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    Righto I need some advice and wisdom – ive got a few days off work so I thought it would be a good time setting about building my first chembuster.

    Ive always wanted a water feature/fountain thing in my yard so the birds and animals can drink from it and I thought why not inclued this with the chembuster.

    Ive got a large black plastic round pond from bunnings and was thinking of building something like this –

    ive heard differing things but many seem to agree that induction ones are good and croft style are very reliable – can I build a croft style and stick it in the pond?

    What effect would this have?

    I also see there are solar powered fountains on ebay for quite cheap so i was thinking of adding one of these to move water around as some have suggested.

    What would you guys suggest as far as type croft or induction?

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    Hi Kell.

    A Croft CB employs a very strange design.

    There are no crystals whatsoever in the orgonite mix; only large terminated crystals in the bases of the pipes.

    The pipes act as ‘wave guides’ and channel the EMR down their insides to the crystals that need ‘line of sight’ with the target.

    The ‘resonant cavity’ principle is applicable here and a six foot Croft CB will focus on an altitude of about 12,000 to 15,000 feet (Chentrail altitude).

    Induction CBs work on a different principle altogether.

    The base of the CB is just a large TB and the pipes act as antenna.

    Actually they don’t need to be hollow and solid bars or any other kind of antenna you can design will probably work as well.

    The only stipulation is that the antenna be electrically insulated from direct contact with the orgonite.

    The resonant cavity effect is not applicable here and no specific parameters have been found for pipe-length or configuration.

    The Water CB employs similar principles to the original Reich Cloudbuster where a living water body works in conjunction with hollow pipes and powerfully draws the EMR from the sky.

    In Reich’s model; the water was also used to sink the EMR and not neutralize it.

    In the Water CB; orgonite is used in the water to neutralize the EMR and the water is used to draw it in more powerfully than a Croft CB.

    However; we need to maintain the ‘living’ quality of the water or it becomes dull and lifeless and fails to work well after a while.

    At the very least; the water needs to be circulated by a pump and at best it is passed through a spiral vortex, a chaos pool and run across rocks and through waterfalls.

    The pipes act a ‘wave guides’ in a similar way to a Croft CB and the resonant cavity principle serves to link pipe-length with remote focus.

    I have tried placing an (insulated) ICB in water and have found that it works pretty much the same as it did in the dry and I would imagine that a Croft CB placed in water would perform similarly.

    So; my advice (for what it may be worth) would be to set up a Water CB in your pond as you can adjust after it’s built (more or less orgonite in the water, length and angle of the pipes etc).

    The pipes should be insulated from direct contact with the water but apart from that; few parameters prevail.

    Sounds perfect if you intend to circulate the water and add fountains and stuff.


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    Cheers Dan – I have got my pond in the ground and filled it up with water  and also got six 2m legths of copper pipe/end caps/joiners etc (cost a fortune) – I had no idea how expensive Copper has got (1.25″) and have sawn the bottom 12″ off each pipe as per croft cloudbuster.

    I think in light of what you have suggested I might build two different devices – a dedicated Water type for the pond and a Croft type I might donate to someone in the area – just have to wait for the resin to turn up.

    Went looking for Metal swarf around here and found it a lot harder to find this time?

    They might be saving all the metal to bomb Iran or something?

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    Could you perhaps add shungite rocks to the water, to keep it energised and clean?  i’ve just discovered this stone and its properties and think it would enhance orgonite devices magnificently.

    The most important thing is to love, and with passion.

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    monsoon gecko

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    Yo…I,ve played with shungite a while back…can be used in orgonite, good cleanser in water, though works best if water is moving.

    Here’s my latest forray into Cloudbuster construction

    Since I still can’t post photos with new puter, will give photobucket link,

    but photos not in order, though do have descriptions

    Not quite finished, but functioning.


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    monsoon gecko

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    Ok….here’s a better run down on latest induction CB , as posted on orgoniteplus, complete with photos and description

    Cheers, hope you enjoy

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