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Update on Legal Situation

by DR. TIM BALL on JULY 12, 2011


At the recent Heartland Institute on Climate Conference in Washington, I was privileged to make a presentation as part of a panel. It was interesting, because behind the open discussion about global warming and climate change, there was a growing discussion about the actual role of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. I implied this with my challenge to provide me with a record in which a CO2 increase precedes a temperature increase.

I was also asked about the status of the lawsuits. There was complete support and encouragement as people realize the potential of disclosure of critical information if the public is to understand what happened to climate science. Other concerns are about freedom of speech, especially as may limit free and completely open scientific debate.

I was served Notices of Civil Claim by Vancouver lawyer Roger McConchie, first on behalf of Andrew Weaver and a few days later in a separate suit for Michael Mann. We responded to these as required. Since then, an amended Notice of Civil Claim in the Michael Mann case was filed, and a response is in preparation.


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