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    Oh I see a lot of curvy sensual shapes another astonishing project completed successfully. What a cutie…both product and creator…   [smile]
    Art gallery produce…I recognize some traits I have myself, this perfectionist angle…that extra mile…” Spunky M ” …….did it again
    maybe get a patent for that thing…it´s gorgeous

    Now that´s some killer smile you have wow [t2712]

    Is that a typical Irish ” IKEA ” table ? Does it really hold, not bad
    Silly daydreams here, looking at that creation, thinking of taking it even a step further oh my
    make a tunnel through the whole structure and push a large cilinder size object through it, a BSB, and than turn it on, oh boy
    now that s my little daydream ….Tesla Coil ..hmmm …
    Satellites may come down …oh yeah…..
    Without paint it looks good, one could paint it but, I like it without make up.

    This one beats even MG´s piece from long ago