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    In the end it doubled in size so it is about 3 m x 3 x = 9 square meters / 27 sq feet

    Enough to put something on , so this is the base layer, it is about 80 cm / 3ft deep.
    loaded it up with branches, small and very heavy, half trees, green stuff, weeds, compost , full and half composted, fresh too, anything really , some say the kitchen sink went in it too, but those are rumours..
    If some illuminati went missing you know where to start digging…
    Did also a lot of pruning, to prepare garden for the winter, so that went in it too, quite a lot really and yet it is not bulky or hilly at all, it just eats it all, at a later stage I put some of the cones around it , like Stonehedge, some shamanistic dabbling involved probably. It pumps that is for sure. It pumps allright.
    Houston has been notified.
    Moskau too.
    So next season, when it starts to release nutrients, add big heap of compost on top of it all and put some mulch layer, straw or such on it, to finish it off.
    Than you can put the plants in and only replace some of the compost each year, easy peasy.
    It will be about two feet high, so the whole thing is four feet in total , two below ground and two feet above.
    Makes it also easier to work in.

    You create a mould and as it is very fertile you can put the plants quite close together. It will be a mixed bed. Herbs on the outer ring and the higher objects like tomatoes to the middle.
    there may be some flowers that grow by themselves, as there are many sunflowers I put in there too so if they germinate, fine, I leave some in.
    Also, as the compost heap is now gone, can put spuds in there, about four square meters. That is a lot of spuds.
    Have to look into what I am actually going to grow but that will be ok.

    Also did a lot of other work, moving the grapes to another place more suitable, will move larger plants to the back as they are too dominant now.