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If you insist… LOL :) Aho Brother!!! :)

So the pictured new mix is sans any crushed metal or crushed crystal. New mix is plaster, charged water (3 minutes in blender on high, w/rare earth mags opposite each other, source bottled spring water), store bought sand (from Michaels Craft), some sea salt, and clear quartz crystal in center of each piece, surrounded by four smaller quartz crystals in each direction, all facing same direction, on same center level, and pinches of several powdered resins from myrrh, frankincense, amber, and dragons blood. All to boost protection and well being. Tap water, here in Maryland, turns yellowish color after 3 minutes in blender, and changed the color of my 1st and 2nd batches. Last batch was bottled spring water spun up, no color change but “thickness” did alter it seemed. Mixing all together was a delightful mess, still have stains on carpet to clean up. Now that I’ve started to using a very fine grade to sand down the uneven bottoms, I’ve discovered even more ways to get plaster on everything I own! LOL :) OH Well. Big Note: This is far more than Josh is putting in his right now, please reference his mix for precise and proper go of it. Mine have a very marbled look to them, son said it looked like concrete with marble thrown in to…

Plan to have all 3 kids this weekend helping with 5th batch, tomorrow night will do 4th. Next time I see one of those plastic cones in a parking lot….. ;) I really want something huge and heavy… :) Can’t help it, will wrap 144 feet of electrical extension cord and plug in my salt lamp, then just smile and smile…. If my youngest daughter gets as excited as my other two children, I’ll get her to make her own too, to take with her back home. Note to self, make some for “that” home too! :) Not sure if the sudden change in weather to clear blue skies and almost cool temps is due to anything I made, but it sure does feel better now that the last batch is “live”…. :0


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