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Yo Josh….what a buzz. ! A new technique that works…in fact PUMPS. !
Got plastered and made 3 Hhg’s yesterday.
One in s/steel pyramid, large glass martini and cylinder plastic takeaway away container.
It was quite a wet mix…crystals sank to bottom…even thought it wouldn’t harden…..poured
off half cm of water that accumulated on top of moulds during hardening.
Sprayed silicon release in the pyramid and martini…all came out smoothly.Poured into another
glass and a ceramic bowl with no release agent <and no crystals ><made too much plaster > and
they came out perfectly too. <will make great pavement chalk at school Ha. >

The important thing here is , I can use all of my normal moulds safely…glass, silicone and s/steel !
Even the giant glass vase for a plaster Broadcaster.!

I must share with you my energy sensitivity…Right fom the very first Tb;s , I could feel the orgone
field. My best desciption is like a spiritual pressure to my forehead…third eye ?
I have made many devices since and each new one takes some getting used too. eg. Cb’s ,standard
and induction type..114 and underground cloud buster UCB , peacemaker PM. The last 3, I discovered on
Etheric Research Forum. I couldn’t go near the 114 for a couple of days….even brought first helicopter. !
Next was the Broadcaster and now Plaster Orgonite…I can’t believe the energy given off by these
plaster Hhg’s….very powerful orgone field…and I can make them anywhere ,anytime.