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    Energy Junkies   [0005]

    A ridiculous over the top  shameless amount of energy work           [t2027]
    Girls day out eh …Holy crap this comes close to what I did some time ago..thought nobody would be that crazy …but maybe things do change..
    I did it alone you have a whole team of honey bees working for you
    typical…Forgot to invite more boys, except for Thomas, that lucky    …lad….
    nice to see, for a change some masculinity come into the picture
    finally..hmmm…they probably raided your fridge and the rest, any booze left ?

    they seem to have enjoyed your cooking…you spoil them too much

    Somehow you seem to manage it all quite well, very good
    Yes you will be held accountable for your actions Jenn, hahahah
    winner….some work , dazzling, can you sleep, can sleep
    I feel vibes just looking at that stuff…could not sleep , must be outside the house
    back in the  garden to have a chance to sleep…Again, let s hope something sticks – with the audience-and the some of them hold it all close to their wonderful hearts as all of those do  have that for sure.
    Otherwise they would not even be there so..Excellent work

    [b0301]             [big-grin-smiley-emoticon]

    Well you do not have to worry there is no legislation regarding building your own HAARP dragon
    and , as we all know, chemtrails do not exist …wink …tongue in cheeck..
    We are just making ……plaster sculptures…