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by josh » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:48 am
Hello Renjit

First, Plasterite and Orgonite are two very different animals, they do not work on the same principal;

Orgonite function more as capacitor than as a piezo electric from the compression of the crystal by the resin, I think that this compression story is just that: a story trying to think of a way the Orgonite is working and not knowing.

The Orgonite is a static condenser (works by itself), the metal accumulate a charge from existing environmental EMF, get saturated, brings all the energy to zero point and broadcast it back as Chi, and do it again and again, but only to a point, many of us have seen where the Orgonite was not working at all where EMF were very strong, such as an “smart meter” or living too close to a cell phone tower. Don Croft explained some 10 years ago that the towers were only working at 15% capacity, that may be true and that may be why the Orgonite is working around the towers, but if and when they turn those towers to 100%, I dont think the Orgonite will be doing too much.

The Plasterite works on a much higher frequency, likely involving all true colors of the spectrum, it necessitate no metal only plaster and crystals or quartz sand, it produces energy that not all people can feel, but it nevertheless will clean up the sky and do much more, beside being inexpensive, it is easy to work with, but I am not pushing anyone to do Plasterite, just know that most of the Orgonite groupies will not look kindly if you do…

You can see from the posts on this forum the many success stories that the people are having with Plasterite, make some and see for yourself what results you are getting

The Plasterite has such a fine frequency, that I would not want to mix the two, both are valid, but not in the same soup

Hope this help a little