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Wow the answer could go for a long time,

First you approach the Orgonite and Plasterite in a 3D manner and at this point we will see the Orgonite as a self actuated capacitor, and the Plasterite as yet somewhat of a mistery

Second if you approach the devices on an energetic level we will have to consider the crystals and their characters then allow for that to “modulate” our devices very specifically, at that point the base energy of the Orgonite is only the carrier of the various crystal energies, and the Plasterite a carrier/broadcaster of all the crystal energies that we put in. Now, as tested, the Plasterite vibrating on all levels of creation will penetrate deeply distant wise, it probably use the higher levels to broadcast the lower one much further.

The Orgonite however is limited to vibrating on the three first levels and may be limited to its range of affect. If in the Orgonite you are using Alu. is it perfectly fine on the capacitor level, on the energy level some folks may think of Alu as not being too cool. If you are going to gift the ocean it will be best to double dip couple of times since the salt water will eat your resin after awhile, even in the wild I have found TBs that I had done 7 or 8 years ago, and being exposed to the elements for that much time, they did not look so good, I am certain that a double dipping would have made them much better.

And no the double dipping would not change the vibrations And we are glad you join this forum Josh

:P :P