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A big thank you to you two guys, so nice to have a belly laugh.  

Yes I need some laughing after my little fall today, slipping on a little pool of water in the conservatory, feet up, bum down.
Bit achey since in spite of lots of arnica and as luck would have it, a visit to a healer who did a pretty good job on me,
I think the session lasted much longer than the usual hour, we were so busy talking about the usual interesting things
, vaccinations, Climate Change Deception, GMOs – 

he assured me there is no GMO in Ireland which comes as a relief, Paedophilia, Donald Trump, archons even mentioned……
Last time I got a treatment with this guy, called Robert, I told him about Plasterite and later





he called to my home and I gave him two bigs bags of Plasterite.
He was able to feel the energies very easily.
I warned him about travelling home with so much ‘stuff’ in his van –
he must have forgotten my warning, said his head was pumping by the time he got home.
And he or his wife couldn’t sleep a wink until he put it all, bar one little loveheart, out into the shed.
He says he is very excited about the possibilities and will start to experiment,
I wish he’d get on with it – don’t know what has kept him so long from starting.
He’s thinking he’ll send pieces to his other healer friends for their opinion.
And bring some to a healing centre in the West of Ireland – if the people there like it goodness knows what exposure it will get – fingers crossed.
He says Plasterite has a much higher energy than resin orgonite – yes Sunflower we know, we know.
That took up some of my time, so found it hard to settle down to a bit of gardening afterwards.
I brought inside my pots of (keep taking the coconut oil J, these mental blocks not good)
I really want them to survive as they are doing well after buying them as tiny little sprigs a few months ago.
And maybe Climate Change IS happening, even though it wasn’t a great summer here,
I never before got bunches of grapes like these. Or could it be Plasterite?

Really a little joke, as the bunches are small to say the least.
But I collected some HUGE autumn raspberries, delicious.

12 hours later, plant name came to me – Tibouchina