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    That must be unforgettable for whoever made it, Stephen Geddes ?


    Stephen Geddes

    Ha .. yes monsoon coil , I created a few years back .. Next generation to the mobius coil , which has the same twisted, insulate copper wire loop, wrapped around a quartz point with a repeated knot .. hooked up to a 15Hz zapper and used as a succour punch or in powered orgonite worked a treat , but turned out to be old school energywise .


    Monsoon coil is awesome in comparison ..After discovering Tensor rings, incorporated in orgonite, jumped up the energy substantially, compared to either alone , So I started sharing examples/photos and folks trialed for themselves … Funny eh … that technique took off worldwide … that still blows me away .,


    The monsoon coil is wrapped around a Tensor ring …(incidentally, Tensor rings have one of the highest paramagnetic values according to Phil Callahan) , I found the monsoon coils is way stronger , much larger scalar field ……stand alone , in the millions on the Bovis scale… but when incorporated as a powered orgonite was just awesome .. I remember the first one I had to step back from … was fair pumping ,, took a day or two to acclimatize to the high energy/scalar field …. much like the first big plasterite cones that I made …..they were a big rush.. ha ha ,,, gotta love this energy caper , … so addictive , not to mention the intuition and synchronicities that manifest (y) cheers 




    Stephen Geddes

    Rising contributor
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    Josh’s Life Pillow.
    G’day … while cleaning up my parents’ home , for sale , my sister found a couple of Josh’s original Life Pillows plus a heap of other stuff which she sent to me .
    Back in the day , I was in regular contact with Josh , concerning developments and trials with Plasterite and the Life Pillow, of which I bought several for family and friends .. they weren’t cheap at $60usd each , but not enough to break the bank ..ha
    I have a couple of my own original LIfe Pillows so am offering these two at $50 each plus postage …. They still have great energetics, pendulum indicating around 800K Bovis , so a lot stronger than most orgonite you see these days on FB … and still serve the function of polarizing (changing the spin) of anything harmful in food , water, medications etc along with reducing pain and cleaning EMF.
    Message me if interested …




    Top contributor

    What an exciting day for you. It’s great everything arrived safely, no trouble with Customs (well except having to pay but surely expected); The pendants are lovely, I’m so lucky to be going to get one. Gorgeous work from Stephen Geddes. The little disks look very interesting too, looking forward to checking them out.




    The Josh Pillows have arrived and been collected, all went smooth. It was complete.
    An important happening.
    Like climbing mount everest, just better.
    Before I opened it , Jenn started nagging, sorry, “politely asking” me for part of the loot. Crowbar in hand.
    Stephen Geddes mentioned a pendant for Jenny Mortell
    so I am kinda stuck, cant weasle my way out of it and have to fork it over… 🙂
    She wants more than the pendant , doesn´t she .?..oh yes..that baby hand is not easily filled can tell ya that, jenn is expensive to maintain, I know all about it, through experience. Do you want to see my scars ?
    Have her brand – stamp of approval on my , well…somewhere.
    Some say everywhere but those are unconfirmed rumors.
    One of the main bottlenecks is , as ALWAYS, there is no money in it, not really. When it was invented you could buy such a pillow in the 1960s for 400 bucks, nowadays that would be 1000 bucks
    if not more
    sounds strange but has a meaning, if you offer a pillow for a normal price the normies will ignore it, cant be much for 100 or 50
    that is the reasoning of the zombie.
    they prefer a pill from doc for a fortune, all poisonous rubbish
    which only treats, not heals the affliction. Etc etc
    the whole essence of josh is to give us the reasons why it works so we can make it ourselves, create freedom or independency if you like
    even the german inventor or plasterite confirmed to me Josh´s method worked much better, more powerful and easier to make when it come to the plasterite. Plasterite did not fall from the sky on monday morning between nine and ten
    it did not
    it was only through the work of four , five, maybe six individuals it even exists now, otherwise most of you would still be sucking thumbs and prattle on those geo engineering forums posting pics of ” lines in the sky” maybe not use the other words , nowadays, as the AI Sees all…
    If stephen and tony were not around in those days the whole thing would have been stillborn, no question about it, no question about it at all , it would not even lift off.
    it is mainly through stephen s work, and later mine, that folk even know about this. Honestly.
    I mean literally.
    It also is an example that they , you know, them, those behind the curtain cannot control everything, that is an important point to make. It should ring some bells.
    the secret here is creativity as that is one of the ways to beat the system, they cannot cope with that at all
    one thing they hate it would be that, creativity, you coming up with ideas that are outside the norm, you are not playing on their field
    they can´t deal with that
    the whole point of this demonic control grid is to erase that
    the free individual
    the free thinker
    that is the real enemy
    they already own everything
    they make money out of thin air
    it is not about that
    it is about erasing the free thinking individual
    I mean this literally
    that is the biggest enemy
    someone with a ” big idea”
    that can upset their apple cart
    they cannot handle that
    at all
    also it is about predictability
    most folk are predictable
    some folk are not
    they can make connections
    they do not like that
    most folk you meet are composites
    they are not real free thinking people
    they are like programmed robots
    they cannot think outside the norm
    or grasp the concepts of those who do
    Could prattle on and on…..really….
    won´t torture you with my hoopla…be mild on ya
    maybe I copy and paste stuff from control book up to the website, to keep it safe
    also, it gets it out of the enclave or ghetto as all those things like ” telegram groups” are a sort of ghetto
    meaning no one sees it, only the choir , but that is no the point
    you want the normies to see it
    or those who are searching to give them tools to work with
    I am content
    oh please call someone , ek s happy , something s up….




    Somehow the update on the life pillow ended up on my own page not in the group, only noticed that now…omg…from september…last year…

    shows you how often I look at my own profile…never as I never post anything, only accidentally…

    There we go

    september 30

    Shared with Public
    Update Josh Life Pillow

    I know you all want to hear this, you can´t wait, you almost drool and you should be, you …peasants…hahaha
    So, last night, it was full moon, so could not sleep so well, as usual on full moons, gets me overactive in a pleasant way but you know, can be annoying too you go to sleep reading book at eleven and at half past two you hop down for a pancake, sounds familiar? Sure it does…but let us not beat around the bush too long, those millenials attention spans are tick tock level now, a whole 15 seconds…max…
    So, after the pancake, while reading slim spurlings book on my ereader ( do you really all need to know this , you ungrateful little…yes you do need to know this) I thought let´s try the life pillow from Josh, the leater one, took it upstairs with me, all by myself, without parental permission….. because…for a while now..have some nuissance in my arm, one of those weird things that won´t go away , at least not completely, you still have a certain soreness or like muscle ache sort of thing, mild, not a big deal but…
    So…even though I had used my own polarizer ( proper lingo) on it and it did give relief and improvement for sure, it could not take it all away, only for about 75% …still better than nothing of course.
    But after using Josh life pillow , just put it on the arm, I immediately noticed changes, you just do , you just notice, not easy to put in words , but believe you me, you will notice it, one way or another, the tension is gone, almost instantly, think it hardly took ten seconds, whooshhhh…bizarre eh….well it is a bizarre it is not gone for 99% I would say….it I d say hundred the fda would put a hitman on me or end up on epstein s island with the rest or gulag and we have to avoid that hahaha
    also, the neck, was sore, you can have that, twitched a muscle, recently and was not really moving forward, sort of nagging and yes, turn my head now, it is gone, has been there for at least two weeks, with ups and downs, maybe have been too busy recently with deskwork etc whatever, point is, put life pillow on neck whoosh again…I did not think of using my life pillow so cannot compare that is an odity with life pillows we often simply forget to use them as strange as that may sound..we are a bit eh … that regard….we did not grow up with them so sometimes we have to be reminded yo use the LP man, oh yeah…of course, ah dummy
    I do use them when I have a bee sting or something like that..or step in a splinter , any sort of sharp short pain, it does wonders..Guinea pig myself … so yes that is great news..impressive unexpected, why unexpected, well it is quite an old build..device is who knows, eh old…maybe ten to fifteen years or so..13 I assume
    so expected it to be milder , tamed down, more moderate but that is surely not the case…seems to have increased strength even…you may have to repeat the process a few times, like detox, it is not one glass of this or that or Coll silver or some fancy expensive green orgasmic organic grass or whatever, you have to repeat that method for a while to really repair aka flush it out , takes a bit of time.
    it is all connected ..all the same is like that shatnez, this vest he , phil callahan, made, from jute soaked in seawater, that can do miracles too…a true healer..a similar effect can be achieved by using linen and wool, same concept, yin yang, paramagnetism, which is forbidden for jews in their laws only the high priest is allowed to wear a shatnez….a hazmat suit would be the modern equivalent, not exactly the same but has some connections…well going way way way too deep now, the millenials are watching tick tock already eating popcorn……So , there you go , another report. Patents pending….




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        Preparing shipment to Dublin, after receiving it from Australia


        thanks Stephen , you´re da man  :D  ;)  :mrgreen:  :D











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          Top contributor

          Very interesting and beautiful pieces. Themistoklis would you like to share what looks like a very complicated technique with us please?

          Themistoklis Moschidis




           Good morning from Athens It’s not that complicated as a technique. It is a construction for activating the water we drink. It is a plaster orgonite that contains, 5 coils of quartz and copper, my intention to purify the water. A large spiral of copper and incense. Also the water I used is spring water and I cleaned all my ingredients with herbal smoke and singing bows. For me being Greek and having a deep connection with the symbols of Mythology, I painted the Goddess Athena and Hercules as a symbol of strength

          For us Greeks, mythology is not fairy tales. It is the de-symbolization of universal laws, including the way orgone acts in humans! That’s why I choose designs from ancient Greece to multiply the action of the plaster orgonite


          Sister and daughter


          With Patricia


          An oldie..

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            Stephen Geddes
            I;ve made a ton of plasterite over the years ,
            All time favourite is the electricity grid broadcasters ,,,, or BSB
            (blue sky broadcaster)….not only creates an pleasant orgone field , cleaning electricity in the home , but neighbours benefit and all those back down the line
            Plasterite Bernoulli rings are pretty wild energy too
            Refreshing to share these plasterite adventures youtube link .
            Worth a bookmark …. cheers




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              BSB  or Bee as Bee or Be as Be














              It was great to get a start off to Workshops for Spring 2021 when 5 great women came to my house yesterday. The conversation beforehand was stimulating, at one stage I was wondering should we forget all about pouring Plasterite and keeping the chat going .


              Once we got into our stride it was ‘all go’ and they created 3 lovely cones and lots of small pieces, in all at least one and a half bags of plaster were used up, equalling to about 65 kilos of Plasterite going all over the country – to Meath, Offaly and different locations in Dublin. I hope some of you ladies will attach a photo of what you made as I focussed on doing videos and only took a few photos.

              We were very lucky with the weather as it rained quite a bit the previous night. I very much appreciated the tidying up that was done afterwards, both inside and outside.
              There would be something to be said for organising – hard to know what to call it – ‘activist coffee mornings’ where we can all let off steam and exchange experiences and have the pleasure of meeting in person instead of communicating in chat groups. Just a thought.








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