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Yo…… gifters. Been riding the wave for 4 days….Lucky I understand the Principle of Cleansing , thanks to my 20 years
in Sukyo Mahikari… The giant plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps , that I mentioned was strong , has actually promoted
physical cleansing….runny nose , sneezing, phlegm , cough , ocassional mild fever…. not a problem when offering gratitude.
Better out than in , right ? Better to wear something simple than receive complications later…..without pharma poison. … 1368-1.jpg

So here’s photo of standard plaster broadcaster…16 wraps…and the giant 40 wrap. … C01373.jpg

And here in operation, Believe me, a few times I,ve been tempted to shut it down, but too curious despite constant strong
orgone field…starting to think this one too strong to get used to, after 4 days of red nose and spluttering. But is making
sense after discovering that this plasterite is working multi levels right up to spiritual according to the Bovis scale.
I’d like to know more about this…..for the moment , it stays operational….just love experimenting….sort of..ha ha.
Cleansing is subsiding, but intense orgone field remains….Next photo, 20 wrap cone operational..a bit milder..ha … C01367.jpg

Steve, would appreciate Bovis reading on last 2 photos to see what I’m getting myself into… Thanks.. Anyone else’s thoughts ?

DSC01375 (2).jpg



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