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    Chelation Therapy
    What is EDTA
    what is it?
    Should you use it?
    A crystalline acid, C10H16N2O8, that acts as a strong chelating agent. The sodium salt of EDTA is used as an antidote for metal poisoning, an anticoagulant, and an ingredient in a variety of industrial reagents.
    I wanted to touch on this topic ……it is probably one of the best and easiest things you can do for yourself in order to prevent dis-ease is a healing modality that removes all types of harmful metals as well as minerals ( this is the drawback on this but I will get into this later) it can save you from an open heart operation, combined with other aminos remove nickel from the body ( I hope everyone who has had a piercing with stainless reads this you might need this one day to remove all the nickel you have absorbed from those piercings, from the BRAIN). It heals those with atherosclerosis—-a blockage in the arterial walls as a result of cholesterol, fat or metals resulting in plaque…this removes those blockages, as a result you have better circulation and a less stressful heart, a pretty good concept easier blood flow, less work for the heart. This also removes all kinds of heavy toxic metals….such as Mercury, lead, and cadmium…substances that enter the body through food, drink and exposure. EDTA is also used for treating of gangrene, which is a circulatory problem, and has been used to treating of parkinson’s, alhzeimer’s, and arthritis. If you decide to do this intravenously then seek a qualified practitioner who is skilled in this art. You can also do this using supplemental form of EDTA by combining it with Vitamin C and Magnessium, EDTA Vitamin C and L cysteine, or Vitamin C and MSM…these are several suggestions.. there several places you might go to Warning you of this, Ignore this, don’t be dissuaded by someone’s bias especially if there connected to the FDA or have ties with pharma corp they have the most to lose, and you have the most to gain, in my opinion your health concerns should be a priority, not there profits or there egos. Some other benefits of EDTA or Chelation Therapy: Restoring Memory as a result of better circulation. Avoidance of bypass surgery, leg cramping, improvement in vision and hearing, cerebral vascular disease (stroke), alleviates ( does not heal but takes the edge of ) lupus, scleroderma. A tidbit here as well it has been USED SUCCESSFULLY on over 500,000 thousand people in the USA alone for the past 45 years, it was use by THE US NAVY in 1948 to SUCCESSFULLY TREAT LEAD POISONING , Oral chelation, this is where you can help yourself, is effective on healing as well, it takes longer to work but is effective,there have been reports of people using ORAL EDTA and have been able to pass a treadmill test where before they could not, Oral chelation benefits are common in suppressing free radical damage, especially in the area of the lining of the blood vessels.
    I think if you used it, there would be benefits to the use of EDTA for anyone using this as an oral chelator, free radical scavenger, or as a preventaive. with all the benefits previously mentioned, it sounds good, now there is a drawback to it it does remove healthy minerals as well it does not differentiate or distinguish between the good guys or the bad guys, with an athleosclerosis problem there is usually a calcium blockage involved and EDTA will remove this calcium, so if you use this there will have to be a replenishing or restoring of this mineral, which can be done by taking a alfalfa supplement or a cal-mag 2:1 ratio supplement. the suggestion I would make is to take them at seperate times not together ( EDTA and calcium) so as to give the EDTA the ability to remove the harmful stuff first,
    Now if you are having any health issues SEEK A QUALIFIED ( NOTICE I DID NOT SAY PROFESSIONAL) HEALER, A wholistic one either allopathic or otherwise who is versed in this art of healing. ( Professional means some who is doing something for pay doesn’t mean they know what there doing!!!)