Several of Jenn´s Workshops

Jenny Here’s a lovely selection of photos from a fabulous Workshop hosted by Tessa  at her beautiful home in Wexford on Sunday.The weather was perfect, Tessa’s hospitality was amazing, I know all 11 participants had a wonderful day. I have so many great photos, it’s too hard to select the best so I’ll put up … Read moreSeveral of Jenn´s Workshops

Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method

by Rudolf Steiner and E. Pfeiffer PDF Steiner’s original contribution to human knowledge was based on his ability to conduct ‘spiritual research’, the investigation of metaphysical dimensions of existence. With his scientific and philosophical training, he brought a new systematic discipline to the field, allowing for conscious methods and comprehensive results. A natural seer from childhood, he … Read moreAgriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method

Irish Country Cures – Patrick Logan

        Genuine remedies are contrasted with the outrageous and often hilarious quackery that has always accompanied them. “Meticulously indexed as to type of ailment and cure, the book is divided into three sections dealing with Internal Ailments, External Ailments, Methods of Treatment…folklore experts provide scholarly information on the history of Irish folk … Read moreIrish Country Cures – Patrick Logan

Testimonial Monsoon Life Pillow

Maybe can put a little testimony here, as all the materials , the goodies, have arrived in good order. First, let us start with the pendants….as I never had any what I call ” old school ” aka orgonite, it was quite an eye opener, especially being worn as a pendant, so close to the … Read moreTestimonial Monsoon Life Pillow

Interview Joe and Phil

    1.Paramagnetics. 2. World War II. 3. Agriculture. 4. Natural Cures 5. Entomology 6. Radio Technology 7. Infra Red Technology I. Title. PART ONE Joe and Marilyn Blankinship visit with Philip and Winnie Callahan at their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004. A few initial minutes of introduction are not captured on video. … Read moreInterview Joe and Phil

Ancient Mysteries Modern Visions

  This book details Phil Callahan’s initial discovery of the role and power of paramagnetic rocks in agriculture. By studying the lives, rituals, and agriculture of ancient peoples, he has assembled a first-rate scientific explanation of previously misunderstood ancient practices. Learn how Egyptian priests levitated people, why rocks and soil were brought from one side … Read moreAncient Mysteries Modern Visions

Nexus Interview Phil Callahan

  Professor Philip Callahan, PhD, the author of 17 books and over 150 published papers, is widely regarded as a leading light in sustainable agriculture. His breakthrough work with insects and infrared radiation is a milestone in the understanding of the link between nutrition and pest pressure. Dr Callahan’s more recent research and discoveries in … Read moreNexus Interview Phil Callahan

Tuning Into Nature

  This 25th anniversary edition, updated by the author, reveals the miraculous communication systems present in nature. Learn how plants and insects communicate through emissions in the infrared frequency range and why poisonous pesticides do not solve the real problems facing agriculture. In this breakthrough book Phil Callahan uncovers why certain insects are attracted only … Read moreTuning Into Nature