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    yep it s like that, high energy output, just unbelievable, so pure and goes right into the spiritual one might say
    bypasses the limitations of “old orgonite” so to speak…well, I made some goodies too, also the Irish plasterite is finally dried completely, colors softened, the Irish hearts I used to decorate my freshly painted garden wall…this time Italian look, and look at the blue sky…wow…just covers it , hardly, goes beyond that, sure they keep doing their nasty work but does not manifest here….cannot be and it will not be here….selenite pumps like no tomorrow and no matter how many of these stupid chemtrails they whip us with , it s no match.It is as simple as that…Often comes close to magic the difference is it is truth not a trick or whatever
    just facts we are dealing with here…you know like eh….179 million bovis , to name a few ..hahaha…good work lady !!!
    soon you will be addicted to the good energy, selenite is very effective so it is masculine also, believe you me…it has big ..well you know what…but the way the energy manifests itself , the technique is very feminine, almost romantic , like a invisible hand pushing the crap in the sky aside…without the sting of old orgonite and with much much more power too…it works on a much higher level…top scale………….even safe for kids , I Love that part, the safety of it all, glad you galls caught on , thanks to the tremendous good work of Jenny, big hurray
    hahahah :)
    there you go…always the individual eh Jenn, always , that s the last hurdle…they control all the rest anyway….just not the individual..a big thing on the UN agenda
    to flush out individualism forever…more blue sky for Ireland and Scotland….for free….everything counts , so please continue the work you do with awareness, it is also of utmost importance….it truly is….no matter how powerful our tools of light are, there are more angles to cover….so keep chasing those morons who push the agenda….dont give them rest

    good work :)