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Avatar photoEK

    ah..yes..we all need that , more than ever..
    you must admit I have changed quite a bit recently
    yes the ” new me” watch out , like lady M s new product line, it is not patented yet, so the Chinese may jump on it soon and upload me to the ” cloud”
    What you are trying to say with that wacky Irish accent is basically you are sending one of your trained pit bulls over to teach me a lesson, do I read that properly between the lines; could be mistaken though…not..

    ” sure what else would you do ? ”

    Mildly challenging CEO Jenn, mildly challenging…keep jumping on that ice , up and down
    giving me the bambi innocence look
    clever, very sneaky
    My old me would now have exploded in a vague vision of pitch forks and so forth
    but I dont do that anymore


    Gimme a [t1538] break
    She will probably show me her cookie ribbons and I show her my stamp collection
    than we drink tea ……and do a gospel song while rolling ourselves ……in rainbow flags
    in this country they do not allow this weed to we have to skip the hippie part there…will manage…meanwhile trying to do some knitting wearing hairbands made of sage leaves…under a save the polar bear poster…while getting awfully drunk  and listen to shitty music…experiencing this sense of belonging and an inexplicable sense of greatness…or is it we are getting gee eyed hope that is the right phrase

    how does that sound …

    ” …to start travelling yourself”

    jeezes that was full of tact..need a hammer love ?
    Drill perhaps? Battle tank ?
    People are reading this shit CEO, are you writing this down ? Just wait when we are in the pub
    Wait and see..
    Some might say determined , I have other descriptions for it , best not to let that cat out of the bag…
    Thought we had agreed that moi would come over , one day, maybe that phrase ” one day” was not good enough, it won´t do.
    Well, ok
    Is it good enough if I say ” next year”
    Can Thou handle that , Chief ?

    ” sure what else would you do ? ”

    Clever techniques Jenn, clever, that NLP course was not wasted on you,  maybe we can put you in some executive position in Marketing
    selling ice to Eskimos and getting away with it…typical…

    Yes next summer
    we should not wait indefinitely
    You have a point there
    I wont go to Cork though
    there ARE limits
    And after you have handed me your list of demands, fixing garage doors, mowing , pruning garden, rooting out some trees, painting the fence, fix kitchen sink..and more..
    I get a cookie and a glass of that Irish horse piss, Guiness, me being hungry after working my ass off , but to no avail, as you gaze towards the kitchen than towards me and say
    well EK you know where the kitchen is , hope diner can be served before eight , come on , kitchen prince, show some action… please take the garbage bags outside. Thank you
    Surely you invited some of your clan of women warriors over , not a problem you say, not at all, cook for ten easily, might not survive it but hey, dont let that ruin the ” CRAIC ”
    Not sure if this cookie monster realizes where he is getting himself into but hey
    so is life, right?
    You just can never tell….

    good luck with your gig tomorrow.