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Did you see my pm comment about this BSB (above)? I had a visit from a healer/energy sensitive guy Robert today, his first introduction to Plasterite, he seemed fascinated, was measuring the energy fields of many pieces.   He could say that a small piece; about the size of a cup, has a much greater field than any orgonite he’s familiar with. He told me he used to make it but same ol’ story, didn’t like the smell or mess.  He asked lots of questions about ingredients, methods, I gave him links and sent him off with a couple of bags of pieces – warning him to tell Selenite to settle down on his long journey back to Wexford I think.    Won’t hold my breath but hope to get some reports back.
Getting back to the BSB, he very quickly came to the conclusion that the double-sided BSB above produces 3 times more energy than one of my large cone BSB, and that this would be a good method to use, as it has much less volume than a cone.   Interesting.   It was a pity he had to rush off, I’d have liked to get him to do a pour with me.