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OK guys and girls, sorry for delay but I have been involve with Native American ceremonies and also gone for the last three days to work shop on Bow making :o
Well Linda I do not know why your computer is crashing, I have not heard of anyone having this problem with the forum, have you tried to look at the forum with another computer? and see if it does the same.
Anna, I use Caster oil in some of the soap that I make, it is very thick and I do not think it will mix very well with plaster being water base, of course you can stir it quickly with a paint mixer and a drill, and pour it also quickly before it rise to the surface……but I still dont think it will do well
I am trying to simplify the “recipe” of the Plasterite, and so far I am down to plaster and sand from the beach ( I am not adding salt when I use sand coming from the ocean), and it look like the energy is very good, we are taking the clue from Monsoon G and giving it to schools, also near us is a heart center retreat that have gotten over 60 heart shape pieces, plus the many that are gifted to many folks. I am amazed how the Plasterite is received, every body seems very captivated and are happy to have some of it