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by monsoon gecko » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:44 am

G;day again, I figured as I’d be away for a while, it would be nice to let a couple of my big pieces off the leash outside, instead of being wasted in my metal shed, but needed weatherproofing.. So set up the radionics plates, with a cone on top and liberally painted the outer layer with a couple of layers of resin.


This piece had alternate layers, the thinner ones loaded with paramagnetic rock chips, the thicker disks each had a triangle of quartz points plus beach sand. Iv’e posted more detail before, but the unit felt quite happy out in the sunshine . The next piece was the first extra-large cone…( see previous post ) and was loaded with high energy , synergy of 12 combo in the top third ( from the Book of Stones ) .Also had a huge quartz point in the centre , seashells , a few other goodie plus some copper powder. Wasn’t aware of the bonus of sand in those days. As soon as the resin hit the plaster,it turned green, due to the copper powder. …mmm, I thought…camoflague ?

Anyway , it got two seperate coats of resin and has found a home sitting in a pretty rockery, surrounded by seashells , picture rocks and lush plants next to the family pool. Before I placed it, I sat it next to the owner and said put your hand on this and tell me what you feel. She immmediately picked up the deep vibration…so much more than a tingle of holding an orgonite.. Well , I think it too will be happier now, working with the elementals and charging the area.