY!

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by SandAndSun » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:11 am

Hello Linda,
Sorry, didn’t notice the post before I made my first plaster with crushed stones, shells, rocks and sand collected in a near by beach, added some oils, minerals, copper (just realized that i forgot to add copper in the second creation… and didn’t put any copper coils… or well… ). Also, some additional selenite and lemurian crystals, Himalayan salt. I listed all the ingredients somewhere under Plaster forum, I think on page 17 or 18. It took me several months, I think, to get all the ingredients
and finally do it, but I am so happy i did it. It’s a fun process, as well As i understand, the main ingredients are: the mold, plaster, water, salt and sand, the rest are the enhancements
right? -experts, please confirm! I think once you have the basic ones, you are all set to go! Please share your creations when you make them, would love to see how they would come out!
Dreams came back around the 4th, 5th day, not as intense as the first one, but still very vivid… A while ago, someone conditioned me that moonstones and pearls are not too good for me
(make me more moody ), so i still have mixed feels about them… I’ve read a lot about Herkimer Diamonds, they should be good to use in plasterite, i should really look for them . I am not familiar with Frankincense, will ave to look up. Thank you!!! Recently i acquired a larger shiva lingam stone, and was thinking if i should put it in plaster? Or just maybe put it in water ( i think it was suggested by josh somewhere) and use the stone water in plasterite? Any suggestion on weather to use the Shiva lingam in plasater?

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by josh » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:13 pm

Anna, in one of the book I read long time ago, the lady mention that for every pound of crystal you broadcast 100 miles what ever intention you may have written, but you will have to surround the crystal with a string of lapis or lapis and clear quartz mix (like a necklace). what she meant is if you have a crystal that weight 10 pound ; your intent , that you would have written on a piece of virgin paper, will be broadcasted 1000 miles, if your crystal weigh 5 pound it will broasdcast 500 miles. So I consider Shiva Lingam a crystal, and I have one here that weigh about 80 pound; I write
what ever peaceful intents that I like (a few hundred time) on a piece of paper and put that under the crystal, put the Lapis/quartz string around , and here I am broadcasting 8000 miles
I do not know the percentage of effectiveness, but if I get just one percent: I am that much
further ahead, especially if you have many big crystals and you do that to all of them
If you have a one pound or two pound crystal: 100 or two hundred miles is already quite good You can easily get the Lapis with the hole in it, so to make necklace, as well as the clear quartz This is very good medicine I have made an essence of crystal, just take what ever crystal you like, put them in water in the sun for a few day and use that instead of real crystals, (the crystals like that a whole lot better), this gives you a homeopathic strength of the crystals that we may not get with the real one, and I use 1/4 cup in my Plasterite mix Good luck Josh

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by SandAndSun » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:55 am

josh, thank you, great!!! that is one mighty crystal that you have there
Can rose/smokey quartz beads be used, or only clear quartz? I have a few strands of those,
will need to get lapis ones, then… Lingam that i have is a baby then probably under 10
question: is the crystal water essence have the same power as the crushed crystal? Wouldn’t
water be a bit more vulnerable, as it might be easier to reprogram a water, then the crystal
powder? Otherwise, i really like the idea of using the water essence of the stone, i think they
would prefer that as well!

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by josh » Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:32 am

10 pounds: a thousand miles, I think this quite decent, please do it and write all things that
you would like to see in our world, and let it rip From what I remember in the book I read this lady mention to use only Lapis, but if you did not have enough to make a long strand, you could space it out by putting clear quartz in between the Lapis pieces I love the way you extrapolate, I strongly feel that the crystals elixir is much stronger, simply because it vibrates on a etheric level rather than just 3D, as far as the water being programed, I would not give it another thought because the water from the plaster evaporates and all that
is left is truly the spirit of the gems; so no water to mess with

Re: Dreams and Plasterite
by SandAndSun » Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:55 am

josh, i will do that, will look for the lapis beads then… i am sure there will be something on ebay… you right about the water evaporation, i didn’t thought about that, so, then no worries, I would then acquire stones instead of the powder and use them: happy crystals -> happy plasterite


Plaster Orgonite Questions…

Plaster Orgonite Questions…

by Lightning » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:21 pm

Has anyone found a paint or coating which renders Plasterite impervious to outdoor elements? Has anyone coated Plasterite with Orgonite?? Has anyone mixed Plaster into their Orgonite? I need a source for seashells (small for embedment) and seashore sand. Can anyone point me
toward a good one?
Thanks . Namaste, Linda

Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
by josh » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:11 am

Hello Linda There are on the market some products that will make your Plasterite water resistant, but only for a little while, eventually the moisture is going to get in and screw things up, in order to gift the Plasterite in nature or in water this is what I do: I have a small vacuum machine to preserve food such as beans, flour.etc… so I take a piece of Plasterite and put it in the vacuum, and when I am finished I put in another bag and vacuum that as well, so it is in two vacuumed bags, totally water proof!!
My lady has been painting various things on the devices and I am quite certain it will keep the pieces nice as long as they are in the house, you can paint them with Shellac that will protect them, but not 100% for outside.
I do not know of anyone coating the plaster with Orgonite, that would be a good idea if you keep your metal as an oxide size particles, and your crystals crushed very fine, so to be able to paint with it.
As far as mixing plaster with Orgonite, we are all doing it because plaster is Selenite, and we
all put Selenite in the Orgonite
For your sea shells here is the place I am getting them:
Good luck josh
When you go to the site, go down the page a little until you see the Nassa Persica, they are
just right for the devices and your wallet as well ($9 for a gallon)

Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
by Lightning » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:26 am

Thank you very much Josh ,
I went and looked at the link you posted for shells-They have exactly what I want. Perfect. Now to the drawing board…
Have a great day everybody .

Question/s …

Postby sacred on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:13 pm

I’ve made my first couple of batches of orgonite … yay! been busy fixing rough spots, sanding, etc, and will post a pic as soon as I can borrow a camera …

a friend has a good supply of fossils that he doesn’t know what to do with 8-) … mainly shell fossils, but sea creatures as well ….

was wondering if they’d be OK in orgonite (I’m using resin, not plasterite) …

and shells in resin? any problems with that? I’ve made some orgonite and put it into a shell (already gifted), and it had a lovely feel … :)

am also wondering if there’s a quicker way to get the shine back after doing some sanding in patches (& edges), other than sanding up to a high grit …

and I know I’ve had tons of other questions, but they come and go ….

oh, another one being re metal shavings … have been given a bucket of shavings that are a bit dusty and have bits of dirt from the factory floor in with them … I’ve tried to wash it, but separating one from the other is just not happening easily …. :(

maybe a better question would be whether I can easily get clean shavings, so I don’t have to go through the cleaning process at all! :)

Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:37 pm

OK Sacred, here is few words for your questions,
In the first days of Orgonite, probably 2000 or 2001, Don Croft (the Orgonite guru) said to get any shavings that you can, dirty or not will not make a difference, he was saying to remove the old cigarette butts from the shaving, but you really did not have to do that if you did not want to, so worry not about the dirt, it may even add something to the mix. You will make good looking Orgonite if you decide to have a business and sell it, otherwise you do not need to have it all prettied up
If you need to make your Orgonite look good, first, it does not need to be a good looking piece to gift in nature, actually the worst it look the better, only if you will have that piece shown in your home or giving it to someone.
So if your Orgonite is rough looking, do as Stephen said “double dip”!!!, make a small batch of resin with nothing in it, and put your piece in it and remove it, or brush it on, it should give you a fine finish
As far as shells, put as many as you can in the Orgonite, it creates a good spin
Good luck my dear (check your PM)

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:50 pm

thanks, Josh …

I’m making some ‘pretties’ for some women customers and friends that are attracted to the pretty crystals, etc …. when I get to the bottom of the tin of resin, I’ll make the work-horses then, as it’s a bit cloudier down the bottom of the tin …..

thanks for the info re the dirt in the metal …. I had thought it couldn’t really hurt, being an ‘organic’ substance itself …… haven’t found any cigarette butts (yet) ;)

my first 2 batches were a bit patchy, and needed to be redipped …. a steep learning curve about resin setting times, and needing to get the resin through the metal shavings …. so now I’ve got a whole pile of sanding to do to get the overspill off ….. I quite like sanding things, though! haven’t got any fingerprints at the moment, but they’ll grow back! :D

with the orgonite I’ve got from Stephen in the past, those that have been gifted his pieces have made requests for similar ones from me …. nothing like a bit of pressure for a newbie, eh? :roll:

I am enjoying myself, though! :) I’m being creative and helping people … a great combination! :D


Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:26 pm

Linda, if you like a little more time to work, use the epoxy instead of the polyester resin, depending on the kind of epoxy you can have one to 4 hours to work with the mixture, also there is no smell, the polyester resin is rather toxic and better done outside, you can do the epoxy inside: no smell. the epoxies come in different mix, you can have one where you mix half and half, some are one to four ratio, many to choose from, I like the half and half, unless it is very warm weather, it will give me couple hours to change the pattern of the crystals if need be…… but the big deal for me is NO SMELL ;)
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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:12 pm

Josh, I will ask around for the epoxy you mentioned as I feel that the snippets of seizure activity I’ve been dealing with of late are partially due to the fumes of the resin …. I don’t have a place outside to work, so have been working in the laundry, with as much ventilation as possible .. and I don’t yet have a proper mask for fumes, so have been using a disposable dust mask, which really only takes the edge off the intensity of the smell of the resin, but doesn’t really filter it ..

as you can see, I didn’t want to wait any longer to start making orgonite! :)

I will make some phone calls to the suppliers of the fiberglass resin and see if they can steer me in a direction where I can find the slow drying epoxy … :)


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Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:33 pm

Linda my dear please do not over look the Plasterite, it has a larger range than the Orgonite, much higher vibrations, cost extremely little and is so simple to make, all it take is plaster and beach sand (beach sand is highly charged), it would save you many dollars, no smell, no stickeeeezzzz, no metals, only crystal if you want to broadcast a particular character, otherwise plaster and sand is all you need .

Now if you want to get real fancy, you can do as Sandandsun is doing, and put everything in the plaster that is in your kitchen, I understand she was trying to put hubby in the plaster but he ran away too quickly :lol:

At this time I only make Orgonite if I need to make the small pieces that goes on the back of the cell phone, I still have 10 gallons of epoxy and I not sure when I am going to use them, I know I have to make coasters for my lady, but that will be it for me and the Orgonite, I feel that we have found a stronger medium to work with
Well then here you go, stay away from the polyester, you can always give it to someone you do not like,……send it to the illuminaties :twisted: :twisted:
The dust mask you using is doing very little good, it is made for particulates not gaseous fumes, the fumes go clear through it :o

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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:12 pm

the plasterite has a beautiful feel to it … very gentle, nurturing …

is there a way to make it more durable so it is less likely to chip around the edges?

Stephen sent me a piece of plasterite that you just want to stroke, like a pet! after reading that he’d added Nag Champa oil to a plasterite mix, I thought :!: and rubbed my hand over the piece I have with some amber paste I had left on my hand …. it still smells divine!

I had thought of plasteriting instead of orgoniting, but I wanted to make some pretty pieces where the crystals could be seen ….

I can’t paint like Lady Catherine … and haven’t thought of a way to decorate it, and also protect it …. yet ;) maybe if I rounded the ‘corner’ edges, like the base, it would be less likely to chip … :?: if it was coated with anything, would that change its broadcasting range?

I didn’t realise that plasterite didn’t require metal shavings, and wasn’t 100% sure about whether it still needed quartz … so thanks for that clarification! :)

I knew I had lots of questions! :D

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Re: Question/s …

Postby Lightning on Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:30 am

Josh and Linda,

Thanks for having this conversation on the forum. :)

I have had many of the same questions Linda, including thinking for awhile that I needed a certain percentage of metal in the Plasterite (Now I know that I don’t), and the question of crystal or no crystal, also.

Thanks again, please keep talking ;) ,


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Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:31 am

A bit more :P The pieces that you have seen from Catherine are quite lovely but for the pieces that are going to the school they are not like that, for example I make for her lots of little hearts , basically the size of a TB, small stars, small pyramids, many other things that she will paint with only one or two colors.
One some of them she will glue a crystal on the top, but here is the big thing; it feel stronger after it has being painted
One of the larger cone she used a sponge to put the color on it it is very good looking
To have to smaller pieces it is so easy to do, you can use the same muffin pans you use for cooking, the same as the TBs, and you wash them and keep on cooking with them, the plaster is not grievous like the resin :cry: .
I am going to post some pictures of those pieces we have been giving to schools and other folks, you will see the simplicity and the size as well with the different colors, so hold on Catherine will help me with this most technical endeavor
Try one piece just with sand and plaster, there is such a purity about it
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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:51 pm

what kind of paint does Catherine use, Josh? does it make the plasterite more durable?

can plasterite be drilled for pendants?

I have to agree re the purity of the plasterite … it has a much finer vibration .. feels very spiritual whereas the orgonite seems to be more of a physical worker, if you know what I mean … even some of the earlier ones that I made (which didn’t have enough metal shavings) still felt they related to the physical dimension, but were/are uplifting and lightening, which also has its place in the world … :)

I’ll post pics, too, when I borrow a camera .. and I’ll ask that person to help me get some plaster and sand … not driving has its drawbacks … but I have learned to have a lot of patience! :)

I learned something yesterday (simple as it may sound) that plasterite and orgonite are different …. I used to understand plasterite as being part of the orgonite, or one of the ‘materials’, but not a different version of the same thing, so to speak … so thanks for that!

Josh, another question re what one puts into the mix, whether it be plasterite or orgonite … if the combination of elements transmutes negative energy to positive (simply put), wouldn’t adding things like castor oil, eg, promote its beneficial qualities? not that getting rid of sh*t isn’t beneficial … :lol: I was thinking of pipestone … wouldn’t it radiate all the good things?

I have also wondered about making personal medicine pieces …. antler, feathers, etc … but part of me doesn’t like to ‘suffocate’ a living being, even though it isn’t alive in the physical sense anymore … :| this is a new idea/thought that came to me the other day ….

I used to have a nickname … the Options Lady … now you know why … :D

think of all the questions I’ve already asked Stephen! :lol:

and thank you, in advance, for all the guidance you’ve given … and are yet to share … one and all ….

Re: Question/s …

Postby josh on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:23 am

Anything that you can think of that be can a help for the highest ethics, gentleness, honesty, fair dealing, joy, all wonderful positive attributes that can be broadcasted with a stone, with a crystal (asking it to do that), or writing on paper (intents), you can put in the Plasterite, but know that you will be broadcasting sometime very far, and you must be certain that what you put in the Plasterite as well as the Orgonite, is exactly what you want

Here is another most powerful thing you can do, this was given to me by my friend Tony, a very enlighten being; wrap your Plasterite with a long electric cord, plug it, then put both hands on the wire coiled and pray, intent with as much feeling as you can……….

About the “living” being, well yes the Plasterite is a living being, very feminine in nature, it is not a lump of inanimate mater, you can go in and speak with her and ask what she like, she knows exactly what she want and will guide you if you ask…..a beautiful being.

All of us must see the level where we are working, and it is there that the changes are the most effective

Something that I have been doing with success: rather than using the crystals per say, I take all the crystals that I think can broadcast the appropriate characters, and I put them all in “pillowed ” water, I live them in the sun all the time and when I make the Plasterite , I take 1/4 cup of that water and put it in the plaster water, this gives me an homeopathic kind of mixture stronger than the stones that I could put in it (just take a 1/2 gallon water jar, put your stones in it, and live them in the sun, they would likely be ready to use after one single afternoon in the sun, but I live them out all the time.
The pipe stone is truly from the blood of our ancestors from a long time ago, it is a long story, yes it is sacred, but I would not put it in to be broadcasted ,

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Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:04 pm

I hear what you’re saying, Josh … and thank you …

intent, prayer and all that good stuff is what it’s really made of …. and I pump them with good vibes when I’ve finished pouring …. it’s all that’s needed, other than the basic materials … now that I know what plasterite needs, and what orgonite needs .. :D

I have always preferred to keep things simple, and have a golden rule … when in doubt, don’t … well, that’s one of them … :)

a few days ago I looked at the stone I have, and it wasn’t ‘talking’ to me, so I haven’t used it .. and it sounds like you wouldn’t include it in your pillowed water … you’re making a gem essence there, by the way .. but you probably knew that .. :)

I am looking forward to the plasterite, and will do as Tony suggested … I hadn’t really understood the reason for cord-wrapping before, but now I do …

I can be a bit slow sometimes, but I get there eventually! :D

Re: Question/s …

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:46 am

Great techniques Josh. I,m going to ‘pick’ a few stones to charge up water.
Should have done it ages ago. Water loves taking on energy….Biggest crime using water towers as M/wave transmiters, gift them. !Sacred… the coil or extension cord wrapped around the plasterite is
to broadcast pos energy to electricity grid, It’s plugged in to something that runs 24/7.
That idea of Tony is brilliant…for implanting intention and grattitude for its use.
Very interesting using the coil.I like the idea of stirring / vortexing the water while pillow the sides .
Same with making beer..ha haAlso, a good tip for plasterite…after its hardened, but still soft, take a nail file
or similar and run around the edge of mould a few times.
This will give the base a slight brevelled edge which will stop pieces chipping off.
Wish I;d done that with the first large cones I made…..even small pieces,
just neatens it up.Thanks Josh…what productive play and fun we have ,…..
monsoon gecko

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:16 pm

I’ve made a teacup size that cracked across the bottom … I thought maybe the quartz in the middle was too big … :?:

I’ve got a batch setting now, and have re-dipped the cracked one (hope it stays together), but another new one has cracked across the bottom, and the quartz in that wouldn’t have been a problem …

I waxed the mould well ….. they’re sitting in the sun …. could that be heating the resin up too quickly?

Re: Question/s …

Postby monsoon gecko on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:52 am

So, you could see the crack while still in the mould ie on the top as it hardened ?
This is common when the resin hardens too quickly…too hot, If so, just use a fraction
less hardener. Temperature, hot day, cold day can make diff to amount of hardener too.
Less hot , more cold ,,,Keep a mental record ..or written ,, Ive had heaps of cracks, fractures.
Not a problem…Orgonite still works ok, but can be repaired if desired.
Its all trial and error… just repeat what works
And have fun
monsoon gecko

Re: Question/s …

Postby sacred on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:13 pm

monsoon gecko wrote:So, you could see the crack while still in the mould ie on the top as it hardened ?

yes … the one that I re-dipped didn’t re-crack :D
but another new one did …. :(
I waxed the mould really well, but it was a plastic martini glass that was thick and had a white plastic lining that seemed to love to stick to the resin! :cry: now it’s stuck in the mould … I’ve chipped the edges of the mould off, and still can’t get the orgonite out, so have decided to file the edges down and use it as a garden piece …. kinda a pity ’cause I put some you beaut crystals in there and was really looking forward to seeing what it came out like ….

monsoon gecko wrote:Temperature, hot day, cold day can make diff to amount of hardener too.

I normally don’t put them out in the sun, but did, and had used less hardener … maybe I was a tad impatient about it setting? :? and it got pretty hot here yesterday …
the thought crossed my mind that it could be heating up too much …. will find a shadier place today … ;)

monsoon gecko wrote:Keep a mental record ..or written

yes, Teach! :roll: :D

I used glass moulds for the first time yesterday … the orgonite came out so easily! :) I also used paramagnetic rocks in one in particular, and the energy from it is awesome! yes, it’s a very pretty pink and black colour when in the resin …

I’m having lots of fun …

New mix for Orgonite

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New mix for Orgonite by josh on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:22 am

About 6 month ago a costumer call me and ask if I could make a pendant that would help her
arthritis, I told her That I would try, so this is what I did:
I knew that the Orgonite will amplify what ever is put in the mix.
I knew that the energies of the Orgonite get modulated by the different stones we put in it
So I prepared my mix to make her a pendant : resin, metal oxide+micron size copper, and a
mix of crystal powder,
Then I added one teaspoon of turmeric powder (turmeric is said to be beneficial for arthritis),
the mix became a beautiful dark red color.
I suspected that the Orgonite would also amplify the energy of the turmeric and broadcast it as
well as the various stones.
I sent the pendant to this lady, 2 or 3 weeks later her report was that her arthritis was no
longer a problem, she was very glad since she is a piano teacher
I cannot say for sure if the pendant was responsible for her well being, but may be???
From that we can apply the same method to various problem, use different herbs and see what
effect they have on various problems and situations.

Re: New mix for Orgonite by sacred on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:35 pm
josh wrote: Then I added one teaspoon of turmeric powder (turmeric is said to be beneficial for arthritis), the mix became a beautiful dark red color. I suspected that the Orgonite would also amplify the energy of the turmeric and broadcast it as well as the various stones. I sent the pendant to this lady, 2 or 3 weeks later her report was that her arthritis was no longer a problem, she was very glad since she is a piano teacher I cannot say for sure if the pendant was responsible for her well being, but may be???
From that we can apply the same method to various problem, use different herbs and see what effect they have on various problems and situations. j
it makes perfectly good sense that the turmeric would work with the orgonite … good on you!
this leads me to ask this question that’s been tapping on the door of my brain ..
I have some pipestone offcuts that I would like to put into a mix (when I finally am able to set myself up to do so) … but I understand the sacredness of the stone, and want to do the best thing by it ..
does anyone see any problems?
no, I am not native … my ex was a pipemaker (again, not native, but given the right to make pipe) … and I have a variety of small pieces, too small for pipe .. but good medicine to have around …
I know the dust is toxic and should be avoided …
any protocol issues, or other issues I should know about? it feels right … Linda

Re: New mix for Orgonite by monsoon gecko on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:14 am

Pipe stone…? Is that like ,,,we smokum peace pipe ? Is it made of special material ? Curious…I assume big deal in indian culture. I’m ready for a toke….ha ha .
monsoon gecko

Re: New mix for Orgonite by josh on Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:57 am

The pipe stone is called ‘catlanite’ it is red and the native say it was made from the blood of our people, among the Sioux nation only the red stone is accepted, but some other native will use black stone as well . When a Pipe is carved it is done in a sacred manner, prayers, sage burning etc.., it will take a long time to carve since most of the time primitive tools are used, and many stories are told (wonderful stories) As the pipe is being done, the dust from the carving will be save for later use as medicine, I have not yet seen the powder used in this way, it also will be use to make face paint . The native say that when you pray with your pipe, what ever you pray for will happen, and the most prized possession of a native American is his pipe. After a pipe is done carving there is a ceremony to bring the spirit in it, a most powerful event!!!!!. As you can guess I have tried just about everything in Orgonite, but never the pipe stone, please try it and see what it bring, it may bring sacredness, but much sadness as well, so be very aware of this, the pipe spirit is a very strong as powerful spirit and there is already plenty sadness in our world. Tocsa
josh aka anpetu washte mani

Re: New mix for Orgonite by sacred on Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:15 pm

josh wrote: As you can guess I have tried just about everything in Orgonite, but never the pipe stone, please try it and see what it bring, it may bring sacredness, but much sadness as well, so be very aware of this, the pipe spirit is a very strong as powerful spirit and there is already plenty sadness in our world. Tocsa
josh aka anpetu washte mani
I hadn’t thought of the sadness that may come with it, Josh … being the blood of the people …
could that be balanced with turquoise and silver?
I felt the sacredness and prayerful manner of living in balance with all our relations would be
brought forth in orgonite … you feel it would bring out both the positive and ‘negative’
energies? I thought of the positive only, which is why I really wanted to run it by you ..
I have pipestone dust from pipes that have been made, and have used that for aura protection
and to add to medicine bags where people have been under psychic attack ..
aside from using pipestone in orgonite, would the stone be sad that it wasn’t in its home
country? I have two slabs that are too narrow for pipe, offcuts from pipe made, and pipestone
dust ..
back to making orgonite with a small piece in it, would the energy of it be known at the time
of making or afterwards, or would aspects of it present themselves in time?
energy is a delicate thing to be working with, and I want to do the best by the stone, the
people, and the orgonite …
josh wrote: After a pipe is done carving there is a ceremony to bring the spirit in it, a most
powerful event!!!!!.
these pieces came from the stone as a bowl was being carved … so were not part of the
awakening ceremony … that would possibly also be something to take into account …

Re: New mix for Orgonite by josh on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:46 pm

Sacred, I will share with you what I feel and believe deeply, it is a bit off the common path but that is the way it is
, I believe with all my being that all is alive with a large degree of consciousness and has the right to ask for the greatest degree of respect, and as I walk among the trees, the grass, the clouds, the winged people, the four legged, the creepy crawlies I have no problem what ever to behave toward them as if they were my close relatives, because they are, they are my relations, the grand fathers the rocks, the water, the air, the earth I walk on,
all of them are wonderful friends of mine, and I do not want it any other way. I am never alone So for your pipe stone dust, it is your relative as well, speak to it and ask what is the best for her, will she accept to help in this way, or would she rather be in a medicine pouch,…..listen, she is conscious, and as you give this closeness, this intimate feeling to ALL that surrounds you: you will feel so elated, there is not one moment where you will not know that you are with your close family The way I see it is that you already are a medicine woman ………………and may be I should be
the one asking for advise tocsa josh PS give the stone a little tobacco

Re: New mix for Orgonite by sacred on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:55 pm
thanks, Josh …the pieces that were excess as the pipe bowl emerged from the stone have been popping into my mind the more I read about orgone devices … I feel the dust is happy where it is and is to be used as it has been …
I had intended to talk with the stone after asking its ‘original keeper’ … your land and people … medicine is not something to play with lightly …
I feel a strong connection to your culture and its people, and also understand that as much as I may sense what is right, it is appropriate to ask .. especially as the pipe is traditionally carried by a man … and the bowl is the female aspect of the pipe ..
josh wrote: The way I see it is that you already are a medicine woman ………………and may be I should be the one asking for advise
we are here to learn from each other … I spent 3 years in the US and had much shared with me … and I miss a lot of that … (we will chat one day
) josh wrote:PS give the stone a little tobacco
thank you … yes, it is needed …
I had thought of sage (loose Californian White Sage) and wondered whether some sage, cedar and sweetgrass would be good companions in the orgonite with the pipestone … I can see I have some connecting to do … and this has prompted more questions and pics in
my mind … medicine from other beings … thank you for your input, suggestions and the like, Josh … I have to warn you that questions and answers lead to more questions!

Re: New mix for Orgonite by josh on Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:54 pm
Sacred: if you need sage please let me know

Re: New mix for Orgonite by sacred on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:41 pm thank you, Josh … shall do …

beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby monsoon gecko » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:57 am

After chat with Josh and success with plasterite, here’s some orgonite trials to share.
Beach sand feels more like it creeps up on you when held….then really gets a tingle up…
Pendulum… both sand and quartz models set clockwise spin , easily beyond the circumference of
the piece being tested…………mmmm…..looking promising !!
Yo…..anyone , please give, offer Bovis reading ! ….appreciated regardless result… I’m still learning !
First photo shows 6 copper top sand model Tb’s…no crystals at all…… the rest , standard Tb;s with quartz point
and chunk of tourmaline added.ImageNext is close up , then next very close up…..Tb’s got a heaped teaspoon of beach sand each.Image
ImageThe last is Hhg martini glass size… This one has 4, 5, maybe 6 teaspoons of beachsand…no other crystals.ImageBovis reading anyone….VERY curious…
Thanks and regards, ….Stephen
monsoon gecko

Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby Steve » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:28 pm

I’m getting about 75,000 on the copper TBs, 44,000 on the standard ones, 160,000 Bovis on the HHG. Nice looking pieces Monsoon.


Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby Lightning » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:48 pm

Oh how cool.

I’m glad you made those Monsoon, they’re great! And thank you for the readings too, Steve :) .

:arrow: Ya know, Monsoon, it would be interesting to have countertops made of that in the kitchen (Sorry I couldn’t help it :mrgreen: ), you could probably turn out some great faux granite and start a new trend in kitchen decor, Paramagnetic Countertops to charge your food while you make it, what do you think? :mrgreen:

Ref the sand, I have been collecting beach sand from specific beaches for use in Orgonite and Plasterite.

Part of my intention is to use the sand as a structural link to the specific beach from which it came. I think this would be useful for instance, in the Gulf oil spill areas. Lots of silica, lots of different minerals in it from the shells and all…




Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby Steve » Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:08 am … ertops.php I bet they could custom make whatever you want.


Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby monsoon gecko » Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:19 am

Firstly…thanks for the heads up on sand sustitute for quartz, Josh….and what a surprise !

Steve….you beauty…the Bovis readings are great confirmation.. I’m particularly surprised
at the difference in the Tb readings…combo of sand and copper top very interesting.
Perhaps the copper top more conductive than the steel ? or is it the sand more active than quartz ?
I think I’ll make some more trials with identical swarf.. the only difference being the sand and quartz.

Great info on treehugger link…I imagined going beyond benchtops…how about wall panels
incorporating metal swarf and beachsand…mmm

Lightning, trouble with benchtops is resin scratches easy and I wouldn’t want to cut food up on it,
but surely a product is available for tough finish……………great idea on collecting different sands
for specific areas…sure earth spirits would like working with local materials…ha ha

Mini Benchtop ? ha ha…………nah..,just another photo opportunity ..!


monsoon gecko

Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby josh » Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:18 am

My goodness, Stephen, if we post the effect of the sand, rather than using crystals on David Icke, we shall start WW3 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Better yet , why not post this on Warrior Matrix :twisted: :twisted:

I have done that for a while while now, using the beach sand, within other kind of devices, with great success….I wanted to make sure I was not the only one.

I am looking at nature and seeing all has it has to offer, as well as simplifying the Orgone producing devices, I think to replace the crystals with sand is a large step to that affect, and at least I am no longer crushing crystals, that really did not feel good.

The energy of the beach sand, I am certain, comes from its constant exposure to sun light, thousands of years worth
And darn it its FREE
Now I cannot see my self trying to dowse each grain of sand to know what end go where :? ,

Some four weeks ago I made a 27″ tall cone with plaster and a Pillow mixture (about 2 gallon of it), and I thought it was a total failure since it appear to crumble easily, so it was just laying around in the back yard. Two days ago I decided to stand it up in the garden.
Today those parasites spray chem soup all over, the sky was a sickly whitish murky goo, and above the place a very large blue hole, all day they would came and the spray just vanished as it got near the blue hole , all day long…it was fun to watch :D :D
I must see if I can make this plaster a bit more stable, with all those herbs inside I dont think it will last long in the weather. Well it will last as long as it wants to, when it is gone I’ll just make another one


Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby monsoon gecko » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:02 pm

Wow…I just love the Life Pillow…every day !
… that much pillow material in cone must have been oustanding !
When you see amazing confirmations of techniques…such a blessing !
I bet you couldn’t wipe smile of gratitude off your face all day…ha hammm…appropriate photo ? mmm…maybe this one !
Haven’t got many hole in cloud shots…but sylphs always welcome !
monsoon gecko

Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby monsoon gecko » Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:41 am

G’day all……here’s the next lot of teacup Hhg’s.
The ones in front with little brass beads in the top have heaped teaspoon of beachsand…no quartz,.
The row behind…copper top too, have only quartz point…no sand.
The rows behind, all black tops have both beachsand and quartz.
All have been double dipped giving that glass finish…Please, please, Steve, can you give Bovis reading for each group ? Very curious.
I believe I will add beach sand to all pieces along with quartz while I have plenty.
Thank you Stephen
monsoon gecko

Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby Steve » Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:51 am

Please take this with a grain of salt Stephen: :D

Front – 43,000
Middle- 35,000
Back rows- 45,000



Re: Beach Sand substitute for Quartz ?

Postby monsoon gecko » Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:21 am

Nice one Steve…thankyou.
So appears a combination of beachsand and quartz is the way to go for powerful devices,
although beachsand certainly very energetic by itself.
Great to know…mmm…..learning curve still going up…..Ha ha
monsoon gecko

Does Shell Size Make a Difference in Plasterite Function?

Postby Lightning on Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:56 pm

I have been leaning toward smaller shells in order to have the greatest quantity of resonant chambers, but I’m definitely not the expert here, maybe that’s not the way to go… It occurs to me that maybe size of the resonant chambers may affect the range of the device…

Should I look for larger ones?

Thoughts, anyone?

Thanks for any input,

Linda :)

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Re: Does Shell Size Make a Difference in Plasterite Function?

Postby sacred on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:39 pm

I love your questioning, Linda! :)

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I love to hear all your thinking outside the square … :)

Re: Does Shell Size Make a Difference in Plasterite Function?

Postby josh on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:46 pm

Depending on the size of the shell you may have one or two chambers, on the large shells you will have one in the bottom and one on the top, on the small one, 1/4″ to one inch you likely will have one at the end.
When I use the small shells, I put them in the same bucket with the plaster the sand and the water and stir everything together, so with the mixing motion the shells are partially filled with the Plasterite, but never completely, at the end of each shell there is always a small amount of air trapped, that gives your resonant chamber.
Within the Plasterite we already have a gazillion of resonant chambers in the structure of the Plasterite in it self, what we are doing with the shells is giving the energies a spin in a perfect Phi ratio, making it go further.
When you fill a large shell after everything cures, I have found the energies come out of the small end
Make sense?

Re: Does Shell Size Make a Difference in Plasterite Function?

Postby Lightning on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:18 pm

Thank you Josh :-),

Yes it does make sense; Maybe that’s the doorway to its functions outside of this dimension. I’ll have to get a big shell in here and try that.

Have you ever wrapped an electrical cord around Plasterite in Mobius fashion, like a Succor Punch?
I wonder if that would increase the range of the device…

Thank you Josh, for being here and helping other people like me to get started. It’s turning into an idea farm around here. I love it :D

Have a Great Day,


piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby nepipemi on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:42 pm

The piezoelectric effect has been highly touted as to what makes the orgonite work. Now it is has been said that it is not actually what makes orgonite work. As can be imagined, there are alot of us going :shock: and :o and :lol: , too.

I also read that the crystal acts as an amplifier and a point of focus or the orgone energy, which seems logical in regards to what we already know of quartz crystals.

M y big question is what is up with resin/metal orgonite that does not contain crystal? Also what about low-shrink resin orgonite (epoxy, tree resin, beeswax)? Does it work? Does it continue to work? Is it just a DOR collector which will then fill up and not transmute any longer? Does it work but not just as well as ones with ‘squeezed’ crystals?


Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby josh on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:10 pm

The gentleman who coined the name Orgonite is Karl Hans Weltz, back in 1991 he found out about metal and resin, I think he has some kind of legal thing about anyone using that name, but now that the whole world uses it, the cat is out of the bag

He has a very large website selling his things for very high dollars, and from what we know about his Orgonite products, all he uses is resin and metal no crystals and he claims great results. He knows very well the capacitor affect of the device. (in 2005 I did not know of this person nor his inventions, all I knew was Orgonite, and when I gave, on one of the Orgonite boards I was in at the time, the explanation of how the Orgonite work it simply was after some reflections, it seems to me quite logical)

The addition of crystals in Orgonite is giving more focus and an endless way to modulate the energy of the device, but to say that it is the piezoelectric affect that is responsible for the working of the Orgonite is simply ridiculous, there may be piezoelectric happening because of the pressure of the hardening resin, but it is not why it work.

There are different ways to make Orgonite with many different material.
With resin, metal and crystals
With sugar metal and crystals
With hardened tree resin
With Amber
With Plaster
With bees wax
I can report from the resin Orgonite, from the plaster Orgonite and the bees wax Orgonite
The resin has more of an electrical feel to it
The bees wax have a smoother feel to it
The plaster generate a much higher frequency
I will do the sugar soon, and as soon as I can get my hand on enough Amber I shall try that as well
Of all the plaster pieces that I have made 8month to a year ago, none of them have taken any DOR, they are all strong and healthy, plus we have confirmation of the plaster pieces we have given to a few friends : they are clear with no one on board but high vibs and beauty…..some paradigms have to change :o
OK Nepi what else :lol: :lol: :lol:


Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby nepipemi on Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:21 am

Well, yes, Josh, why is the sky blue???????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby josh on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:47 am

Why is the sky blue: The other day, at The Home Depot, my lady Catherine bought a bunch of paint that was on sale, she did not know what to do with it…..but it was on sale,,,,,, it was blue, later she said she had a good idea in how to use the paint… we bought a very tall ladder :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby nepipemi on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:24 am

That sure has to be easier than making all this orgonite and running all over the world depositing gifts hither and thither and then still have whiteouts.
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Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby josh on Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:02 pm

This is new, I just got this from a forum, I thought it may be interesting:
FROM  FORUM:Also found interesting information about the roots of orgonite:“Karl Welz is not the inventor of “orgonite”.
Welz invented only the term. Nothing else.
This happened in the 1990iesThis is the result of a research I did in the last weeks.There are at least two reliable sources, which describe the principle of “orgonite” and after a little research on google the material can also be found in the internet.The first source is Franz Bardon (read more on him here). We surely can call him the root-source for the principle which Welz calls “orgonite”.
In his book “Initiation Into Hermetics”, published in 1956, he describes a mixture of metal particles and aloe resin, which he called a solid “fluidic condenser”. He used it to collect and direct life-force.
Bardon wrote to have his knowledge from the old alchemists.
Welz refers to Bardon and his magic principles also on his website, so Welz is very familiar with Bardon’s works!
I wonder, where Welz did really “find” his “invention”.
On his website he calls us thieves, well, what should we call Mr. Welz? It´s up to you! Bardon is dead, so he can´t give us the answer!
Nevertheless, Welz must be acknowledged to have developed the principle much further than anybody else before and to have created really new applications and useful modifications of it! This is his merit.The second source is P. Flanagan, who describes the same mixture of “conductive or semiconductive particles” embedded in resin as an element in his air ionizing generators. This happened in the 1980ies. Mr. F. is well known to be very familiar with magic and the functions of life force. Where did he get all is information? I don´t believe it all popped up in his brain spontaneously. You have to have information, in order to make new findings, which are really yours! (Remember my discovery, which I then called: “Canned Orgone”)So the first one who described the principle of orgonite is Franz Bardon, who by the way was murdered in “police custody” in 1958, a few months after W. Reich had been murdered in a US prison.
This knowledge is accessible to anybody who can read since the 1950ies!Welz may claim a term, but not a principle! The principle goes back to Franz Bardon, who himself never claimed to have invented it, but learned it from the alchemists!
The same is for Flanagan. The principle was well known for decades before he came up with his patent on air ionizing machines.”Egoli.Buster:“Thanks for posting this, Manfred! I did not know. But I do know that several patents are out for similar mixes, among others one for a mix of resin, metal particles and back tourmaline (!) to shield microwave radiation(!). The numbers of these patents were forwarded to me by a member of the German forum.
We may live in constant violation of such patients, hehe.
The stealth bomber coating is nothing but orgonite btw. Closer to what the wanderpisser calls “microorgonite” because it’s basically metal dust in resin.
I mean honestly, who invented cement?
There are just things that are obvious as soon as you put 1+1 together.”See here—>…highlight=welzFranz Bardon

Czech Franz Bardon was a Hermetic magician who was tortured and imprisoned by the 3rd Reich for more than 3 years for refusing to reveal esoteric information. After the end of World War II, Bardon resumed his healing and occult work.

In 1956, one of the books he published was “Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice”. In the book he reveals that energy accumulators are known as fluid condensers, either solid, liquid or aeriform. And he further reveals that solid fluid condensers are a mix of resin and metal (as is 21st century orgonite!). In Bardon’s words: “The so-called genuine alchemistic “life-elixirs” are nothing else but marvellously composed fluid condensers.”


Re: piezoelectric effect and orgonite

Postby MariaT on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:26 am

Franz Bardon

Czech Franz Bardon was a Hermetic magician who was tortured and imprisoned by the 3rd Reich for more than 3 years for refusing to reveal esoteric information. After the end of World War II, Bardon resumed his healing and occult work.

In 1956, one of the books he published was “Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice”. In the book he reveals that energy accumulators are known as fluid condensers, either solid, liquid or aeriform. And he further reveals that solid fluid condensers are a mix of resin and metal (as is 21st century orgonite!). In Bardon’s words: “The so-called genuine alchemistic “life-elixirs” are nothing else but marvellously composed fluid condensers.”

Hey, Josh… that quote above… I wrote that. It’s on my website, word for word! Was that posted on the a forum or did you find my website and quote from it?


Edit: I found the post on … 7&page=262. And yes, it IS a quote from my website… Woohoo!!

“Franz Bardon

Czech Franz Bardon was a Hermetic magician who was tortured and imprisoned by the 3rd Reich for more than 3 years for refusing to reveal esoteric information. After the end of World War II, Bardon resumed his healing and occult work.

In 1956, one of the books he published was “Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice”. In the book he reveals that energy accumulators are known as fluid condensers, either solid, liquid or aeriform. And he further reveals that solid fluid condensers are a mix of resin and metal (as is 21st century orgonite!). In Bardon’s words: “The so-called genuine alchemistic “life-elixirs” are nothing else but marvellously composed fluid condensers.”

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Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:08 pm

What’s everyone been making lately? Post pics!

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby josh on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:22 pm

This is a cone plaster 18 inches tall, just coming out of the mold, this will become another broadcaster as soon as it dry and I shellac the thing



Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby josh on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:31 pm

WOW it worked :D :D :D
Now for more, since I know how…………………………Damn I’m good :lol: :lol: ….Thank you NepiThis a plaster broadcaster hooked up to a salt lampImageThose are conic HHGs made with plaster with different colors on themImageI will take pictures of the Orgonite broadcasters, but I think the plaster work every bit as well if not better (higher frequency)

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:18 am

Very cool! What are the speckles in the 2nd cone? They look like copper. What are you using for coloring in the martini HHG’s?

I was sick as a dog today, something I ate, otherwise my plan was to spend an hour or two casting some orgonite “jewels” in the new plastic jewelry mold. I got ahold of some the pthalate-free resin catalyst , pearlex pigments, and some resin dye, so I am excited to make beads. I hope I can position the gems and crystal inside so that when I go to drill it, that I don’t hit anything important. I’ve got some beautiful and rare neon blue hauyne crystals I’m wanting to cast.


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Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:21 am

I am curious as to the bovis rating of these if someone is able to dowse them.

Are you still around here, Steve? One day I hope to learn this. Where is that bovis dowsing chart you posted somewhere else a long time ago?



Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby Steve on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:17 am

I’m getting about 210,000 on the Broadcaster and 125,000 on the HHGs. Nice work Josh! I want one!



Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:13 am


Now tell me again why is it that I pay $40 or more per gallon for resin?? <smacks forehead> Doh!


Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby josh on Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:01 pm

As you know there are many pieces that we cannot do with just plaster, like most of the outdoor stuff, but since you can now broadcast from the comfort of your living room…..may be the outdoor stuff….., well there is always the lakes, rivers and oceans to be gifted

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby Atma on Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:16 pm

Here is my latest Tetrahedron.




Here are a few other recent pieces as well






Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby josh on Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:10 pm

Atma, beautiful work, this is no longer just Orgonite: it is art work.

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:27 pm

Sweet!!! :D
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Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby nepipemi on Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:17 am

Just finished a large donut broadcaster. I still have the one Josh made hooked up. This one will be installed in a home about 20 miles away and closer to town.

still in the mold


almost done

The mold is a chip and dip server that came with a lid from Big Lots. It is a seasonal item and still in stores now. It is perfect for this.


Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby monsoon gecko on Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:17 am

Yo….nice work Atma and Nepi…recently aquired 2 tetrahedron moulds.Just love that platonic solid.

Well…….not exactly new lately…more like a select history of just a few in many ….hope you enjoy !! ! ! … %20Photos/

monsoon gecko

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:28 am

G,day, just seeing if I’m able to post picture…still learning


monsoon gecko

Re: Ho hum..anybody made anything new lately?

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:45 am

OK… great !
I guess I have to desribe now….Charging plate
The brass ovals and circles each have lemurian point. The background is copper.
The first step was to pour clear thin layer, drop in and position the pre-made
brass pieces and gems…blue kyanite, amethyst, tourmaline and garnet..
Just as the first layer starts to gel, pour the rest.
The mould was a glass top off a casserole dish.mmm…this fun being able to post picture….look out now !…..hahaMight throw another one in !………………………………………..YoImage

New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:14 am

Here are new thoughts concerning the way we think and built our devices of beauty/joy/laughter/selflessness/peace…etc:
It is our feelings to desire the undoing of many nefarious things around us, and as we are making this device or this one we are limiting our selves to an area of affect; two miles, four miles, twenty miles…
A good way to stretch our thinking is to try to build something that will affect all the way around the world, when we do that, and challenge our intellect to come up with a way, we are changing gear, this make us look at things that we never thought of before.
It is as if we practice throwing a stone at twenty feet; we will never know our true capacity until we practice to throw that stone two hundred feet, we likely never will throw that rock two hundred feet, but we sure will, in the process, go much further then twenty.
Make sense?

Re: New thoughts

Postby sacred on Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:56 pm

josh wrote:It is our feelings to desire the undoing of many nefarious things around us, and as we are making this device or this one we are limiting our selves to an area of affect; two miles, four miles, twenty miles…

do you mean due to the size of the orgonite being made, its benefits are ‘limited’ (or we believe they are) to a ‘short’ distance …. ?

josh wrote:A good way to stretch our thinking is to try to build something that will affect all the way around the world …

in size or intent?

josh wrote:It is as if we practice throwing a stone at twenty feet; we will never know our true capacity until we practice to throw that stone two hundred feet, we likely never will throw that rock two hundred feet, but we sure will, in the process, go much further then twenty.

I like to imagine the orgonite pieces connecting with other orgonite around the globe, which kinda makes a mandala grid of orgonite energy …

is that what you mean? or are you putting out a suggestion to make humungous (very huge) pieces?

josh wrote:Make sense?

:? I might be listening with an accent … :)

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:15 am

Ok Josh …OUT WITH IT………me think you hatching BIG plan……….. How big?
You’ve played the cards a winner so far..broadcasting, plaster and my favourite,
the life pillow. ……….And now ?…………….ready to play….just love experimenting !
Or are you talking about a specific intent.
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:51 pm

OK, yes there is more, I really really desire for all of us to use our gray much in a audacious/expensive/never done before ways.
I always challenge my self to see “whats next” how can I make this work stronger, further….So let us look at everything we all have done so far:
We have created A new kind of Orgonite; (Plasterite),
It broadcast thousands of miles, the large cone from Stephen, myself, Tony, Anna, Steve and the rest of the crew are broadcasting all the way pass the moon :D
Also with these we are pegging the Bovis scale, and it vibrates in all dimensions
We as well know that we can make the Plasterite very simply, very powerful without the use of crystals, sand works well
We can do this most cheaply: a fraction of the cost of resin, and the kids really, realy do love it (yesterday, a 2 year old, in the dark went on some shelves at a friend’ s house and got out of the room the arms filled with little plasterites hearts, lots of them LOL)
Then we have wrapped those cones with extension cords and broadcasted the Plasterite energy all over the grid
Some of us even wrapped the Pillows with it, polarizing all the grid to spin in the right direction
Here is another thing we have found, as Catherine paint the Plasterite, many colors or single colors, the energies appears to go way way up, I am nor sure why but I think it is the resonance of the colors in the inner structure of the plaster
And yet it seems that the nefarious energies are still there and very active
So more Plasterite and more painting and more……

 Re: New thoughts

Postby Lightning on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:46 pm


That feels so right, thank you for pursuing and posting and teaching so many :) !

It would be great to succeed in pulling the rug out from under all this apocalyptic [email protected], and walk harmoniously into a new era of harmony and harmlessness..




Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:07 pm

Yes would love to pull that rug myself.
Amount the things to sparkle some interest in new things is radionics, there are much possibilities there, see if you can find a practitioner; he or she will give you much valid infozzz :o :o :o

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:56 am

G,day all…some time ago, I discovered I could help person in hospital on other side of Australia, using techniques of
Sukyo Mahikari,. Projecting hi no ki energy…friend made remarkable recovery , surprising doctors and family.Later when involved in Bio-dynamic agriculture, I read about a radionics device for broadcasting the bio-dynamic
preparations to the soil… was developed by Hugh Loval , who escaped to Australia…I nearly made one with my Phd mate
but it didn’t eventuate . The radioncs device is called a Cosmic Pipe.I contacted Josh to quiz him on a plasterite radionics device..He suggested flat shapes that could be stacked up to 9 high.
With appropriate script/thought, between each layer, to be broadcasted radionically.
Josh, if you could expand idea, please ?So I found some pot plant trays, 12 inches round by almost 2 inches high. Made 9 over two days…Used sand , salt, a big
handfull of shells in each, some nag champa and of course Pillowed water. Each piece had 3 small quartz points in equilateral triangle mid distance in circle. 1.5 x 20 kilo bags. Had drying outside for 3 days…looks like I,m going into paver business Ha
Rain storm forced inside so I stacked…Whoosh…energy big time..looked like the pieces needed to have something in between them…apart from script which still isn’t happening…My mate came round and sat there glowing…ha ha ..he reckoned it may
work better with airspace between each layer , which instantly struck a chord…so will have to find some small blocks.
As is..just drying pieces stacked , I can feel whole side of my body glowing, about 1 to 2 m away.
Will continue to play…Josh..why 9 ? can use more ? Thought about topping with cone………………..Yo
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:43 am

After 9 you get into the diminishing return: no more with more :? ,
But here is what you can do; (at least I have done that with the writing) take the unit of nine pieces and counted as one, then you make 8 more units……paving hey!!!

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:01 pm

This will give you 81 pieces, now you will really think you are in the paving business :lol: :lol: :lol: , actually you will be in the flying business, it may be hard to keep your self on the ground with these
Simplicity; high tech magic
You can try also with 9 leaves of any tree, and then layer 9 more..etc..ask the tree first
We are going somewhere :o
Let us not forget, the higher your ethics, the more powerful your pieces

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:24 am

Yeah. it’s do able, with effort and time…factory mode, but I reckon I’d hit the ceiling by the 6th lot ,, ha ha
Might do a couple more lots to experiment….eventually.
Also, I,m assuming that despite the energy output, plaster is still diamagnetic….like limestone, Anyone know?
So I’m wondering how a paramagnetic disk alternating would help and what to make it from…I mean
I have the highly paramagnetic rock chips available….maybe thin disk set in resin, concrete , plaster?
All the ancient cultures from standing stone, pyramids , temples , towers and cathedrals etc use this
energy generated by use of paramagnetic and diamagnetic stone…. but for specifics and how to I
have no clue.
Just speculating…anyone got any thoughts ?
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:13 am

You can always make a thin slurry with your paramagnetic earth and a bit of plaster to keep it together, 1/2″ thick disk to go in between the larger Plasterite.

Now let us look at “the past”, I may be entirely wrong on this, then again…
All of those “great” culture may have stayed around for a long time, but they were still under the slave/master relationship and they eventually failed; the use of the higher technology was for privilege few, in truth it might have help with the crops, but it was mostly for the use of the Illuminati of the day.
So what they did at the time did not not bring a lasting peace or an enlighten behavior, therefore our medicine must be different, we may use some of their technologies, but our is and will be different because our intent is different
So what is it that we are doing with all of this new ideas; we are attempting to change to frequency so that ALL of humanity finds it self in a new paradigm of healthy ethic, absolute honesty, in service to others, rather then total service to self as it has been for countless eons.
This is the why of the big and energetic devices; the further the field affect the more people are hopefully coming under the new and improved :lol: :lol: way of being. …………………I may be dreaming standing up…………somebody slap me please so I wake up.

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:26 am

Well I went ahead and made 10 thin 1/2 inch plates loaded with paramagnetic rock chips…one broke in half…After drying, I stacked them to see.
They seemed quite energetic by themselves, but when placed alternating, inbetween the 2 inch plates, the whole unit was noticabley stronger.
So all up, 9 x 2inch x 12inches across and then alternating 9 x1/2inch thick plates loaded with paramagnetic rock
Have not yet sourced spacers to trial an air gap between layers but eventually will test that.
Also the script is makeshift and needs to improve
Noticed after coming home from school and sitting to relax, how strongly it radiates only a couple metres away.
This has happened every time I go out…..seems stronger than the giant cones as I have not acclimatised to the energy as I have done
with the other devices…still noticabley feel it each time I walk into room…getting into 2nd week of trial.
Left a flagon of water on it overnight . It was really charged and tasted crisp and sweet……similar to pillowed water.
Layered multiple pieces really multiply energy .
Funny, I noticed one group of students at school pooling their freshly made pieces and stacking together on their desk. Didn’t ring a bell at the time
but interesting on afterthought. Others just carry them around like pets……..It’s all entertaining…ha ha !
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby Lightning on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:49 pm

Hi Monsoon Gecko :-),

Please hear me out and try this if you want to.

:arrow: Confession- I am extremely energy-sensitive and visionary, etc, etc, etc.

This is my vision:
8 layers of discs, alternating para and diamagnetic.
Above the 8 layers an airspace.
1 more disc above the airspace, with a point on one flat face, positioned to point straight upward.
Position shells in the airspace with the small ends facing outward in multiple directions (May not need the shells to work, but they will act as a venturi if present, may get you more range).

It is a tower of Light. :idea:

That’s it. I will build this some day, and will post here when I do.


Linda :geek:


Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:37 am

Thanks Linda….I’ll give it a try ….have heaps of spiral pointy shells.
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:43 am

Radionics device progress
Yo…gifters, here’s a few photos to illustrate trial so far,,,info in previous posts….
Guess it’s a waste of time dowsing ? Ha ha … s%20Trial/Comments welcome
monsoon gecko
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Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:22 pm

Wow Stephen, do you have to put lead shoes to be near the whole thing, nice work
What did use to separate each plate
Good medicine

Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:12 am

Yo. …Josh. Starting from bottom up,,Plasterite 2 inch plate with paramagnetic plate directly on top, then plastic sleeve with script……still need to work on that…then next layer, 2 inch plate , the Pm plate then sleeve , continuing up to the top. Spacers under the top plate is 3 mini Tb’s with shells lined up, then top plate positioned with final cone positioned in the middle.
I used the plastic sleeves because the plaster was not completely dry, so will probabaly dump them some time. Plastic doesn,t feel right. I havenot a clue as to how well it works or in fact what I’m doing as a radionics device. But can tell you it has much stronger energy field than a large cone broadcaster…I got used to them pretty quickly…couple days. This layered device continually pumps.
I haven’t even try airspace between all layers yet and as for shells in upper space, can’t really tell if it improves or not.,just continually surrounded by energy all the time….hard to pick the details….maybe stronger.. not sure….thanks Linda
..after all ,each plasterite 2inch plate has a big handfull of shells and the 3 quartz points too. Like running blind full speed, but not hitting anything….exhillarating !I have to laugh seeing Dennis on WM with his new kirlian toy stating plasterite has no life force….that’s certainly not my experience……only trouble is he,s sucked all those people in.Welcome any input, advice or ideas….. Thanks,
Last edited by monsoon gecko on Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:49 am, edited 1 time in total.
monsoon gecko

Re: New thoughts

Postby josh on Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:22 am

Hey Stephen, this is a good report, do you feel that the cone up top is focusing the energy, or if there is still a wide field?

Suffice to say I am gonna be at it in few days, for now I have to finish a bunch for schools,

Well it is to bad about Dennis, as I look at other Orgonite forums, I can see that anyone who want sell Orgonite can do it, but not on WM, it look to me more like a store front for his products, no mater it is stil a big information center for people curious about the Orgonite
We have ample proof of the working of the Plasterite, he can say what he like about the Earth being flat; we know better :lol: :lol: :lol:
Also beware of what you say, it may get yourself banned from WM :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh also; did you cast your Paramagnetic Earth in resin? , the one that I have is in rather large flat chunks, I have made many coasters with it, about 1 inch thick in resin, so for the layer devise I will use the same idea, but I think your PM is much stronger than the one I have,…..I am certain it will still work.
From what we can see and feel the Plasterite becomes even more active when it is painted, the bright colors are activating something :o :o
Catherine has just finished (last night at 2 AM) painting a large traffic cone titled “PEACE”, will take pictures and post soon.

Have you received your parcel yet or is it detained by the post office, I send it 2 weeks ago, it look like the Gestapo is here full on :cry: :cry:


Re: New thoughts

Postby Lightning on Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:10 pm

Wow Stephen!

I am so impressed! Beautiful, strong work…

The point at the top is to send a vertical beam up (would be cool if there was a shell mounted into the top of the point with its small end pointing straight up), that structure pumps energy, and the shells in the top space act as venturis to all sides, so you have yourself a screaming eagle there 8-) .

If you want to remove that vertical beam function, just take the piece off the top layer and leave it flat. Leaving the point in place (if you decide to do that), it would be interesting to see if the structure will function well as a cloudbuster.


Hey maybe we can get the other Steve to calibrate it? Steve, would you please?

Oh thank you Monsoon, for putting that together :) :) :) :)

Many Blessings,

Linda :D


Re: New thoughts

Postby monsoon gecko on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:40 am

Thanks Linda.. will hunt up larger spiral shell to try…then you mentioned cloudbuster. I thought…mmmm ..a hexagon of shells. standing vertically….think I might have to make a couple more thin plates with shells embedded vertically and try each.
Josh, parcel arrived today and yes, was delayed and openned by customs, but not a problem, unlike last time eh ?
Thankyou so much… a beautiful Life Pillow…putting to good use aready….wonder if I can grow hair on top of my head ? ha ha
Paramagnetic Rock in orgonite ? Only put a few chips in pieces recently , when I remember. Just like a little bit of tourmaline,
kyanite or lapis which are my favourite additives. Can’t pick any diff. So you think load it into a thin plate or use in matrix of Tb etc, or both. It certainly made the plants root systems grow bigger and healthier in school seedling trials in earlier times,
So , good addition to Tb’s ETC ? and how much ?
monsoon gecko

Strange events

by josh » Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:35 pm

Here is how my dog Shima came to me:

It was about 6 years ago after a terrible storm*, where lots of roads were washed out and
many houses were floated, the day after I went outside to inspect the damage and here is that
dog: skin and bones, all white except for a big black eye, at the time I had a cat also white.
Not knowing too much what to do, I fed the dog some cat food, went out to get her some real
dog food, and the next few days were spent asking the entire neighborhood who she belong
to, but no one knew anything about her.
She stayed and was most welcome, after she had been there for couple of weeks, I was in the
kitchen cooking something, all the doors of the house were opened (good weather), remember
that there is no one where I live, I am basically alone, all of the sudden I hear “my” dog
screaming, as if someone is hurting her in a bad way, I say to myself “no one is going to hurt
my dog”, grab my staff and I was going to make some dents on some body, I am outside in
less then 20 seconds: there is nothing no dog, look down the driveway, nothing, the way the
land and driveway are no one can hide, everything can be seen
, look for a while: no dog.
So I thought she will be back tonight, no one came back, for two weeks she was gone, I
thought she might have found her way back where she came from, but she showed up 14 days
later, with something unusual: on the top of her head there was a perfect round spot of about
one and a half inch in diameter, that had been shaved, the skin was totally visible, no more
hair, perfectly circular
So right away I put a big neo magnet on the spot just in case….
To this day I still do not know what could have happen
*I knew this storm was coming for about a week, and at the time a big branch had fallen on
the roof and I had a hole in it, no time for real repair, so I made a few large Orgonite devices and place them all around the house, as a result everything 1/4 mile pass my house (all around) was trashed, houses, bridges, roads, trees, a big mess, nothing at the house, no rain,
when all around was a total hurricane.

Re: Strange events
by monsoon gecko » Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:44 pm
Wow Josh…straight out of science fiction movie . !
Lucky you are Awake !
Did you look up ?
Beam me up Scotty. ha ha
So , the dog become game player. The tech used is almost unimaginable . Yet its real !
Everyone… take care.. the pace quickens.
I feel GOOD knowing you are riding on top of the wave.
Bummer…I’ve been shut out of Warrior Matrix.
I guess it’s a case of join the ongoing list…eh ?
A bit sad as I feel I made a few friends there,
sharing Techniques that work . Totally enjoyed contributing.. !
The worst part is, I can’t even say…… GOODBYE FRIENDS.
monsoon gecko

Re: Strange events
by josh » Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:58 pm

Yo Stephen, not to worry, lots of those banned people have found their way here on our forum, so you can say “Hello” here Those that come here are the one that are not stuck in a single modality, the folks here want to
evolve pass the norm and experiment to come up with better ideas, and we do do just that;
experiment, improve, experiment, improve on and on Our focus is not to post any old place, so to have our store site shown every time that we post; we are to create changes, from a mentality that dwells in the basement to one that is living on
the platform of the highest ethics, and we need no guns and uglyzzz to do that, just tweaking the existing frequency/reality. We also do not need This Krilian photography to tell us that our stuff work So all is well Josh

Re: Strange events
by monsoon gecko » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:00 am
Big Hello everyone ha ha This info seems appropriate for thread Strange Stuff 6 clips in all. … er-agenda/
Great researching !
monsoon gecko

Re: Strange events
by SandAndSun » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:53 am
josh, what a strange story… non, the less -sounds that she found a really great home

Re: Strange events by Lightning » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:24 am
Wow Josh,
I am very glad your dog came home and came through whatever it was OK. Hmmm, very
wierd stuff. I know you’re keeping your eyes open, eh?
BTW, that is one lucky dog . What does Shima mean?
Stay well,

Re: Strange events
by josh » Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:42 am
Shima, if I remember correctly , is the name of one of the deity in India
I am so glad to care for that dog, I know without a doubt she would give her life for Catherine or my self, so she has 100 acres to run and play (not all mine) she is kept inside with us in the winter and or summer and I am giving her the best life I can. She has very short hair and get cold quickly, and when inside in the winter she hug that wood stove, she is, from what the vet told me, 1/2 pit bull and 1/2 dalmatian Josh

Re: Strange events
by sacred » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:29 pm
it’s wonderful how beings like Shima are brought into our lives … Spirit in action trippy story too, Josh …

Plaster orgonite


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Re: Plaster orgonite


by josh » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:48 am Hello Renjit

First, Plasterite and Orgonite are two very different animals, they do not work on the same principal;

Orgonite function more as capacitor than as a piezo electric from the compression of the crystal by the resin, I think that this compression story is just that: a story trying to think of a

way the Orgonite is working and not knowing.

The Orgonite is a static condenser (works by itself), the metal accumulate a charge from existing environmental EMF, get saturated, brings all the energy to zero point and broadcast it back as Chi, and do it again and again, but only to a point, many of us have seen where the Orgonite was not working at all where EMF were very strong, such as an “smart meter” or living too close to a cell phone tower.

Don Croft explained some 10 years ago that the towers were only working at 15% capacity, that may be true and that may be why the Orgonite is working around the towers, but if and when they turn those towers to 100%, I dont think the Orgonite will be doing too much.

The Plasterite works on a much higher frequency, likely involving all true colors of the spectrum, it necessitate no metal only plaster and crystals or quartz sand, it produces energy that not all people can feel, but it nevertheless will clean up the sky and do much more, beside being inexpensive, it is easy to work with, but I am not pushing anyone to do Plasterite, just know that most of the Orgonite groupies will not look kindly if you do

You can see from the posts on this forum the many success stories that the people are having with Plasterite, make some and see for yourself what results you are getting

The Plasterite has such a fine frequency, that I would not want to mix the two, both are valid, but not in the same soup

Hope this help a little







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Re: Plaster orgonite


by Edostar » Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:52 am

Hi Josh.


I agree than Plasterite and Orgonite are two quite different things and that for a long time; nobody had the faintest idea how Orgonite worked.

Orgonite is actually an Inductor and not a Capacitor at all.

It simply drains off the ambient ElectroMagnetic Radiation (as you point out) and concentrates it.

The crystal component in Orgonite is there to convert the accumulated current (EMR) into heat through ‘Electrostriction’ which is a property shared by many crystal materials (as is its converse; the Piezoelectric effect).

Orgonite with no crystal at all (as with Karl Welz’s version) does work but very weakly (or slowly if you prefer).

It converts the EMR into heat simply due to its concentration inside the Inductor matrix.

So if Orgonite doesn’t convert DOR into POR; where does the Positive ORgone in the area of an Orgonite device come from?

The natural polarity of the Etheric Field is a positive one.

This positive field is responsible for the existence and continuing good health of all life on Earth.

For this reason; all living things begin to fall ill when the etheric field is disrupted and turns negative (by the introduction of EMR for instance).

When our Orgonite drains off the EMR; the negative influence on the ehteric field is removed and it returns to its positive state.

This gives the understandable but mistaken impression that Orgonite is directly converting DOR into POR.

See: ‘How Orgonite Works’. … nite-works

I’m afraid that these comments are a little misplaced in a Plasterite thread but I felt that they might be helpful in the circumstances.

Although I have conducted a series of experiments into Orgonite (which resulted in determining the above) I have done no such experimentation into Plasterite.

All the best.



Re: Plaster orgonite


by josh » Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:41 pm

Wow! Thank you Dan, I was working under the wrong premisses, addressing Orgonite as a condenser, I really appreciate you taking the effort to put our feet on the right path, I feel that

the more I learn and the more I see how much I do not know

Therefore the Orgonite is an “Etheric Cleaner” returning the Etheric field to normalcy , But as you may have seen, when the EMF are too strong, the Orgonite is not enough, may be it become over saturated and can no longer create the changes, even large amount of Orgonite do not appear to help, I have not experience what the Plasterite does under heavy EMF, I will have to send some to one of my customer that is severely affected with the “smart meter” device, and see How she feel with it.

Again thank you Dan, Bali is certainly a seat of great wisdom Josh


Re: Plaster orgonite


by renjit8650 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:03 pm

Dear Josh,

I am standing with you in the same boat as a late comer, but in the correct direction it seems.

Re: Plaster orgonite

 by josh » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:33 am

Nepi, we are going somewhere!!!!, I really like the design that you made on the top of that cone.

The correct mixture for plaster: Two plaster to one and one half water: 2 gallons plaster + 1 1/2 gallon water, mix quickly and pour quickly as well, it will start to harden within a few minutes.

Your next assignment : an extra large traffic cone

One 25lb bag of plaster, that should be about 4 gallons (plus or minus a little) 3 Gallons of water

Heavy on the sand (about 6 or seven cups), less if you like

A bunch of any stones that you like (3 or more hand full), less if you like Some larger crystals, 5 like in a HHG

Pour the thing in 2 batches, 3 if it is toooo hard to stir, just put the next batch on the top of the last

Dont forget to tape shut the end of the traffic cone

OK ….you have 10 minutes to completion…………….we are waiting for the picture…. Josh

I am planning an extra large traffic cone as advised by you to Nepi.

Re: Plaster orgonite


by Edostar » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:49 pm

Hi Josh.


Your analogy of Orgonite as an ‘etheric cleanser’ is a good one.

Filters can become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of dirt to be removed before cleanliness is achieved and there must be a limit to how much EMR can be neutralized by any one piece of orgonite.

Another factor is the frequency range of the EMR being neutralized.

My first pieces of orgonite were made with cut-up stainless steel scrubbing pads and they definitely worked but not very well.

I think that this was due to the fact that the spirals were far too uniform in size, shape and thickness.

Better is the wide range of shapes and sizes of metal shavings that one gets from machine- shop swarf.

Each different size, shape and thickness (and even metal type) will induct EMR of a different frequency and with varying levels of efficiency so the wider the range of sizes and shapes the better.

The scrubbing pad orgonite was probably neutralizing a narrow range of EMR frequencies very well but to the exclusion of all the other frequencies.

These technical considerations are essential to making efficient orgonite but lack the magical (even mystical) aspects so often associated with orgonite and the profound effects of detailed changes in the etheric field.

These extraordinary effects are not denied in the quest for technical efficiency; they simply operate parallel to the technical considerations involved in EMR removal.

When the etheric field is restored efficiently to its positive state by our little inductor/converter matrix; a powerful area of POR exists around the orgonite.

This POR field amplifies the effects of specific stones and stone combinations and can be channeled by the use of coils and terminated crystals.

These elements are not essential for the neutralization of the EMR and the restoration of the positive etheric field but they can enhance it very strongly and in magical and mysterious ways.

This area of etheric research is still wide open and cannot be addressed in purely technical terms.

It will continue to require the essential feedback from energy-sensitives that it alway has.

In the absence of a technical understanding of what Plasterite is doing; energy-sensitives will be needed here too.

All the best.


Re: Plaster orgonite


by josh » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:10 pm

Hello Renjit

Yes the mix for the Plasterite is correct, of late I have been mixing only quartz sand in the mix and it seems to work as well, as well as Orgonite the quartz sand has been one of my ingredient in it: the energies are good.

It has been one of my effort to trust Nature to give me what is needed to accomplish the goal of purification of energies in the environment, so all is becoming more and more simplified, for over a year now, I have been working with the hats of acorns, I found them to be natural amplifiers, I have made some devices with Orgonite, Plasterite, Pillows with as much acorn hats that I could put in, and found the broadcasting much improved, I am certain there are much surrounding each of us that could be used for the work we are doing.


Re: Plaster orgonite


by monsoon gecko » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:44 am

G;day again, I figured as I’d be away for a while, it would be nice to let a couple of my big pieces off the leash outside, instead of being wasted in my metal shed, but needed weatherproofing.. So set up the radionics plates, with a cone on top and liberally painted the

outer layer with a couple of layers of resin.

This piece had alternate layers, the thinner ones loaded with paramagnetic rock chips, the thicker disks each had a triangle of quartz points plus beach sand.

Iv’e posted more detail before, but the unit felt quite happy out in the sunshine .

The next piece was the first extra-large cone…( see previous post ) and was loaded with high energy , synergy of 12 combo in the top third ( from the Book of Stones )

  • lso had a huge quartz point in the centre , seashells , a few other goodie plus some copper Wasn’t aware of the bonus of sand in those days. As soon as the resin hit the plaster, it turned green, due to the copper powder. …mmm, I thought…camoflague ? Anyway , it got two seperate coats of resin and has found a home sitting in a pretty rockery, surrounded by seashells , picture rocks and lush plants next to the family pool. Before I placed it, I sat it next to the owner and said put your hand on this and tell me what you feel. She immmediately picked up the deep vibration…so much more than a tingle of holding an orgonite.. Well , I think it too will be happier now, working with the elementals and charging the area.


monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite


by renjit8650 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:44 am

Dear Monsoon, Good done.

Can we conclude that the 2 top coats of resin increases the durability of plasterite in addition to the increase of the broadcasting strength and the POR output level

Best Regards Renjit. renjit8650


Re: Plaster orgonite


by josh » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:31 pm

Stephen my friend, that’s the way to go, love that radionic one, I am certain not to many chemtrails staying are in your area

Have you return home from your trip?


Re: Plaster orgonite


by monsoon gecko » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:00 pm

Good one guys… a coat or two of resin certainly makes these beauties weather proof..Painted the same cone on the radiaonic plates last year and sat it on a wire bench. Didn’t coat the base.. Well it sat out there for months…right through cyclone Carlos and rest of dry season…brought it inside one night to check it out…a little wear on the base, the rest fine and boy was it buzzing when held… reckon they like being in the sun.

Josh, not going back for some time.. staying at mates place for month or 2 then visiting parents and gifting along the way…same place as I wrote in email..

Very extended holiday…have a good look around… options open…. will have to pump out a few more Tb’s…near ran out of milk crate full….all good


monsoon gecko

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