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In 2001 Pete Jackson and Phil Callahan wanted to do some scientific tests with Slim’s rings. Pete Jackson does research into new technology for the Department of Defense and for industry as well. Phil Callahan is a well-known author of books on natural science. He writes about everything from the function of light, to the function of various natural chemicals or scent molecules from animals and plants, to paramagnetism in rocks and soils.

Phil has researched these things officially as an entomologist with the Department of Agriculture and unofficially for his own interest. He has spoken at the Acres USA Conference for the past twenty years. His recent book on the topic of paramagnetism and how it affects the growth of plants and agricultural crops delves into the ways in which paramagnetic substances or materials contribute to an increase in health or to a recovery in health.

My wife, Katharina, and I got together with Pete and Phil in December 2000 to discuss what the two of them had discovered about the rings. Their findings verified that the rings and the coils have a very high paramagnetic value. Paramagnetism can be measured by expensive meters found in the best-equipped laboratories. For reference, oxygen and certain granitic substances, like the pink Aswan granite that lines the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, have a high paramagnetic value of 3000.

Phil invented a special detector for agricultural purposes. While it is not as accurate as some of the higher-cost instruments, it does provide correct and easily obtainable results, especially for testing agricultural soils. Highly paramagnetic soils are the best growing soils, because they have high oxygen content and the capacity to contain sufficient quantities of water.

Oxygen, having a paramagnetic value of 3000, by itself adds to the quality and fertility of a soil already high in paramagnetism. According to the work of Fritz-Albert Popp, given these conditions, the water in the soil emits light photons in the root zone, thereby contributing to reduction of the number of parasites in the soil that could adversely affect a plant.

Pete and Phil rated the paramagnetism of the rings at 18,000! This is six times the greatest value of the highest naturally paramagnetic substances known. Given this information, it is easy to understand why a ring placed around a sick house plant would cause it to revive, become green, and its leaves fill with water. Another example is given below in an early field report from a student of mine in Washington state.

Slim Spurling’s Universe: The Light-Life Technology: Ancient Science Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind – by Cal Garrison

This book is a transcript of conversations Slim had with Cal Garrison and notes from his workshops. It also includes some of Cal’s own research from her perspective. It has valuable information about Slim’s beginning, his research, and experiences that led to creating the first Light-Life Ring. It is now only available as an e-book.

Here is what others say about the book and Slim’s work:

“Slim Spurling is a visionary who knows it is possible – a belief that led him to develop the technology to clear up 80% of the pollution on the planet. The first written record of a lifetime of research. Slim Spurling’s Universe is a must-read for anyone who holds a vision of a clean planet.”
~ Tanah Whitemore aka Tana Blackmore

“We’re about to implement a cleansing program for the world . . .the program is remarkable. We have figured out how to erase all the pollution off the planet . . . to heal the planet back to the way it was 1000 years ago, and we can do this in less than a year . . . Hopefully people, when they watch their planet go back into cleanliness, will respond by not wishing to continue doing what they’ve been doing to recreate it all over again. We can keep it clean. We have learned how . . . “
~ Drunvalo Melchizedek

“Mr. Spurling is to be congratulated for learning to understand the ways of Mother nature how to live in attunement with her – a concept we should all strive to emulate. He has devoted many years to the development of unique devices that will elevate global ecology to a new level. This engrossing book is a “must-read” for both alternative energy researchers and holistic healers.”
~ Brian Desborough, author They Cast No Shadows and A Blueprint for a Better World

Ring One ………… BIOGRAPHY 13
Ring Three …….. DOWSING 69
Ring Four ………. THE LIGHT-LIFE™ TOOLS 97
Acknowledgements by Slim Spurling 203
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1. The Original Prototype 101
2. Sacred Cubit Rings 103
3. Lost Cubit Rings 112
4. Gold-Plated, Silver-Plated and Copper Rings 122
5. Two “Plain Jane” Copper Rings 123
6. Acu-Vac Coils 125
7. Feedback Loops 131
8. Nose Mask 135
9. Harmonizers 139
10. Early Harmonizers 141
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By Slim Spurling

This book has been written from a series of taped interviews of my life experiences by author Cal Garrison, covering the five major periods or rings of experience, culminating in the discovery in 1991 of the principle of THE RING.
I had been encouraged for the previous twelve years to “write it down” by numerous associates, including authors, editors and both lay and professional scientists. With my recent marriage to my wife, Katharina, this became possible, then a reality, through her insistence and management skills. I owe a great debt of grati- tude to her.
As the reader will see as he/she progresses through the text, each life experience cycle contributed foundation material to the next cycle, on many levels of understanding. Without the comple- tion of each cycle, although unrecognized at the time, the follow- ing cycle could not have taken place.
This is a record, to the best of my recall, of the sequence of events, the development of a way of looking at the world and criti- cal evaluation of observed phenomena, linking the worlds of manual labor, observations in natural science, evaluation of academic sci- ence, and the world of metaphysics, cross-linked by the language of science and the language of metaphysics describing the identical observed phenomena.
In short, it’s been quite an adventure to come from my roots as



a Colorado hillbilly kid to traveling the world by invitation and enjoying the company of some of the world’s most creative scien- tists who share a common world view somewhat contrary to the conventional academic humdrum.
This book lays the foundation for Book Two, Slim Spurling’s Universe: The Sixth Ring, the events of which are currently unfold- ing in the realm of advanced applications of the Light-Life™ Tools and advanced technologies coming to the surface from both “hard science” and inspirations deriving from conversations with a couple of bona fide alchemists.
It is my sincere hope that the information contained in this book and the one to follow will help the reader to understand the complex of misinformation of academia in the simpler terms of their own personal observation and experience.
Nature is simple when seen through the eyes of your own per- sonal observation.
There are only a few Principles in Nature, which may be eluci- dated by ordinary observation, simple experiment and common sense, and described in common language.
Principle, Practical Application and Common Sense Observa- tion overthrow Theory, which is little more than academic Opin- ion.
With this, let us begin.

Slim Spurling 24 June, 2004





As a child I used to lie awake at night wondering if there might be a way to make the world a better place. I began seriously looking for ways to do this when I was sixteen. A seven-year stretch in a Gurdjieff community formed the grounding cord for all the occult research and spiritual work that took place from that point on.
Everywhere I looked along the path I found something. Even the time I spent with addicts and thieves involved going within. Over thirty-three years of questing failed to provide answers to the original question.
By 1997 I came to the realization that a person can contem- plate their navel till it comes out their backbone-all the inner reflection in the world won’t change a thing until one finds a way to bring it down to earth and make it work, not just for themselves, but for everyone here.
A year later at an Earth-Sky Workshop I found out about Slim. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, I listened as Drunvalo Melchizedek spent one whole morning talking about this cowboy from Colo- rado who had developed the technology to clear up 80 percent of the pollution on the planet. I couldn’t believe my ears. I had been waiting my whole life to hear these words. My entire Being re- sponded to everything Drunvalo said and in one clear moment I thought, “This is it. This is what I came here for.” Little did I know how true this would turn out to be.



On the day that I met Slim Spurling for the first time, the faint premonition that my life would never be the same rode with me all the way up in the car. Somehow or other our paths were about to cross, and in my heart I knew it was happening for a reason.
When it finally came time to sit down next to Slim and chat, I lost my tongue! The only way I could get over being star-struck was to pull myself together and say, “I feel like one of those fools on TV who’s just won the chance to hang out with their favorite celebrity. I am so impressed with who you are and what you do that I can’t even speak.” Slim smiled, and without batting an eye, he said, “We all put our pants on one leg at a time.” Which in Slim talk meant, “Relax, girl. There’s nothing special about me.”
This remarkable man has become my favorite teacher. I came to him expecting nothing and have received more than I can tell you. The spiritual aspirant who only understood life from that angle has discovered Ether physics, biology, mycology, herbalism, sacred geometry, chemistry, geology, ancient history, black holes, worm- holes, the gravitational wave, and the ins and outs of making moon- shine. Slim Spurling has generously taught me everything he knows. It’s become my job to listen to and record everything Slim says.
Anyone who’s ever heard him speak can imagine how much I love what I do. All this information has transformed me. I think about it, wonder about it, ask questions, turn it around and use it. The rapid influx of things I never knew about before has brought the work I do with Slim’s tools to a much deeper level. I no longer intuitively just know they work. I completely understand how and why they work.
My research goes on, on a daily basis. I watch the tools and their effects as they quietly do their work. The small Vermont town where I live is no longer “The Land That Time Forgot.” Renovated dwellings have replaced ramshackle houses. For some reason, the sour old lady who never deigned to speak to anyone is leaning over her fence, smiling and chatting with everyone who passes. My land- lord doesn’t have cancer anymore. The tiny store that only sold beef jerky, cigarettes and beer has a book club now. A little cafe is



in full swing next door. Community spirit is high. Gardens are grow- ing. Someone is planting flowers around the war monument in the center of town and the woods are alive. I haven’t used a measuring stick, but my eyes can see that everything that grows is lusher than it was before. When the winter storms hit, they don’t hit West Pawlet hard. We have snow, but it’s so benign life, inside a little snow globe is the only thing I can compare winter to. The river rises but the spring floods don’t destroy anything.
The matrix that supports every outer manifestation has shifted in such a positive way here. Even the adjacent community, a town that up till now people were too embarrassed to admit that they came from, is experiencing a renaissance. I think it may have some- thing to do with the frequencies pouring out of my living room- and wonder what the world would be like if Harmonizers were running everywhere. Is it possible? Can we change the quality of life just through the use of frequencies?
Slim’s tools travel with me wherever I go. I use them whenever I can. This technology is so much a part of my life at this point it would take too long to list all the positive changes I witness when- ever I put it to use. The effects that seemed miraculous in the be- ginning are still just as miraculous. The difference is, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. What does surprise me is that this fieldwork, coupled with regular feedback from my favorite teacher, has made me an expert on the Light-Life™ Tools. I guess one never knows what they’ll end up doing when they set out to find their dream.
Writing this book is a big part of my dream. The work it re- quired filled up a million cups of coffee and over one year of my life. At first I wondered if I was equal to the task. Sitting for hours on end, listening, recording, transcribing, and rewriting all this information transmuted my doubts and made me equal to it. The day the last word got put on paper I felt like I had just given birth to a child. Full of emotion, I sat down and cried, knowing that the most important thing I had ever done was complete.
Spirit led me here. I am humbled by it and grateful for it- grateful to share it and grateful to be part of something that will



make the world a better place. My hope is that those of you who read the words that follow will pay attention and be as overjoyed by them as I am.

Cal Garrison June 24, 2004






Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experi- ence of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
– Helen Keller, Hellen Keller’s Journal


lim Spurling is a remarkably humble and real human being. I think it has caught him by surprise that all of a sudden every one is noticing his work. Always and in everything he has
only been himself. Slim just did what he did because he could not do anything else-there was never any intention to get seen, rich, or recognized.
The fact that he lives with a sense of disbelief that his years of research have finally amounted to something, or that his work is more important than he ever dreamed it would be, comes out of his innate simplicity. Slim is like a child who has been caught un- aware doing something wonderful, by others who recognize the power that Spirit has to unveil itself, once in a great while.
There is a child inside all of us. And this part of our being is still pure and innocent enough to believe that we can change the



world. Years of conditioning by our parents, our teachers, and the culture at large have silenced our inner child so that we can’t hear it anymore. Over time, doubt and skepticism replace innocence and faith. We are taught that certain things are impossible, and we obediently decide to accept that idea.
When someone like Slim Spurling comes along and says he has developed the technology to change the world and return the planet to a state of peace and harmony, it sounds too good to be true. Everything we have been taught tells us things like this are impos- sible. After all, the problems of the world are too big, and no one has the answers. Even if some small voice inside wants to believe him, it is easier to hand over the microphone to the doubts that we use to defend ourselves.
But when a person is open enough to listen and hear about some of the things Slim has done, the child inside wakes up again. It begins to see that-yes, there might be a glimmer of hope here. The Earth is in too much of a crisis for any of us to keep feeding our doubts. When the house is burning down, does it help to be skeptical about the guy who climbs up the ladder to save you?
To really understand Slim’s work it is essential to understand who he is and where his roots lie. The flesh and blood human be- ing behind the research is as miraculous as the research itself. Slim’s life story is a testimony to what comes out of a man who listens to his higher guidance. So, we’ll begin at the beginning to get a feel for this totally unique and amazing Being. As incredible as his in- ventions and discoveries sound, and as hard as it may be to believe that he has created a technology that has the power to change the world, there is nothing the least bit fantastic about it. It is all as down to earth and as loaded with common sense as he is.
born in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1938 at the tail end of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Slim’s ancestors on his father’s side of the family emigrated from Wales in the early 1600s and his mother’s roots went back to Norway and Sweden


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