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      Visiting Japan

      I don’t want to be posting little bits and pieces about gifting in Tokyo, but for the last three days I’ve gifted 3 pieces each day. The first were to some friends we met, yesterday was at a ‘Cherry blossom viewing’ close to where my son and his wife live, and today was at the Emperor’s palace and a nearby Shrine ‘Yasukuni’ which has a somewhat bad reputation as there are supposedly lots of bad spirits still hanging around there. Now I wish I had more Plasterite Selenite with me, i’ll need to save some in case we travel somewhere else in Japan.



















      I had hardly finished my last post when the postman arrived with an exciting box for me.


      I certainly did not expect this amazing heart to arrive so quickly. Thank you so much Crys Bovis – it’s breathtaking. Something one could look at while (trying to) meditate. What a charming technique you have discovered! So many different colour combinations.


      Having said all that, I’m sure some of you will be envious and would maybe like one for yourselves.

      I’m suggesting that Crys calculates some fair price for his work and talent, so that you can order one. (He doesnt know I’m suggesting this) but I did say to him he should really make them available to people.


      One of my best friends who has, and has made lots of Plasterite got a message from the Universe that she needs a couple more of what I call ‘a curly cone’ and she feels it’s like a Unicorn. So, that’s a lovely excuse to get pouring again and I produced two cones as requested.


      I used two different types of plaster, hence the different colours. They are a very pretty shape but are not really suitable for a Blue Sky Broadcaster as it would be very difficult to wind a cable around them.





      I wasn’t very happy with the way yesterdays ‘Unicorn’ cone was hardening up, and this morning was nice and sunny so it was a good opportunity to pour outside, as I’d already got the kitchen back to normal.

      These are the notes I made on what I used and additions. It’s really part of the fun of making Plasterite, deciding what to put into a particular piece. I find the best way is to let things almost decide for themselves.

      Note re latest curly cone. I used Herculite hard plaster, a new bag: 7 litres/kilos of plaster, 6 litres crystal water, about 1.5 kilos of beach sand, 6 teaspoons of Mediterranean sea salt. Additions: drops of Terrashield; Geranium and Cedarwood Essential Oils and Mark O’Sullivan’s ‘Kitchen sink’.


      I put in some small handfuls of crumbled dried Comfrey and Cannabis leaves, Self Heal buds, and a small handful of Life Pillow mix. A couple of teaspoonsful of melted cannacoconut oil. When all mixed and put into the mould I pressed in some tiny cones, 2 golden quartz crystals and the little paper intention sheet. While pouring I focussed on our intentions, but not too hard.





      I had such an enjoyable time today, the first time the weather was really pleasant enough to make it worthwhile messing up the patio area – which I inevitably do if I’m making anything at all large. I had half a bag of Skimcote in the shed over winter, sometimes they deteriorate so I wanted to see whether it would set, (before I throw it onto the garden). And I’m going to Spain for a week in a few days, of course I needed some ‘pretties’ as gifting for there. Some of the pieces I’ll hide, others I’ll leave in full view so hopefully children happily find them. I might do a little stick-on label saying ‘paint me’ what do you think?


      I started at about 11.30 and now at 14.30 with lots of breaks in between and lunch, this is what I’ve achieved. So please don’t think that it is a very lengthy process.

      I got some ‘new’moulds at a stall last year, this has been my first chance to try tyem. I’m not very optimistic about how gorgeous they’ll be, but they might appeal to children, little animals for example. I’ll need to let them set a bit longer.

      I’m delighted to say the large cone turned out very well, even with the Skimcote it came out of the traffic cone with two hard bangs on the tiles. I try to keep the size to about 18 kilos (40 lbs) for relative ease of handling or lifting for us females.


      It seems lifting 25 kilo bags of plaster is getting to be more of a strain for me, and I do treasure my back.
      More photos to follow fingers crossed.








      I’m delighted to help LR with a report on how she and her daughter Dee made their first Plasterite today. LR sent me the photo of what they did and here is how she said they got on:

      ‘Our first attempt, my daughter and I. She will take it back home with her to Vegas.We bought the mold at a thrift store for $1.I had some plaster of Paris; just enough for that. I had a bucket of soouthern Utah red sand.She found some small snail shells in my yard.
      I think she enjoyed it. We measured as if we were making a cake – it worked. We soaked crystals and used the water. Salt too.

      We both enjoyed making it. She is going home today – it should help with the energies at her house.






      I make grids with my crystals all over my house, I love my rocks.’




      This is the beautiful pieces that Crys sent to me. I made a grid by arranging it and adding some of the wrapped copper pendants that my friend Michelle created, as well as some malachite pieces.


      Much gratitude to you Crys Bovis.




      yes my heart is pumping in Utah now….
      it is amazing
      Sylphs all over Utah , USA
      Your heart is pumping in Southern Utah in more ways than one!   :D  I’ve noticed that I get more caring persons hanging around.

      Today I was delighted to get the parcel from Flanders, it was so exciting opening it up and seeing what was in there; ‘in the flesh’. 2 big bottles of my favourite, ‘Elixir d’Anvers’ some items I’d left behind by mistake (good to get them back) and three items all the way from Australia, courtesy of Stephen Geddes – some little energy stickers, the Life Pillow made by Josh, and a beautiful orgonite pendant which I love; I love the Celtic symbol, the triskel.


      I must say Stephen you are a great craftsman!


      It was quite emotional seeing the Josh Life Pillow with all the history attached to it, it is a bit smaller than I thought, and very skilfully made. As Crys Shine said, it has literally been around the world, starting in US, travelling around Australia, to Belgium and now to Ireland which I hope will be its final resting place, at least until I reach mine.
      I’m feeling very lucky and happy today, a big thank you to Crys for letting me have a Life Pillow, and thank you so much for the pendant Stephen, I love it. xx






      I’m in love with the pendant Jenny, I can feel the energy for it & the amazing pillow. Let me know when your holding workshops again. I feel a calling ✨⭐️✨

      Patricia  I must really soon. I don’t know why I missed the summer good weather mo the, I think people are too busy then.

      Crys Bovis

      Top contributor

      that s what I wanted to hear, ready to hop in the bath now, so I spare you my longwinded stories….do I hear a sigh….I dare you , little ones hahaha
      excellent news ,selenite Queen, top notch, cheering, I may have a tiny glass of elixer myself to eh unwind….will work, guaranteed, pricy enough…
      life pillow, pendant, top drinks, and the power stickers, let them come now eh the dark side trembles and they should, and hope you are glad you got your expensive and lovely top back
      I say must have fallen of the bed while you were , you know, collecting stamps, happens in the best families. All good and settled now. Oh and all this joy because of the courtesy of Stephen Geddes , haha, yes, that is how it is. Raise my glass and tip my hat, to both ot you, ciao ciao


      Kudos to you too, I know packing things up and getting them sent off isn’t your favourite pastime. Sort of amazed that 2 litres of spirits got delivered without demands from the taxman… better shush about that. Thanks again xx



      The pendant is gorgeous.

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