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    Thanks to a generous donation of CEO Jenn I was abled to stock up more and – more importantly – FASTER
    Time is of importance.
    Best not to wait too long as things can change fast.
    After winter things may get hmmm not so good…to put it that way…




    Already lost 20 % purchasing power over the last year and that is unlikely to stop expanding.



    It is that bad yes, I don´t even unpack anymore, leave it all in crates and stack em, just STACK EM.

    Children, you have to start stacking.








    Food supply in the world had massive cuts due to all sorts of reasons, so the next seasons the impact will be felt.
    It is like a tsunami you see, takes a while to really build up but once it comes in ….take heed.





    Not necessarily essential but more for comfort sake.


    As we speak getting ridiculously expensive, oils, all sorts.
    At most places it is already rationed, can only buy two at a time.


    Not expecting too much with water supply but it never hurts to have water on hand, you need a lot, but it is cheap and I use it anyway.
    All the time although I often use tap water , that is safe here, safe enough, has not fluoride or so in it.