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    You are becoming more and more like me, bad idea hahaha, don´t worry our lady J will straighten you out at the next board meeting[drunk][big-grin-smiley-emoticon]
    Now we have a big mouth but…that might change after the door closes eh..
    That is an excellent energyHaarp you created there, very potent stuff, like your liquor hahaha
    hits home with a vengeance…
    Yes me too, the peace and quiet
    One way or another such a construction does increase the power considerably
    Had to adapt to mine a long time
    often had to switch it off
    it is too strong
    but now it is ok
    still never leave them on for longer than a few days and only when necessary
    you know…the sky
    it just speeds the transmutation up a lot that is all
    and increases the range
    a real bunker buster
    Lights are  cute too.