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    Stress of Chronic Disease Is Upon Doctors and Patients—Intelligent pathogens adapt to changes in their environment. Lyme disease, for example, used to be a “tick borne –disease.” No longer. According to Dr. Cowden, it is now transmitted through mosquitoes, fleas, sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, trans-placenta to fetus, breast feeding, and via poorly cooked meats. “So rather than ask your young patients if they’ve ever had a tick bite, ask if they’ve had a mosquito bite,” advised Dr. Klinghardt. “Look at the mother for clinical signs of Lyme disease and its co-infections. Most of the autistic children are cases of Lyme disease contracted congenitally.” “A sick planet produces sick kids,” said homeopath Mary Coyle. “These kids cannot detox what they downloaded as a fetus from their mothers, plus what they get on their own. The stress is us. We are exposed to ongoing stress on a daily basis. Pesticides, chlorine, carpet glues in school every day. So you have to keep cleaning them up. My kid was too sick, the cells too full of toxins, for the gluten-free diet to —-help him recover. You need to get to the subtle energy fields before you go to the biochemical level.” Cleaning up the environment and the diet are not easy subjects to teach, and not easy for patients to integrate. “The vast majority of our culture has traded health for convenience,” said Dr. Mercola. “We need to learn not to buy things that move us toward disease instead of health. And we need to prepare foods from scratch.” Dr. Wulfman asks some of his patients to keep a food diary. He finds some parents have made the switch to gluten-free pancakes, cereal, and cookies, but still fail to realize that those foods are not loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Switching to a gluten-free diet is not the same as fixing fresh, home-cooked meals. He advises his patients to grow their own garden, even a small box type. Dr. Klinghardt finds it takes a great deal of patience to teach. “I have more recoveries by percentage than other practitioner I know by simply addressing the issue of avoiding EMF while sleeping at night. But I find it takes an autistic family three years to hear me on the issue.” –Dr. Gordon points out that it is frustrating for patients –that the medical profession has been slow to put the pieces of the puzzle together. “Your doctor probably does not know, for example, that we all have some form of toxoplasmosis –which increases your uptake of heavy metals. When you are infected with Chlamydia pneumonia, you are more likely to become a sick person. Many doctors don’t know enough about mycoplasma. It isn’t a question of whether you have Lyme or not. You have a total load of pathogens. Know that they are adversely affecting you and probably your children and their children.”—Respecting Mother Nature—Dr. Wulfman said he learned a lot from organic farmers. “What shows up when there is poor soil, inadequate water, etc., is infection. The weaker the organism, the more vulnerable to virus, bacteria, parasite – whatever.” Our bodies are walking Superfund sites. And our world is not getting any less toxic. The California Medical Association forecast that the scale of industrial chemical production is expected to grow four-fold by 2050. Add to that, the expected increase of electrosmog, and the marketing push for genetically modified foods. “The stuff we give these kids squirts right through them because they don’t have the right bacteria in the gut,” summarized Dr. Gordon. “You can’t overcome, can’t kill all the pathogens because they are coming in every direction. We need to focus on what we can do to keep the bad stuff out.”
    Book: Myth of Alzheimers, by Peter Whitehouse
    Book: Plague Time-the New Germ Theory of Disease, by Paul W. Ewald
    Book: UltraMind Solution, by Dr. Mark Hyman
    Book: Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew
    About the Author–Mary Budinger is an Emmy award-winning journalist and a writer for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Mary was also this year’s recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year” award for her many hours of volunteer work for the LIA/CHOICE, Lyme Induced Autism Conference, 2009.
    Health Benefits of BLACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum L.)
    Activities (Black Pepper) — Abortifacient (f; CRC); Alexeteric (f; DEP); Analeptic (1; CRC); Analgesic (1; JBU); Antibacterial (1; CRC; JBU; MPI); Anticonvulsant (1; SPI); Antidote, fish (f; CRC); Antidote, mushroom (f; CRC); Antidote, shellfish (f; CRC); Antiglucuronidase (1; SPI); Antileishmanic (1; PHR); Antioxidant (1; SPI); Antipyretic (1; CRC; DAD); Antiseptic (1; CRC; PHR; PH2); Aperitif (1; EFS; FNF); Carminative (1; CRC; DAD; EFS); Catecholaminic (1; SPI); Diaphoretic (f; HHB; SKJ); Digestive (1; SPI); Diuretic (f; SKJ); Emmenagogue (f; DEP); Epinephrinogenic (1; SPI); Expectorant (1; RIN); Fungicide (1; CRC; MPI; WOI); Gastrogogue (1; PH2); Hepatotonic (1; PH2); HMG-CoA-Reductase Inhibitor (1; SPI); Hypertensive (1; SPI); Hypocholesterolemic (1; SPI); Hypotensive (1; CRC); Insecticide (1; CRC; PHR; PH2); Larvicide (1; MPI); Mutagenic (1; CRC); Peristaltic (1; SPI); Positive Chronotropic (1; SPI); Respiradepressant (1; CRC); Rubefacient (1; DAD; DEP); Scabicide (1; PHR); Secretagogue (1; PHR; SPI); Sialagogue (1; PHR; PH2); Stimulant (1; DAD; PNC); Stomachic (f; EFS; SKJ); Taenicide (1; MPI); Tonic (f; DEP). Indications (Black Pepper) — Adenosis (f; CRC; DAA); Allergy (1; RIN); Alopecia (f; DEP); Amenorrhea (f; FEL); Anorexia (1; EFS; FNF); Arthrosis (1; CRC; DAD; DEP; PH2); Asthma (f; PH2; SKJ); Athlete’s Foot (1; HG50); Atony (f; FEL); Bacteria (1; CRC; JBU; MPI); Bite (f; DEP; SKJ); Boil (f; DEP); Bronchosis (1; PHR); Calculus (1; CRC; DAD); Cancer (1; CRC; DAA); Cancer, abdomen (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, anus (f; JLH); Cancer, breast (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, colon (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, eye (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, face (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, gum (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, liver (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, mouth (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, nose (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, parotid (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, sinew (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, spleen (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, stomach (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, throat (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, uvula (f; CRC; JLH); Candida (1; HG50); Catarrh (f; PH2); Cholera (1; CRC; DAD; FEL; SKJ); Cold (1; CRC); Colic (f; CRC; DEP); Coma (f; DEP); Condyloma (f; JLH); Constipation (1; CRC; DAD; FEL); Congestion (f; RIN); Convulsion (1; SKJ; SPI); Corn (f; JLH); Cough (1; CRC; PH2; SKJ); Debility (f; DEP); Dermatosis (1; DEP; HG50; PH2; SKJ); Diarrhea (f; CRC; DEP; PH2; SPI); Dog Bite (f; SKJ); Dry Mouth (1; PHR); Dysentery (f; CRC; PH2); Dysmenorrhea (f; CRC; FEL); Dyspepsia (1; DAD; DEP; EFS; FEL; PHR; PH2); Dysuria (f; CRC); Epididymosis (1; SPI); Escherichia (1; CRC); Favus (1; HG50); Fever (1; CRC; DAD; HHB; PH2; SKJ); Frostbite (1; SPI); Fungus (1; CRC; MPI; WOI); Furunculosis (f; CRC); Galactorrhea (f; PH2); Gas (1; CRC; DAD; EFS; FEL; PH2); Gastrosis (f; FEL; PHR; PH2); Gingivosis (f; JLH); —Gonorrhea (f; DEP); Gravel (f; CRC); Headache (1; CRC; PHR); Head Cold (1; RIN); Hemorrhoid (f; DEP; HHB; PH2; SKJ); Hepatosis (f; JLH); Hiccup (f; PH2); High Blood Pressure (1; CRC); High Cholesterol (1; LIN; SPI); Induration (f; JLH); Infection (1; CRC; JBU; MPI; WOI); Itch (f; DEP); Leishmaniasis (1; PHR); Lethargy (1; DAD); Low Blood Pressure (1; SPI); Malaria (f; CRC; DEP); Mucososis (f; PH2; RIN); Mycosis (1; CRC; HG50; MPI; WOI); Nausea (f; CRC); Neuralgia (1; HHB; PHR; PH2); Ophthalmia (f; JLH); Pain (1; JBU); Paralysis (f; CRC; DEP); Paraplegia (1; CRC; DAD; DEP; WOI); Parturition (f; CRC); Phymata (f; JLH); Prolapse (f; DEP); Respirosis (f; SPI); Rhinosis (f; SKJ); Ringworm (1; HG50); Scabies (1; PHR; PH2); Scarlatina (1; CRC; DAD); Scirrhus (f; JLH); Snakebite (f; SKJ); Sore Throat (f; DEP; SKJ); Splenosis (f; JLH); Staphylococcus (1; MPI); Stomachache (f; DAA); Swelling (f; JLH); Tapeworm (1; MPI); Tinea (1; HG50); Toothache (1; DEP; FNF); Tumor (1; CRC); Ulcer (f; JLH); Urethrosis (f; PH2); Urolithiasis (1; CRC); Vertigo (f; CRC); Vomiting (f; PH2); Wart (f; JLH); Water Retention (f; PNC; SKJ); Wen (f; JLH); Yeast (1; HG50). Dosages (Black Pepper) — Single doses 300–600 mg; daily dosage 1500 mg (HHB; PHR); 5–15 whole peppercorns for hemorrhoids (HHB); 1–15 grains (MAD); spice chicken soup with black pepper for congestion, cough, or head cold (RIN). —–Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Black Pepper) — Class 1 (AHP) “Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2). —Extracts (Black Pepper) — In human volunteers, 20 mg piperine increases bioavailability of curcumin 20-fold (MAB). Piperine inhibits calcium transport into the mitochondria, facilitates mitochondrial release of calcium, and stimulates ATPase activity (SPI). Piperine is more potent than D-galactosamine in inhibiting glucuronidation. (ED50 with 3-hydroxybenzo(a)pyrene = 50 µM) (SPI). Piperine both depletes uridine diphosphate glucuronic acid and reduced the rate of glucuronidation. This could lead to drug potentiation. Piperine is more toxic to houseflies than pyrethrin. A mix of 0.05% piperine and 0.01 pyrethrins is more toxic than 0.1% pyrethrin (WOI). According to Rinzler, chavicine, piperidine, and piperine are all diaphoretic (RIN). Ayurvedics often prescribe black pepper in a synergistic triad called trikatu, with ginger and long pepper pepper contains five phenolic amides that are superior as antioxidants to alpha tocopherol in vitro (SPI). Although pepper contains the carcinogen safrole, it is at very low levels compared to sassafras. E/O reportedly inhibits Alternaria oryzae, A. tenuis, Aspergillus oryzae, Beauveria sp., Cryptococcus neoformans, Fusarium solani, Histoplasma capsulatum, Microsporum gypseum, Nocardia brasiliensis, Penicillium javanicum, P. striatum, Staphylococcus “albus,” Trichoderma viride, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Vibrio cholera. Alcoholic, aqueous, and ether extracts have taenicidal activity at 1:100 concentrations. Aqueous leaf extract raised blood pressure in dogs modestly (not stated whether oral or injected).
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    Shows of the week of 3-19-2010
    Bay Laurel —What it can do!!!
    Recipe BAY
    Chelation —cleaning the system
    Things that can Chelate Metals out of the body
    Vitamin A—Retinol—The Uses And Benefits
    BAYLEAF, LAUREL (Laurus nobilis L.) ++
    Activities (Bayleaf) — Abortifacient (f; SPI); Allergenic (1; CRC; PH2); Analgesic (f; CRC); Antibacterial (1; APA; CRC); Antipyretic (f; APA); Antirheumatic (f; PHR); Antiseptic (1; HHB; CRC; PH2); Antiviral (1; APA); Aperitif (1; APA; CRC); Bitter (f; HHB); Carminative (1; APA; CRC; HHB; JFM); Cholagogue (f; PNC); Diaphoretic (f; APA; CRC; PNC; SPI); Digestive (f; JFM); Diuretic (f; CRC; HHB); Emetic (f; CRC); Emmenagogue (f; APA; CRC; HHB; JFM); Fungicide (1; APA; CRC); Gastrotonic (f; CRC; JFM); Hepatotonic (f; CRC); Hypotensive (1; APA); Insectifuge (1; PH2); Molluscicide (f; PH2); Narcotic (1; CRC); Nervine (f; CRC); Parasiticide (1; HHB); Rubefacient (1; PHR; PH2); Sedative (1; APA; CRC; JFM); Stimulant (f; CRC; PNC); Stomachic (f; CRC; PNC); Tonic (f; SPI). Indications (Bayleaf) — Amenorrhea (f; CRC; SPI); Anorexia (1; APA; CRC); Arthrosis (f; APA); Bacteria (1; APA; CRC; HHB); Bruise (f; APA); Bug Bite (f; APA); Cancer (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, anus (f; JLH); Cancer, eye (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, face (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, joint (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, liver (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, mouth (f; JLH); Cancer, parotid (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, spleen (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, stomach (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, testicle (f; CRC; JLH); Cancer, uterus (f; CRC; JLH); Candida (1; SPI); Colic (f; APA; CRC; SPI); Condyloma (f; CRC); Cough (f; CRC); Dandruff (f; APA); Deafness (f; JFM); Debility (f; JFM); Dermatosis (f; APA; SPI); Dyspepsia (1; APA; JFM); Earache (f; CRC); Fever (f; APA; CRC; PNC; SPI); Fibroid (f; CRC; JLH); Fungus (1; APA; CRC); Gas (1; APA; CRC; HHB; JFM; SPI); Gastrosis (f; CRC); Hepatosis (f; CRC); High Blood Pressure (1; APA); Hysteria (f; CRC; SPI); Impostume (f; CRC; JLH); Infection (1; APA; CRC; SPI); Insomnia (1; APA; CRC; JFM); Mange (f; JFM); Migraine (1; FNF; HAD); Mycosis (1; APA; CRC; SPI); Nervousness (1; APA; CRC; JFM); Orchosis (f; JLH); Pain (f; APA; CRC); Parasite (1; HHB; SPI); Polyp (f; CRC); Proctosis (f; JLH); Rheumatism (f; CRC; PHR; PH2; SPI); Sclerosis (f; CRC); Sore (f; APA; JFM); Spasm (f; CRC); Sprain (f; APA; CRC; WOI); Staphylococcus (1; SPI); Ulcer (f; JFM); Uterosis (f; JLH); Virus (1; APA); Water Retention (f; CRC; HHB); Wen (f; CRC); Wound (1; APA). Dosages (Bayleaf) — 1–2 tsp leaf/cup water to 3 ×/day (APA); 1–2 drops EO added to brandy, honey, or tea (APA). Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Bayleaf) — Class 1 (AHP). None known at proper dosage (PHR). “Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2) (No dosage given, however) (PH2). Leaf and berry oil may cause severe lesions of the skin. Contact dermatosis from handling leaves or EO reported. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting from excessive doses of the EO may occur. Sesquiterpene lactones (SLs), are aromatic compounds widely distributed in certain plant families, with highest concentrations generally found in leaves and flowers. Sheep and cattle poisonings due to SL-containing species have been reported. Cases of allergic contact dermatosis in humans have also been reported (AEH). There have been a few unfortunate fatalities to people perforating their intestines with fragmented laurel leaves. Always remove them from your spaghetti and stew (JAD; TAD). Artemorin, costunolide, costuslactone, deacetlylaurenobiolide, laurenobiolide, reynosin, santamarin, and verlorin are 8 alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactones documented to be the chief cause of allergy (contact dermatosis) in Laurus (TAD). With compounds like parthenolide and santamarin, this shares many of the antimigraine compounds of feverfew
    FFFRecipe Bay—-Bay leaf tincture or extract—add a ¼ cup of the Bay leaf in a blender—then add either Brandy Or Vodka Or Vinegar til you are about 1-2 inches over the Leaves—Blend at high Speed for 10 minutes—then strain and bottle and Date—use ¼ tsp increments as per use 1-3 times a day or as a needed as a analgesic—powder the left over and use as a mix with tomato sauce ( in this format there is no chance oc the leaf getting lodged in the intestinal trac
    Chelating Agents and there Activities
    Chelation—-It is a means of ridding the body of excess metals and toxins—the means of chelation can be a source of EDTA –Enzymes—Or other Antioxidant Binding Materials that will Alleviate or remove excess overload of metals or toxins in the blood stream –Here is what it can Do–Chelation Therapy (using EDTA) is beneficial for Angina patients. —Chelation Therapy (using EDTA) is beneficial for Arrhythmias patients.—Chelation Therapy (using EDTA) is beneficial for Atherosclerosis patients.—Chelation Therapy (using EDTA) is beneficial for Hypertension patients—Chelation Therapy (using EDTA) is beneficial for Intermittent Claudication patients. The chelating agents used in Chelation Therapy bond to and chelate (remove) many Toxic Heavy Metals from the body via the Kidneys,including:–Aluminium-Arsenic-Cadmium-Lead-MercuryFStudies have shown that EDTA does not cause Calcium depletion. FOne study indicates that it normalizes Calcium levels (i.e. it increases low levels, maintains normal levels and decreases high levels).
    FStudies have shown that EDTA does not cause Chromium depletion. Some concern has been raised over the possibility that EDTA may cause or exacerbate Osteoporosis (due to its known ability to chelate with Calcium). These concerns are groundless because EDTA does not enter Bone cells (Osteoblasts) – it primarily chelates Calcium from the bloodstream and Blood Vessels. Some practitioners who use EDTA for Chelation Therapy claim that the more EDTA treatments people receive, the less their incidence of Osteoporosis.
    Things that can Chelate Metals out of the body
    FVitamin C + NAC + B1 Removes Cadmium—Lead—Aluminum—Mercury
    Dose would be 2:1 Ratio Of Vitamin C to NAC –i.e 1000mgs of Vitamin C to 500 mgs of NAC and 200mgs of B1
    FEDTA 1000-3000mgs in divided doses —do for one week and the next week you load up on minerals –Should see a benefit from circulatory impediments—skeletal muscle improvement—Brain improvement—Heart and liver and organ improvement ( Or see a Healer Utilizing this method of healing which will be done intravenously and can be more effective in resolving an issue
    FSerrepepatadase or Serrepeptase—Removes Asbestos from the Body—breaks down Blood clots—dissolves dead tissue and Scar tissue
    FApple + Onion in juice is a chelator of metals as well due to the quercitin content and the Pectin
    FPectin from Pears and apples and grapefruit are also Metal Binders
    FMash Potato has been know to bind with and Pull Barium from the body
    FCharcoal ( burnt toast ) will pull out a host of metals and toxins from the system
    FDiatomaceous Earth—will absorb harmful metals
    F Antioxidants—Bioflavonoids and Alpha Lipoic Acid—Garlic Supplements—L Cysteine—MSM—Vitamin C—Vitamin E—
    FIodine—1 – 6 drops in divided dose daily will remove radiation as well as chlorine and fluoride from the system
    FSeaweed—binds with toxic metals as well as radiation—consume 1-2 tablespoons a day or in soups or in blends with herbs
    FGreen Tea inhibits Asbestos damage
    FAlginate—a binder of metals and radiation—use in capsule form or ½ a tsp 2-3 times a day
    FSelenium—100-200 mcgs 2-3 times a day in divided doses
    FDistilled Water—removes INORGANIC minerals ( heavy metals ) not normal minerals in cells
    Vitamin A—Retinol—The Uses And Benefits
    Persons infected with HIV (the underlying cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)) are generally found to have lowered Retinol levels (indicating that supplemental Retinol may be of value for HIV+ persons). –Retinol protects against Stomach Cancer.
    FFFRetinol (applied topically) improves some aspects of Skin condition (due to topically-applied Retinol’s partial conversion to Retinoic Acid)—Retinol (applied topically to the Skin) helps to prevent and reverse some aspects of the Aging Process in the Skin.—Retinol (applied topically) stimulates the production of Collagen in the Skin.—Retinol (applied topically) increases the thickness of the Epidermis layer of the Skin.—Retinol (applied topically at a strength of at least 1%) inhibits the age-related increase in Matrix Metalloproteinase activity in the Skin’s Fibroblasts and stimulates the growth of Fibroblasts in the Skin. Retinol (applied topically at a strength of at least 1%) inhibits the age-related increase in the activity of Matrix Metalloproteinases (such as Collagenase) in the Skin (this age related increase in Matrix Metalloproteinases is responsible for many of the negative aspects of the Aging Process in the Skin). —FFFRetinol (applied topically) protects the Stratum Corneum layer of the Skin from the toxic effects of some chemicals and protects the Stratum Corneum from the toxic effects of exposure to Sunlight (Ultra-Violet Radiation). —-Retinol (applied topically) helps to prevent shallow Wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to Sunlight (Ultra-Violet Radiation component of). —One study found that topical application of 0.25% Retinol (without occlusion) was equivalent (in terms of cellular and molecular changes induced) to topical application of 0.025% Retinoic Acid (Retin—A) without occlusion.—When applied topically to the Skin, some Retinol is converted to Retinoic Acid (this may explain the ability of topical Retinol to produce some effects in the Skin that are similar to Retin-A (Retinoic Acid)). —- Vitamin A helps to prevent most Bacterial & Viral Diseases and Vitamin A deficiency increases susceptibility to Bacterial & Viral Diseases (via numerous mechanisms that involve the Immune System)—-Vitamin A is useful in the treatment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)—Vitamin A retards the onset of full-blown AIDS in persons who are infected with the HIV virus.–High Vitamin A concentrations may suppress the replication of the HIV virus in Macrophages.—Vitamin A deficiency has been correlated with increased (earlier) mortality in AIDS patients.—Vitamin A helps to increase the number of circulating Helper T-Cells in AIDS patients. FFFVitamin A supplementation (during early Pregnancy) dramatically reduces the rate of vertical transmission (i.e. from mother to infant) of the HIV virus.—Vitamin A deficiency increases the body’s susceptibility to Chickenpox infection.—Vitamin A (50,000 – 150,000 IU per day for three to five days) may exert anti-viral effects against the Viruses that cause the Common Cold. FFFVitamin A (50,000 – 150,000 IU per day for three to five days) may exert anti-viral effects against the Viruses that cause Influenza—Vitamin A reduces the mortality rate in children infected with Measles by up to 50%. Vitamin A (12,500 – 25,000 IU per day) significantly reduces the severity of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). —-Vitamin A helps to prevent infections from Viruses. FFFVitamin A prevents many types of Cancer and Vitamin A therapy suppresses the further growth of the (already established) tumors involved in some types of Cancer–Vitamin A helps to prevent Basal Cell Carcinoma.–Vitamin A (40,000 IU per day) reduces the recurrence of Bladder Cancer tumors in people with existing Bladder Cancer by up to 53%.—Vitamin A helps to prevent Breast Cancer. –Vitamin A helps to prevent Cervical Cancer.—Vitamin A helps to prevent Colon Cancer.—- Vitamin A (100,000 IU per day) “may” help to treat Glioblastoma Multiforme.—The Retinyl Palmitate (300,000 IU – 1,500,000 IU per day, caution: a high dosage) form of Vitamin A helps to prevent Larynx Cancer (laryngeal cancer). —-The Retinoic Acid form of Vitamin A (administered orally) can “direct” the cancerous cells involved in Leukemia to mature and die like normal cells.—-Vitamin A helps to prevent Liver Cancer. —Vitamin A inhibits the tumor promotion stage of Lung Cancer. —Vitamin A inhibits and suppresses the development of the tumors associated with Mouth Cancer. Vitamin A protects against Pharynx Cancer (Pharyngeal Cancer) by strengthening the Mucous Membranes of the Pharynx.—-Vitamin A helps to prevent Prostate Cancer by strengthening the Mucous Membranes of the Prostate. —Vitamin A can prevent the progress of Skin Cancers by stimulating normal Cell differentiation.—Stomach Cancer —-Testicle Cancer—-Supplemental Vitamin A increases the effectiveness of orthodox medical treatments for Cancer (such as Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy).FFFVitamin A stimulates various aspects of the Immune System: Vitamin A increases the effectiveness of the cells that produce Antibodies and Vitamin A deficiency can cause impairment in the response of Antibodies to challenges by Antigens. Vitamin A deficiency causes a reduction in the production of B-Lymphocytes. Vitamin A deficiency can cause a decline in the production of Helper T-Cells.—Vitamin A increases the proliferation of Lymphocytes in response to challenges by Antigens and Mitogens. Vitamin A enhances the function of Macrophages. —Vitamin A enhances the function of Neutrophils. Vitamin A deficiency impairs the function of NK Lymphocytes.—Vitamin A deficiency causes degeneration and atrophy of the Spleen.—Vitamin A protects and strengthens the Thymus and supplemental Vitamin A can cause the Thymus to (beneficially) double in size.—-Vitamin A enhances the ability of the Thymus to manufacture T-Lymphocytes and Vitamin A deficiency can cause impairment of T-Lymphocyte response.—-Vitamin A enhances the function of White Blood Cells.—-Vitamin A (100,000 IU daily for two weeks) improves various impairments of the function of the Immune System in Systemic Lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients— FFFVitamin A helps to prevent Bronchitis by stimulating the Mucous Membranes of the Respiratory Tract to resist the infections that cause Bronchitis. –Chronic Obstructory Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients are generally found to have lower levels of Vitamin A compared to healthy persons.–Vitamin A increases resistance to the Common Cold and may exert direct anti-viral effects (at a dosage of 50,000 – 150,000 IU per day for three to five days) against the Viruses that cause the Common Cold—Vitamin A alleviates the Pancreatic insufficiency associated with Cystic Fibrosis.– Vitamin A alleviates and helps to prevent Emphysema.—-Vitamin A strengthens the Mucous Membranes of Lungs and protects the Lungs from the toxic effects of Air Pollution (due to its Antioxidant properties). —Vitamin A helps to prevent Pneumonia.—Vitamin A helps to prevent Radiation Therapy-induced Pneumonitis (if Vitamin A therapy is commenced prior to Radiation Therapy). –Vitamin A helps to prevent Respiratory Tract Infections.—Vitamin A increases resistance to Rhinitis.—Sinusitis can occur as a result of Vitamin A deficiency and Vitamin A supplementation enhances the structural integrity of the Mucous Membranes that line the Sinuses. —Vitamin A deficiency increases the risk of Tuberculosis. Vitamin A deficiency increases the risk of Whooping Cough.
    FFFThe only Caution I would make you aware of in this regard is that Vitamin A does get stored in the liver so when using it in Therapeutic doses –you need to remember use only 4 weeks on and a2 weeks to 4 weeks off and allow for the liver to pass the excesses—this is important or you can damage the liver—Special Note All Fat Soluble Vitamins with Few Exceptions Need to be cycled off for a Period of time –Vitamin A –Vitamin D—Vitamin K—If taking these Vitamins in high Dose Combine them with Taurine—Taurine is an amino Acid that will assist in the Utilization Of fat
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    Shows of the Week March 22- 2010
    ALLSPICE—benefits on Health
    Fish Oil Contamination
    The Attack on Canadian Health Food Industry
    Recipes For Making SSKI Solution
    ALLSPICE (Pimenta dioica (L.) Merr.) ++
    Synonyms — Myrtus dioica L., M. pimenta L., P. officinalis Lindl., P. pimenta (L.) H. Karst., P. vulgaris Lindl. Activities (Allspice) — Analgesic (1; CRC; FNF; PH2); Anesthetic (1; APA; RIN); Anticonvulsant (1; APA); Antioxidant (1; APA; CRC); Antipyretic (f; JFM); Antiseptic (1; APA; PH2); Antispasmodic (f; APA); Antiviral (1; APA); Candidicide (1; APA); Carminative (1; APA; CRC; JFM); CNS-Depressant (1; APA); Depurative (f; CRC; JFM); Digestive (1; APA); Fungicide (1; AAB; APA; CRC); Hypotensive (1; ABS); Irritant (1; PH2); Larvicide (1; APA); Parasiticide (1; APA); Rubefacient (1; PH2); Stimulant (f; CRC; HHB); Stomachic (f; CRC; JFM); Tonic (f; CRC; HHB). Indications (Allspice) — Arthrosis (1; RIN); Athlete’s Foot (1; AAB); Bacteria (1; APA); Bruise (f; CRC); Candida (1; APA); Cold (f; CRC); Colic (1; APA); Convulsion (1; APA); Corn (f; CRC; JLH); Cramp (1; AAB; APA); Diabetes (f; CRC; JFM); Diarrhea (f; APA); Dysmenorrhea (1; AAB; CRC; JFM); Dyspepsia (f; AAB; APA; CRC); Enterosis (f; APA); Fatigue (1; AAB); Fever (f; JFM); Fungus (1; AAB; APA; CRC); Gas (1; AAB; APA; CRC; JFM); Gingivosis (1; APA); High Blood Pressure (1; ABS); Infection (1; AAB; APA; CRC); Myalgia (1; APA); Mycosis (1; AAB; APA; CRC); Neuralgia (f; CRC); Pain (1; AAB; APA; CRC; FNF; PH2; RIN); Parasite (1; APA); Rheumatism (1; AAB; CRC); Stomachache (1; APA; CRC); Stomatosis (1; APA); Toothache (1; APA); Vaginosis (1; APA); Virus (1; APA); Vomiting (1; APA; FNF); Yeast (1; APA). Dosages (Allspice) — 1–2 tsp herb/cup water 3 ×/day (APA); 4–6 fruits/cup water as stimulant (JFM); 0.5–2 g powdered fruit (PNC); 2–4 ml liquid extract (PNC); 0.05–0.2 ml EO (PNC). Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Allspice) — Class 1 (AHP). Not covered (KOM). “Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2). Extracts (Allspice) — Rinzler recounts a study of 408 patients with eczema in which 19 reacted positively to allspice patch tests (RIN). “The berries, their oil, and the eugenol extract promote the activity of the digestive enzyme trypsin, which may help explain why allspice has traditionally been used as a digestive aid” (APA). Perhaps second only to some varieties of clove (up to 20% eugenol) and cinnamon (to 3.8%), allspice (to 3.6% eugenol) is a major source of eugenol.
    Fish Oil Contamination
    SAN FRANCISCO, March 2–Some fish oil capsules sold as health supplements for their–Omega-3 fatty acids content have illegally undisclosed and unnecessarily high levels of contamination with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) compounds, according to a lawsuit filed today in California court. “Consumers who want the health benefits of fish oil shouldn’t also have to take the health risks of an extremely toxic man-made chemical,” said David Roe, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs. “And they don’t have to, since preliminary test results show that some fish oil brands have only 1/70th as much PCB contamination in them as others.” The lawsuit names eight makers and sellers of fish oil, shark oil, fish liver oil and shark liver oil supplements that have PCB contamination above the so-called “safe harbor” limits set for human PCB consumption under California’s Proposition 65. That law requires consumers to be warned about such exposures. Proposition 65, passed as a ballot initiative by a 2:1 margin in 1986, has a consistent history of forcing consumer products to eliminate toxic chemical ingredients or reduce them below published “safe harbor” limits. “While looking at the industrial fishing operations of controversial Omega Protein, we found that the industry seems very aware that fish oil supplements can be high in PCBs,” said Chris Manthey, one of the plaintiffs. “That’s why many of them say their supplements have been ‘treated’ to remove or reduce PCBs,” he said. “But since they don’t say how much PCB contamination is still left, even consumers who choose‘ treated’ supplements can’t know what PCB levels they’re swallowing along with their daily omega-3.”“The industry knows very well about the PCB problem in fish oils and widely markets its supplements as already treated for PCB contamination,” said Benson Chiles, also a plaintiff in the case. “They have no excuse for what we’ve been finding.”(MORE) Some “healthy” fish oil supplements come with serious chemical contamination —-The third plaintiff is the Mateel Justice Foundation, a successful enforcer of Prop. 65 innumerous contexts. Today’s suit was filed in San Francisco Superior Court, according tolead attorney William Verick. More information is available at initial defendants named, in alphabetical order, are: CVS Pharmacy, Inc.; General Nutrition Corp. (GNC); Now Health Group, Inc.; Omega Protein, Inc.; Pharmavite LLC (Nature Made brand); Rite Aid Corp.; Solgar, Inc.; and TwinLab Corp. Plaintiffs are conducting more tests and expect to add other companies to the legal action, if and when test results of their fish oil products show levels of PCB contamination that should have been warned about under California law. “We will keep testing more fish oil products, so consumers can make the best possible choices,” said Roe. Highly persistent man-made chemicals once widely used in the electricity industry, PCBs were banned for “open” uses that might expose people to them as long ago as 1973, and Congress banned their manufacture for all uses in 1979. The Great Lakes and the HudsonRiver are still massively contaminated with PCBs after decades of cleanup work; 14,000 people in Japan were poisoned by chickens fed with PCB-contaminated rice bran oil; andnumerous studies have shown the toxic effects of PCBs on babies’ development,reproductive interference, and cancer causation.PCBs were officially listed as known carcinogens and known reproductive toxins in California two decades ago, making them subject to the state’s warning requirement. The brand name products and test results that prompted the lawsuit are shown in the charts below, both as total daily exposure to PCBs and “toxicity-weighted” exposure. Note on “toxicity-weighted”: A few of the 209 compounds in the PCB family (PCB congeners) act in the same waythat dioxin does, both as carcinogen and as reproductive toxins, and it’s possible to measure PCB toxicity in dioxin equivalent terms. The World Health Organization has set equivalence factors for 12 PCB congeners that are the most chemically similar to dioxins, using the single most toxic dioxin compound of all (2,3,7,8 TCDD) as the standard. The results in the second chart below are therefore expressed as equivalents to 2,3,7,8 TCDD. But only 12 of the 209 PCB congeners can be counted this way, because those 12 are the only ones that dioxin-equivalence factors have been calculated for. So this second measurement is precise, but incomplete.
    1. Nature Made Cod Liver Oil
    2. Nature Made Odorless Fish Oil
    3. TwinLab Norwegian Cod Liver
    4. TwinLab Emulsified Norwegian
    Cod Liver Oil
    5. Now Foods Shark Liver Oil
    6. Now Foods Double Strength
    Cod Liver Oil
    7. Now Foods Salmon Oil
    8. Solgar 100% Pure Norwegian
    Shark Liver Oil Complex
    9. Solgar Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
    10. GNC Liquid Norwegian Cod liver oil
    ØThe Attack on Canadian Health Food Industry
    Attention: All M P s, Senators and / or staff and advisors March 20th, 2010
    This is an important and urgent message from Trueman Tuck on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of concerned voters who believe in Informed Freedom of Choice.—-We are very disappointed and disenchanted with what has been occurring, in what we view as our Parliament and Senate in regards to Bills C-51, C-52 and most recently C-6.—We need to clarify where each one of you stand on the division of powers, constitutional infringements and section 91 [27] empowered criminal bureaucratic creep that is currently being used increasingly by federal bureaucrats to intrude upon our individual and unalienable ancient British Rule of Law rights, freedoms and liberties. From our point of view, it would appear that all M P s from all parties dropped the ball on reading in detail these three referenced Conservative government bills. Our established leaders from the Canadian Health Freedom Movement were not allowed to appear either before the Standing Committee on Health or the Senate Committee reviewing Bill C-6. The witnesses that were allowed to appear were clearly slanted to those that supported Bill C-6. It was left to our Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom and Friends of Freedom International [see and] to mount in July through December 2009 our successful grassroots’ campaign to stop the expected routine passage of Bill C-6 in the Senate prior to Christmas 2009.–Contrary to many Conservative communications recently, our Liberal Senators were directly carrying out the expressed P EO P LES’ mandate by amending Bill C-6 to address some of our concerns as indicated in our detailed analysis of Bill C-6 [see CCHF’s C-6 Analysis]. This detailed analysis was provided to as many Senators as possible in order to encourage an in depth and intelligent analysis by all interested Senators and M P s and their staff.—All of you need to know that over 1,000,000 individual e-mails were generated to M P s and Senators from the above mentioned websites and–I wanted to thank those M P s, Senators and their staff that met with me last week and let everyone know that Trueman Tuck is in Ottawa on Wednesday, March 24th and Thursday, March 25th and would very much appreciate a meeting with you and your team to discuss what our supporters would like to see as new legislation to protect the good health and well-being of Canadians more effectively.–Our hundreds of thousands of Informed Freedom of Choice supporters do want new and improved federal legislation, just not bills designed in the fashion of C-51, C-52 and C-6.–Unfortunately, whoever it is and wherever “THEY” are that drives the P MO, P CO and DOJ to continually force BIG P HARMA’S and their allies Global agenda onto our federal regulatory governance systems both via Parliamentary and the federal bureaucracy has to be stopped and now. We want to help all of you to design effective new and innovative legislation to reform Health Canada and the CFIA and to be based upon evidence targeted poisonous products regardless of what they are or where they are manufactured. It is also important that our new federal legislation respects individual and provincial sovereign rights.–REMEMBER OUR 1997 P OSITIONS HAVE NOT CHANGED – “Our Healthy Dietary Food Supplements” are not “Drugs” and “It’s Our Body and Should Be Our Choice”! —As you are well aware our Health Freedom Delegations speaks for hundreds of thousands of concerned constituents who are not satisfied with the current government’s handling of these issues since taking office. You are also aware of the impact that our one million plus Health Freedom Movement’s voters have on an election. Our votes have traditionally gone to the Reform P arty and Conservatives. Because of the handling our Health Freedom Movement’s issues by the Conservatives prior to the last election a large percentage of our voters changed away from the Conservatives and swung ridings thus denying the Conservatives their desired majority government in the last election.Since Bill C-6 was introduced Health Canada and other federal bureaucracies have been escalating their unlawful, abusive and against public interest misconduct [see example below in links].Health Canada has operated with complete immunity to accountability for over 15 years. There has been a complete failure of the federal Standing Committee on Health and Joint Scrutiny of Regulations Committee and various Senate Committees to investigate on public record decades of documented complaints against Health Canada Inspectorate officials. There has been a complete failure to build on the 37th and 38th P arliament Bill C-420 issues to bring Food sub-class legislation similar to the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health Education Act which largely resolved our sister US Health Freedom Movement’s issues Prior to our meeting please review the five [5] excellent Standing Committee on Health 1998 Reports [Liberal, Conservative, Reform, ND P & Bloc] that lays the foundations for possible solutions that are currently being ignored.—The drug-sub-class Natural Health P roduct Regulations is unlawful, against public interest and was implemented by the P CO and DOJ without P arliament approval on January 1st, 2004 and is a complete failure and has consumed hundreds of millions of dollars needlessly and has become another “Gun Registry” fiasco.–The Natural Health P roduct Regulations, Schedule F regulations and DIN regulations all need to be reviewed by both referenced committees ASA P and rescinded if found unconstitutional.