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if you Pillow your water you are getting it in a very good place and will be good to use with the Plasterite, Stephen has some paramagnetic earth and it does transform the water, making it much smoother, easy to drink, I use something similar in some rocks that I have found and are paramagnetics , paramagnetic means a very small magnetic field (I think)

I have tried the neo magnets with the blender, I still have the set up somewhere in the work room, it might have made a high concentration of Ormus in the water, but I did not taste that much difference, though I have done this experiment over a year and a half ago, just by them selves the magnets will change the water, but I like the Paramagnetic rocks much better, I am certain it would be easy for Stephen to send you a small plastic bag of it, simply put your water container on the bag and 30 to 60 minutes later you will taste the water as being totally changed in a good way
Beside I do not trust Ormus
Your new medicine bag will help you clear your environment, especially confusion (that is a powerful tool in the bag of the nefarious one) so with this in hand look around you for the kind of medicine you can do to alleviate all of this, you may not have to go anywhere, you know enough about the “native” way to be able to relate to your brothers ‘The standing People’ the trees, ‘The Grand Fathers’ the rocks, ‘The cloud Nation’, all of these and much more you can ask and they will give you the needed responses, you can do most wondrous medicine with leaves from trees, know their characters and work with this, all of the elements were hijacked by the nefarious one, now they are mostly free, so they are most willing to help