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josh wrote: As you can guess I have tried just about everything in Orgonite, but never the pipe stone, please try it and see what it bring, it may bring sacredness, but much sadness as well, so be very aware of this, the pipe spirit is a very strong as powerful spirit and there is already
plenty sadness in our world. Tocsa
josh aka anpetu washte mani

I hadn’t thought of the sadness that may come with it, Josh … being the blood of the people …could that be balanced with turquoise and silver?

I felt the sacredness and prayerful manner of living in balance with all our relations would be brought forth in orgonite … you feel it would bring out both the positive and ‘negative’ energies? I thought of the positive only, which is why I really wanted to run it by you .. I have pipestone dust from pipes that have been made, and have used that for aura protection and to add to medicine bags where people have been under psychic attack ..
aside from using pipestone in orgonite, would the stone be sad that it wasn’t in its home country? I have two slabs that are too narrow for pipe, offcuts from pipe made, and pipestone dust ..

back to making orgonite with a small piece in it, would the energy of it be known at the time of making or afterwards, or would aspects of it present themselves in time?

energy is a delicate thing to be working with, and I want to do the best by the stone, the people, and the orgonite …

josh wrote: After a pipe is done carving there is a ceremony to bring the spirit in it, a most powerful event!!!

these pieces came from the stone as a bowl was being carved … so were not part of the
awakening ceremony … that would possibly also be something to take into account …