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josh wrote: Then I added one teaspoon of turmeric powder (turmeric is said to be beneficial for arthritis), the mix became a beautiful dark red color.
I suspected that the Orgonite would also amplify the energy of the turmeric and broadcast it as well as the various stones.
I sent the pendant to this lady, 2 or 3 weeks later her report was that her arthritis was no longer a problem, she was very glad since she is a piano teacher

I cannot say for sure if the pendant was responsible for her well being, but may be???
From that we can apply the same method to various problem, use different herbs and see what
effect they have on various problems and situations.

it makes perfectly good sense that the turmeric would work with the orgonite … good on you!

this leads me to ask this question that’s been tapping on the door of my brain ..I have some pipestone offcuts that I would like to put into a mix (when I finally am able to set myself up to do so) … but I understand the sacredness of the stone, and want to do the best
thing by it .. does anyone see any problems?

no, I am not native … my ex was a pipemaker (again, not native, but given the right to make pipe) … and I have a variety of small pieces, too small for pipe .. but good medicine to have around …
I know the dust is toxic and should be avoided …
any protocol issues, or other issues I should know about? it feels right …