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    Gifting 250 kilo in one hour
    making blue sky
    yes I am a simple guy heheh
    I dont like to be poisoned and see this world destroyed
    jeee…odd eh…odd ball hahha
    there we go

    yes big action tonight
    largest trip ever, also far away , about 45 miles from here
    large woods, easy gifting, had to reload 9 times or so
    or ten, who knows, lots
    up and down to the woods
    within minutes of arrival the sky broke open
    after fifteen minutes the sylphs said thanks and do the cleaning
    after half an hour the sky turned blue
    and expanded after that
    also it was a very late for me gifting, time, half past nine
    in the evening almost during sunset
    so no choppers this time
    lucky me
    and hardly visitors so that s good
    I know the amount of plasterite was ridiculous
    but I just wanted to make sure
    it keeps pumping there
    so I wont have to gift again
    the wrapping of the tools of light took me more than an hour
    to keep them singing for a while
    a long while
    burried some , most just landed in needle bushes to no one touches those beauties
    on my way to the gifting ground I stopped somewhere along the road to take some pictures and immediatly little energyfields popped up
    can happen if you are cruising around with such amounts easily
    one big cone would be more than enough for that wood but…why not
    let do ten
    just for the fun of it
    to kick assyou can feel the area restore itself
    the energy so easily to be felt
    so strong
    like a blanket that gets lifted
    big power , hard to explain with words do your own gifting seriously and you ll know
    but you can t talk about it
    but you know

    that s all that s needed
    a connection between you and the world
    nothing in it for you
    just rewards bigger than money can buy
    maybe selenite is not a girl thing always hehehe
    boy on a hot day walking about 1000 yards with thirty kilo
    ten times
    in a row
    good work out

    the increase in spraying overhead is devastating now
    way worse than it used to be
    some years ago
    that was really child s play than looking back
    they come in so hard now
    that s why I upgraded my dosage of love energy
    a littlebit….
    anyone knows the amounts now coming down , any CB is simply overwhelmed
    even the plasterite has to pump to the max to keep the sharks under control
    but it still works
    to my own amazement if one sees how many planes try to whiteout the skies it amazes me every time how crazy strong this stuff is
    No more gifting like that for me anymore , water gifting mainly ,maybe a few big pieces for special occasions but this is too complicated and time consuming
    I dont have a bulldozer to burry that stuff you see
    at least a serious love nuclear plant has been estabished
    it was worth the effort
    everything went right
    no visitors
    no helicopter or ” striped cars”
    nothing of that
    so dont be cheap with your plasterite
    no crystals at all
    none of them
    just the crystal water
    that s all
    and boom boom , blue sky
    for long I hope
    very strong gifting experience , not as strong as the battlefield gifting but strong enough
    does size matter ?
    no not really but it wont hurt either so
    and always ask permission from the ” source” as OLG calls it, the source of all
    ask permission to use the source
    dont just use it
    it is not yours
    never will be
    so this intention thing is very essential
    just ask and make it happen
    it is simple so …
    so by now I have stripped all hoopla and make up of the natural method hehehe ;) and she still looks gorgeous , even in the morning….
    amazing yes…

    working to make this world a better place is not an excuse to plunder your bank account
    it should not be
    so , it is for free or well as good as, a few bucks
    so you ll have to skip the latest IPod maybe
    I know , truth hurts :o :shock: :lol:

    If you post this on WM or any other controlled club they go ….cointel cointel mantra

    < crickets >

    and continue the rubbish about two hundred dollar coils and crap
    it s so sad
    it s truly sad isnt it
    I do think so
    but , lucky for me, I could not care less about mumbo jumbo
    I go for the blue sky and the healing and that s good enough for me
    cant be stopped..the free individual..cant be stopped..cannot be bribed , controlled, molded , doctored, guided, nope
    just wont do

    also heard lady J is a bit pissed off today seeing what goes on in the sky so she decided to make another Broadcaster heheh
    good work notch..champ…love it s sometimes over forty an hour , chemtrails I mean, such a crime
    beyond the normal understanding
    A normal person simply cannot believe
    it is simply too big to comprehend
    the sickness of it all..they really mean business now
    things are obviously not going down fast enough
    so they do their best to speed it all up
    it does not take a genius to figure out we cant stand this another decade or two
    well , anyway, do as best as you can that s all you can do
    do your share
    it s worth it