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    Jackie: Allen is on the air from Michigan and he wants to ask you a couple of questions. Allen from
    Michigan, are you aware that you’re going to have to hang up to hear his answer?

    Allen: I didn’t ask the question yet.

    Jackie: I know but I wanted to know if you know that.

    Allen: Yes. I liked to know why Billy Graham was picked by William Randolph Hearst and the second
    question. Does he know anything about the Masonic lodges where they’re dated when they’re put up
    and established, they’re dated Anno Lucis. Does he know anything about that?
    Jackie: Okay Alan, did you get both of those questions?

    Alan: A bit on the Hearst thing was a bit fuzzy.

    Jackie: Okay. Do the Billy Graham question again, Allen.
    Allen: I wanted to know why Billy Graham was picked by William Randolph Hearst to be America’s
    preacher, and the other question was does he know anything about Masonic lodges being dated by Anno
    Lucis, like 5526 A.L. Anno Lucis?

    Jackie: Do you understand that question Alan?
    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Okay. He’s going to hang up so he can hear you.
    Alan: That’s after Lucifer’s fall, supposedly, meaning the light coming down and it’s the same
    story as Prometheus bringing the wisdom down, the light, the torch, the fire to those who could
    accept it. Of course the Masons claim that around 4,000 BC that’s

    when the plan to change the world—the ways of living from a natural system into their system—began,
    which is to culminate with the evolution of man worldwide through physical and scientific means,
    which is exactly what they’re coming to.

    Jackie: This is on Masonic lodges as the date, yes?

    Alan: Yes. They have two dates. They have the one that was built and then they have the same date
    plus about 4,000 years.

    Jackie: And that was after the fall of Lucifer?

    Alan: Or Prometheus. It’s the same story.

    Jackie: Okay, but Lucifer being the fallen angel, yes?

    Alan: Yes. The light bringer. Jackie: Oh here you come, Alan. Alan: Did it go up?
    Jackie: Oh, it’s wonderful.

    Alan: Maybe the operator was getting interested.

    Jackie: You know what, that could very easily be whatever it was. Thank you, whoever upped that

    Alan: Then as far as Hearst goes, Hearst was not just a self-made man. All these big boys are put
    in place. They’re trained for what they’re to do because their job is to control the minds of the
    people and they do it through media. Media is an arm of government. It’s an essential arm of
    government. You can’t mind control the people without it, and as long as the people think it’s free
    and independent, they get suckered and they believe in it. Hearst of course picked Billy Graham
    because Billy Graham is a 33-degree Freemason and he’s been open about that in the last couple of
    years, and of course freemasons as Napoleon, as Benjamin Franklin said, and many others: “When I’m
    in the Middle East, I’m a Mohammedan. When I’m in London, I’m a Christian, et cetera, et cetera.”
    In other words, they could be whatever they want, you see. Billy Graham’s job, as any high priest
    has always been down through the many centuries, is to once again control the minds of the people.
    That’s his job. He’s a

    multibillionaire probably but he’s a 33-degree Freemason. At least that’s the Scottish Rite.

    Jackie: Or maybe even higher.

    Alan: Well, “life begins at 40,” so he’s probably over the 40th degree into a higher lodge.

    Jackie: Is that what that means, Alan?Life begins at 40. In other words, when you hit the 40th

    Alan: You start to get the truth. Below that, under the 32nd degree it’s a camouflage even for the
    people involved at the bottom, who truly do think it’s a self-improvement society. There’s
    charitable work but if you’re involved in any kind of mind control, which is media, even a local
    newspaper, the Grand Master will pull you out of the lodge and tell you to be at a certain place at
    a certain night and he will take you to the Black Lodge, where you go up higher, you see. Those in
    the Blue Lodge won’t even know that it exists. This is what they do. They pick out the ones who are
    useful for mind control primarily, or politics or whatever, and they thrown them up through the
    higher degrees.

    Jackie: And many of them reach their high levels of politics because of their ready status as a

    Alan: Absolutely. They’ve proven their worth. You see, the workman must prove his worthiness, which
    means that you can keep your mouth shut and follow orders. That’s what it means. A Mason is avowed
    to instantly obey the order of a superior Mason without hesitation and he must immediately reserve
    all his moral conscience to himself and obey it. These guys have been involved through petty little
    scams and so on at the bottom to see if they can keep their mouths shut, and, if they can, they get
    up the ladder into the bigger scams.

    Jackie: Oh. They test them?

    Alan: They’re tested constantly. That’s even in some of their older manuals.

    Jackie: How high up do you have to get before you quit being tested?

    Alan: Once you’re up to at least the 96th.

    Jackie: And there’s nobody above 96?

    Alan: There’s 360 degrees in a circle.

    Jackie: Alan, are you being serious right now?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: We say, “he’s a 33rd degree Mason.” Now is that in any book that there are 360 degrees of

    Alan: What they do is they hint at it all the time.

    Jackie: It makes sense.

    Alan: They hint at it all the time. The OTO, which is the Ordo Templi Orientis, which is a French
    version supposedly of the Templars, which really is German, and they go up to about 96 degrees and
    that is official. Aleister Crowley that worked for MI6 in England and everybody in the MI6 had to
    be a freemason according to Peter Wright who wrote “Spycatcher.” He’s the only guy that wasn’t a

    Jackie: But it was actually made public that he was 96 degrees?

    Alan: Aleister Crowley, yes.

    Jackie: And Aleister Crowley wasn’t yet at the top?

    Alan: Oh no. He was a good workman. He did his job. Anybody in the public eye will be at least up
    to 96 degrees. After that, it’s more invisible.

    Jackie: Is this researchable for people?

    Alan: If you really want to go on the trail for it, you can.

    Jackie: You know I’m not accusing you of saying something like you’re lying here or something, but
    this is something I’ve never heard before and I have a sense that there are listeners who will
    definitely want to research this.

    Alan: It’s all based on the sun.

    Jackie: In other words, I guess what I’m asking is: through your observation in all the other
    stuff that you’ve learned, this is what you’ve deduced or is it actually written some place?

    Alan: It’s written in occasional old books and many other books will actually hint at it because
    you’re supposed to figure it out for yourself. That’s why they say that the profane will never
    catch on.

    Jackie: So you’re not the profane, huh, Alan?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Does that mean you’re one of them?

    Alan: Oh no. Everything is circular and of course it’s based on the movements of the sun going
    through the zodiac and so on, and the planets going round the sun. Well, what does round mean? It
    means go around in a complete circle, one revolution, and of course they give you all the visible
    symbols of the serpent eating its tail et cetera but most people don’t catch on.

    Jackie: The serpent eating its tail.

    Alan: Of course theosophy has that on its logo.

    Jackie: What does that signify?

    Alan: They give you different meanings depending on what category or degree you’re in; and Albert
    Pike admits that, that the guys in the lower degrees must not necessarily know the meanings of the
    rituals and words but they must think that they know. As they get up they say, well, all that stuff
    they told you before was just nonsense.

    Jackie: But what does it signify to them?

    Alan: Partly eternity, and they’ll you that at the lower degrees it’s eternal. It’s their power
    for eternity, by the way, but in the higher degrees of course you start to – if you look at sun
    dial or anything and you say wait a minute, it’s round here and it’s all marked off in degrees, why
    would it stop at 96? It doesn’t.

    Jackie: Okay, that makes sense.

    Alan: Mind you, too, it’s admitted today that if you have the money and you have some kind of
    import as I say in society with your views and opinions, even a column writer for a newspaper, they
    can take you from nothing and put you up to a 32nd degree freemason in a matter of a couple of
    weeks, if you pay, because you pay all the time you see. The 33rd degree is honorary and it’s after
    that of course that you really get into the real stuff, if you’re asked.

    Jackie: Do they get to a point where they have to disavow Jesus?

    Alan: Well, sure because that’s all part of it. They will tell you themselves that all religions
    (and they kind of boast about it) stemmed from the same solar cult thousands and thousands and
    thousands – actually almost a million years ago; and prior to that, there was the stellar cult; and
    prior to that, there was the lunar cult. That’s why the emblems they use come from all three,
    because they incorporated them all until they became the solar cult.

    Jackie: And it doesn’t mean that just because they use these emblems that the emblems themselves
    are evil?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: Exactly. I just wanted our listeners – I remember Chuck because he knew about this longer
    that I did, but I noticed that for example they used the word light and he would highlight it when
    he would read it in an article and he actually believed it to be evil because they used the word,
    and the same thing with these symbols. The symbols themselves are not evil. It’s just that they
    symbolize something for them and they’re evil, so we relate the symbol itself to evil.

    Alan: Really, if you correlate the evil and the good symbols and you can figure it out, you’ll
    really find they’re symbolizing the same thing. Although one’s supposed to be good and one is
    supposed to be evil, which is the intent of mind control. It’s doublethink. It’s holding two
    opposite opinions in your head about the same thing at the same time.

    Jackie: Do you mean their symbols mean to them what the symbols mean to a good person?

    Alan: Well, sure. I mean everyone’s been taught recently for instance that for instance what they
    think is the Star of David, which isn’t, it’s got another meaning, but you think that’s a good
    symbol; all the Christians do, or modern Christians.

    Jackie: The Christian Zionists or Judeo-Christians.

    Alan: It’s modern Christianity but they all belong to the World Council of Churches, which was
    started off by David Rockefeller who’s a High Mason and Theosophist and he calls himself a world
    citizen. The whole idea of getting all these churches to belong is the same theology being taught
    through all the different branches of the church you see. They all teach the same thing, and of
    course, they don’t even notice the changes.

    Jackie: You were going to talk about the Star of David.

    Alan: That’s been taught to be good symbol and yet you find it in ancient India. I’m talking about
    ancient India, long before there was any Hebrew or Habiru or whatever mentioned anywhere. It was
    used in India long before that; so was the swastika and the swastika is simply a symbol of the sun
    with the feet in its movements. That’s what it stands for.

    Jackie: With its feet in its movement?What does that mean?

    Alan: They always go on about: “if it’s reversed it’s Black Magic”; it’s all nonsense. It’s the
    direction the sun appears to take as it walks across the sky; and that’s what they used to call the
    sun, “he who walks the sky,” in ancient Egypt; or Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies. It’s all
    the same thing. We are told to “fear this, but this is okay,” and of course in different times in
    history you might fear the one and like the other, then they’ll reverse it and you don’t even
    notice the difference.

    Jackie: It’s what they teach us to fear. You know, I think the number 13 is a real good example of
    that, that people, oh, 13, and of course they use it all the time. I mean everything to them is 13
    and 33 and et cetera and of course we’re told that 13 is an unlucky number and they won’t put a
    13th floor on an elevator.

    Alan: That’s from Jacques DeMolay. He was burnt on the 13th on Friday.

    Jackie: So I got to thinking, in their belief it’s a pretty dog gone powerful number so why should
    we fear it?

    Alan: Yes, or walking under ladders or anything like that, but that’s where it all comes from.
    These are all ancient symbols of Masonry as it progressed down through the ages.

    Jackie: So we get afraid of what they teach us to be afraid of and they tell us what to like.

    Alan: They can reverse it just as easily and we don’t notice – just like they reversed the
    cultures when they wish to. During the Industrial Era they really threw Christianity at the people
    who were starving in the industrial cities to keep them in line. You know, work hard at your 16
    hours now for your pittance and you’ll go to heaven. That’s what the religion did for the people in
    Europe at that time, especially Britain, and of course once that job is over and no more
    industrialized it’s promiscuity time, just do what you want. That’s how they do it and they go
    through these changes and the very generation that goes through the major changes doesn’t even
    notice that now their beliefs in everything are upside down. However, Plato said that was what they
    could do 2,500 years ago. It was so down pat 2,500 years ago that he could write about that, about
    the techniques of culture creation coming from the top and the methods of implementing it through
    the music, the arts, fashion, drama, plays et cetera.

    Jackie: That reminds me of what we were talking about when you said they tell us what we like. You
    didn’t say they tell us what to like. They tell us what we like.

    Alan: And we believe it.

    Jackie: And you explained to our listeners like the music thing. That never occurred to me, Alan.

    Alan: As I’ve said before, that if the human brain has been the same for the last few hundred
    years at least, then a teenager who is supposed to come into music around the age of around 13 to
    15, and he has a higher acuity of high tones and the low tones in music, the teenager should really
    like every type of music that everyone 15 years of age has ever liked in history.

    Jackie: Because the brain has not changed.

    Alan: It hasn’t changed but they literally think, “my God this is fantastic stuff.” Their dad or
    their mom or even their older sister or brother will say will listen to this. “Oh, I don’t want
    that. That’s old stuff,” and everything that they hear on the radio that they listen to and the
    magazines they buy and so on is telling them that: “This is your music,” and I’ve said because of
    that, at the moment, you’ve got people in the old age homes who are listening to Walt Whitman and
    so on. Then you’re going to get the rockers coming in who are geriatric tapping their feet to Pink
    Floyd and then eventually you’re going to get geriatrics who are rappers, believe it or not.

    Jackie: They’ll be sitting around listening to rap music because it was the good old days.

    Alan: It was their time.

    Jackie: It was their music and they still love it.

    Alan: And to show you again how it’s all been sold from the top–

    Jackie: These were given to us.

    Alan: It’s given to you. Plato said it. He says no culture is permitted to come from the people
    themselves. He says every cultural change comes from the top down and it’s always been that way.
    You know the BBC were the ones in Britain. This is your government station. Everybody who staffed
    the BBC had to work for Eaton or be at Eaton College. That was a class system you see and here they
    are pushing Benny Hill with his almost nude dancers in the ’60’s and pushing the pop revolution. I
    said well why would an older generation be pushing this on a government-financed TV station because
    it seemed to contradict everything that they’d done to the people before, like be well-behaved et
    cetera, no promiscuity, and here they are completely reversing it and it came from the top down; so
    that’s how it goes.

    The Beatles were a formulated group. They did not own their own songs. There’s nothing real in show
    business, regardless of what all the magazines say. That’s the magazine’s job, it’s to make you
    think it’s all real, but the fact is these poor guys were picked and the songs were written by
    Theodore Adorno, one of the top musicians or music masters you would say of the construction of
    music on the planet. He was a Talmudic scholar as well, who could write a sentence that would be
    half a page long and he would tell you in the beginning of his books that the average person will
    not be able to follow this sentence and keep grasp of the theme to the very end, because he says
    we’ve dumbed the people down so much.

    Jackie: Alan, with the television, how they have those three and four second shots and then it
    switches, then it switches, then it switches. If that isn’t the perfect tool to really mess up a
    person’s ability to concentrate and focus. How could anybody hold the attention for more than a few

    Alan: I watched even my parents look at TVs like that and I could see them hypnotized.

    Jackie: Yes, but I’m talking about a child who watches TV all the time.

    Alan: Yes, we know the marketing companies actually do surveys on this because they’re targeting
    younger and younger children all the time.

    Jackie: You know even the adults, come to think of it, as you said, they can’t hold their attention
    to get through a book or follow a thought.

    Alan: No, they can’t. Bit and bites are all they can handle.

    Jackie: It has to be in little short chunks.

    Alan: You can’t extend the conversation on a particular topic without them losing track of where
    you were going with it. Their attention span is getting smaller and smaller. However, as I say, the
    Beatles, everyone thinks why do they call them the Beatles? Well, it’s the beat, you know; but it
    wasn’t just the beats. It was from the Greek word Beatyl and it means sacred pillars or sacred
    stone. A sacred stone in masonry is the perfectly-shaped ashlar or–

    Jackie: A what?

    Alan: An ashlar they call it.

    Jackie: What is an ashlar?

    Alan: An ashlar is a perfectly-shaped stone squared; so they take the round one, which is the
    natural one, and they square it as a Mason. Of course that’s why in the ’60’s and ’70’s they called
    the people “squares” if you were old fashioned and stiff upper lip and work ethic and so on; and so
    the Beatles were the sacred stones. It’s also the same as the–

    Jackie: The Rolling Stones?

    Alan: The Rolling Stones were natural stones, so they came right out and sang about sex.

    Jackie: And they rolled?

    Alan: They did their roll-ups with their dope and all the rest of it. The Beatles of course, if
    you look at their songs, were exoteric for the people and esoteric for the message, if you could
    grasp the messages. Why would they knight Paul McCartney who helped bring in “Lucy in the Sky with
    Diamonds”—LSD? Why the royalty knight

    people who created disaster apparently across the country for so many people and a whole culture?
    Because Paul McCartney was doing what he was supposed to do for that ruling class at the top. What
    the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

    Jackie: What about Elvis Presley?What did he do?

    Alan: He brought in the male sex thing, which was almost a pre-‘male stripper’, although fully
    clothed. Up until that time, the man had to be the man, John Wayne type, but now they brought in a
    young guy and said hey it’s okay to–

    Jackie: Swivel your hips–

    Alan: And do all that stuff and it’s also again hidden meanings as well. EL is the God.

    Jackie: EL, E-L?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Elvis.

    Alan: And the sixth coming race they call it, the next upgrade of mankind is to come (according to
    high masonry and theosophy) and so you have EL and then you have VI, which is 6, and then S is to
    shape = ELVIS. This is all codes language which the masons use all the time and we use these words
    all the time too, because no one has explained to the people what it really means. The whole
    English was created.

    Jackie: This is fascinating and I don’t think you’ve talked about this because you did it so long
    ago and maybe next time you come on you could spend more time explaining this. You talked about the
    control of the media. We’ll be back with you tomorrow night. Alan, thank you so much.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Bye-bye folks.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru May 10, 2005














    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is
    Tuesday I just found out and it is the 10th of May in the year 2005. I was thinking it was
    Wednesday night.

    Let me begin here with our spiritual message and then we’ll get started. Well, we are getting
    started, aren’t we? This is from John 4 beginning with verse 4:

    “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you, than
    he that is in the world.”

    “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God and everyone that loves is born of God and
    knows God. He that loves not, knows not God for God is love.”

    I guess they should be substituting that word God for Creator because that word is becoming trivial
    when you think about it, folks, with so many thousands of gods that have gone before.

    Our guest this evening is Alan Watt and Alan once again joined us late notice, just because he’s
    gracious enough to do that. I called Gary at 20 minutes to nine and said I wanted to make we’re on
    for the night and so therefore I was not prepared with material. Alan and I have been discussing
    and have discussed the merging of the Americas – of Canada and America and South America. It isn’t
    just Mexico, folks. Of course, they’ll start with Mexico but the total plan here is to have another
    European Union. Alan, thank you once again and thank you once again for coming on at such short
    notice, dear.

    Alan: Yes, it’s no problem.

    Jackie: Yes, thank you. You’re just a nice guy. Well, the national ID and you know I haven’t
    mentioned this to our listeners and for our listeners who are not on the internet I don’t know if
    this has even been on the news, Alan, but the House had passed an

    appropriations bill and it had a national ID stuck in this appropriations bill. The Senate – I did
    do some searching this evening because I didn’t get any emails on it and I figured I would if the
    Senate had passed it and what they said is that the Senate had removed, just before they passed it,
    they did remove that section that would have created the national ID, but it has to go to a
    conference committee now because the House Bill and the Senate Bill are different; different in the
    thing can be stuck right back in during the conference committee. I don’t know if this is true or
    not, but one of the emails I got it was going around the internet quite a bit for people who get
    this kind of mail and they gave you a direct link for people to contact their U.S. Senators.

    Even though we do know that the U.S. Congress – I don’t talk about what’s going on very much in
    Washington, D.C. because it seems so futile, but they do get hoodwinked, even the
    bought-and-paid-for ones et cetera, and evidentially there was enough outcry against this thing
    that they pulled it out of that bill. One of the emails said that they’re receiving about five
    messages every – or a message every five seconds, I think. I don’t remember, but a lot of them and
    a lot of well-known groups and organizations were spreading the word on it, so it does pay, even
    though it seems futile, it does pay to let your voice be heard. At least it holds them back for a
    minute or two, Alan.

    Alan: Whatever they give you in public they always have two other plans, one on either side of it,
    which immediately go into effect and generally with a word change or a different name it gets snuck
    in and the public is looking at the one they’re trying to defeat.

    Jackie: I know that yes absolutely.

    Alan: This is standard and they’ve been talking about it since about 1990, gradually hyping up the
    need for this card and the biometric companies of course are funding it and they’re lobbying the
    government all the time. Of course, a lot of the guys in the government either worked at one time
    for the biotech companies before they went into government or they will work when they leave
    government, and that’s how the whole system works.

    Jackie: Yes. They go right into the big corporations, don’t they?

    Alan: I was looking at the board on Monsanto and every one is an ex-member of the House of
    Congress and some have already gone into politics again, so they just revolve from government to
    multinational corporations.

    Jackie: Like revolving doors?

    Alan: Yes and that’s the definition of fascism and that’s what it is. That’s why the two fasciae
    [fasces] are there on either side of the Congress Hall. That’s their symbol. It will go through
    because it’s a “must be” as they say in freemasonry. It’s a done deal.

    Jackie: A must do?

    Alan: It must be done and nothing will stop it basically. The companies that are to make it are
    already basically got them made and we know that the governments themselves, since they’re all good
    Masons, know not to ask questions from their higher-ups. That’s how Masonry works. You get ahead by
    not asking questions. That way, you can’t be held responsible. You say “I don’t know, I didn’t
    know,” and you’ll still obeying your master. That’s how the whole system works because none of
    these congressmen want to know all of the details who’s really behind it and what the final outcome
    is going to be.

    Jackie: Alan, you didn’t move away from your phone, did you?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: Oh, your voice just went real faint there and you’ve been really nice and loud here I hope
    it’s just in my headset. I pulled up an article tonight that was written by Ron Paul and I thought
    about this. Ron Paul’s name, oh boy, everybody’s – in fact they want him to run for president and
    all that and I would just like to say this to our listeners. Folks, you have to think for yourself.
    You have to use your logic and your reasoning along with what you already know and anybody like
    this guy Ron Paul and somebody might get angry at me for saying this but you will discover
    eventually that what I am saying is so. Ron Paul is a shill. He’s a phony and the evidence is that
    he can talk about anything he wants to and he’s still a U.S. Congressman; and you take a look at
    Jim Traficant who’s sitting in prison and Congressman George Hansen, I mean they railroaded this
    guy because he was opposing the Federal Reserve System, the IRS et cetera. They picked him up off
    the steps where he was giving a speech, I understand. This happened before I became involved but
    the man was in prison for years and really his health was just totally shot by the time he got out
    and if they don’t put them in prison they kill them. So if you for one minute think that Ron Paul
    is some kind of a hero, you need to stop and think.

    Look what they did to Senator Wellstone. Wasn’t it Wellstone, Alan? He said something real bad
    about the Iraqi war and something I believe connected with Israel and he died in a small plane
    crash after that.

    Alan: Well, accidents happen.

    Jackie: Yes, right. Accidents happen. Well, I want to remind any of our listeners who think that
    Ron Paul is a hero, because see, folks, he can introduce all kinds of good legislation and it makes
    him look good but just know that he wouldn’t be able to mouth off like this – you know he exposes
    all this stuff and there he is walking around and he’s still in the U.S. Congress. They call this
    the “real.” This is “REAL.” I don’t know what it stands for but in the article that he wrote about
    this ID thing, he said, “establishes a massive centrally coordinated database of highly personal
    information about American citizens,” as though they don’t have it already, right? “At a minimum
    their name, date of birth, place of residence, social security number, physical characteristics.
    The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require
    biometric information on IDs in the future. This means you’re harmless looking driver’s license
    could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information or radio frequency technology.” And
    then he goes on about it. Anyway, I think it would be a good idea, folks, even if it holds them
    back for another 10 days or whatever, but get a hold of your U.S. Senator and tell them to – even
    though this thing is going into conference committee and they might not take part in it, but they
    should be lobbying their colleagues to not add the national ID back in it; and who really should be
    told about this are the state legislators so that they can be on their toes. Not that they are
    either; but dog gone it, if we just sat back and say everything is futile, nothing is going to
    happen, you can bet your boots nothing will happen and maybe it gives us a little bit more
    breathing room. For example, if you don’t have a passport, folks, you might want to get one before
    this thing goes through because I believe what Alan is saying. I don’t disagree one minute. This is
    a done deal. It just hasn’t been finalized, but by taking it out of that it has given us a little
    bit of breathing room. I don’t know how long a passport if good for, but at least in the past if
    you let’s say have a driver’s license and they make a change on it, they don’t make you get a new
    driver’s license, but when it comes to getting it renewed, then you have to go along with all the
    changes. There’s a possibility that maybe getting a passport now in case you want to do some
    traveling. I don’t know, Alan? And that bothers me that your voice level got so low. It sounds
    like you’re real far away.

    Alan: What I was going to say about this biometric is it also has your voice print on it. That’s
    another thing that’s in the newspaper. They’ll have your voice print so that wherever you phone
    from, anywhere in the continent, they’ll know it’s you. The computer will kick in.

    Jackie: I don’t know why I laugh at that stuff; it isn’t funny.

    Alan: This is how far they’re going with it all and they have most of the public trained already
    through using these preferential shopping cards, where all your purchases are known and sold. The
    data is sold to companies. The public don’t mind and so they’re used to swiping cards through the
    machines and so on and they’re already for the next one, and of course there will be a blitz to
    tell the people how wonderful it will be. Probably Oprah will have somebody on to tell you that,
    “They’ll find your children.” This is a step away from the chip. That’s what it is, which won’t be
    in a card. It will be in the old turnip head, you know.

    Jackie: Well, because people can lose their cards.

    Alan: That’s right. Or it will be stolen and there will be a whole rash of people getting mugged
    for them and out will come the next idea, which they’ve been really waiting to get at, how safe it
    would be to have this put in you and “look, here’s a few people who’ve had it and they’re perfectly
    normal.” It’s a done deal that way too, because they’ve copious amounts of material on that where
    they’re going to take it.

    Jackie: Yes they have. We’ve got a call. Hello. You’re on the air.

    Russ: It’s Russ. How you’re doing?

    Jackie: Well Russ, it’s nice to hear from you.

    Russ: I guess there is a delay coming over the internet–

    Jackie: Yes there is.

    Russ: …so I didn’t hear the last thing you were saying. You know Wellstone and Traficant were not
    martyred until they were martyred, and you said we have to use our minds and think and discern for
    ourselves; rather than being a respecter or a denigrator of persons, I listen to what they say. It
    is very possible that Ron Paul will be martyred tomorrow morning.

    Jackie: Okay Russ. Thank you. Good point. Although, let me say this to you about that. Ron Paul
    already showed himself up a long time ago every time he voted for most favorite nation status for
    Communist China and he also showed himself when he voted to legalize the seven, or eight or 12 or
    however many “illegal aliens” that were in this country. Now if that doesn’t bother you, then
    that’s fine. It shows me who that man is and he will–

    Russ: It’s all a part of being discriminating, you find the things that bother you and which we
    should not expect anybody to be messianically perfect. Everybody’s a mixed bag. That’s part of
    being discerning is that we don’t look for someone to be perfect so that we don’t have to defend
    what they do or what they say. We can just say, “oh, Ron Paul says it, therefore it’s good,” rather
    than it’s good. We don’t want to say it’s good because he said it. We want to say I’m glad he says
    something that I believe is good.

    Jackie: Yes, it’s like Phyllis Schlafly. She’s done some exquisite work and she’s probably one of
    the most dangerous people in this country. So that’s fine. Russ, thank you for your call. It was
    good to hear from you. Bye-bye. Well, Russ and I will agree to disagree on this. I know that Ron
    Paul is a shill and I know he’s allowed to say the things he is because it keeps people thinking
    that there’s a hero in the U.S. Congress.

    Alan: Albert Pike said it. He said, “whenever the public need a hero we supply him,” so they’ve
    got one for every type out there you see.

    Jackie: You bet, I know that, and your voice is nice and loud again.

    Alan: That’s the trick to it. They well understand through all of their polls over the many, many
    years, they know the types out there who vote for whatever and they put them into categories and
    they make sure there’s one for each category who speaks for you. Of course, you don’t notice when
    he takes a left turn somewhere that you’re actually following him and then when you’ve turned a
    complete circle, you say well how did we get here? That’s the trick to it. It’s very simple, but
    it’s been used for years.

    Jackie: Even in the States it’s the same thing.

    Alan: It’s the same the world over.

    Jackie: Yes I know but it occurred to me at the state level with a state legislator in California
    and he just did all kinds of wonderful – he introduced wonderful bills and they never went
    anywhere. I found out that it was his doing that almost – not that it made any difference but it
    was a good resolution; the 10th Amendment Resolution calling the attention of the state, the power
    that the state has, if they would just use it and he just was out there like the good guy and he
    introduced it. Brenda Abbott, a wonderful lady in California had a fax network all across the state
    and she kept calling and saying do you need us to do anything, this thing is just sitting in
    committees. No, no. It’s okay. I’ll call if I need you; and then the next thing you know she heard
    it on the radio that it was sitting in committee and if it didn’t get voted on that day it was

    dead and he never talked to her, so she got her fax going. Then there was one senator that hadn’t
    come down to vote on the committee and that’s where they zeroed in on the call and this guy called
    Don Rogers and said, “please Don, I’m coming to vote for your resolution. Please can you get these
    calls stopped? We can’t get any work done,” and Don acted like he thought that was just so cool and
    he was a hero to those people because he was the one that introduced it and he was the one who was
    going to let it sit and die in committee, but it made him look good.

    Alan: I never forget that tape of Sir James Goldsmith who came over from Britain and addressed the
    Senate on the dangers of signing the NAFTA and the GATT treaty and he laid it out in the most
    eloquent language.

    Jackie: Do you have that on tape?

    Alan: I do, yes.

    Jackie: I do too, Alan.

    Alan: He told them, he says, look, Britain is now a province of Europe and the Parliament is
    reduced to the status of a province (a little fiefdom) and they could make no move without the
    European Parliament’s consent and they must jump to it whenever the European Parliament gives
    Britain an order. He says it’s destroying the countries; and of course the big con – you see who’s
    putting this all together, it’s actually The Council on Foreign Relations. They’ve been at this
    since their inception. That was their job.

    Jackie: Just for a second here. You do know that Sir James Goldsmith died suddenly, don’t you?

    Alan: Yes. He had a cancer hit him and he was dead in a month.

    Jackie: Yes and you know what he said to these senators? This is so clear in my mind. He said I
    beg of you, think long and hard before you cast your vote. He was talking about the GATT (WTO); he
    said it will take America from a slow trot under the NAFTA to a headlong gallop into total economic
    and social destruction. Those are almost word for word what he said, Alan.

    Alan: He gave all the evidence as to what happened to Britain and the senators all agreed with
    him, but you noticed I think the next day or whatever they all voted for it.

    Jackie: Except for North Carolina. What was his name? 33rd Degree Mason but he voted against it.
    He was the head of that committee. Do you remember his name?

    Alan: I can’t remember it.

    Jackie: I can’t remember it either. This guy, actually watching him, I taped it off C- Span the guy
    I’m talking about, the Senator Earnest Hollings. Oh boy, he was doing some good. I got information
    from a congresswoman in Maryland and I quote Sir James Goldsmith and Earnest Hollings and if you
    want to really understand the GATT there’s an article in the NAFTA/GATT section titled “The World
    According to GATT.” Hollings was sitting up there actually bouncing in his seat. I mean he
    actually acted like he was so against it and he did vote against it. I guess maybe they gave him
    permission to do that, huh?

    Alan: Maybe, yes.

    Jackie: Because that’s usually what they do. If they know they’ve got enough votes, they’ll let
    certain of them vote the way that you wouldn’t expect them to vote at all.

    Alan: That’s right. James Goldsmith put out a book just before he died called “The Trap.”

    Jackie: Yes. I have it.

    Alan: He goes through the whole process how you sell out your sovereignty. You now have a Star
    Chamber directing any international trials to do with commerce and so five people basically, whom
    you never see, decide if your country is penalized, which means the taxpayer actually pays all the
    fines. This is how it works. If a Far Eastern country wants to put a factory in your country and
    you put up rules and regulations as to whatever and you tell them you must employ people at the
    basic wage or whatever and it’s much higher than their country, they can actually fine the country
    that says no. Britain paid millions of pounds just for the oak trees. I kid you not. They
    standardized the grain of oak of trees.

    Jackie: The what.

    Alan: The actual grain. They said that Britain’s oak trees were too wavy.

    Jackie: Oh, Alan.

    Alan: I kid you not. They wanted them straight like the German ones and they fined the British who
    had been exporting this stuff about a million and a half pounds. The taxpayer coughed that up. See,
    this is a racket you see. It’s actually like a mafia racket.

    Jackie: You know what it reminds me of? Harmonizing the ingredients in frozen pizza.

    Alan: Exactly, same deal.

    Jackie: That is so insidious and when you think about it, and folks, if you get it, I mean this is
    how finite they intend to control our lives, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: It is. I mean the butchers in Britain, the small ones that are still left, were forbidden to
    carry a carcass of an animal. In Britain you have little sort of open, they call it a close, like a
    little tunnel between houses, so they couldn’t take it through a tunnel into the other part of
    their shop because the European commission said even though it was covered over, the top was
    arched, it was actually really exposed to air at both ends. They fined the whole industry again
    thousands of pounds and these millions of pounds come out of the taxpayer’s pockets. It’s a great
    robbers’ scheme as far as I’m concerned.

    Jackie: Yes it is. The congresswoman that I referred to in that article was Congresswoman Helen
    Bentley. She was really opposing the GATT and I got a hold of her office and they faxed me the
    information right from her office and you know what was really astounding to me at that time is
    that there were former congress people who are now lawyers for the foreign countries that were
    suing the U.S. under these trade agreements, Alan.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: And the U.S. which pays – the U.S. Listen to me, like it’s a – yeah, the people in America
    pay about probably 40 percent or better of the cost of this whole thing, the UN and all that stuff,
    and the U.S. gets one vote. One vote, that’s it.

    Alan: People don’t realize where NAFTA and the Free Trade of the Americas is going to take us and
    for that you have to go back to the first set of talks, which was the Free Trade negotiations,
    because that’s where they do the preamble. The preamble is the most important part of any document
    because that defines the meaning of meanings of the words to be used subsequently. In it, they had
    just like the European Union, what they do is the countries involved retain their government, which
    become like a little provincial government like Ottawa in Canada and Washington, D.C.

    Jackie: Okay, we have about 50 seconds till our break.

    Alan: Then what they do is they choose another one. They were toying with the idea setting up the
    new capital of the Americas in Montreal, which will be the super government for the Americas, and
    that was done many years ago at the Free Trade Negotiations.

    Jackie: When you say many, about like when?

    Alan: You’re into just before the late ’80s.

    Jackie: We’re going to take a break here right now and we’ll be right back. While we’re on that
    break a thousands thoughts go through my mind, Alan. Where were we? Okay. This is something I want
    to say. I remember as I was listening, Hollings was talking about how the quality – what am I
    trying to say here? The past 20 years is that everything costs more but the wages were going down
    et cetera and at the same time I was going to say I don’t know how but I shouldn’t say that because
    stuff does drop into our laps when we’re looking for it or reading it, but this happened in I
    believe ’90
    – the GATT was ’94, wasn’t it? NAFTA was ’93. Okay, in 1974 the United Nations passed their
    declaration on the new international economic order and I quote heavily from that. I mean it’s the
    UN’s report itself. It’s the whole thing and the preamble and the whole thing and I quoted heavily
    from it and interestingly Hollings kept saying the last 20 years, the last 20 years and it was
    exactly 20 years prior to that that the UN passed that declaration on their new – there was
    something else in there, but their new international economic order. What they said is that no
    matter what the economic standard of any country is at the present time, it’s all going to be
    equalized and you knew immediately they’re not bringing the third world countries up to the
    standards that were once at least in the U.S., living standards, but to bring us down to theirs.

    Alan: They talk about a happy medium that we’ll arrive at at the same time.

    Jackie: Yes. And I love that, constantly you heard it over and over again, “evening the playing
    field.” Evening the playing field. I’ve got three UN files here and I have a whole dog gone thing
    and it occurred to me that it needed to be on our website in the UN section. I cannot find it. I
    emailed the UN to ask them how I could – because I even did a search. I just cannot find it
    anywhere, their declaration on the new International Economic Order.

    Alan: The New Deal.

    Jackie: The New Deal. It is just – reading that thing, if you read every word knowing that they say
    what they mean and mean what they say, it’s terrifying and we’re living it today.

    Alan: The most favored nation trading status was given to China actually when they made the deal
    with China that Britain could have Hong Kong for 100 years. That’s how far back this whole plan

    Jackie: Say that again.

    Alan: When Britain made the deal and signed this agreement with China that they would have Hong
    Kong for 100 years and then hand it back. They already had it in the plans that China would be the
    most favored nation trading status and out of the old books written at the time that say that right
    in it. Our whole lives and everything that happens is scripted by other people and what happens is
    China and third-world countries, or anyone who is designated as such, don’t have to start paying
    any of their loans back until the year 2005; and if they still claim that they can’t make it, it
    will postponed for another 25 years. However, all of these loans come from the Canadian government
    and the U.S. government who borrows the money from the World Bank, so in 25 years the children will
    have paid off those loans, you see, and that’s what they’re getting. We’re the workhorses for the

    Jackie: Yes, exactly. Paul Wolfowitz has been made head of the World Bank today. It was reported.

    Alan: The wolf is in charge of the bank.

    Jackie: The wolf is in charge. In China, Charlie Peter’s is our man in California whose whole main
    focus is on the emissions control, et cetera, et cetera and he said and sent me information on it
    that automobiles sent to China do not have to have all of the emission controls. In other words,
    they get to pollute because they’re a third-world country and there was one other thing that in
    China besides that – okay, never mind. If I don’t write it down while it’s in my mind it doesn’t
    stay. So in other words all of the pollution control et cetera and what they’re doing to what they
    call the developed nations all of those developing nations are just allowed to pollute like crazy.

    Alan: That’s what George said recently. He said we have to make a sacrifice with our petroleum
    industries and use less here because the developing countries need it more right now. This is your
    sharing of the wealth and all that stuff that we thought was a communist deal, but of course we all
    know it was all run by the bankers who set the

    whole thing up. We are all supposed to stop driving, I guess, in the future, because we are no
    longer needed. We’re not an industrial national anymore.

    Jackie: Yes. We have a call here. Hello. You’re on the air.

    Allen: Yes, this is Allen.

    Jackie: Hello Allen.You’ll have to speak up. I can’t hear you.

    Allen: Alan Watt was talking about Hong Kong and Britain 100 years ago has run things in the
    Orient. Can he say anything about the opening of Japan around 1854 and an infusion of Western
    technology into that area, building it all up to where it became to almost a world power and then
    right after World War I most of the Pacific Islands were given to Japan so they could fortify that.
    It’s like they were setting them up about 100 years ago in advance for World War II. This was 1854.
    By 1904, 1905 they were able to destroy the [inaudible-audio] – in 50 years they went like 800

    Jackie: So you’d like Alan to comment on that?

    Allen: Yes.

    Jackie: You look like you’re doing your homework, Allen.

    Allen: I’ve been studying it for a long time. It’s like they decided around 1854 in advance and
    had everything set up just perfect; the islands were given to Japan after World War I; they had an
    infusion of technologies and everything was given to them. Another big question is why would
    America in 1854 be concerned with a tilly-willy little backward country like Japan? I would say
    they wouldn’t have nothing to do with it; it had nothing to offer to America.

    Jackie: Right. We’ll have Alan comment on that. Before you do that, Alan, I know the other thing I
    wanted to say about China, I know I’ve said this before but it’s a reminder to our listeners, when
    you were mentioning Hong Kong that Britain would have it for 100 years and then give it back. I did
    not know that but you know I have this newspaper article, either New York Times or one of them,
    when they were giving it back to China and it literally said in there that the people in Hong Kong
    are preparing to meet their new masters. It was right in the newspaper, that exact language, Alan.

    Alan: Sure, and Britain had an official military handover to the communists.

    Jackie: Their new masters, the people.
    Alan: If you want to get back to the setting up of Japan, the bankers with the Kuhn Lobe & Co. had
    been financing the setup of Japan in the late 1800’s. Then if you read an excellent book, I think
    it was put out there to cover up the truth, although it had to use a lot of the truth simply
    because of declassified information from the U.S. government that’s available now about this.
    Bernard Baruch and a few other big bankers were approached by Japanese military at the beginning of
    the 1900’s and these Japanese were told to come over and see these particular men, because they
    were told, and it tells you in the book, they were told that these guys run and own America.

    Jackie: What guys run and own America?

    Alan: Bernard Baruch and the company of Kuhn Lobe & Company and a few other ones, well-known
    names, and the deal was Baruch said he would finance them. He would help them with technical data
    and training and so on, and shipbuilders, on the condition that they would attack Russia and that
    caused the final Russian war and that helped to bring on the chaos that started the heavy taxation
    and the war that helped to bring down the Czar. That was the intent of it and of course right
    through World War II these bankers were still funding the Japanese from New York, and it’s
    explained in “The Fugu Plan” by Marvin Tokeyer. He’s a Japanese rabbi actually and he goes through
    it and tells you what went on. It’s a fascinating story. It was all set up way in advance by the
    big bankers, none of whom were prosecuted for it. Another thing too is I also have old books from
    that period the early 1900’s and you’ll find that the emperor Hirohito of Japan, I’ve got the
    photographs of him being inducted into the Knights of the Garter of England by British Lords. I’ve
    got the actual photographs, so
    Hirohito was an Honored Knight of the Queen’s inside company.